Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope From September 25 To October 1

Coming off a month of retrogrades, it hasn’t been easy to let little things roll off of your sturdy back. Before the week is over, you’ll get a big reminder that it truly is for your own good to loosen your grip and LET GO. Your persistent, possessive sign finds it even harder than most to release what (or whom) you’re inclined to hold onto. But on Friday, September 29, the year’s only Aries full moon lights up your twelfth house of reflection, closure and healing, pushing you to free yourself from toxic thoughts and people that are holding you back.
We know it’s particularly challenging for you to sever ties with someone or something that has been a part of your life. Try focusing on the ways your growth has been impacted. These kinds of transitions are intrinsic to your personal evolution, and the good news is you don’t have to go through them alone. On that day (and during the two weeks that follow it), your guides and “earth angels” might be working overtime to get your attention. The trick is to stay open to their wise counsel. Carve out plenty of downtime in your schedule for rest, meditation, journaling and just being alone with your thoughts and feelings. This moon is ideal for working with an energy healer or holistic practitioner, so reach out to one you trust or ask friends for a recommendation.
Your hackles could go up later on Friday when someone crosses a line that matters to you. With your ruler,ivacious Venus, in your fourth house of kith and kin sideswiping disruptive Uranus in your sign, you’re receiving friendly fire; these shots aren’t coming from enemy territory. If a random person were unleashing wild curveballs, maybe you could shrug them off (or just duck). But while you’ve been enjoying the sanctity of your Bullpen and bonding with family and good friends for the last few months, a relative, roommate or other member of your inner circle is threatening to disturb the peace. They’re so close to home that you can hardly ignore them. And you SHOULD stand your ground if someone is disrespecting your needs. Your patience is legendary, but there are times when you have to speak up. Don’t let this go on so long that it becomes a neon pink elephant in your living room. That said, this combustible square works both ways, so you could find yourself charging at the proverbial red cape. Keep tabs on your impulses so you don’t end up being the aggressor. That’s not a role you want to play!
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