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Ch-ch-changes? Today, the moon in Sagittarius, your seventh house of partnership, forms a supportive trine to future-focused Uranus, breathing new life into an existing one-on-one relationship. In a business or personal union, you could have a flash insight on how to revitalize your bond, improving cooperation and communication along the way. Even if things have been fine, a little spontaneous change might do you both good!


A little privacy, please? Today finds you craving a romantic cocoon, or just a day bonding with your most trusted confidantes, thanks to the moon in in your intimate eighth house aligning with pleasurable Venus. You’re not in the mood for small talk or buzzing scenes today—even though you might usually flock to them. However, a candlelit corner booth in an ambient lounge might do the trick—especially if you can delve into the mysteries of life, share secrets or trade sexy banter with a very special someone.


Magnetize your money, Gemini. Today's potent moon-Pluto conjunction in your shared wealth sector is a harbinger of empire-building to come. You could have a date with destiny, a "meant to be" meeting that feels written in the stars. Perhaps you're introduced to an angel investor interested in a project like yours. Maybe you're home-hunting and you hear of a hot lead on a new space. Tune in, Gemini—you've got a direct line to the universe, so practice the Law of Attraction. As the manifesting crowd would say: believing is seeing.


Checked in with your “higher self” lately? As the moon moves through your open-minded ninth house, you may get a wink or nudge about your divine/life purpose, something telling you to take a risk (like talking to that intriguing person from your writing workshop) or expand your own borders (by enrolling in a degree program or traveling abroad). Listening to your gut on a whim can lead to a breakthrough. Trust yourself and stay optimistic—you’ve got nothing to lose.


Talk is cheap, Gemini. Today, harmonious Venus backs into Leo, shining a spotlight on your self-expression and social interactions until October 8. However, Venus is retrograde (backward) through September 6, which could tangle the normally smooth lines of communication. Conversations may be frustrating—you feel misunderstood, accidentally offend people or there are needless arguments. A relationship with a sibling or friend could get bumpy for the next five weeks, too. During this time, stay introspective. You may just have an important a-ha moment on your own communication style—and then pinpoint a place to make changes.


Back on the healthy track? On Saturday, restrictive Saturn ends its retrograde (backward) spin in Scorpio, putting your wellness habits back on solid ground. Perhaps you stopped going to the gym since mid-June, or just had a harder time choosing the low-fat, heart-healthy fare. Or maybe you’ve been avoiding your trainer or the most basic things that help you function, like weekly cleanups. Now, sanity returns and gives you a shot at making important changes—like getting more disciplined with even the smallest details of your life. Saturn will be here until September 17, so get busy. On Sunday, you could have a soul-stirring epiphany about your career, or even an intuitive flash about your life purpose, thanks to a mystical moon-Neptune meet up in your professional zone. Is it time to pursue your creativity in earnest, or to add more meaning to your money? No need to quit your day job tomorrow—just start creating some life goals that inspire you.

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