Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope from January 17 to January 23

Pairing is caring this week, Capricorn, provided your partnerships are equal and balanced. On Monday, January 17, the year’s first full moon lands in Cancer, your opposite sign and the ruler of your seventh house of relationships. Which begs the question: How can you make your existing duos more dynamic in 2022? This could require some recalibration along with saner expectations of yourself! You can be a perfectionist, going above and beyond in all your ambitious quests. Although you want to bring your best, balancing the demands of your romantic desires, home life and career could feel like a spaghetti Western duel. But what about YOUR needs? With transformational Pluto in Capricorn opposing this full moon, listen for the wake-up call. Are certain people clamoring for more attention than you care to give? Real talk is required this week, either to make amends for being neglectful or to put up boundaries with a couple of demanding souls. Creative solutions may emerge, like finding ways to involve your inner circle in your quest for success!
Boring basics are not going to cut it starting this Tuesday, January 18. Even if you’re exclusively staying in, you’ll get some cosmic inspiration to start dressing up when the destiny-dusted lunar North Node pulls up stakes in your hard-working sixth house and sashays into Taurus and your fifth house of passion and creativity for the next 18 months. This is a time to acknowledge all the professional efforts and service you’ve been providing since May 5, 2020—and to let your hair down. While earning your paycheck is of primary importance to your sign, you are encouraged to make time every day—or multiple times every week—to throw yourself into passion projects. Sentient Sea Goats may schedule regular date nights with the muse. While inspiration CAN strike at the most unexpected times, there’s something to be said for getting into a routine and conditioning yourself to write, paint, make music, do crafts, etc. The fifth house also rules fertility, so those with bambinos on the brain might get some pregnancy news between now and July 17, 2023. Across the wheel, the lunar South Node will grind its ax in Scorpio and your eleventh house of networking. Who you socialize with has always mattered to your status-conscious sign, but you may soon discover that “fitting in” is far less important than finding a place where you can be free and unbridled!
This storyline may come with more dramatic arcs than you’ve anticipated because, also on Tuesday, shock-jock Uranus wakes up from a retrograde that began on August 19. With the radical planet powering forward through your fifth house of passion, wild expression and romance, you could leave a few jaws on the ground in 2022. But hey, Capricorn, you’d never break from protocol just to get attention. This is about blazing trails and leading the way for others who may be struggling with their own full-bodied self-expression. Being a role-model never looked so…influential.
On Wednesday, sweep up the cake crumbs and pack up the bubbly. Capricorn Season officially draws to a close (sniff), marking the end of your b-day celebrations. The Sun shimmers into Aquarius and your second house of finances and security until February 18, bringing you back to an enjoyably industrious groove. For the past month, ideas and brainstorms flowed freely, but the follow-through? Not so much. For the coming month, put your money where your mouth is and see if your brilliant schemes can pan out. Start with a budget overhaul. Have you put enough into your retirement accounts? Are you paying off your credit cards in a timely way? (Read: more than just the interest fee.) A little belt-tightening now will spell easier living in the days ahead.

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