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Yes, this WILL make sense to you after the retreat!

Become Your Own Astrologer: Workshop Description

Master the art of astrology chart interpretation—for love, money, compatibility and personal growth!

They say that people don’t come with instructions. We beg to differ!

Your astrological chart is your personal owners and operator’s guide; the blueprint to your soul and the key to your happiness. It explains your “factory settings”—and once you understand those, you gain amazing personal power and free will. Working WITH your natural strengths, not against them, allows happiness, prosperity, and satisfying relationships to flow.

Now imagine you had that instruction manual in your hands…and could actually read it.

In this 5-series class, renowned astrologers Tali and Ophira Edut (The AstroTwins)—columnists for and TV Guide, and authors of several astrology books—will teach you how to unlock your cosmic code, guiding you through the essentials of astrological chart interpretation.

Our Become Your Own Astrology course will cover…

Your Own Chart: 
Learn to read your own birth chart and understand its strengths, challenges and opportunities.

Life Purpose: 
What’s your true life path? (Hint: it might not be what you think!)

Money & Career: 
Which of your skills can pay the bills, and leave you fulfilled on every level?

Love & Relationships
How can you make your romantic life sing a blissful refrain?

How can you get along with anyone…yes, even THAT person?

Divine Timing:

Understand big-picture patterns so you can “plan it by the planets”

Here’s what you’ll learn in each session…

Session 1: Basics of Chart Interpretation
Life is short and you want to make the most of it. How can you be sure you’re not wasting your time, missing opportunities, or limiting your potential? In this class, you’ll learn how to interpret your own astrological chart, which is the roadmap to your bliss. What makes you tick as an individual? What are your stumbling blocks and how can you get past them? We all have weak points, and knowing is the first step to overcoming them. With these chart basics under your belt, you’ll understand the sleekest, simplest route to your happiness so you can live your best life and thrive.

Session 2: Money & Prosperity
What career path will reward you financially and fulfill your soul’s purpose here on Earth? How can you maximize your earning power? This session illuminates the specific points and planets in the chart that pave the way to prosperity. You’ll also learn how to access your hidden life purpose point (the north node)—a path you may be avoiding that can actually bring major benefits and fulfillment.

Session 3: Love & Relationships
Love can be a four-letter word or a sweet elixir. So how do you know what you really need from mates and dates? This class will reveal heart-opening planets and chart points that help you make the best romantic choices. No more lonely nights, sobbing into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, or telling yourself there’s nobody out there for you. With these techniques you can learn how to communicate your desires to your lover and avoid relationships that are out of alignment with your highest good.

Session 4: Compatibility
Have you met “The One” or are you better off as friends? How can help your children reach their highest potential in life? Will you ever crack the veneer of your hard-to-read boss? From love to family to work relationships, this class will teach you the secrets to getting along with anyone. From the distance between your planets to the way they merge, you’ll learn to unearth the hidden needs for every important relationship in your life.

Session 5: Divine Timing—Make The Stars Work for You
Retrogrades, new and full moons, other cosmic events: how can you make even the toughest “transits” work for you? We’ll teach you secrets to understanding big-picture patterns so you can “plan it by the planets,” taking advantage of celestial windows of opportunity.

With a mission to “bring the stars down to Earth,” The AstroTwins teach you the practical basics, so you can use astrology as a tool in your daily life, simplifying your decisions. You’ll learn how to prosper on every level, with the cosmos as your guide. You’ll also learn how to interpret other people’s charts, helping you understand your loved ones so your relationships can reach their highest potential.



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Doing "beach work" after class. #obsessed

Doing “beach work” after class. #obsessed

Yes, this WILL make sense to you after the retreat!

Yes, this WILL make sense to you after the retreat!