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April 2021 Capricorn Overview Horoscope

Monthly Snapshot

Hibernation isn’t quite over yet for you, Capricorn, even though spring is in the air. The stars are spotlighting home and family until April 19 as the Sun moves through Aries and your domestic fourth house. Tend to your nest for the first three weeks of the month and make self-care a priority.
Ready for a seasonal cleaning? With energizer Mars in Gemini activating your sixth house of health and wellness until April 23, it’s time for an all-around makeover/under. If you start to feel like you’re drowning in details or consumed by too many odds and ends, stop and breathe!
Manage your stress levels and try not to introduce TOO much change at once. If you’re beginning a spring fitness plan, for example, make sure to warm up and stretch well before diving into a daily HIIT workout or reviving your pre-pandemic Pilates practice. Mars in your anxious sixth house can make you accident-prone, especially if you’re multitasking. Slow down!
Your spring awakening begins on April 19, when the Sun blazes into Taurus for a month, heating up your fifth house of fun and pleasure. Shake off those homebody vibes. Dress up, go out to eat (safely), buy yourself something glam and even a little decadent. Your creativity and desire to connect get dialed up during Taurus season. Let that lesser-seen wild side come out to play!

Week 1: April 1-11
Change the energy at home

This week, you’ll feel the energy building up to the Aries new moon, which arrives in your domestic fourth house on Sunday, April 11. Fresh energy is ready to flow through the doors, helping you write a whole new chapter with family members or your living situation if that’s in the game plan.
Are you ready to change up the decor at Chateau Capricorn or possibly even to move? This new moon can help kick off the quest for your next home. Seeds planted today will blossom between now and the October 20 Aries full moon. Give yourself time to explore your options or research housing markets if you’re considering a long-distance relocation.
Has your self-care practice fallen by the wayside? Prioritize personal time at the Aries new moon. You’ll probably be ready for some nurturing after Friday, April 9, when combative Mars and hazy Neptune form an intense clashing square With these two planets in your analytical zones, you could get snarled in a stressed-out state or stuck in your head with your wheels spinning.
Try not to exhaust yourself by overthinking an issue, which won’t produce any solutions now anyway. Likely you’ll just sink further into the quicksand, especially since this is happening during a cranky, hazy “balsamic” lunar (pre-new moon) phase. Do some journaling, write down pros and cons of a decision, talk it out with a confidante. Then...change the subject and hand it over to the new moon for resolution over the next few days.

Week 2: April 12-18
Balance your needs with other people’s

Your domestic adventures should be humming along in the wake of the Aries new moon. Keep looking for those perfect Egyptian cotton sheets and backsplash tiles, or house-hunting in the zip code of your dreams. Devote time every day to self-care and power down early with a good book or some serene “me” time.
On Saturday, April 17, two planetary events will enhance your awareness and allow you to make even more informed decisions. The first is the semiannual trine between the Aries Sun and shadowy Pluto in Capricorn. Are you being true to yourself—or making compromises for your loved ones? While you might easily set aside your needs to play the provider, doing so habitually could build up a storehouse of resentment over time. A Sun-Pluto square can drive up power struggles and ego battles, but it can also lead to a breakthrough.
Here’s the hidden message in this Sun-Pluto square: It’s okay to set limits and say no to people, Capricorn. And you don’t have to justify it with a reason either! But nobody can make you feel “bad” or “selfish” unless a deep-seated part of you believes this is true. Instead of reacting or just making the sacrifice, confront these false notions (which likely link back to your childhood) and break through those self-imposed barriers. When your relationships are built on mutuality and respect for everyone’s autonomy, you’ll all feel a whole lot freer.
Also on Saturday, action planet Mars in Gemini and your orderly sixth house unites in a fast-moving trine with expansive Jupiter in Aquarius and your money zone. Is it time to make a plan and go for it? You could have a swift financial breakthrough if you’re willing to take a risk and go off your usual playbook.
You may decide to hire or fire someone or just demand more of your colleagues or employers instead of picking up their slack. Create your budget and prioritize your time. Simplify and streamline, Capricorn—and you’ll create a clear channel for abundance!

Week 3: April 19-25
Feeling frisky

Come out and play, Capricorn! This Monday, April 19, the Sun moves into sensual Taurus and your passionate and expressive fifth house. What’s your idea of a good time? Whether you choose to dive into a rewarding creative project, sharpen up with a spring style overhaul or boost your public profile with an unexpectedly perky persona, prepare to turn some heads and watch your phone light up with DMs!
Make sure that whatever you undertake includes a generous helping of Taurean self-pampering. Think: hot baths, decadently prepared dinners, a perfect mattress to nap on. Fifth-house energy means the mood will be fun and flirty, so don’t be surprised if belated spring fever strikes, introducing an intriguing romantic prospect (who’s likely mesmerized by YOU) into the mix. No need to rush into anything hot and heavy—even if it IS hard to pace yourself when you feel this attracted to someone.
Do you have kids in your life? Prepare for interactions with them to be fun and inspiring during this time. And while you’re at it, take on as much of that childlike sense of play as you can, Capricorn. You can be a little serious at times and letting yourself get in a frisky groove will give you an irresistible glow.
Relationships become even more of a big deal starting Friday, April 23, when energizer Mars enters clingy Cancer and your seventh house of partnerships until June 11. This one could go either way. From business to personal connections, a bond could turn official—or unofficial—fast. Intense Mars can add passion AND friction to your relationships. Take extra care to not to be impatient or terse with your inner circle now. 
While you may need to get things out into the open and clear the air, start out by taking a deep breath—and get into a space of calm clarity. Cancerian energy can sometimes be vague or passive-aggressive, and whatever your message is now, you really want it to hit the mark.

Week 4: April 26-30
Reconfiguring Team Capricorn

Is your inner circle in need of a refresh? This Monday, April 26, the annual Scorpio full moon rocks your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Take stock of the people you spend the most time around (and yes, that includes the colleagues on those Zoom calls and Slack threads). If you’ve been considering a collaboration over the past few months, this full moon could help you decide whether to join forces or look for a better option. Got something to launch or share on the interwebs? Today could be ideal for your digital debut.

The full moon will form a looser T-square with disruptor Uranus and structured Saturn, a three-way tug o’ war which could leave you torn between whether to make a huge change to your life or to stick with what you’ve already got in place. This will be felt strongest around your friendships, associations and finances. Where do you need to create more security and where do you need a big, visionary idea to keep you inspired?
Just be sure to pace yourself because on Tuesday, April 27, potent Pluto will turn retrograde (backward) in Capricorn until October 6. This annual five-month reversal could find you drawing into your shell a bit or returning to the editing room to tweak and revamp your plans. You may decide to craft your image a little more consciously, even to fly under the radar if you find yourself in any sort of controversial situation. Distance yourself from other people’s conflict instead of jumping in to save the day, which could only backfire and implicate you in someone else’s mess. You don’t always have to be the hero, Capricorn!
A romantic spring awakening could ignite out of nowhere this Friday, April 30, when the confident Sun and radical Uranus hold their once-a-year meetup in Taurus and your passionate, expressive fifth house. Sparks might fly with someone quickly, and that instant chemistry will heat up fast! Creative connections can be equally dynamic, and couples could feel a strong surge of attraction to each other today.
Got a talent you’ve been keeping under wraps? Don’t be shy about tooting your own horn when it comes to your accomplishments. At this flamboyant Sun-Uranus mashup, you might debut a glamorous and head-turning new look on your feeds. Try a radically different hair color or put together an outfit that’s totally unlike your usual “uniform.”
Today, you won’t mind capturing people’s attention. This spotlight-stealing Sun-Uranus conjunction encourages you to put yourself out there boldly. Just make sure you’re attracting the right kind of attention, Capricorn, and not just being a provocateur or pushing people’s buttons. There IS such a thing as bad PR, and as we stated, you don’t need any of that now!

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