Gemini Weekly Horoscope

06-17-2019 to 06-23-2019
As the original Twinning sign, you’re all about fair and fun partnerships. And this Monday, June 17, when the year’s only Sagittarius full moon lands in your seventh house of relationships, your heart may skip a beat (or six). This supercharged partnership vibe starts today and strongly influences the next two weeks, setting up a twosome frequency that can help you rebalance a wobbly union or find your missing puzzle piece. Whether for business, romance or a creative venture, these high-powered moonbeams could shine a light on a potential collaborator. Your mojo is off the charts, so don’t settle for “good enough” when you could magnetize someone who makes you swoon. If you’ve been in a holding pattern for a while, this is your cue to push a little to find out bae’s level of commitment. You don’t necessarily need to put a ring on it or sign an ironclad contract, but you do need to know that they’ve got skin in the game. A work-related joint venture could put both of your names in bright lights over the next few weeks, or a love connection might turn serious. With stakes this high, it behooves you to ask some tough questions: Are you on the same page about your long-term goals? Do your personal values align? If nothing else, this could set the stage for an open and candid conversation.
On Friday, slippery Neptune spins into its annual retrograde in Pisces and your career zone, which could lead to some deep soul-searching around your professional goals and plans for the future. As the lord of the underworld, Neptune can be hard to wrap your mind around, so rather than try to logically and linearly assess the situation, let your creative and intuitive right hemisphere helm this mission. It’s always helpful to know your strengths, talents and affinities, but have you ever truly contemplated your "soul calling"? This five-month cycle can make you more introspective about your path. Off and on over the past six years, you may have felt unclear about your professional direction or long-range future. That’s partly because Neptune is trekking through this chart sector from 2012 to 2025, and where the hazy planet goes, you can expect confusion. The true “blessing” of this five-month reversal is to flip your lens inward so you can see your deeper purpose. What would motivate you to spring out of bed each morning—and cause you to lose all sense of time when you're immersed in it? Whether you make sweeping changes or just tweak your daily routines, setting an intention to use more of your gifts is sure to bring greater fulfillment.
Later on Friday, the Sun exits your sign, shifting the spotlight from your personal life to money and security. The first day of Cancer season is the summer solstice, and this longest day of the year can begin to shed some light on your fiscal fitness. You probably had a thousand brilliant ideas while el Sol lit up Gemini (since May 21). Now it’s time to run the best of the bunch through the reality filter. Which, if any, are actually feasible and affordable—and would be fun to work on? Run some numbers and map out timelines, but don't let that suck all the magic out of your creative vision. And if at first it doesn’t work on paper, lean in to your bottomless Gemini imagination. After all, necessity IS the mother of innovation!

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