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Saturday, July 11, 2020 - Sunday, July 12, 2020 TODAY

Time to repair some family wounds? Healing Chiron turns retrograde (backward) in your domestic fourth house on Saturday, giving you deeper access to your own inner child. Experiences from your early life may be informing your choices as an adult in ways that aren't benefiting you. Between now and December 15, find healthy ways to process those experiences so they no longer hold you back. Perhaps you need to mend a rift or do more to nurture your bond with a loved one. A relationship with a parent or child might require similar attention. Does your home feel like a sacred oasis? Use these next few months to add some TLC. If you’ve been having not-so-secret doubts about your closest relationships, whether in love or business, you can blame those uninvited thoughts on Mercury retrograde. Since June 18, the messenger planet has been reversing through Cancer and your partnership zone. With Mercury back on track starting Sunday, you can cooperate effectively to find solutions—and even have fun doing it. But no more mincing words. Before August 4, confront the people or address the situations that have been contributing to your angst. Remember, Capricorn: dialogues, not diatribes!

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