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Taurus Weekly Horoscope from February 22 to February 28

This week’s stars utter an important mandate: Go bigger, wider AND deeper! The expansion begins in earnest this Wednesday, February 24, as unstoppable Mars (in your sign) forms a rare supportive trine to transformational Pluto in Capricorn and your ninth house of growth, risk and global affairs. However big YOU may believe you’ve been thinking, the message is clear: There are a lot more people and potential collaborators to reach. Depending on your line of work or service, you could find yourself dealing in foreign languages or currencies, keeping the World Clock app open at all times.
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Pay close attention to any visionary ideas and intuitive hits that come your way. It’ll be easy to write them off as just another “wild hare,” but in truth, one may contain the seed of your next big project. If you feel safe traveling, that may finally be in the cards. The ninth house is also the realm of higher education, so you might enroll in a class or program—or teach one! Looking for a mentor? Keep your eyes (and heart) open and put the word out to people who are connected in that realm. You might “randomly” attract the perfect one simply by declaring your desire!
Starting on Thursday, life could feel like an extended playdate as your ruler, enchantress Venus, darts into dreamy Pisces and your experimental, social eleventh house until March 21. Group activities will feel extra engaging now—so much so that you might not want to commit to any one crew. Yes, Bull, even the virtual ones. And if you’re single (or, uh, window-shopping), Venus traveling through your digital domain can make you hella popular on the dating apps. Not being able to rush into meeting IRL can give you a better chance of getting to really know someone first.
If online dating isn’t your jam, ask friends if they don’t know ONE person you are likely to click with. And recruit as many candidates as possible. With all this momentum on your side, you can offset any Valentine's Day disappointment that Mercury retrograde brought. Couples could create new favorite memories to stoke the embers. And who says it has to be lovey-dovey? How about joining forces on a community service mission or a household project? You might fall in love all over again—with your honey's charitable heart.
Been (humbly) waiting for your 15 minutes of fame? Well, get your acceptance speech ready on Saturday, when the year’s only Virgo full moon starts popping paparazzi flash bulbs in your fifth house of celebrity, glamour and romance. Practice that IG-worthy smile and be ready to be revered. Your efforts of the previous six months may strike a magical chord with the public or perhaps just one ultra-adoring fan. Artists should be prepared for at least a partial reveal—but dole it out in tiny slices to tantalize people and keep them eager for more. Just be careful not to buy into Virgo’s unrealistic perfectionism. That’s a trap, and the only way out is with enough self-love to appreciate the value in what you’ve done—and in who you are!

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