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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from November 23 to November 29

 Putting your foot down? Well, maybe if there's a warm and bubbling pedicure bath waiting for you to submerge into! But setting limits proves challenging, thanks to people-pleasing Venus flowing through Scorpio and your nebulous twelfth house all week. In fact, you'll struggle to say no to anyone whose eyes are the slightest bit puppy-doggish. All the same, it's worth getting clear about where your limits lie. If you don't, you could relive a nightmarish dynamic this Thursday, November 26, when the Sun gets snared by "wounded healer" comet Chiron. Saying yes to a powerfully persuasive personality might win you loyalty points. But if you feel like a sucker for giving in, you won't enjoy being part of their reindeer games anyway. Stand your ground.
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Boundaries could get blurry—or nearly non-existent—when fantasy-agent Venus opposes rebellious Uranus this Friday. Common sense? Willpower? Gut checks? Um, where did they go, Sagittarius? A charming raconteur may sweep you off on a fantastic voyage, which could feel like a heavenly the moment. But if you aren't careful, you might also get taken for a ride. (And, oh, the awful crash that can follow.) Single AND coupled Archers should keep firm limits in place. This is just not the week to play with fire, or even try to get closure with a repeat ghoster. Certain attractions never fade, even if they are toxic. Psychologists have a term for this: repetition compulsion. You may be drawn (compulsively and repetitively) to a painful relationship as you try to play it out with a different ending—which rarely, if ever, works. Instead of regressing, use the Venus-Uranus faceoff to be a romantic renegade, choosing to move in a completely different direction. Instead of reopening old wounds, this may be your cue to do more healing. If you're going to explore the attraction, do so on a therapist's couch...not on your ex's!
Could your home use some sprucing up? Domestic purchases might top your weekend shopping list, whether you're hunting for the perfect wingback chair or a bigger desk for your WFH space. That day, hazy Neptune gets back on course after a five-month retrograde through Pisces and your domestic fourth house. Feeling at home hasn’t been so easy since June 23—and not just because your space has become "multi-use" due to the virus. During that time, you may have weathered some internal storms or endured some confusing instability under your roof—possibly over the decision of where to put down roots or how the heck to navigate a roommate's personality "quirks" now that you're together so often (and also, maybe even married). But once Neptune starts spinning forward again for seven solid months, nesting becomes a priority. First things first—clean up and redecorate your sanctuary. Sort out conflicts with relatives and roomies. If it’s time to relocate, you may settle down somewhere more soul-soothing, perhaps by the water. Neptune’s direct turn brings healing to your relationships with key women in your life. If you’ve been butting heads, your ability to turn the other cheek will come in handy. One caveat: Drawing a clearer boundary will be necessary if you do reconcile. Having limits doesn’t make you hardcore, Archer. Alas, Neptune’s retrograde may have magnetized a serpentine sister who didn’t have your best interests at heart. Unfriend her if you feel her character is flawed. You don’t have time to rehab a grown woman!

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