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Soulful sensitivity? Today, the moon in Taurus, your compassionate twelfth house, forms an auspicious trine with subterranean Pluto in Capricorn. Even if folks seem contrarian or out-of-control on the surface, your keen insight detects what is actually occurring underneath the surface. On this emotionally-charged day, be careful of who you choose to spend time with, as you will likely have X-ray vision for their emotional hang-ups and psychological complexes. Embrace solitude, or the company of your inner circle. Connecting on deep, emotional levels feels oh-so good.


Put yourself out there. Today, the moon is in Gemini, your first house of self and identity, helping you assert yourself, in the service of your most cherished goals. Want to, say, write a book, start a juice bar or launch an Instagram project? Whatever your objectives, YOU need to take responsibility for them, Gemini. If you don’t shepherd them into reality, who will? There’s a bit of a buzz around you, too. So don’t be surprised if you start talking and the room goes silent. People want to hear your unique, witty opinions…and who are you to deny them?


Say what? Today, the moon in Gemini, your first house of identity, forms a tricky square to glamorous Neptune in Pisces, perhaps clouding how others see you. In the eyes of coworkers and possibly a boss, you could be put up on a pedestal…or penalized unfairly. Whether someone sees you as saint or sinner has, unfortunately, little to do with who you really are, Gemini. On a day like today, projections abound. Stick to what YOU know to be true, and don’t take anything else to heart. It’s really not personal.


Ready, set, leap! Today, the moon in Gemini, your first house of self and identity, forms a supportive sextile to freedom-loving Jupiter. If you haven’t taken a worthy risk in a while, today’s your day! Strike up a conversation with someone you wouldn’t normally approach. Stepping out of your comfort zone on every level, including intellectually, can be exhilarating—and help you push ahead with a personal agenda. First, think about what makes your heart sing. Then—and don’t overthink this—make your auspicious move!


Hunker down with your budget. Social spending gets thrust into the spotlight, as the moon in Taurus, your security-minded second house, forms a tight square to volatile Mars. Perhaps your annual beach trip with the BFFs is on the expenditure chopping block, as you see a need to tighten your belt. Or maybe you can’t afford to be involved with a cherished humanitarian cause—at least as much as you’d like. You might need to make some tough choices between your values and continued involvement with a group project. Whatever you do, don’t react. Tomorrow you’ll see more clearly.


Idealism versus reality? On Saturday, you could be stymied over a hard-to-solve problem, as the moon in Cancer, your stability-loving second house, forms a tricky square to disruptive Uranus. Perhaps your bottom line (and making sure you keep it padded) is an obstacle to living out an altruistic dream or launching a big new venture. Or maybe your friend circle has gotten just a little too pricey for your current budget, and you have to bow out of an important dinner that's a bit much for your wallet. Consider this: the real culprit to the tension could be that you need some freedom! Find a way to bust out of your confines without breaking the bank. It shouldn't be too hard. By Sunday, the mood is more upbeat, as clever Mercury in Aquarius, your ninth house of travel, forms an opposition to expansive Jupiter. Over brunch, you’re oh-so willing to talk about everyone’s dream vacay. Part of the fun is just dreaming about the possibilities. After the Bloody Marys and before the eggs benedict, ask your dining companions to go around and say what they would do with their lives, were there no limits: travel around the world, get ten more degrees, write a bestselling novel? You first, Gemini!

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