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Feeling ungrounded, Gem? Today’s quarter moon in your fourth house of home and family helps you find your center again. Take a breather from running here, there and everywhere, and pour some love into Chateau Gemini. Feather your nest with a small DIY project, or add a striking piece of art to your collection. Have you hit a few bumps in the road when it comes to your clan? This lunar light calls on you to make the first move. Extend the olive branch, and bring back the harmony. 


You don’t choose your family, Gemini—and today’s stars could give you a jarring reminder of this fact. A tense square between the moon in your domestic sector and fiery Mars in your sign could drum up conflict with your clan. No matter how badly a relative gets under your skin, you have to figure out a way to coexist. By all means, set clear limits, but don’t be overzealous or aggressive about it. Call a truce or take a time-out from the incendiary people in your tribe.


Elbows up, Gemini! Today’s mashup between your planetary ruler Mercury and make-it-happen Mars in your sign urges you to bring your best. Being a little competitive can be a good thing; in fact, it can put you ahead of the pack. Your innovative takes are brilliant, so share your uncensored perspectives—especially if you feel passionate about them. Today’s cosmos reward bold opinions, and eloquently expressed ideas. You’ve got this one, Gemini, so don’t hold back!


If you see something, say something. Your Spidey senses could get triggered today, thanks to a square between the moon and shadowy Pluto in your eighth house of mystery. But are you reading this situation correctly? Your intuition is giving you clues, but probably NOT the whole story. Don't put your observations on loudspeaker, Gemini, or jump to conclusions. Respect people's privacy and talk to them one-on-one to get the whole story.


Go on and state your case or pitch your idea, Gemini. Just be prepared for the decision makers to take their time getting back to you—or to give a vague response at best. With mental Mercury in your sign, you feel confident about expressing your message. But today, Mercury forms a hard angle to foggy Neptune in your ambitious tenth house. Your delivery could fall flat. That important email might get lost in cyberspace. Or, your dream client could cut your presentation short to deal with another matter. Let it go, even if you wanted an answer before the weekend. Make a note to follow up by Tuesday at the latest. This is far from the end of the road.


Order in the Gemini court! The moon spends all weekend in Scorpio, your sixth house of health and organization, drawing your attention to your overall wellbeing. Your sign is renowned for have a million and one balls in the air, which makes it a challenge to stay on top of everything. Carve out a good chunk of time on Saturday to tend to the high-pri items on your to-do list, get your exercise regimen back on track, and organize your paperwork. Sunday’s stars prompt you to reflect on your life trajectory and where you want to go. However, the Sun in Gemini forms a tense square to foggy Neptune in your long-term goals sector, obscuring the way forward. Perhaps your present path doesn’t feed your soul, or maybe you feel like a hamster on a wheel at work. You might long to align your professional world with your life purpose, or at least, to be more creative in your work. Don’t do anything rash, Gemini. Instead of obsessing, channel your energy into journaling, drawing, or taking in the great outdoors. When you move into a Zen state of mind, you create a space for fresh ideas and insights to flow into your consciousness.

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