Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope from July 4 to July 10

Tuesday, July 5, brings the kind of sea change many Goats have been awaiting patiently (or not). After six lowkey weeks, Mars bolts out of Aries and your domestic quarters and powers up your fifth house of glamour, romance and creativity until August 20. You might still be putting finishing touches on a decor project, playing “roommate roulette” or sniffing out potential new neighborhoods, but this trumpet blare from the feisty red planet cannot be ignored. If you’re an artist or a musician, you might get a hotline call from the muse that you really should pick up. Lusty Mars empowers you to flirt, date, fall in love…or if you’re taken, fall more deeply in love. Single Caps will enjoy this sensual cycle, where you just know you’re in your element—literally—because Taurus is a fellow earth sign. If you’re not chomping at the bit to find Mr., Ms. Or Mx. Right, then make the most of this sexy cycle by sowing your wild oats (safely, of course!). Get to know some very different types. They might be the ones that blow your mind most! Of course, you can’t fake passion, so don’t try to force any round holes into square pegs. Couples can take a big next step during this cycle, and if babymaking has been on the docket, get busy now because the fifth house rules fertility. And in the sign of the home- and security-minded Bull, it may finally feel like it’s time.
Another nudge from the love gods comes later Tuesday, when expressive Mercury settles into compassionate Cancer and your seventh house of committed relationship. Talking about your feelings, needs and desires with your love interest will be easier than usual during this cycle, which lasts until July 19. If you’re single, you may actually be excited about putting yourself out there and meeting intriguing prospects. Mercury in Cancer puts the emphasis on authentic and inspiring conversation. And if you sense “longevity” in a bond, definitely put in some effort. Tired of the dating scene? Ask friends to play VERY discerning matchmakers. In the online world, don't swipe right out of boredom. Wading through reams of dull-as-dirt (yet interminable) texts will not make your heart go ping. Coupled Caps will enjoy reminiscing about those early “getting to know you” days. But as a practical earth sign, you’ll be equally future-focused! And expressive Mercury can spur dialogues about your next romantic adventure, whether that’s an extended road trip or a key exchange.
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