Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope

March 2023 Capricorn Love Horoscope

Public service announcement: Attend to the emotions and practical details that keep life and love humming along in the first half of the month. With Venus in motivated Aries and your domestic camp until March 16 and Mars tooling through your sixth house of work, service and health until March 25, this is a powerful time for self-care and nurturing. You need to feel healthy and happy enough to invite more love into your life. Tidy up Chez Capricorn, cook up nutritious feasts with bae or a BFF and get things back on track.
Another effective way to bring more love into your life is by applying Feng Shui principles to your space—clearing energy blocks and arranging your articles in a way that supports positive flow. A good decluttering is never a bad idea, and if you’ve got romance on your mind, this mission can inspire you to get rid of relics from past relationships. Study the bagua map and make any and all desired changes!
The galvanizing meetup between Venus and supersizer Jupiter on March 2 (visible in the sky) lets down the walls and allows support to flood in—at last! If you’ve been trying to do everything on your own or feel stymied by a huge challenge, accepting help from others can be a game-changer.
On March 16, Venus beams into sensual Taurus and your amorous fifth house until April 11, sparking spring fever. The March 30 meetup of Venus and spontaneous Uranus could ignite white-hot chemistry with your current partner or someone new.

And it only gets better from there! This March 25, Mars will end its protracted seven-month spin through Gemini and your health zone, which may have motivated you to tackle your well-being, but hasn’t exactly been the sexiest cycle. After this long transit, Mars returns to Cancer and your dynamic-duos zone through May 20. The red-hot planet hasn’t been here for two years, so some Goats will be eager to make up for lost time, spicing up the action with your mate or moving swiftly toward committed relationship status. With Mars trining serious Saturn (your ruler) on March 30), what begins as a fling could turn into the real deal faster than you expect.

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