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Vaguebook alert! Today, the moon hovers in your communication zone and forms a hard angle to expressive Mercury in your foggy twelfth house, making you prone to being indirect. In fact, you might even get a case of paranoia, reading way too much into what others say or write. If you’re looking for attention, skip the cryptic messages. Under today’s tough cosmic aspect, confronting the issue head-on might not be the best course of action. But you can cut out those low blows and barbs. There’s no sense fanning the flames, Gemini. Unload to a confidante outside the situation, stat.


Your emotional wellbeing is an area you prefer to manage on your own. Sure, Gemini is the sign of the Twins, but you hate having to depend on others—especially when it comes to your feelings. You might also shudder at the thought of someone becoming dependent on YOU, too. However, today's square between the emo moon and reliable Saturn gives leaves you longing for meaningful and compassionate connections. Challenge your assumptions in the name of creating long-lasting, nurturing relationships.


Today’s cosmos peel back your “calm, cool, and collected” M.O., Gemini. The moon in your emotional fourth house nuzzles up against Mars in your healing sector, bringing your feelings to the forefront. It won’t take much for you to get choked up. Don’t try to suppress what’s coming to the surface—embrace it. Take a trip down memory lane, and allow yourself to get nostalgic perusing old photo albums and home movies. An elderly family member could possibly use your companionship today, too. Reach out.


Unfurl your arsenal of verbal charms! Today, your cosmic guardian, communication planet Mercury, launches a two-month tour through Gemini and your confident first house. Witty comments, clever quips, and original ideas will flow out of you effortlessly. Don’t self-censor yourself—the time is right to start creating a buzz about your brilliance. Go on, Gem, break new ground. Show ‘em how it’s done.


Careful with your coquettish ways, Gemini. Today’s square between manipulative Pluto and the moon in your passion sector warns against crossing a line—especially if someone else’s emotions are involved. It could be quite easy to take advantage of a person’s attraction to you, but think twice. Remember: people aren’t pawns or playthings. That said, YOUR heart could be vulnerable to a smooth-talker or snake in the grass, so stay on your toes. Heads up: your inner green-eyed monster could come out in full force—look out!


Saturday’s stars summon your inner coquette or Casanova. The moon in your passionate fifth house forms a sweet angle to love planet Venus in your sign, making you simply irresistible. This cosmic confab puts all eyes on you, so don’t let it go to waste. Wow ‘em with your witty banter, and keep those risque, and sometimes scandalous, remarks coming. You’re in a live-out-loud mood, so make sure you dress the part on Saturday night. Debut a bold new accessory or even add a colorful new streak to your tresses. Bring on those likes! Your indie spirit still wants to run the show, but on Sunday, one person in particular could require your attention. A tense opposition between Mercury in your sign and disciplinarian Saturn in your relationship sector could bring a reality check—especially if you’ve sidelined a certain someone one too many times. Let people know you can be counted on, and follow through with your commitments. A full moon in your sixth house of health and organization on Sunday also emphasizes integrity. Spend some time getting clear on your priorities. A tense moon-Jupiter square could make it hard to say “no” to certain friends, but consider that you could be missing out on more fulfilling opportunities by filling your calendar with social “fluff.” There are only so many hours in a day, Gemini!

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