Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

December 2022 Capricorn Overview Horoscope

Give your RSVPs out sparingly or save them for later in the month, Capricorn. The first three weeks of December are your annual “early hibernation” time as the Sun moves through Sagittarius and your restful twelfth house. While this low-key energy makes you feel out of sync with the rest of the world (must they maniacally rush to Thanksgiving parades and town square tree-lightings every night?), you’ll make up for lost time once Capricorn season begins on December 21. Winter solstice might be the longest night of the year—but energetically speaking, it’s the brightest one for you!

Luckily, some of the Sag season sleepiness will be offset by enthusiastic Jupiter, which is bounding through Pisces and your social third house until December 20. Take a disco nap and head to cream-of-the-crop events you’ve been invited to, Cap. This is prime time for connecting with kindred spirits and making some promising contacts—and Jupiter won’t be back here for another 12 years, so consider it the call of duty!

Your energy really perks up starting December 21, when the Sun moves into Capricorn and your first house of self—joining communicator Mercury, magnetic Venus and potent Pluto. Hello, head turner! You could go from feeling tired and invisible to in demand today. The December 23 Capricorn new moon marks your personal new year, and once this happens, it’s full speed ahead…well, at least for a week. On December 29, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in YOUR sign until January 18. Back up all your important files, photos and electronic data before this happens and postpone any plans that are starting to get too stressful. You’ll need to lay low while Mercury’s in reverse.

But first, there’s Christmas Eve, which still features the Sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in your sign. You’re feeling extra festive, but also in the mood to be spontaneous. Don’t get stuck with hosting duties or family responsibilities. You’re going to need some personal freedom today.

Same goes for New Year’s Eve, when the moon is in Taurus and your passionate, playful fifth house. A deep midnight kiss…or maybe something more? With a sultry Venus-Pluto connection in Capricorn as the calendar turns, things could get erotically exothermic! But bear in mind that Mercury’s retrograde in your sign, and a small misunderstanding could flare into a big drama. Keep your temper in check—and temper your drink intake. Have some water, eat a proper meal before going out and pace yourself to avoid any messy or regrettable moments. Start your year off on the right note, Capricorn.

Sagittarius season until December 21

Take a minute for a pregame power-down, Capricorn. The Sun is in Sagittarius and your restful twelfth house until December 21, a time to finish up your 2022 projects and clear the decks for the coming new year. Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to hit every holiday party and corporate cocktail event you're invited to. Be selective with your RSVPs now because you could run out of steam faster than you think. And trust us, you’ll want to save some of that mojo up for Capricorn season, when it’s your time to shine. 

You could be busy taking care of a lot, so no need to add anything extra to your plate. Get enough time away from the fray to decompress, sleep in and escape the stress as needed. While you're at it, remind yourself that "no" is a complete sentence. This solar cycle can plunge you into martyr mode, with everyone leaning way too heavily on you. Focus on tying up any loose ends, especially since Mercury will turn retrograde on December 29 in YOUR sign. Better to wrap up unfinished 2022 business now!

Neptune retrograde ends on December 3

Clarity: incoming! This December 3, foggy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in your Pisces and your cerebral third house, helping you organize and articulate your ideas. If you've struggled to communicate something effectively, you could finally get through to the other party. A long-awaited message, meeting or response may come in out of the ether.

If you’ve been on the outs with a sibling, friend or neighbor, Neptune’s about-face will help you voice your needs more directly. Social interactions should go smoothly now—just as the holiday parties start gearing up. In fact, you could befriend some dynamic new people as you make the rounds. With dazzling Neptune giving you extra wit and grace, the rest of the month is perfect to dress up and get out and mingle. Make sure you post your best photos on social media—and don’t forget to tag your friends!

December 7 Gemini full moon

One day that's sure to be bustling is December 7, when the Gemini full moon illuminates your sixth house of health, organization and service. You could get a surge of motivation to change your lifestyle, from eating habits to exercise to your daily routines. With energizer Mars, the planet of action, traveling in sync with la luna, you’re extra pumped to implement positive change that simplifies your life.

Mars is retrograde (backward) until January 12, so rather than try to ADD something new to your life (like starting a new workout), look at what you can take away instead. Where is there excess or blockage? If you need to do a deep-cleaning or major decluttering—or finally hang some decorations—this full moon will fire you up for the mission. 'Tis the season for giving, and la luna in your service-oriented sixth house could also inspire you to sign up for some volunteer work. Pets are ruled by this domain, too. Is it time to adopt an adorable furry companion as a holiday gift to yourself?

Jupiter returns Aries December 20 

Success is closer than you think, Capricorn—possibly even at your own address! On December 20, expansive Jupiter will start its second of two trips to Aries and your fourth house of home, family and emotional foundations, staying until May 16, 2023. Jupiter was first here from May 10 until October 28 of this year. Right before Halloween, Jupiter dipped back into Pisces and your social third house, bringing you out of homebody mode. Take advantage of this outgoing energy for the first three weeks of December!

Once Jupiter returns to Aries, you could be inspired to create a new living situation, whether that means a move, new roommates or just a fresh approach to your overall personal life. Ready to put down some roots or add a new member to your household? With abundant Jupiter here, you could buy a house, move to a bigger place or turn your current abode into a bustling hub for salon-style gatherings or a source of rental income. 

Even if you don’t officially relocate, you might spend a lot of time at your “homes away from home,” traveling for work or perhaps to connect with a relative. The fourth house rules women, children and mothers, so pay special attention to your relationships with the ladies in your life.

December 21: Sun enters Capricorn and December 23 Capricorn new moon

And just like that…it’s Capricorn season! On December 21, the Sun blazes into your sign for a month, ushering in the winter solstice and, soon, your birthday. Shake off those sleepy vibes and prepare for a fresh trip around the Sun.

Two days later, you’ll get an early NYE gift when the December 23 Capricorn new moon arrives, marking your personal New Year. (No need to wait until January 1 this year!) This is the second Capricorn new moon of 2022 (the first was last January 2), so these invigorating events bookended the year. Look back to the beginning of the year: Did you fulfill all the things you set out to do? What’s left on that list that still interests or inspires you?

Capricorn, don’t wait to write your intentions for 2023. In fact, start drafting those resolutions today. On December 29, Mercury will turn retrograde (in YOUR sign…womp womp) and you may be too busy putting out fires to think about goals, at least until later in January. Better to capture what’s exciting you now, even if you set it aside.

Is a family member or close person less than supportive about your big ideas? This new moon will form a stressful 90-degree square to Jupiter in Aries and your domestic fourth house. You may find that your personal goals are at odds with where you currently live or that obligations to loved ones aren’t a smooth fit with your own individual needs. 

A parent or child in particular might be a source of difficulty for you—or is that a mirror causing you to look more deeply at what you truly want in life, Capricorn? Don’t banish the messenger! Before you cut people off, consider enlisting your closest crew in your mission. Maybe, just maybe, they could become your biggest champions. 

Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn on December 29

Your reinvention tour will not be stopped—especially not while the Sun, Mercury, Venus AND Pluto are all hanging out in your sign. Just bear in mind that communicator Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn from December 29 to January 18, which can scramble technology, derail plans and cause you to be wildly misunderstood. 

While it's great to get back on people's radars, you might want to save any splashy launches or big initiatives until after this cycle ends. If you've got an exciting solo project in the works, use the retrograde to do some last-minute tweaks. And if you MUST make a grand debut, circle the December 23 Capricorn new moon as your date. If you can’t get on people’s radars before Christmas, hold off another three weeks, Cap. Silver lining: It will give you extra time to perfect your plans!

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