Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope from June 5 to June 11

If you wake up this Monday, June 5 with an irrepressible urge to feather and Feng Shui every corner of your nest, you can thank your celestial guardian Venus for the motivation. The “aesthetics and romance” planet joins dance partner Mars in artsy Leo and your domestic fourth house until October 8. Chateau Toro is where your heart shall be during this extended Venus cycle. With warmhearted Leo governing this part of your chart, you may be inspired to host gatherings at your “castle.” Feeling extra ambitious? The decor muse is sitting on your shoulder, which may inspire you to tackle a small renovation project that you can do on your own. Since Venus is the planet of love, this might be a good bonding activity for you and bae. Cooking, gardening, redoing the bedroom—all Cupid-approved activities for coupled Bulls who are cohabitating during this transit. Alas, it won’t be ALL champagne and roses. The reason for this protracted cycle is a complexifying Venus retrograde from July 22 to September 3. Feelings will be especially tender—prickly even—during those six weeks. An ex could come sniffing around or you may have an opportunity to mend fences with someone who dipped out prematurely. Reunions like these can be a blessing, especially if you feel your old flame deserves a second chance. But don’t sweep past indiscretions under the rug. In regal Leo, Venus gives you the backbone to put a firm boundary in place. Do you really want to go through THAT again? Try not to develop selective amnesia.
Vocalizing your values becomes a whole lot easier starting this Sunday. After a dizzying TEN weeks of hosting quicksilver Mercury in your sign (including that damn retrograde from April 21 to May 14), you may be relieved when the messenger planet spins into Gemini and your second house of money and security on Sunday (until June 26). Hopefully you captured a few of last month's glimmering brainstorms: Now you can put them to the "acid test" to see which, if any, are worth developing. Of course, you don't need any prompting to proceed nice and slowly—that is, at normal Taurus speed. But if you keep at it and apply steady pressure, your efforts could hit pay dirt right around the solstice.
Also on Sunday, master-strategist Pluto—who’s been retrograde in Aquarius and your career zone since May 1—slips back into Capricorn and your ninth house of education, philosophy and worldly expansion. For the rest of its retrograde (until October 10) and then until January 20, you may feel pulled onto a metaphysical path. What mysteries intrigue you, Taurus? With Pluto in the time-out chair for the next four months, you can let life feel more like a journey of discovery than a race to the finish line. Read spiritual books, take workshops, go on retreats and reconnect with friends in places you can't easily locate on a map. If you've been hoisting another human up to the guru's pedestal, Pluto's backspin will remind you to be your own guide. Nothing wrong with having teachers, but not if they're playing gods. The right guides for you will teach you to sharpen your own instincts; not set up an unhealthy dependency where you can't even make a mid-sized decision without getting their "wise council." Pull back on the preaching yourself! A funny thing about dogmatism, Taurus: Once you let go of it, you start to stretch and grow in authentically fulfilling ways.
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