Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from July 4 to July 10

News alert for high-octane Archers: Cooling down doesn’t mean flaming out. With passion-planet Mars in your fifth house of romance, fame and self-expression since May 24, you’ve been a ball of fire for the past six weeks. From extreme anxiety to unquenchable lust to divinely inspired creativity, you wanted to feel it all to the max. If you’ve been flying high in the clouds, open the parachute. This Tuesday, July 5’s stars can bring you straight down to reality. Mars finally decamps from that steamy fifth house and hunkers down in Taurus and your sixth house of work, service, health and self-care until August 20. The activating planet hasn’t visited this realm since January 2021, so don’t be shocked if you realize you have some catching up to do. But focus on what Mars can bring you rather than how “behind the eight ball” you may have fallen. With the fired-up planet here, you can get reinvigorated mentally and physically AND whip your home, office and even closets into shape. Before you rush into things, get organized. Take inventory of your needs and requirements, then prioritize things and concoct a game plan. Since the sixth house also rules healthy habits AND helpful people, you may see the value of laying out some cash for professional support, like a personal trainer to keep you aligned with fitness goals. If you’re swamped with work, consider sourcing an assistant. While you’ll have to invest a little time training them, the right person will quickly grasp your style and systems—and might even improve upon them!
Later Tuesday, expressive Mercury plunges into emo Cancer and your soulfully seductive eighth house. Casual encounters and superficial small talk? So NOT your jam anymore, Archer! During this three-week cycle, you won’t be happy with anything lighter than rolling in the deep. With the messenger planet firing up this erotic zone until July 19, you may become borderline-obsessed with metaphysical, sexual and even taboo topics. Single? Your magnetism will be palpable, but don’t squander this superpower on just anyone. Save that final rose for someone with the potential to meet you on an almost mystical level. Of course, if you are more interested in some no-strings-attached loving, be honest with yourself—and partners—about your intentions. You don’t want to rack up any bad karma for misleading open-hearted people. When you do connect with someone on a soul level, however, don’t overlook the human red flags and both of your issues. While hardly deal breakers with the right person, you do want to get things started on honest footing. Since the eighth house also rules long-term wealth and joint ventures, couples might take a bold step with shared resources during this Mercury phase. Talk to a pro about opportunities for investments and passive income.
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