Mercury Retrograde Is Over (In Aries): The One Thing Every Sign Should Do First

Hallelujah! Mercury retrograde is over on Thursday, April 25, 2024 (at 8:54 AM EDT)after back-spinning through Aries since April 1.Time to regroup and get plans in motion again!

Chronic miscommunication gives way to clarity on April 25 as messenger Mercury wakes up from its retrograde that began on April Fool’s Day. After three weeks of scrambled signals, people start to see eye-to-eye once again.

If you’ve been waiting for a green flag to revise a contract or upgrade mobile devices, the smoke clears once Mercury retrograde is over. (Although we recommend waiting a couple extra weeks for the retroshade, the shadow period, to fully end.)

After April 25, the buzzy planet powers forward until August 5. Then, it will pivot retrograde until August 28, in Virgo and Leo (read about all the 2024 Mercury Retrogrades). 

Fortunately, that’s four months away! Now that Mercury is back in direct motion, you can bring order back to your court. Here’s what every sign should do first now that Mercury retrograde is over.


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What To Do Once Mercury Retrograde Is Over 

If you wake up like a social butterfly ready to burst out of the cocoon on April 25, you’ll know why. Yes, we’ll say it again: Mercury retrograde is over. Sweet relief!

While Mercury reverse-commuted through fiery Aries from April 1 to 25, you may have experienced deep bouts of self-reflection—and some aggressively stormy misunderstandings with people in your life.

If you lost your temper with the ones you love, stop justifying it. Sure, they may have pushed every one of your buttons and legitimately overstepped some bounds. But now, as Mercury corrects course, you’ll be able to see past the smoke that’s been pouring out of your ears. Make amends, not excuses.

And proceed with caution: Beware the retroshade!

For a couple days before or after a planet is retrograde it goes through a period called “stationing,” when it’s adjusting to the U-turn. We may feel its effects from winding down (or ramping up), like the lingering fumes of a car with a bad exhaust system. 

That’s not the only adjustment. The two weeks (approximately) after Mercury’s backspin are what we call the “retroshade”, AKA the shadow period. What is that exactly? Well, after moving backwards through the zodiac from April 1 to 25, Mercury has to make up the distance it lost. This retrograde began at 27º10’ of Aries and slipped back to 16º05’ of Aries. Mercury will return to 27º10’ Aries on April 14, officially ending the shadow period. 

Your Mercury Direct Horoscope

Below are horoscopes for every zodiac sign for when Mercury retrograde is over in Aries on April 25. You may read for your Sun sign or your Rising sign (ascendant). Visit our Cosmic Calculator section if you want to calculate your Rising sign or discover more about your personal astrology.

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Aries (March 19-April 19)

Hello, self!

Your forecast is celestially sunny on April 25, so plan to blast full steam ahead! Communication planet Mercury ends a frustrating three-week retrograde in your sign and resumes forward motion. Since April 1, you may have been less than your usual directional self, and plans for the future might have felt impossible to pull off. Suddenly the fog lifts, and you’re back to being you. Once Mercury retrograde is over, you can race ahead with your famous hustle! 

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Taurus (April 19-May 20)

Filters off!

Communication planet Mercury resumes forward motion after three nerve-wracking weeks of spinning retrograde in your befuddling twelfth house. Beginning April 25, you can look forward to the haze lifting and gaining more clarity about a confusing issue. Well, to a certain degree: This is still your sleepy, imaginative zone, so even under the best of circumstances, it brings more intuition and creativity than clear-eyed logic. That quality will return in spades when mental Mercury flits into your sign on May 15.

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Gemini (May 20-June 20)

Finally, it’s safe to exhale!

Your cosmic ruler, expressive Mercury, wraps up another style-cramping retrograde and resumes forward motion on April 25. During the past three weeks of backpedaling through your eleventh house of technology and teamwork, you may have had to step in and cover for a colleague who dropped the ball. But enough already! You’re eager to move on and get a group or personal project off the ground. Don’t be shy: Talk to synergistic souls who share your vision and whose skills dovetail with yours. Together, you’ll be an unstoppable force. 

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Cancer (June 20-July 22)

And you’re back!

After three nail-biting weeks of trying to be patient, you’ll get your groove back and maybe shift to an even higher octave when messenger Mercury resumes forward motion in your goal-oriented tenth house on April 25. The wait is when the three-week Mercury retrograde is over and you’re back in business. The silver lining could be that during this downtime, you refined some plans, made new contacts and now feel even more eager to hit the accelerator than before. Talk to a mentor about ways you can leap up the ladder and make the most of all opportunities that come your way. 

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Leo (July 22-August 22) 

Blast forward!

First order of business when Mercury retrograde is over: start pricing out your next vacation. After a frustrating three-week retrograde in your worldly ninth house, communicator Mercury resumes forward motion and aims its nose skyward on April 25. It might take a few more days of calls and negotiations to clear up all the miscommunications and scrambled signals you’ve been dealing with since April 1. But it’s safe to take to the airwaves and blast forward on your entrepreneurial venture or ambitious trip—or whatever stalled out. Making you even happier is the fact that your flamboyant sign can speak your truth plainly and directly without worrying you’ll be misinterpreted. 

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Virgo (August 22-September 22)


Been keeping a secret a little too close to your vest, Virgo? We don’t blame you for not letting the cat out of the bag (or the skeleton out of the closet) during these last signal-scrambling three weeks. Since April 1, things might have gotten gnarly while your ruler, communication planet Mercury, was retrograde in your eighth house of intimacy and privacy. But April 25, as Mercury retrograde is over. When the planet resumes forward motion, you could find that getting this thing off your chest is actually liberating. Got something to confess? Don’t wait until you’re “forced” to make the big reveal; take charge of the situation and tell your story the way it should be told.

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Libra (September 23-October 22)

Don’t give up on humanity just yet, Libra! The scrambled signals of the past three weeks are about to recede into the hazy past as messenger Mercury concludes another frustrating retrograde, this one wreaking havoc in your seventh house relationship realm. If it’s been hard to know where anyone stands since April 1, your sweet self included, take heart. When Mercury retrograde is over and the overlord planet of communication gets back on track on April 25, you’ll have clarity about your own desires, and you’ll know where that other key party stands. And if any doubt remains, it’s officially safe to come right out and ask! 

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Scorpio (October 22-November 21)

Missed the wellness wagon on its last loop through Scorpio-ville? No worries! It’s heading back your way April 25. After a nerve-wracking three weeks of having mindful Mercury retrograde in your sixth house of healthy routines, service and organization, you can bring order back to the Scorpio court, when the messenger planet resumes forward motion and Mercury retrograde is over. If you’re in need of a glow-up, you’ll have the motivation and clarity to start or return to some positive habits and lifestyle choices. There’s an app to help with that!

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Sagittarius (November 21-December 21)

Love is back in the air, so go ahead and inhale deeply, Sagittarius. Expressive Mercury ends a signal-scrambling three-week retrograde and blasts full speed ahead in your glamorous, amorous fifth house on April 25. It’s safe to book (or rebook) those salon appointments and do some spring shopping once Mercury retrograde is over. You know that when you look good, you feel good, and that’s when your confidence soars. But don’t wait to be noticed. Get proactive about promoting yourself and stake your claim to fame.

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Capricorn (December 21-January 19)

Come out of hiding—and dare to invite people into your lair! After an uber-frustrating three weeks of Mercury retrograding through your fourth house domestic quarters, you’re eager to initiate an open-door policy once again. When the communication planet resumes forward motion on April 25 and Mercury retrograde is over, your words WON’T come out totally garbled. You’ll find the perfect way to express some of the things you’ve been feeling, and people WILL be able to hear you. If you’ve been experiencing tension with a roommate or relative, that might just vanish after a brief and shockingly easy conversation.

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Aquarius (January 19-February 18) 

Mental blocks begone! You’re back in your eloquent element as expressive Mercury wraps up a three-week, tongue-tying retrograde in your communication third house on April 25. Since April 1 you may have felt like you couldn’t articulate what you were feeling, or that social interactions were flat or even that your signature humor was missing its mark. Eek! But all that ends as the messenger planet blasts full speed ahead and Mercury retrograde is over. Mercury lingers here until May 15, helping you make some smart decisions and get your personal life back on track. 

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Pisces (February 18-March 20)

You can stop tightening that belt now, Pisces—it’s safe to reach for your wallet! After a mind-numbing three-week retrograde through your second house of finances, messenger Mercury motors ahead on April 25. Until May 15, you can get things back on track, and maybe even make some necessary improvements to your cash flow. Hopefully you got a chance to review your budget and find those places where you’d been “leaking” money when Mercury retrograde is over. If you need to have a serious talk with someone about shared expenses, these next several weeks are perfect. 

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When is the next Mercury retrograde?

The next Mercury retrograde arrives during Summer 2024. The communication planet splits its time in two zodiac signs: August 5-14, in Virgo, and then August 14-28, in Leo.

Learn more about all the 2024 Mercury retrograde cycles (there are four!) and all the other 2024 Retrograde planets.

Check this page anytime to find out: Is Mercury Retrograde Right Now?

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