Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Your September Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Not even high retrograde season can keep you down this September, Capricorn. With the Sun soaring through the apex of your chart, you’re getting a solar infusion of optimism and ambition. Yes, there will be a little bit of an obstacle course with six planets in powered-down retrograde all month, including all five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). But your resilient sign is famous for meeting challenges head-on, and turning them into opportunities. We know you’ll do that  this month, too!
Luckily, possibilities are in the air. The Sun is in Virgo and your visionary, adventurous ninth house until September 23, calling forth your experimental sand open-minded side. (Yes, Capricorn—contrary to what some astrologers think, we know you have one!) You’re more amenable to taking risks, but please do so with extra care since Mercury, the planet of technology, communication and travel, is retrograde in Virgo until September 15. In your haste to seal a deal, you could overlook some key details and fine print. If you’re planning a trip, make sure to check all the reservations twice.
On September 3, Venus, the planet of romance and attraction, will end a six-week retrograde through Leo and your eighth house of intimacy and investments. You may have seen some disruptions in your relationships during this cycle, which began on July 22. Once Venus moves forward in early September, you’ll be back on your manifesting game—and you’ll have the love goddess fully online in this erotic and wealth-building zone until October 8. Now that’s more like it!
When Libra season begins on September 23, the Sun will heat up your ambitious tenth house for a month, catalyzing your career goals. Touch down at home base for a hot second when the September 29 Aries full moon beams into your domestic fourth house. Quality time with friends and family will fuel you up so you can get back to your lofty aspirations!
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