Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from January 17 to January 23

Money, power, respect—with a side of sexual tension. That’s what Monday has on tap for you, as the first full moon of 2022 arrives in Cancer and intensifies your potent eighth house. And because it opposes iron-clad Pluto, your competitive streak will make a rare appearance. By all means, vie for that crown, Sagittarius. This can be fun as long as you don't veer into cutthroat terrain. Better still? Your fierce determination could spell money in the bank over the coming two weeks. Don't forget the power of partnership because collaborating with other influencers could be your key to the kingdom. Romantically, this sultry full moon will give you an insatiable urge to merge. Careful, Archer, because you may underestimate your own strength. Pressure people and they'll pull away. Remain mysterious and slightly inaccessible, and they’ll chase YOU.
Shake it off, Sagittarius—and we mean on every level! You’re completing a major karmic cycle this Tuesday, January 18, as the lunar South Node exits Sagittarius where it’s been guiding you through some VERY deep shadow work since May 5, 2020. This cycle only comes around every 18.6 years, a time of profound self-discovery learned the hard way, by facing your buried shame and fears as you “un-suppress” yourself. (For reference, see Sagittarius #FreeBritney Spears.) This grueling, yet oddly fueling, transit ends on Tuesday, as the South Node slips back into Scorpio and your twelfth house of fantasy and inner healing until July 17, 2023. Across the chart is the equally impactful North Node, which enters Taurus and your sixth house of work and service, and health and fitness. You’ve probably learned some tough lessons and have sensed—and maybe joked aloud—that you’ve been paying some heavy spiritual debts. But along with that growth came legit stress to your body and soul. These next 18 months will help you simplify areas that have gotten overly complex or out of control. Think in terms of getting your health and your wealth in order. But you won’t be successful going at it with an aggressive Sagittarius attitude. This process-driven nodal cycle is here to help you develop long-lasting (and life-altering) routines. Slow and steady wins the race.
But don’t worry, you’ll hardly be bored! While you may dread the word “routine,” yours may feel more like rituals after Tuesday, as metaphysical Uranus wakes up from a five-month nap and spins direct in Taurus for seven months. Repetitive tasks can be meditative, strength building—and also the key to some major progress in 2022. Set up systems for certain parts of your life and you’ll have far more freedom to experiment and explore others.
If you’re going stir crazy (and who isn’t!?) take heart! On Wednesday, the Sun flutters into Aquarius and your social third house until February 18. Even if you’re trekking around in snow boots or starting a virtual mastermind, your people-loving self is at the wheel, giving you incentive to move stuck energy. A new group might thrill you but make sure the membership won’t overtake your entire life. During this dabbling solar cycle, there's something to be said for playing the field. Follow your whims! Fast new connections will pop up at every turn. Initiate hangouts, drinks, and friend dates. Your popularity is on the rise! Single? Get back on the dating apps and let friends fix you up. Attached? Less Netflix, more date nights out of the house.

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