Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope

July 2022 Capricorn Love Horoscope

Summer fling or rekindled romance—bring it on! Lusty Mars is in Taurus and your passionate fifth house from July 5 to August 20, bringing out your earthy, Goaty randiness. My, my! You're in the flush of summer heat with red-hot Mars in this realm, so divert from drama by flirting, refreshing your dating app profile pics or confessing your raw desires to a partner. The fifth house is an active zone, so moving your body (think: dancing with abandon under the summer stars) will turn up the temperatures even more.

Getting physical in every sense is great for your love life now. Until July 17, romantic and beautifying Venus is in Gemini, your health-conscious sixth house. Working out will boost your libido and life-force energy. And if you happen to bring your partner along to crush those summer fitness goals together, all the better. Even mundane missions like a shared cleanup project (tackle that clutter) or planting a garden can cement your bond. The sixth house is all about being supportive, so focus on the “acts of service” love language now.

Things start getting serious in the second half of the month. From July 17 to August 11, amorous Venus puts down roots in Cancer and your seventh house of committed relationships. Whatever your status, you're thinking of the long haul, filtering out the players and commitmentphobes. Couples could take a serious next step, from engagement to pursuing a shared bucket-list dream together. If there's trouble brewing in paradise, stop sticking your head in the sand. Harmonizer Venus will help you face the issues with diplomacy instead of drama. 

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