Why Gemini Cheats: 5 Eye-Opening Reasons

Geminis can suffer from a terminal case of grass-is-greener syndrome. That may be one of several reasons why Gemini cheats.

In their early years, they may eternally try to “trade up.” Plagued by indecisiveness and still seeking their own paths, they find it difficult to commit to another human being.

Until they make their mark, or define themselves through some kind of achievement, they struggle to be satisfied with what they have. Of course, if they could stick with anything for longer than a month, they might find that fulfillment. But never mind; they’ll have to figure that out the hard way.

Because Twins have a sneaky side, the immature Gemini might be caught creeping around.

(Gemini is an air sign. Learn more about Gemini traits.)

Still, the lies will take their toll, eventually forcing them to grow up. As one Gemini eloquently put it, “I realized it was easier to make one hard decision than to cover up twenty bad ones.” Until then, here’s what might lead them astray.

Unfaithful Gemini? Here are reasons why Gemini cheats

Pure impulse

When asked why they’d cheat, one Gemini responded immediately, “Because she was there.” (Of course, that was the same reason he gave when we asked why he’d commit to someone.)


A lack of variety or spontaneity is a buzzkill for this sign and can be why Gemini cheats. You don’t need a full stripper’s wardrobe or a dungeon, but an overly predictable sex life could find them seeking thrills elsewhere.

You’re gullible or “too nice”

As much as they love sweetness, too much can send your Gemini into a sexual diabetic coma. One Twin got turned off by their “bleeding-heart” partner who naively loaned their shared money to family, and offered up their apartment to every out-of-town guest. “It made me worry, and that’s not sexy. It took some of the hotness away.”

To prove something or see what they can get away with

Geminis love the thrill of tempting fate, achieving the impossible and winning. Generations later, we still see iconic footage of Gemini president John F. Kennedy being serenaded by his rumored mistress Marilyn Monroe (also a Gemini), as she cooed “Happy birthday, Mr. President”—seducing him shamelessly on camera.


Hello, midlife crisis. The repressed Gemini who had a strict upbringing is especially susceptible to wanderlust. If they grew up believing their natural curiosity was “bad,” they probably repressed their experimental nature. Years later, after marrying and starting a family, they’ll quietly sow their oats.

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