The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign

While we’d never turn down a heart-shaped box of Godivas, there’s not a lot of original thought going into this “Uh, hey, it’s Valentine’s Day!” type of gift. Then, there’s this scenario. You arrive late and breathless to the appointed V-Day location and hand your honey a dozen red roses swiped from the supermarket’s grab-and-go section. As you settle in for your pasta starter, you are presented with a thoughtfully chosen treasure that screams your name. Awkward? Yep. And picking up the tab for dinner ain’t gonna even the score.

Or, maybe you’re the impossible-to-shop-for type who needs to send their partner a list instead of leaving them grasping and intimidated to fail you with their final selection.


Wherever you fall on Cupid’s spectrum, this Hallmark holiday comes loaded with enough expectation and pressure to fill at least three therapy sessions. Since we’d rather you feel the love instead of break into tremors and full-body hives, we’ve teamed up with our stylish pals at Refinery29 to select the best gifts for each zodiac sign. Hop on over to get the idea-machine whirring. PS: if it makes the whole present-swapping drama easier, share the list and help your honey get a clue.

May your days of red-foil boxes and baby’s breath bouquet fillers be done and dusted. Happy Valentine’s Day! Read the full story here>

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