Taurus Weekly Horoscope

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope from July 26 to August 1

Is home your happy place, Bull, or just another four-letter word? You can make necessary adjustments starting Tuesday, July 27, when messenger Mercury wings into loving Leo and your fourth house of kith and kin. This annual transit is an ideal time for rearranging or redecorating anything that isn’t up to sophisticated snuff. Resourceful Mercury can lead you to clever solutions and even bargains. If you’ve been engaged in a feud with a family member or a friend, this communicative cycle can help you reconnect and renegotiate as necessary. But take ownership of YOUR role in any squabbles. As a resolute and principled Taurus, you’re not quick to apologize if you don't believe you did anything wrong. And you don’t have to. Just recognize that there might not actually be “right” and “wrong” sides to this; just different perspectives. Agree to disagree, then bury the hatchet so everyone can move on without guilt or resentment.  
You could find yourself double-dipping into a professional project that either didn’t wrap or got put on “perma-hold” in the past couple months. On Wednesday, expansive Jupiter—which has been retrograde in Pisces and your teamwork zone since June 20—flips back into Aquarius and your tenth house of career ambition for the remaining three months of its backspin. YOU may be rarin' to go, but getting others on board could prove to be an exercise in herding cats. And there might not be much sense in blasting ahead by yourself. Get a handle on who’s on board and willing to do what, and be prepared to downshift so you don’t leave anyone in the dust. While the giant planet is reverse-commuting, delays and cancellations may become a regular occurrence. Have plenty of other projects cued up and ready to reactivate should that happen. With cosmic educator Jupiter in reverse, it’s a perfect time to enroll in a workshop, sign up for classes or hire a coach to get you to the next level. Yes, you’re bound for success, Bull, but respect the learning curve.
Ready to bring back—or just fire up—those loving feelings? This Thursday, impassioned Mars joins Venus in Virgo and cruises through your amorous, glamorous fifth house until September 14. If you’re in a relationship, get creative and turn those embers into a blazing bonfire of desire. Put more dress-up dates, cultural activities and outdoor concerts on your shared calendar. Sometimes just setting that intention can cement your bond and enhance your sex drive. Baeless? Make a new list of what you’re looking for in a plus-one, focusing more on big-picture qualities than petty deal breakers, and plot your late-summer strategy: taking new profile photos and downloading a new dating app and filling your calendar with activities where you might meet someone who shares your hobbies or interests. While it's nice to be wooed, people aren't mind readers. If you'd rather be seduced than pursue, you might have to spell it out. That might sound counterintuitive but asking for what you want is a lot easier than playing guessing games. This star-powered seven-week phase could bring a shot at serious fame. Leave any false modesty at the door and go to auditions, enter competitions and get in the practice of self-promoting.

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