Watch Dua Lipa (An Un-Leo Leo?) Get An Astrology Reading From The AstroTwins

The AstroTwins, resident astrologers for ELLE magazine, give popstar Dua Lipa an astrology reading ahead of her May 2024 ELLE cover. Ophira and Tali quiz the “un-Leo Leo” about her Big 3, dating, her new album, and much more, in “Starstruck with Dua Lipa!”

“Starstruck” doesn’t begin to describe how we feel about Leo Queen Dua Lipa, whose danceable situationship anthems have been playing on repeat on all our playlists. So when ELLE invited us to come do an on-camera reading with the stunning (and TALL!) popstar, we were on the first plane to L.A.!

Dua Lipa’s Big 3 and Her Saturn Return

Dua Lipa is a Leo Sun, Gemini rising and a Cancer moon, otherwise known as the Big 3 in astrology.

But to avoid getting steeped in astro-lingo, we worked with ELLE to conceptualize a birth chart reading that was more interactive. Dua got to answer multiple choice questions about being a Leo. Of course, we did discuss her Gemini rising, Cancer moon and other aspects of Dua Lipa’s birth chart!

With the release of her new album, Radical Optimism, Dua is crushing her Saturn return in Pisces right now. And talk about perfect symbolism: the Radical Optimism album art features her swimming with a shark. (Watch Dua Lipa be interviewed by The AstroTwins on YouTube, above, to hear what she says she’d do if she actually met a shark in the waters IRL; it’s also clipped in the TikTok below!)

@ellemagazine We all know @Dua Lipa is the boss 💪. #DuaLipa explains the inspiration behind her album cover and title, '#RadicalOptimism.' @The AstroTwins | Astrology #AstroTwins #Astrology #Leo #GeminiRising #CancerMoon #Starstruck ♬ original sound – ELLE (US)

Dua’s undeniable Leo starpower

Dua’s Leo starpower shines through in everything she does, but her lovely and personable Cancer moon was equally obvious in the heartfelt ways she answered the “Starstruck” questions. That cheeky Gemini rising showed up, too. It was like chatting with an old friend—one with a snappy sense of humor that had us laughing our way through the reading.

Read the ELLE May 2024 cover story with Dua Lipa, which coincides with her next album release, Radical Optimism, on May 3. One day later, on May 4, you can watch Dua Lipa pull “double duty” on Saturday Night Live as both host and musical guest!

See the full Dua Lipa’s birth chart, interpreted by The AstroTwins.

dua lipa birth chart wheelPin

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