Gemini Weekly Horoscope

08-19-2019 to 08-25-2019
Desperately seeking…a spoonmate? Romance takes a turn for the cozier this Wednesday, August 21, when sweet, sentimental Venus nestles into your domestic fourth house. Between now and September 14, “supreme cuddling skills” top your list of romantic criteria. Even coupled Geminis will be craving more TLC, which means unfurling your mitts from your digital devices. Try instituting a mobile-free policy when you’re enjoying quality time with bae. The world will not come crashing down if you “forget” to bring your cell phone on a starlight stroll. In fact, this Venus cycle can teach you a lot about the highly seductive power of presence. If you don't already live with your love interest, cohabitation may become a hot topic over the coming few weeks. And roll out the welcome mat for the muse! Venus in DIY Virgo may turn your "maison" into a maker's space. Crafty Gems could be up late beading, homebrewing or soldering metals. More of an enthusiast than an artisan? Open up your space for a book (or wine) club meeting or host a dinner party before the summer is officially through. 

On the heels of Venus, the Sun beams into Virgo this Friday, amplifying the family-focused vibes through September 23. Even at work, you’ll want your collaborations to feel cozier. Don’t rule out mixing business with the pleasure of your best friends’ insightful company. But DO follow that Virgo-recommended protocol and put your agreements in writing. Ambiguity breeds contempt—that’s something you’ve learned a few times over, Gem. Better you should weather a few vaguely awkward discussions about sweat equity and intellectual assets, than risk losing a beloved friend due to foggy notions about how you’ll divide up the dough that rolls in six months from now. If you're in the market for a move, this solar cycle will speed up your search. Put your feelers out: A vacant studio might be opening in a friend’s apartment building; another could be subletting her loft while she works abroad for three years. If you're ready to buy property or put down more permanent roots, get pre-qualified for a mortgage and let the hunt begin. But remember, Gemini: location, location, location! You're happiest in an area that has a thriving cultural scene, so even if the space is to die for, the thrill won't last long if you feel socially isolated.
Leases and mortgages aside, you’ll probably want to play house this weekend with a sexy plus-one! As heavenly hotties Mars and Venus host an exact meetup in Virgo this Saturday, it could get mighty spicy behind closed doors. Hang the Do Not Disturb sign and get frisky—at your place or maybe on a glamping adventure. These two planets only conjoin once every other year. Flip back to November 2017 to see if any themes are echoing. Single Twins could swoon for the boy- or girl-next-door type. Let your friends fix you up; your mother might even be your best matchmaker this weekend! Newly dating? Bae may hand you a spare key and clear space for your belongings in a drawer. No matter how far along you’ve advanced as a couple, you’ll crave more security and comfort from your sweetie this weekend. But the mood could get heavy if you don’t monitor your feelings, so try not to turn your pillow talk into a therapy session. If you have a family together, spending time with the brood can be just what you’re seeking right now.

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