Gemini Weekly Horoscope

04-15-2019 to 04-21-2019
With go-getter Mars spurring you on all week, you’re rarin’ to go, Gemini! But ease off the ambition throttle this Monday, April 15, as creative Venus in your career corner locks horns with expansive Jupiter in your partnership court. Under this disruptive dustup your well-crafted pitch could come across as salesy and insincere—yikes! Flattery won’t get you everywhere, so rein that in, too. The good news is that your secret weapon for success is a whole lot easier near Monday: asking questions and REALLY listening, even if you have to get back to people with answers. Striking the right work-home balance may prove challenging, especially if your sweetie or project partner keeps carping that they don't get enough of you. If this person is a bit demanding or needy, you may have to dole out some tough love while defending your boundaries. Stand your ground, don't allow yourself to be manipulated. If all else fails, call a timeout until they can hit their own emotional reset button.
2019 Horoscopes by The AstroTwins: Plan it by the planets! 
The best time to plan any big reveals would be Friday when the second in a back-to-back pair of Libra full moons will rock your fifth house of fame, romance and unbridled self-expression. Good luck hiding your light under any bushels, Twin! You might just "out" yourself under these moonbeams...and what a relief it will be. Whether you're copping to a hardcore crush or announcing your forthcoming EP or sharing about a personal triumph on social media, the best way to attract kindred spirits (and influential collaborators) is to make sure that they SEE you. Romantic sparks that were ignited near the first Libra full moon on the March 20 equinox may blaze up into a sexy wildfire. With this fertile full moon doing Cupid's work, you could meet someone and get that, “I want to have your babies tomorrow!” kind of feeling. Or maybe you and your long-term bae start mulling over 2019’s most popular kid names to see how they’d sound in your home nursery. Don’t have designs on rocking the cradle? You might give birth in the artistic sense, taking the risk to put your creative work out into the world. It’s possible that you’ve been cultivating this project since the corresponding new moon last October 8. No more dress rehearsals, Gem. It’s time to go live and take your show on the road—in real time!
That said, you will also need ample downtime beginning this Saturday, April 20, when the Sun drops into Taurus and your restful twelfth house for four weeks. Many years, this annual cycle is like a celestial sabbatical, but 2019 won’t provide QUITE that much respite. On Wednesday, your ruler, garrulous Mercury, zips into Aries until May 6; then, on Saturday, people-centric Venus will also enter the Ram’s realm until May 15. Aries rules your eleventh house of community and technology and this planetary pairing will ensure that your popularity ratings continue to soar. Plan on taking tons of disco naps so you can be “on” when you need to and show your beautiful mug at those insider events—even if you’re just popping in for a 45-minute cameo. Showing up helps foster trust and intimacy with your tribe. It shows people that you care and it turns you into a recognizable face on the scene. If you are building a “brand” or a business (truly one and the same in 2019), apply this same strategy to your social media feeds and invite people into your world. But DO leave lots of whitespace on the calendar for unstructured dream time. Before May 21, you could begin a game-changing meditation practice, start a cleanse or detoxify your diet. What can you eliminate, Gemini, to make room for the people and things that really matter most?

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