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Taurus Weekly Horoscope from November 23 to November 29

Navigating interpersonal dynamics has been a slippery slope this year. Nevertheless, see what happens if you assume an attitude of gratitude for the people who have stuck by you through the seasons. Not everyone can ride the waves of 2020’s intensity. Those who have, however, may be worthy of #PandemicPosse status. (Yes, it’s a title of distinction.) Lean in hard to this appreciation because it’s not going to be smooth sailing all week. On Thursday, the Sun trines "wounded healer" comet Chiron in the most emotionally sensitive areas of your chart. Touchy topics could surface, especially if you're gathering with people close to you. There's a time and a place for everything, so if you're going to delve into personal issues, best to slip off somewhere private and NOT involve others in the room.
Partnerships that have been running on autopilot could get a jolt this Friday, November 27, when Venus in Scorpio (and your relationship house) faces off with shock-jock Uranus in your sign. You could discover something surprising—and it could be in a good way—about someone you THOUGHT you knew inside and out. Maybe you've been convincing yourself that everything was "fine" when the flow of give and take has fallen way out of balance. Clearing the air can strengthen the basis of your bond. (And, if this is a romantic relationship, we probably don't need to mention the awesomeness of makeup sex?!) But easy does it! Lean in to Venus' diplomacy instead of letting combustible Uranus turn you into a raging Bull—especially if you’ve got a celebratory gathering planned. For single Taureans, an unexpected attraction might bubble up out of nowhere. Don't gloss over important questions like, "Are you seeing somebody?" Since this pulse-quickening opposition can override common sense, there's no need to jump into anything. Consider it the beginning of an intriguing exploration.
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On Saturday, nebulous Neptune wakes up from its five-month snoozefest in Pisces, your eleventh house of groups and technology. Certainly, this may help you score a limited-edition gem at a deeply discounted price that pops up in your social media feeds. But check that return policy! With foggy Neptune between states, the dimensions or fit could be off when it arrives on your doorstep. You may have felt a bit untethered during this backspin, feeling more like a nomadic outsider than a part of any segment of society. And as a tactile Taurus, social distancing has been harder on you than most. But as idealistic Neptune powers forward this Saturday, you may reconnect to the “oneness” of human spirit again, perhaps through a desire to make a positive difference for other people on the planet. If your priorities and passions have shifted this year, you’re probably not AS compatible with the same people as you were in the pre-COVID era. This is a good time to clear out and update your digital life, too. There’s no telling what pixels, cookies or security breaches may have gotten into your files when foggy Neptune was backpedaling through your tech zone. Create strong passwords, check the location and privacy settings on your apps, and delete any potentially embarrassing photos or documents from your hard drive. “Securing your boundaries” is a good motto to live by now.

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