The Zodiac Guide To Winning The Holidays

Thanksgiving’s behind us, the leftovers all consumed or made into a bottomless pot of turkey soup.  But now, December’s demands are heating up, along with a buffet of complex dynamics. As much as we laud the holiday season as a time of comfort and joy, it can be hard to escape the drama of the drunken uncle, guilt-tripping grandma, or entitled child who has had one too many years of attachment parenting. Fortunately, the stars can assist with your strategy and we’ve got you covered in this feature. (Start asking your fellow revelers their birthdays at once!) Armed with the zodiac’s cosmic code you can sail through the season smoothly with any of the 12 signs. PS: We wrote it for Thanksgiving, but the advice certainly applies to Christmas, Kwaanza, Hannukah and uh, Festivus For The Rest Of Us. Read on here!