Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope

Your March Capricorn Love Horoscope

Security is sexy, at least in the first half of the month. Since right around Valentine’s Day, love planets Venus and Mars have been in Aquarius and your stability-loving second house. Venus is here until March 11 and Mars until March 22. You’re concerned with where things are going and whether a relationship you’re invested in will pay off.
As the month progresses, Venus and Mars will shift into Pisces and your third house of communication, friendship and social activity. Talk about a change of pace! Venus enters Pisces on March 11 (till April 5), and lusty Mars arrives on March 22. The energy lightens up and love feels like a lot less work.
While your tongue is loosened, speak your truth, Capricorn! You're craving more variety and room to mingle—and a fun companion could make your spontaneous adventures all the better. Coupled Capricorns will feel closer to their plus-ones by hanging out with mutual friends, taking a class or tackling a collaborative project. Doing something in your shared wheelhouse will remind you why you're such a dynamic duo. 
While harmonizer Venus visits Pisces, aim to be a better listener AND conversationalist. You can be quite a stubborn Sea Goat, acting in a reserved manner that others sometimes find intimidating or judgmental. Soften it up a little, Cap. If you need to have a serious talk, though, choose March 21, the day that Venus teams up with your ruler, stern Saturn. A conversation about boundaries and expectations can be healthy for you both. 
Just be careful not to get SO heavy-handed that you come across like a parent instead of a partner. Need to connect with an extra dose of compassion? The March 17 Sun-Neptune meetup or the March 10 Pisces new moon help you take a much softer touch.
When assertive Mars charges through Pisces from March 22 to April 30, make more of an effort to be transparent and ask people poignant questions. If you're in a relationship, “people” includes your mate. Jumping to conclusions or flinging accusations will only drive a wedge between you. 
Instead of fighting, talk dirty…or flirty! Sexy Mars in this chatty zone can heat up some spicy dialogue. Be more forthright about your desires, even if doing so makes you feel a little vulnerable. An online connection could heat up and sparks could fly with a friend or new acquaintance. For couples, this Mars cycle may make you especially argumentative, so watch out for the urge to play devil's advocate or be unnecessarily combative with bae. 
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