Taurus Weekly Horoscope

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope fromOctober 25 to October 31

Go ahead and indulge in a little fantasy this Tuesday, October 26, but keep at least one pointy toe on terra firma. Of course, with quixotic Venus forming a challenging square to foggy Neptune, you might secretly WANT to chase all the sparkly, shiny things! It’ll be a little too easy to get carried away by the hype—yes, even you, o’ pragmatic one! But with Venus camped out in your chamber of secrets and Neptune in phantasmagoric Pisces, nothing may be as it appears, so keep that in the back of your mind. Enjoy the dreamy vibes, but shield your field from a person who might be attempting to exploit the situation. Listen to what they have to say and try to discern if they’re intentionally obscuring the facts or covering their true motives. Everyone has demons, Taurus, and you can accept that. The critical difference here is, is this person dragging them into present-time situations? You owe it to yourself to find out before you get in too deep or sign on for something you can’t easily get out of. And don’t be swayed by groupthink. This is definitely a time to listen to the wise little voice inside your head urging caution.
You can restore balance to your inner life on Thursday as the last-quarter moon in Leo lights up your domestic fourth house and helps you disengage from the drama of the first half of the week. This is a perfect lunar phase for focusing on your personal life, family and—literally and figuratively—getting your house in order. Start with a cleanup or decluttering mission—it’ll ground you and get you into a groove of your own. While you’re at it, do an assessment of your living quarters. How do you FEEL when you’re home? Is your space a reflection of your current taste; does it support your lifestyle, including all your practical, creative and, especially, romantic needs? In design, they say “form follows function,” so if you have limited space, make sure that everything is serving a purpose. And if it’s not? Upcycle, donate or sell. For the treasures that make the cut, get some lovely storage or display cabinets to honor those beautiful and sentimental “objets”!
Starting this Saturday and spanning the next seven weeks, you may become obsessed with dynamic duos thanks to the return of passionate Mars to Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships. You haven’t hosted the hot-blooded planet in this zone for two years, so you might have some serious catching up to do! Take from this minute until December 13 to fill (or empty?) those love tanks. But it’s not all fun and games. This is a time for clarification and getting answers to some of your own major life questions. Not sure what to delve into? Start here: Are you happy with your romantic or business partner or creative collaborator? What’s the balance of give-and-take in all your alliances? Mars initiates action, and in Scorpio and your house of committed connections, it can help galvanize necessary changes—but YOU have to take action, too! This biennial transit can famously stoke your lusty appetite, so be prepared to do whatever is required to scratch that primal itch. And since it’s easy to get carried away by Mars-powered zeal, take all necessary protective precautions—even as you're flooring the accelerator!

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