Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope from January 30 to February 5

This may be your annual time to shine, with the radiant Sun soaring through your tenth house of success until February 18. But el Sol is in collaborative Aquarius, so unless you are the only one making decisions, defer to others on your team. You can make bold moves to advance your leadership and still share some of responsibility. In fact, on Friday, February 3, you might have to take a stand for yourself as the Sun slams into a testy collision with unpredictable Uranus in your sign. Thanks to the ongoing influence of the volatile side-spinning planet, you may have to choose between following company protocol (so slow and uncreative!) or splintering off on your own. Check in with your heart—and maybe a couple colleagues—and make sure you truly believe in what you’re suggesting because you may be called on to defend your actions.
Confusion reigns this weekend as you struggle to choose between an irresistible attraction and running away before it short-circuits your wiring. Not that it will help with the decision, but you CAN blame it on the stars. On Saturday, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars spin into a tricky square (90-degree angle), which could cloud your normally sound judgment and lead you to do something that isn’t aligned with your values. Venus is in emo Pisces and your experimental eleventh house, fully uninterested in following ANY conventional rules of love or dating. Ironically, usually rash Mars is in analytical Gemini, and it’s clear to that part of your brain just how irrational this could be.
Here’s a thought: Can you stall? Jumping in will send your pulse racing, but then what? Hard (or impossible) as that might sound, it’s essential that you really think through ALL the possible ramifications. Even if you can't extinguish this fire, you can still have a controlled blaze. If things are a little too comfortable in your union, don’t look elsewhere for more stimulation. Use the galvanizing energy of this Venus-Mars mashup to set aside your fear and talk about it. Focus on how you can simplify your schedules to create space for romance and sexytime. ANY routines that have become mind-numbing buzzkills need to get the ax, ASAP. Then find an intriguing project you can do together that’s sure to reignite the sparks.
This Sunday, you’ll remember why they say, “home is where the heart is." But how soulful has your domicile been lately, Taurus? As the year’s only Leo full moon electrifies your fourth house of kith and kin, your comfort-loving nature gets dialed WAY up. When’s the last time you felt that? Disruptor Uranus has been shaking things up in your sign since May 2018 (off and on), which for some Bull has shuffled “putting down roots” to the bottom of the priority list. Since Uranus doesn’t leave your sign until 2026, embracing unpredictability is worth the discomfort. Still, as a Taurus, you need SOME degree of “solidity” in your home life. Project into the future: Where would you like to be living by summer and what would your dream place look like? Anything from Airbnb-ing it to committing to a months-long renovation project is fair game.
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