Why They Cheat: A Guide to Every Zodiac Sign

Your astrological guide to why they cheat. Learn why each zodiac sign is likely to step out and how you can step up from a cheater.

Which zodiac sign is more likely to cheat? Which zodiac signs are less likely to cheat?

Your astrological guide to why they cheat.

Why they cheat, by zodiac sign

Why Aries Cheat

When it comes to cheating, Aries have their own set of rules. If they truly love you, it’s almost impossible for them to stray. But what if every single fiber of their being doesn’t shout, “I found The One!”

Why Taurus Cheats

Taurus is a loyal sign by nature. It takes a lot for them to cheat. In general, they’ll give you a ton of warning signs before taking such drastic measures. They’re too practical to ruin their lives with the drama of a broken home or family, and they care too much about their reputation to mar it with a scandal.

Why Gemini Cheats

Geminis can suffer from a terminal case of grass-is-greener syndrome. That may be one of several reasons why Gemini cheats. Until they make their mark, or define themselves through some kind of achievement, they struggle to be satisfied with what they have.

Why Cancer Cheats

Although a happy Cancer is a loyal family-loving mate, when in turmoil, their emotions can cloud their judgment. If that means finding comfort in the arms of another lover, they may just go there. It takes a lot for them to cheat, but there are some probable causes.

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Why Leo Cheats

Leos take great pride in their relationships, especially when they reflect positively on them. They make tearful declarations of loyalty and tear down anyone who dares to be unfaithful to their friends. Then…their own animal nature gets the best of them.

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Why Virgo Cheats

Although Virgo is capable of great loyalty, their sign can also become CEO of Infidelity, Inc. As with everything for Virgo, their motivation is usually control. Love and relationships make their restrained sign feel deeply out of order.

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Why Scorpio Cheats

Flirty and sexy as this sign can be, Scorpio isn’t a big cheater. And if they are, they’re damn good at keeping it under wraps—or gaslighting you for a dizzyingly long spell. Because of their overpowering sexual energy, you may wonder whether they’re hiding something from you.

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Why Sagittarius Cheats

Now, we need to sit you down for an honest talk here. Sagittarius, though principled and morally righteous, has an appetite as wide as the sky. This sign is symbolized by the Centaur—a mythical half human, half horse. In spite of their hardcore ethics, their animalistic bottom half can override their lofty, philosophical minds.

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Why Capricorn Cheats

Capricorn is a sign that values loyalty and honor, so it’s rare to find too many cheaters among this sign’s ranks. Still, until this sign is ready to settle down—in other words, they’re well on their way to achieving the ambitious goals they’ve set for themselves—they will waver in their loyalty from time to time.

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Why Aquarius Cheats

Because they know so many people and are naturally flirty, Aquarius is often branded a cheater—even when they’re not one. And since they live by their own rules, they’d rather establish an open relationship than sleep around behind someone’s back. That said, there are some reasons that they might cheat.

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Why Pisces Cheats

The question might be more like, why don’t they? Okay, we’re being extreme. But Pisces does have a secretive side that can emerge, potentially plunging them into the most sabotaging behaviors.

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