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Get grounded in your true worth, Gemini. Today, a confusing Sun-Neptune opposition could shroud your career path in fog. Maybe it's time to ask yourself: Am I defining my worth or identity by what I do for a living? If your ego is wrapped up in your job description, it's time to reach deeper for security. Another possibility is that you've made too many sacrifices at work, and feel out of balance. Create healthy limits that honor your need for downtime.


No beating around the bush today, Gemini—your sweet-talking words will get right to the point. As charming Venus and straight-shooting Mars embrace in your communication house, you're a silver-tongued devil (wielding quite the saucy pitchfork to boot!). Even if you go too far, Venus will help you quickly smooth over the awkwardness. Chances are your flirty banter will only flatter though. Need to issue an apology? There's no time like the present. Skip the flowery speeches. A simple, heartfelt "I'm sorry" is all you need to say.


Warm fuzzies, anyone? Devote time to your nearest and dearest today, as they could use a heaping helping of Gemini time. Think: Dinner with your inner circle, Vinyasa in the park with your BFFs, an evening reading stories to the kids in your family. Bonding with the people closest to you is what brings you joy today. If you’re the new kid on the block, push yourself to attend a Meetup group or community event where you’re sure to make at least one new friend.


Don't lash out, Gemini. You may struggle to see someone's best intentions today, as the moon in your subconscious twelfth house opposes abrasive Mars. But you also run the risk of taking every remark personally, even if it's not intended to be. Chances are, you're seeing this situation through a lens of your own past hurts and insecurities. Clear your head with a meditative walk; it may be just what you need to regain perspective.


Your indie spirit could come out in full force today, Gemini, probably in response to undue pressure in a relationship. Instead of bolting and leaving people wondering why, explain what’s irking you. They might not recognize that they’ve crossed a line, so don’t read anyone the riot act. Before you start pointing fingers though, ask yourself if you’ve sent any mixed messages. If you feel the need to renege, go right ahead. Just realize that it’s not fair to rake others over the coals if you decide to rewrite the rulebook.


Put yourself out there on Saturday. The quarter moon in Gemini, your first house of self and identity, helps you assert yourself in the service of your most cherished goals. Want to write a book, start a juice bar or launch an Instagram social awareness campaign? Whatever your objectives, YOU need to take responsibility for them, Gemini. If you don’t shepherd them into reality, who will? There’s a bit of a buzz around you, too, so don’t be surprised if you start talking and the room goes silent. People want to hear your unique, witty opinions…and who are you to deny them? Interpersonal matters get a welcome boost on Sunday. Have you been rubbing people the wrong way without even trying? Blame it on peacekeeper Venus, which went retrograde (backward) on July 25 until today. Petty arguments and misunderstandings may have flared up all too easily. Your relationship with a friend, sibling or close collaborator may have gotten rocky, too. Today, Venus resumes direct (forward) motion, smoothing out communication. If you've been waiting for the right time to share about an exciting venture, you've got the green light now. Start spreading the news!

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