Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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04-06-2020 to 04-12-2020

On Tuesday, April 7, you’ll need to stay conscious and not let yourself get pulled into a low-vibe disagreement or shouting match. Once a year, feisty Mars locks into a disruptive square with unruly Uranus, and this time around, Uranus is in your foggy twelfth house and the red planet is hovering in your ultra-candid ninth house. And your normal outlets—socializing, being outdoors, wandering off-leash—aren’t even available to help you offload the stress! Still, unless you want to deal with the fallout, put some steely boundaries in place, Gem. You might think everyone’s on the same page and doing their best to be “all for one and one for all,” but some people are too caught up in their own issues to get beyond it. Or some master manipulator might try to get a cheap ego rush by pushing your buttons. Resist! And while it's important to be supportive for the folks you love and who need you now, stay strong in your own beliefs and values and don’t shapeshift to accommodate unrealistic demands. If the same people keep pushing your limits, don’t be afraid to initiate a frank discussion about expectations and responsibility.

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Love in a time of social distancing is challenging for sure, especially for a tactile Gemini. Luckily, you’re also turned on by an intellectual connection. Later on Tuesday, as the year's only full moon in Libra illuminates your fifth house of romance and creativity, you might be required to apply some of the latter to the former! Thanks to this double shot of passion, you could uncover a treasure trove of buried desires. This lunar lift can also bring major acclaim for your talents. Don’t duck the spotlight—lunge right into it by offering up your services. For single Gems, Cupid could pay a surprise visit within two weeks of this full moon. Even if “jumping in head-first” only means intensified talking and texting, give anything that feels like it MIGHT have potential time and space to take root. That’s one upside of this “bonus” time: There’s absolutely no reason (or way) to rush into things.
Talk about (more) rotten timing. On Friday, your extroverted ruler, chatty Mercury, makes its annual dip into Aries and your community-focused eleventh house until April 27. Normally, this transit brings a high point to your social life, from getting back outdoors after a long hibernation to hitting the spring party circuit. That’s obviously not the case this year, Gemini, which is why you’ll want to lean in to your cosmic custodian’s innovative approach to problem-solving. You’ve probably already become a master Zoomer and have a new daily and weekly schedule of online exercising, dinner dates and work conference calls. And soon, you’ll likely insinuate yourself into a bunch of new groups and classes, something your mutable sign does effortlessly. (The eleventh house also rules technology, so this is a script that may have written itself.) With your popularity spiking—if only virtually—you may struggle to find one-on-one time with your closest people. Pay attention to where the hours go and make sure you’re allocating enough time for the friends and relatives who matter most. This Mercury cycle is also an invitation to update your devices and software, making sure you back up everything before you hit “download now”!

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