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Downshift, Gemini. You could be dragging your feet today, thanks to the quarter moon nestling into your sleepy twelfth house. That said, what you’re lacking in energy you make up for in creativity. Tweak your schedule, so you’re focusing on more flowy tasks. Put your right brain at the helm, and you’ll be able to whip up solutions to stubborn problems. From doodling to free-writing to painting, using your creativity will allow new answers and ideas to materialize. Let your intuition lead the way. This lunar light also helps you establish more realistic limits with the people in your life. Aim for balance.


Today, romantic Venus decamps to your goal-directed tenth house until February 20, spurring you to get serious about the future of your love life. If you think that you’re in a dead-end relationship, you’ll now be motivated to cut your losses and move on. Just be cognizant of not jumping to conclusions, or it could lead you to smother an evolving connection. Single? A promising prospect could appear at a work-related event, you might even start crushing on a co-worker. Follow any urges to ask out that stable person whose grounded vibe is suddenly quite sexy.


Did you speak a little too soon, Gemini? You could have written off a group prematurely. Today’s cosmos encourage you to give this forward-thinking crew a fair shot. Scratch beyond the surface, and see what they’re really offering. Does this posse feel cultish, or are they merely presenting you with an alternative lens through which to view the world? Go forth and explore without fear. Besides, your sign is more than adept at trying your hand at various organizations without getting roped into any lifetime memberships.


Trying to collaborate with someone drastically different than you will be an exercise in frustration today, Gemini. You’ll get so much farther joining forces with people whose skills and vision complement your own. Keep your expectations in check today, too. If you’re not willing to do something yourself, don’t even think of asking the same of others. Outsourcing such tasks can keep the good vibes alive in a partnership.


Today, you have zero tolerance for stupid human tricks—especially if committed by you-know-who. You’re just about ready to deliver a diatribe that outlines everything that’s wrong with this person’s behavior, but suppress that urge. With an alignment between the Sun and Mercury retrograde, your message could come across as callous or even malicious. Purge your fury on paper, or vent to someone completely uninvolved. Having a constructive heart-to-heart probably won’t happen till next week, so consider this your cooling-down period. A positive way to deal with your irritation? Channel it into an adventurous activity. Spontaneous overnighter, anyone?


Slap on those blinders, Gemini! On Saturday, motivator Mars syncs up with Chiron in your tenth house of success, setting you up for an impressive slam dunk. While it may be the weekend, you’d be wise to invest a couple of hours prepping for that important presentation or proposal. And if at all possible, try to bypass the middlemen. A bold (and well thought-out) move could propel you into the stratosphere. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by because the gatekeepers are operating on a slower timeline. Sunday’s stars shine their beams on the men in your life, thanks to a Venus-Pisces conjunction in your masculine tenth house. If you’re a Gemini lady, make a point of hanging with your favorite fun-loving fellas. Should another woman join the party, keep any competitive urges under wraps. While it’s possible that she may steal a bit of your thunder, keep those claws to yourself. Catty conduct does not become you.

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