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07-06-2020 to 07-12-2020

You love them, you love them not. It’s safe to say that your emotions—and your erotic urges—have run hot and cold since expressive Mercury turned retrograde in your intimate eighth house this June 18. Set the countdown timer, Sagittarius. This Sunday, July 12, the messenger planet torques back into direct motion, connecting head and heart (and loins) again. Some of the trust issues that plague you this week could evaporate, but with Mercury powering forward in Cancer until August 4, the stage is set for some spicy summer lovin’.
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If someone's motives have left you mystified, you can stop playing guessing games; and hang up the private investigator's hat, too. Life is too short to waste on these distracting dances that only leave you dizzy and spun around in circles. Make it your mission to clarify "next steps" by early August. And here's where you may have to read some secret code: If all you can get is a "maybe," face the sad trombones and consider it shorthand for "no." But that wouldn't be the end of the world (even if it feels like it in the moment). Already found your "endless love"? Get ready: When Mercury turns direct on Sunday, the speedy messenger planet could take your relationship on an express-elevator ride to The Next Level. Get ready!
Just as Mercury’s about to pivot forward, the weekend could send you on a soulful journey of discovery as you suss out "next steps" of your life path. On Saturday, July 11, deep-diving Chiron (the "wounded healer" comet) skews retrograde in Aries and your fifth house fame, self-expression and romance. You've always known you were here to do something meaningful, Archer, and since Chiron twerked into Aries on April 17, 2018, you could have been feeling a pull to be more public about your “woo” side. What's the message you want to preach and teach? If you're not the frontperson, perhaps there's another strong leader you'd like to signal-boost. But don't be so quick to pass the baton! With Chiron in reverse until December 15, you might work with a speaking coach or try a workshop that teaches you how to authentically present yourself on stage or podium. The fifth house is also Cupid's realm, and Chiron's reverse could set off some different types of fireworks. Over the coming five months, you might reconnect to a caring person from your past—a love interest who really DOES have your best interests at heart. But shield your field! This is no time to be gullible or overly optimistic. Chiron can scratch at unhealed wounds, forcing us to deal with them and find a lasting "treatment." You may be faced with a test over the coming days: Dive in with the exciting but destabilizing person...and wind up in the same obsessive rabbit hole—or, just say no to that first sext, kiss, or other gesture and save a vacancy for someone who can romance you with respect? The choice is yours, but don't say we didn't warn you.
Also on Sunday, your monetary signals could become scrambled temporarily as the Sun makes its second trine of the week, this time to subconscious Neptune. Have you been stressing about your bank balance lately or feeling like money's been burning a hole in your pocket? Reflect on how ingrained beliefs might be affecting your current financial standing. Most people subconsciously absorb attitudes about money during childhood. Who were your role models? Did you learn to be conservative or a spendthrift? Do you believe you "deserve" to be monetarily successful? If you discover that you're limited by notions that no longer serve you, delete them from your personal operating system and replace them with more empowering affirmations, such as "I attract unlimited abundance with ease." Sunday's brunch-hour brainstorming might elicit some brilliant ideas for making cash doing something that also heals the world. A win-win!

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