Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope from October 3 to October 9

You’re probably breathing a sigh of relief now that Mercury is back on track in Virgo and your fifth house of romance, playfulness and creativity. Things could reach a fever pitch in any of those departments on Thursday, October 6, as the cosmic messenger spins into an intensifying angle with transformational Pluto in your expansive ninth house. This could show up as anything from realizing that a friend or colleague—perhaps long-distance—has serious partner potential to having an artistic project of yours go global! For couples, this is a great opportunity to get some non-negotiable dates and possibly a vacation on the calendar regardless of how busy your schedules are. (Because really, what’s more important than strengthening your bond?) If you’re getting ready to launch (or grow) a project, this Mercury-Pluto trine can function like your personal planetary PR agency. Get a buzz going on social media and ask friends with followers to signal-boost you! 
Speaking of Pluto… After spending five vexing months in retrograde in your ninth house of adventure—and thwarting plans for global expansion—the mighty dwarf planet corrects course and blasts full steam ahead this Saturday. Are you ready to blow the hinges off some stale routines or to simply stop playing small? It doesn’t even matter whether something beyond your control was preventing progress on a dream or it was your own limiting beliefs, you’re well-positioned to make a power move after this weekend. Even if you're not sure what you’ll do, you’ll have the resources to get the ball rolling. That's the very nature of alchemical Pluto in forward motion through this visionary zone: You can explore all the opportunities that come your way without having to go all in. The ninth house is about literally and figuratively expanding your horizons, so the “R-n-D” of planning a major vacation can bring nearly as much satisfaction as actually taking it. (Note: We did say “nearly.”)
And before the week wraps, you’ll be presented with a powerful reminder to not sweat the petty stuff—with a PS that it’s almost ALL petty stuff! Granted, just letting things go isn’t exactly the easiest thing for a persistent Taurus—but that’s why it’s so powerful! On Sunday, the year's only Aries full moon illuminates your twelfth house of introspection, closure and healing, and that day (as well as the two weeks following it) are ripe for releasing toxic thoughts AND people that are holding you back. No one’s saying it’s easy to walk away from something or someone that's been a part of your life, but focusing on the ways it's impeding your progress can help. This is actually part of your personal spiritual evolution—and you don't have to do it all on your own. The twelfth house rules spirit guides and "earth angels" who might appear over the next two weeks; the trick is staying open to their wise counsel. Build plenty of downtime into your schedule to rest, meditate, journal or just be alone with your thoughts. It's a perfect moment to do energy healing or work with any good holistic practitioner.
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