Love Horoscopes: Relationships & Compatibility

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Love Matcher: Are You Compatible?

Find out how your astrology sign matches with all the other Sun signs and what it will take to make a relationship work…with anyone! Match yourself now!

Manstrology: Your Man’s Horoscope

Forget about manscaping—it’s all about manscoping! Dive into our guide to the guys of the zodiac. Read Manstrology horoscopes >

2017 love horoscope jupiter in libra

The 7 Secrets of Cosmic Compatibility

Learn the 7 secrets of astrology that help you navigate any relationship. Read it >

venus signs: love, romance, attraction

Venus Signs: Love, Romance & Attraction

Venus in the chart reveals how you flirt, what you desire, and your approach to romance, affection and sensuality. Read about the Venus signs>

mars signs: sex, drive and desire

Mars Signs: Sex, Confidence & Desire

What are the turn-ons and turn-offs for every zodiac sign? Mars in the chart reveals what makes every sign hot! Read about the Mars signs >


Relationship Books & Charts by The AstroTwins

how to get along with anyone

How To Get Along With Anyone (Yes, Even That Person)

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The AstroTwins reveal the secrets of astrology and compatibility. In this spot-on guide, you’ll learn the hidden formula in every horoscope match. Now you CAN coexist with anyone—yes, even you-know-who.

The AstroTwins’ Love Zodiac: Our guide to men!

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The essential astrology guide to understanding men! Our in-depth horoscope analysis covers everything from how he handles courtship, dating, proposals, meeting the family. Learn what makes the guy of every Sun sign tick!

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Full-Length Compatibility Birth Charts

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Discover the true essence of your relationship. A full-length relationship report decodes your dynamic, revealing which planetary patterns are in harmony and which will take work to adjust. Choose from our three available types of printable charts!