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Lock up your credit cards, Gemini. As the moon in your materialistic second house squares off with spontaneous Uranus, you’ll be tempted by impulse buys. Uranus incites a desire for change, and you might see a shopping spree or splurging on a last-minute getaway as a way to alleviate your boredom. But unless you want to end up with a case of buyer's remorse, find a way to break out of your rut without breaking the bank.


The Sun in your playful fifth house puts you in the mood for fun. But its tangled angle with shadowy Pluto in your intimate eighth house could demand that you spend one-on-one time with a close friend or romantic partner. Maybe you two need to clear up an unresolved issue, or your companion needs to confide in you. Don't get sucked into anyone's spiraling moods, but if you've neglected your closest peeps, give them some quality time. Would inviting them along on your adventures lighten their spirits?


Staying focused could be a challenge today if you work with a fun group of people. The Leo moon is beaming through your talkative third house, and you’ll feel your best when you’re around others. This is an excellent time to network or strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know well. If the other party isn’t great at making small talk, you’ll have it covered. Be wary about what you let slip past your lips, though. Even if you have dirt on someone, you should keep it to yourself. 


Today love-planet Venus, which has been in fiery Leo since July 31, finally changes signs. For the next month, Venus tours Virgo and your homey fourth house, coaxing out your inner domestic diva. Prepare beautiful meals and work on your plating presentation—or check out that Michelin-starred place with the seasonal tasting menu. This is a time to stop and smell the roses, Gemini—and to arrange them, too. Couples will enjoy this sweetly sentimental month. If you're newly dating, you may introduce each other to friends and family. Single Geminis can meet someone through a childhood friend or even a relative. Never say never! 


Speaking your mind has gotten you into trouble for the last few weeks, but not anymore. Talkative Mercury turns direct (forward) in your outspoken fifth house, making it easier to express yourself. Since the fifth house rules romance, your flirtatious moves should get results. Just make sure you’ve got the right number before you hit “send” on a steamy text, as Mercury retrograde's signal-scrambling effects can last a few extra days. You may even be motivated to wrap up a writing or artistic project since your creativity will be off the charts.


Newsflash, Gemini: your thoughts don’t need to be approved by anyone else to be valid. Saturday's tricky angle between caring Venus in your family-oriented fourth house and mature Saturn forces you to grow up and think for yourself. It’s wonderful to be close with your clan, but if you run every idea by your mother before making a decision, you’ll never learn to fully function as an adult. The same goes for your S.O.—two becoming one doesn’t mean only one opinion matters. The time to have "the talk" is Sunday, when open-hearted Jupiter in your emotional fourth house and links up with transformational Pluto. Set some healthy boundaries with your family or have a heart-to-heart with your partner, explaining, for example, that you know you’ve been clingy and you’re ready for a little independence. Or maybe it's vice-versa—you're ready to trade your aloofness for a deeper bond. This weekend, you could finally strike the right balance between autonomy and intimacy.

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