TMI Alert! Mercury is in Sagittarius

Open mouth, insert truth serum! (Who wants to meet for shots?) As of 2:43PM EST, this Friday, November 20, messenger Mercury has left Scorpio’s chamber of secrets and moved on to “tell it like it is” Sagittarius until December 9. Can you feel the heaviness lifting? The clouds parting? Pack away the smoke machine and let the sun shine in.

We’re not hating on Mercury in Scorpio. The probing powers of this transit were deeply therapeutic and nothing to be sneezed at. Since November 1, we’ve shined a light on our shadows, processed probing insights, shimmied through the shame cesspool, bonding intimately, and clairvoyantly connected to our crew. And yeah, the sexy vibes were pretty amazing too. But there was also darkness and intensity pulling us down and forcing us to deal with the rattling skeletons in our closets. Not exactly fun times.

With the messenger planet moving into Sagittarius today, we switch from philanderers to philosophers in 0.2 seconds. This shift feels a lot like a 12-step program, reminding us that we are only as sick as our secrets. Expressing our truths, owning our BS, and even finding the humor in our humanity is the new order of the day. Sagittarius is the sign of the truth-seeker and teller so forget trying to gild the lily. Authenticity is an alluring quality after all! And Mercury in Sagittarius reminds us of the power and liberation that comes from simply being ourselves.

The only hitch? We could overdo it with the honesty too, making people feel acutely uncomfortable with our (awkwardly timed, unsolicited) confessions. Sagittarius energy is known for those “open mouth, insert UGG” gaffes and it can make us a little preachy too. Stay off the soapbox and think before speaking. Some topics are not meant for a general audience.

Who are the people in your neighborhood…and beyond? Friendly Mercury helps us select our squads. Now’s the time to keep an open-door policy (sorry Donald Trump).  Worldly Mercury in Sagittarius helps us bridge cultural divides and reconnect to our friends in far-flung ports. Bon voyage and bring on the bon mots!