Venus Direct: Don’t Rock The Love Boat

Don’t rock the Love Boat! At least not for the next few days. On Friday, January 31, Venus made a U-Turn from retrograde to direct motion—a sure sign of progress, right? Well, yes, but there’s a hitch. Since November 3, Venus has been driving in reverse through the sign of goal-oriented Capricorn making it difficult to see the romantic forest for the trees. As she awakens like Sleeping Beauty, she could be a bit dazed about what her “happily ever after” actually looks like and who the prince truly is.

Wanting to take the bull by the horns—in the spirit of her tour through Capricorn—she might even make us overzealous future planners.  “When are we getting married? Is this really meant to be? I need to know NOW…are you The One, or not? Because otherwise, I’ve gotta keep it moving, baby.”

Just. Chill. Okay?

Give yourself a little time to let clarity sink in.  Venus also happens be traveling at a close degree to piercing, probing, potent Pluto. (The love planet is at 13 degrees Capricorn today, February 1, while the celestial god of the underworld is at 11 degrees Cap.) This could bring about some destructive energy, making us a little too eager to burn bridges instead of trying to co-create compromises. Dumping anyone could be a regrettable move this first week of February, so don’t go there unless your 150% sure it’s OVAH.

The Venus-Pluto connection could also overwhelm us with strong sexual desire, provoking us to pick the players instead of the princes when the candidates for our affection line up. While we’re not discounting the importance of chemistry, other enduring qualities could be overlooked like loyalty and staying power when our hormones take the wheel.

Should someone else get cold feet this week, don’t panic. Try to be the eye of the storm, instead of reacting to their every emotion, dramatic proclamation or fear. This too shall pass. If you can avoid taking it personally (it’s probably got more to do with their parents, past, or psychological issues than you anyway), the two of you could wind up standing on terra firma once again.

Our advice: don’t make any sudden moves this first week of February. With Mercury turning retrograde from the 6th to the 28th of the month, we’ll have plenty of time to turn the past over in our minds again. For now, just try to sit with the feelings that come up. They’ll probably run from hot to cold to scorching once again—and that’s just on Monday!

I'll look at it later