Gemini Traits

Do you know the traits of a Gemini? As the zodiac’s third sign, Gemini traits include duality, quick-witted humor and synergistic communication. Understanding Gemini traits can help you get along with this sign in love, work and life.

What are Gemini traits?

Have you ever met someone who was chatty and charismatic and possessed a razor sharp wit? Or, maybe they were even a little bit two-faced? Chances are, this person was a Gemini, the sign born between May 21 to June 20. Learning the Gemini star sign personality and Gemini traits can help you coexist in harmony with this zodiac sign, which can be dynamic and spontaneous, but will easily change their mind.

Chief among the traits of a Gemini, the star sign ruled by the Twins, is their desire for synergistic communication. Gemini has strong opinions and personalities and they often need to be the center of attention. They are highly versatile love a good argument, but will often butt heads with those whose opinions differ from their own. It takes a lot to hold an Gemini’s attention span—though once they find their passion they go in all the way! Gemini is the sign of kindred spirit energy. As the zodiac’s third sign, Gemini loves dynamic duos and is always seeking their other half.

Positive Gemini astrology traits include fascination, originality, resourcefulness, charming, wise and adventurous. They’re not afraid to speak up for what they believe in, either. Gemini becomes depressed when they are unable to express their complex emotions. This is a sign that needs a trusted sounding board to let it all out!

Difficult traits of the Gemini sign include being restless, distracted, judgmental and even overwhelmed. Gemini is an adaptable mutable sign and a flighty air sign. But as the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini can also be codependent. Although they talk a good game about their freedoms, many Gemini yearn for their relationships to be like a mirror. This sign, while capable of commitment, can be whimsical and hard to pin down. A Gemini can fall in and out of love at a moment’s notice.

While these traits of the Gemini sign can make them a lot to handle, their charisma and intelligence is also refreshing, and their magnetism is irresistible.

Now that you know more about the personality traits of Gemini, find out how you match with this zodiac sign.