Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope From February 26 To March 3

How clear are you on the difference between a “want” and a “need,” Capricorn? You might THINK you’re as discerning about this as they come, but pay attention to your desires and cravings this week. On Tuesday, February 27, impulsive Mars in your financial sector gets in a tangled angle with risk-taking Jupiter in your house of pleasure. There's nothing wrong with yearning for beautiful objects and a comfy-chic winter wardrobe. But if you don’t technically require it, try a different tack: Add it to a wish list instead your cart. Sleep on it, then review your budget—AND see if the fleeting impulse has faded (or the price has dropped) in a few days. Sometimes you might need to give it a week, but you may be amazed at how quickly your desires shift. Of course, if you're a thrifty Sea Goat who’s had your wallet on lockdown since the holidays, this transit might actually loosen your death grip. As hard as you work for your cash, the point is to enjoy it every now and then. And don't forget that it takes money to make money. How about investing in digital equipment, coaching or a specialized training that can help you grow your fortune?
On Wednesday (AKA “the Day of Challenges”), the expressive Sun and measured Saturn—your ruling planet—meet up in Pisces and your expressive third house. While you could feel positively tongue-tied, this could also be a day that finds you communicating with power and clarity. The trick? Stopping long enough to think about what message you want to convey and how certain words will land. If you’re speaking in person, consider your tone and delivery. Posting on social media? The Sun here can help you speak straight from the heart, and Saturn reminds you that brevity is the soul of wit. You may also feel more amenable to seeking a middle ground on Wednesday—but only up to a point. Peace at any price is not the goal. Saturn can help you negotiate a solution that works for YOU, too. Know your bottom line before you engage in any mediations.
Your romantic urges cannot be contained this Sunday as agitator Uranus in your maison d’amour shoots an electrifying beam to sensual Venus. Single Caps won’t have trouble luring in hot prospects, even if you know it’s not for keeps and just a (pleasurable) hookup. Attached? Break the “same old” trap by trying new ways of interacting with each other. Don't finish each other’s sentences or assume you know what your sweetie is thinking. When you’re out on your own, loosen the leash and engage in some benign banter with friendly faces who catch your eye. Just be 100 percent sure you know where to draw the line—and honor that boundary. To avoid regrets (and the guilt!) stay true to your personal integrity.

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