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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope from February 22 to February 28

You’re on fire this week, and you won’t want to waste one watt of that passion-fueled magnetism! Metamorphic Pluto has been on a long slow trek through your sign, and on Wednesday, February 24, it forms a rare supportive trine with sizzling Mars in your zone of creativity and amour. What do you desire? Tap mysterious Pluto’s energy and dig deeply into the chamber of sultry secrets for possible answers. When you connect to something that feels true and timeless, you'll attract people who share your yearnings. In an LTR? This raw mashup can inspire a candid conversation about (both) your fears and your fantasies.
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Getting this vulnerable can take the relationship to a new level of trust. One tiny asterisk: When you open up like this, dialogue can get a little dramatic at moments, but stay focused on finding common ground—letting your partner voice their concerns, too. Beyond igniting crazy chemistry, the Mars-Pluto trine can help you put your name on the professional map. Mars in your fame zone could boost your celebrity status, so if you’re promoting something, start a buzz on your own behalf.
More starpower comes on Thursday, courtesy of charm magnet Venus kicking off her annual tour de Pisces in your third house, aka your popularity corner. Whether you were seeking a collaborator or not, partnership opportunities will crop up at every turn over the next four weeks. You’re a strategist by nature, but all these connections won’t have an “agenda”! Gentile Venus, especially in the sign of the gentle fish, always brings her tact and finesse to the table. Book those Zoom conference calls, but before you start talking shop, take a few leisurely minutes to make chitchat and discuss common interests and goals. Between now and March 21, you could tap into a cyclone of serendipitous connections that evolve in exciting, if unpredictable, ways. And since Venus is the love planet, you’ll be on your amorous game, regardless of your relationship status. Have your fun but be transparent!
Oh, the irony! This Saturday’s skies feature the year’s only full moon in Virgo, which lands in your ninth house of travel and adventure and—in normal times—fires up your wanderlust. If you have a (safe) destination in mind, these next weeks are an ideal time for a getaway, but if you’re not ready for that, there are still plenty of satisfying ways to scratch that itch. For starters, just planning a dream trip—with bae, a bestie or a solo retreat—can get the juices flowing. Bookmark websites, collect blog posts, start scouting for refundable deals. And of course, expanding your world in other ways counts! Pining for Paris? How about taking a cooking course or brushing up on your high school French? Lecture series, documentaries or experimenting with world cuisine are rewards unto themselves. And since the ninth house is also the entrepreneurship hub, self-employed Caps might expand their professional reach into new territory. In our virtual economy, you could be big on another continent without ever leaving your home office!

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