Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from March 20 to March 26

The spring equinox, marking the first day of Aries season, brings extra-good news for Sagittarians! On Monday, March 20, the Sun departs Pisces and your domestic fourth house and alights in the sign of the feisty Ram and your flirtatious, flamboyant and fun-loving fifth. This may signal an unofficial end to your winter hibernation and the beginning of your annual live-out-loud cycle, which is MUCH more up your alley. Single Archers won’t have to do much to uplevel your love life. Devote a tiny bit more time in the morning to curating a look that makes you feel confident and sexy. And before you totally give up hope with dating apps, try downloading a new one and include a short and snappy profile with photos that show the right balance of serious and seductive.

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In an LTR? Grab the reins and propose some exciting activities for the coming month—and, if you feel ready, broach the topic of next steps. If you’ve got babies on the brain, let that be known! The fifth house is your fertility sector, so purposeful boudoir action could yield the results you desire. If you have kids, carve out even more time for them. But wait, there’s more! The very next day (Tuesday), there’s a new moon in Aries—the first in a rare back-to-back pair that sequels with the April 20 solar eclipse. Talk about a cosmic coming-out party!
Financial relief is incoming, as the stars serve up an economic stimulus plan this Thursday as transformational Pluto takes a three-month break from Capricorn and your money zone, where it’s spent the past 15 years. This is a sneak preview of a 20-year transit that will start in earnest on November 19, 2024, when Pluto settles into Aquarius for two full decades. Between now and June 11, Pluto will briefly visit Aquarius and your third house of communication, giving your messaging some gravitas. The call to write, speak, teach or make media appearances could be a taste of what’s to come. Your voice will become an amplified instrument of power, but will you use it to spread fear and negativity or to uplift people? That might necessitate some inner shadow work so you can reckon with your own blocks first. Transformational Pluto will send you to the depths, revealing what’s been hidden.
Since the third house rules siblings, neighbors and colleagues, you may start to notice things in your interactions that never bothered you before. Mirror, mirror? Don’t shun the messenger if a co-worker or your sister pushes your buttons. Instead, take this as an invitation to ask WHY they’re triggering you and to locate what needs to be healed within yourself.
Things could take a turn for the hot and steamy on Saturday as red-hot Mars revs into Cancer and your eighth house of intimacy and eroticism until May 20. Unattached Archers may remember the excitement of a sudden hookup; couples can spark embers that have gone cold. But this is SO much more than cheap thrills. Since the eighth house is the seat of intense emotions, feelings can run from smoking hot to frigid, so be prepared for some stomach-dropping spins on this emo roller coaster. Has a certain relationship reached the point of diminishing returns? Initiate an honest yet compassionate conversation to end it consciously. Ultimately, it’s not about who’s “right” or “wrong” but how to liberate yourself from ANY negativity so you can start a fresh new chapter with the next union!
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