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October 2020 Capricorn Overview Horoscope

October Snapshot

Momentum picks up this October, even though the stars will pull a few shenanigans—and well before Halloween, we might add. Last month, expansive Jupiter and your ruler, structured Saturn, both ended long retrogrades and turned direct (forward) in Capricorn. Have you felt the tempo increase, your passions start to percolate again or a personal project regain speed?
For the next two months, you’ll continue to feel the upswing, especially once powerhouse Pluto goes direct in your sign on October 4. A five-month clampdown will ease up, and you’ll feel back on your Sea Goat throne once again, ready to reign.
Your ambitious plans get an extra boost from the Sun, which is blazing through Libra and your tenth house of career until October 22. Set your sights on those grand goals. Map out a path to get there, step by step, and keep your blinders on. With diligence and determination—your sign’s specialties—you WILL arrive.
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But that’s not to say it will be a seamless and smooth journey. On October 13, Mercury, the planet of technology, communication and travel, will turn retrograde until November 3. Mercury will back through Scorpio and your eleventh house of teamwork until October 27, then it will finish its last week in Libra and your professional tenth house. Watch for snafus with colleagues, friends and in your with all your work associates.
This month also features a rare doubleheader of full moons, on October 1 and 31. This “blue moon” cycle  only happens every couple years, but if you throw in Halloween for good measure, it just SO 2020, right? What more could we expect from a year like this one? But if any sign’s in a position to finish strong, it’s yours, Capricorn. Keep your spirits high however you can and prepare to make an impact!

Week 1: October 1-11

Time for a comeback!
Brace yourself for a flood of feelings right out of the gate. On October 1, an Aries full moon beams into your fourth house of kith, kin and nostalgia. You’ll be feeling extra-sensitive today, so keep tabs on your emotions and remind yourself as often as necessary that feelings aren’t facts. An old childhood wound could get poked at this full moon.
Thinking of changing your living situation or making big plans around home and family? Ideas that sparked at the March 24 Aries new moon could come together now. Whether you’re renovating, downsizing or maybe even adding a new addition (whether that’s a spare room or a bouncing bebe), full moons can deliver the results you’ve been building toward for the past six months. And in supercharged Aries, don’t expect la luna to be subtle!
Who’s that badass in the mirror? Your self-confidence and conviction return with ferocity on Sunday, October 4, when potent Pluto turns direct in Capricorn, wrapping a five-month retrograde that began on April 25. As the tiny powerhouse pushes ahead in your first house of self and personal initiatives, it’s time to step on the gas again.
But before you go full steam ahead, check in with your people. On Friday, October 9, Pluto will lock into a heated square with brash Mars in your domestic zone, reenacting a volcanic clash they made on August 13. As these two power-tripping planets wrestle in the same signs again, a relative could try to undermine your goals. Drama on the home front may erupt, or someone’s emotionally manipulative tactics might really get under your skin. Try not to fall for the guilt trip. Your goals are too important to be sidelined right now!

Week 2: October 12-18

Mercury retrograde and a career victory
Brace yourself, Capricorn: Here comes (or there goes?) Mercury! The mischievous mental planet turns retrograde this Tuesday, October 13, messing with electronics, communication and your daily to-dos until November 3. You’ll get a double shot of Mercury’s machinations because it’ll back through your eleventh house of technology and teamwork until October 27, increasing the odds of things getting lost in translation (or the digital ether). Make sure your teams are on the same page. Although it’s not possible to meet face-to-face with most, if not all, of your clients and coworkers, do whatever you can to make sure everyone is clear on their goals and roles.
An exciting career opportunity arrives at the October 16 Libra new moon, which opens a fresh chapter in your professional playbook. Set some clear intentions, start working with a coach or mentor, or reach out to a prospective client. Thinking of pivoting onto a totally new path? Set your sights on a six-month trajectory. Between now and the March 28, 2021, Libra full moon, you could make major strides.
But don’t get so caught up in your ambitions that you ditch your dreams. Are those grand goals truly aligned with the person you are today? Before you say yes to a post of responsibility, wait for the “fallout” from a trio of planets in Capricorn—Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto—forming a checks-and-balances angle to this new moon. You can’t pass “go” at the expense of your identity. So don’t abandon your personal missions in pursuit of professional triumphs or status 

Week 3: October 19-25

Emotion explosion
This week is front-loaded with intense emotions as Mars and Jupiter—two of the most impulsive, impatient planets—get ensnared in a heated standoff. On Monday, October 19, they’ll repeat a stressful square for the second time this year. Look back to August 4, when Mars in Aries last locked horns with Jupiter in Capricorn, spurring you to rebel against all responsibility.
Headstrong Mars in your emotional fourth house is stirring up all kinds of feelings and moods, including a few strong tugs on your heartstrings. But a contrarian beam from expansive Jupiter in Capricorn will intervene. Since Mars is retrograde this time, you’d be wise to tamp down any temper tantrums and stay focused on the bigger picture. Avoid getting sucked into family dramas or playing savior for a relative at the expense of your own goals.
It’s easier to lighten up starting October 22, when the Sun moves into Scorpio, activating your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Collaborations heat up, and your social life could pick up speed, even if the timing’s not ideal. Gathering virtually or in small pods beats nothing at all, so follow safety precautions and connect with your crew. Between now and November 21, joining forces with out-of-the-box thinkers could take you farther that you can go alone.

Week 4: October 26-31

Halloween heat!
Brace yourself for workplace drama and office politics, whether on Zoom or from behind a plexiglass shield. On Tuesday, October 27, Mercury retrograde backs into Libra and your career zone. The cosmic mischief maker will stir up drama here until turning direct (forward) on Saturday, November 3. Keep your nose to the grindstone this week, check everything with a rigorous eye, and stay out of power struggles with colleagues. An important project could hit a snag or impasse. If you can, proactively delay due dates and launches until after Mercury turns direct (and election week is over!).
Set your sights on Halloween instead. This October 31 will bring the month’s second full moon, a lunar lift that lands in Taurus and your passionate, extroverted fifth house. A wild celebration could be in order, as long as you stay within pandemic parameters. But nobody said you can’t dress up, whip up a feast or play bartender and get your indoor/virtual trick-or-treat on. Costume contest, anyone?
Drama alert: Things can get out of hand quickly with rebellious Uranus also in Taurus and tightly conjunct this full moon. Your own urge to break free from restrictions could tempt you to hit a party and flout the rules. Check yourself, Capricorn—we don’t blame you one bit for wanting to blow off steam, but you won’t want to pay the price for it either.

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