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Today’s cosmos crown you Ms. or Mr. Popularity. You can thank your ruling planet gregarious Mercury for moving into your group sector for next two weeks. Your social curiosity now spikes, so sate that urge by mixing and mingling with fresh faces. Get out and network, meet some like-minded people, boost your social media numbers. Save the private one-on-ones for another time, and invite your entire swelling inner circle to one lively event.


Surrender and release. Motivator Mars moves into Taurus and your twelfth house of endings for the next six weeks. Take a long, honest look at your life, and own up to those out-dated things—or people—you’re clinging to. Mars is a fighter, giving you the moxie to make that change, even if it’s an addiction you’ve tried to beat before or a painful emotional issue you never fully resoled. Turn to your closest most compassionate confidantes. Their shoulders are ready and waiting. Let them support you through this necessary grieving or healing process.


Keep the professional and personal separate today, Gemini. Your workweek may be challenging, but resist the urge to vent a colleague. While it may feel natural to unload your complaints to a coworker who knows what’s been going down, it could come back to bite you. Play it safe, and reach out to an uninvolved party to unload. Inject some much-needed levity into your world with a laidback night at “home, sweet, home” with a few of your fun-loving friends. Potluck, anyone?


People are your specialty, Gemini, and today’s Sun-Jupiter trine amplifies your social charms. You’re a master at small talk, but what you really love is making connections of substance. This cosmic confab helps you draw in lively new collaborators, but do your part, too. Sniff out an event or gathering that appeals to your beautiful mind, like a discussion group or an interactive lecture about a topic that impassions you. Bring on the synergy!


Under today’s stars, you’re more naughty than nice, so let your mischievous side come out. Let your hair down, and allow your inner bad girl/guy to come out to play. Get yourself glammed up for a night on the town, or inject some spice into your day by sending the object of your affections a suggestive message or photo. You might even finding yourself in a flirty chat session or sexting your ex. That said, be crystal-clear on your boundaries so you won’t have to deal with a cleanup mission tomorrow.


Supersized love, incoming! Saturday’s lunar eclipse in Libra illuminates your passionate fifth house, giving you a serious longing for l’amour. As eclipses tend to shine a light on what’s been lurking in the shadows, a secret admirer could come forward or you could tune into desires you didn’t even know you had. The next two weeks are prime time for babymaking, or you might even receive news that a little one is already on the way. If you’re not interested in putting a bun in the oven, don’t take any chances! On Sunday, the green-eyed monster could infiltrate your crew. Don’t sit by idly if a friend starts name-dropping or talking smack behind someone’s back. Pull the pot-stirrer to the side, and explain how there’s no place for that kind of negativity in your posse. At the heart of it all, your amigo is probably overcompensating for his/her own insecurities. Be direct but compassionate.

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