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Today’s Horoscope

Aries: The burden of proof is upon you today, Aries. If you’re going to make an assertion, then have the facts to back it up. Today’s alignment of clever Mercury and serious Saturn paves the way for a potent presentation if you come prepared with statistics, figures and case studies. Heck, with those in your arsenal, you will sell people on one of your more forward visions. Do your research!

Taurus: It’s never really “just sex,” is it, Taurus? Today, expressive Mercury meets up with heavy-hitting Saturn in your eighth house of eroticism. Someone you thought was down to have a little fun is harboring deeper feelings; or, it may be you who is caught wanting to turn a fling into the real thing. Perhaps there IS potential for something deeper. You never know until you explore. Coupled Bulls could find themselves in a serious discussion about both romance and finance today. Working together as a team is a must, but play to your respective strengths instead of dividing everything down the middle.

Gemini: Just how “serious” do you want a serious relationship to be, Gemini? Today’s meetup of quicksilver Mercury and somber Saturn in your seventh house of partnerships could leave you feeling anxious about the future state of a union. While it’s fine to discuss what lies ahead, be cautious about entering these conversations from such a heavy place. Focus on what you DO want to create instead of harping on what hasn’t even happened. This approach will yield more satisfying results.

Cancer: Tune in to your body today, Cancer. With Mercury and Saturn aligned in your sixth house of health, you don’t want to ignore those aches and pains. Book a massage, acupuncture treatment or doctor’s appointment to nip the problem in the bud. Address the stress level in your work environment too. Have you bitten off more than you can truly chew? If so, you may need to review expectations with your boss to identify the most important goals and streamline your responsibilities. Either that, or delegate!

Leo: Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Today, you may feel the burden of having taken on a bit too much leadership and responsibility. Your can-do personality is a wonderful thing, Leo, but it’s impossible to be in 50 places at once. Streamline: What activities and commitments could you bow out of to free up time for activities that bring you true satisfaction. Love and sacrifice are not synonymous.

Virgo: Today’s alignment of reflective Mercury and somber Saturn brings some heavy emotions to the surface. All the positive mantras in the world can’t make these feelings go away. The only way past them is to move through them. Let yourself cry, vent, punch a pillow, scream at the top of your lungs in your parked car—whatever it takes to release. While happiness can remain your goal, you’ll feel a deeper level of joy when you allow your shadowy emotions to be heard and felt too. Surround yourself with compassionate, proactive friends who will listen then help steer you to solutions.

Libra: Password protection, please. Today’s alignment of Mercury and sober Saturn in your communication house calls for greater security—particularly with your digital devices and important documents. Make sure you log out of email and social networking sites when using any shared computers. Check the Reply box before you hit the Send button on any messages—especially for fiery diatribes or semi-catty rants. You don’t want those wicked words landing in the wrong Inbox. Better yet, don’t put anything in writing that you might later regret!

Scorpio: Keep your wallet under lock and key today, Scorpio. Impulsive Mercury meets conservative Saturn in your second house of money, sounding the call for better budgeting. Think beyond the impetuous, here-and-now urges and start socking away for something that will stand the test of time. At work, you may need to polish up your image a bit so that people take you seriously. Spellcheck messages before you hit the Send button and use your “indoor voice” when talking about more personal matters.

Sagittarius: Wardrobe! Styling! Does the Archer brand need a little upgrade? Today’s meetup of expressive Mercury and serious Saturn helps you polish your public image. You want people to see the sophisticated, competent, can-do you at first glance. Make sure you’re sending out the right visual cues, from the clothes you wear to the cards you hand out. A well-crafted image is a worthwhile investment.

Capricorn: Forgiving isn’t forgetting, Capricorn. Today, you may come to the forgone conclusion that you are better off keeping someone you once adored at a distance. In spite of the words you’ve exchanged, are this person’s actions and character trustworthy? If you’ve been burned before, there’s a good chance it can happen again, especially if the offending party hasn’t done the inner reflection needed to truly make a change. Sometimes, the kindest thing you can do is say goodbye instead of hopping on that painful emotional merry-go-round again.

Aquarius: The dynamics of a group could get rather heavy today as Mercury and Saturn align in your teamwork zone. Address the giant fuchsia elephant in the room, Aquarius, even if it doesn’t seem like the nice, polite thing to do. Letting tension build up amongst the ranks would be worse, leading to splintering or outright mutiny. Deal now, before emotions boil over. On a positive note, you could make a solid connection through the Interwebs today. Send that pitch email or a DM to an influential person who you follow on social media.

Pisces: How do you spend your waking hours, Pisces? Today’s alignment of curious Mercury and serious Saturn in your career sector gives you time to reflect. Are you plugging away at annoying busywork while the tasks you love take a backseat? Release control and delegate. Training trustworthy people on your methods may take time but it’s a worthwhile investment. Still a newbie? A high-profile apprenticeship (even if it doesn’t pay in cash) can speed your ascent up the ladder. Humble thyself and volunteer.

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