Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from July 26 to August 1

As a Sagittarius, you’re always at risk for inadvertently sticking your foot in your mouth in an attempt to just “tell it like it is.” But have you figured out yet that not everyone has your thickness of skin—or self-awareness to handle the truth? Honesty may be your only policy, but it’s still your responsibility as a mindful member of society to pay attention to how much truth serum you're administering. You’ll get a chance to review the dosage this Tuesday, July 27, as verbal Mercury sails into your outspoken ninth house (the one naturally associated with your candid sign). Even as spontaneous Mercury loosens your lips, you’re being nudged to self-edit before you blurt. Should a friend or colleague request your frank opinion, find a tactful way to share it. With the social planet buzzing through this inclusive sector, your friendship portfolio is bound to diversify (yes, even more). While getting your motley crew together in the same room can be an odd social experiment, consider it your duty to open their minds!
On Wednesday, your cosmic ruler, Jupiter, retrogrades back into Aquarius and your communication house. The red-spotted planet began its reversal in Pisces and your domestic fourth on June 20, and you've probably been flying low under the radar ever since. Welcome back! You’re a great raconteur, renowned for your sense of humor, but with Jupiter still in sleep mode until October 18, you could be prone to some “Yikes! Did I really just say that?!” faux pas. To avert a serious blunder, stop yourself before you say, post, tweet or text something potentially provocative. If you’re truly unsure and the stakes are high, ask a restrained friend to review your intended comments. Don’t water down your true opinions or your creativity—just make it your business to stay positive and respectful. Trying to gain traction on a media project? Thanks to Jupiter’s headwind, you could make some strides in the coming many weeks, but you might need to give yourself enough space—and quiet—to hear your thoughts. Does a friend have a remote cabin (or a mostly empty house) where you might pen a chapter or drop a few tracks? A little initiative could score you a major win!
On Thursday, driven Mars blasts into Virgo, electrifying your tenth house of professional ambition for the first time in two long years! Motivation returns with a vengeance, and you’ll be on a tear through (at least) September 14. A creative one, too, while imaginative Venus copilots the Virgo mission until August 16. That’s the good news. But be aware that with work demands heating up, you may not have much leisure time over the coming seven weeks. Mars boosts confidence and calls forth your inner fierce competitor. Make sure you’ve set some realistic (yet ambitious) personal goals to hit this fall. Just don't veer so far into “lone wolf” territory that you forget the all-important teamwork part. One caveat: Warrior Mars can also drive up stress, making a morning practice like meditation, breathwork and/or yoga more essential than ever for helping you keep your temper—and sharp tongue—in check.

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