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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope From November 27 To December 3

The negotiating table beckons this Monday, November 27, so have a seat, Sagittarius. That day, 2023's only full moon in Gemini illuminates your partnership house and brings a seal-the-deal vibe to the day. This lunar lift in your seventh house of commitments could turn a Sagittarius solo-act into a dynamic duet. But think carefully before you peg anyone as partnership material. The duplicity of the Gemini full moon can deliver a contradictory character—someone whose motives you can't quite see right off the bat. Give yourself a couple weeks to do your due diligence. Although you may seem to have everything in common up front, a little digging might reveal some real differences going on in the way you live your lives and even your values around dealing with time, money and relationships. This doesn't have to be a dealbreaker, though, but some negotiating will be necessary to harmonize the attraction of opposites. If you're a single Sag, this is your week to be proactive. Plant yourself under the mistletoe, chat people up at holiday parties, hop on the dating apps. If your status is complicated, this lunation might inspire you to bring greater clarity to your romantic future. If you're in a solid, loving union, your status could evolve in exciting ways. With playful Gemini directing these moonbeams, stock the shared calendar with seasonal cultural events. Are you able to slip off to another city for a weekend, snag tickets for an (almost) sold-out show or a charity gala? Consider it an investment in your relationship’s health.
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