Gemini Weekly Horoscope

02-11-2019 to 02-17-2019

The “obvious” approach to a problem on Wednesday, February 13, might not be the best one, so think outside the box! When driven Mars makes a rare meetup with disruptor Uranus in Aries and your eleventh house of teamwork, technology and all things futuristic, there’s no telling what you or a colleague—or the hivemind—might come up with! And while these two titans meet up once every other year, they won’t unite in this chart sector again for another 80 years, so let your imagination run a little wild. Struggling on a project singlehandedly? Seek out creatively synergistic collaborations—with people who don’t remotely resemble you! Target authentic originals and iconoclasts who can help you turn your “decent” idea into something show-stopping! On the romantic front, with lusty Mars entwined with radical Uranus, there won’t be any shortage of insta-lovefests for single Gems. But don't rush through the all-important “getting-to-know-you” phase. The chemistry may be undeniable, but do you share long-term objectives? Take your time finding out by watching them in action, not just believing what they say (which may be their hopes but not what they’re actually capable of). Couples might discover new shared interests or turn each other on to their own passions. Focus on the friendship part of your union to keep it glowing and growing!

The very next day, Mars shifts gears into Taurus and your twelfth house of introspection, healing and endings until March 31. Even your extroverted sign needs some alone time now and then, and this six-week period may bring more than you’re used to. The action planet hasn’t visited this realm for two years, and if you haven’t had a proper vacation, staycation or just some quality downtime, you owe it to yourself to make the most of this energetic slowdown. Set a few goals, like getting more sleep, journaling, committing to a daily meditation practice or anything you can do on your own. This is also an ideal opportunity to quit a bad habit, shift some limiting beliefs or get closure on an unsatisfactory relationship. Mars gives you the pluck to make necessary changes and endure the emotional fallout. During this transition, don’t rush to fill the vacuum that may be created. Do your inner work before Mars blasts into your sign on March 31, and hold sacred space for someone who deserves all you have to offer.

 Thursday, of course, is also Valentine’s Day, which could be dreamier than usual—if you can lose the cynicism and lean in to the day’s romantic vibes. The love planets are harmonizing in a sweet love song: Mars is in sensual Taurus and your fantasy-tinged twelfth house, and Venus is in earthy Capricorn and your eighth house of sizzle and seduction. If you have a date, pull out all the stops. Glam up and hit the town, ideally a favorite upscale place you save for special occasions (like this!). Or stay IN and prepare a mouthwatering feast and savor it slowly—at the kitchen table or on trays in bed. Baeless? You can still celebrate the spirit of the holiday with your besties, remembering the most important love of all: Self Love!

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