Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope From September 25 To October 1

After a month full of retrogrades, it’s been a struggle to sate your wanderlust. But don’t put your passport and suitcase away quite yet. On Friday, September 29, the year’s only Aries full moon activates your ninth house of global expansion, travel and independent adventures. Can you pull off a last-minute weekend getaway? Or get serious about planning your next big trip? Full moons bring things to fruition…so what dreams and schemes of yours are due to blossom, Leo? These powerful moonbeams push you to stop pondering and finally take that leaf-peeping road trip or book that wellness retreat. The main idea is to get out of your everyday routine and get re-inspired.
With pleasurable Venus in your sign for nearly four months now, your appetite for happiness-inducing fun is voracious. But take care of your end-of-week responsibilities on Friday before you dash off on your quest. As the planet of desire dances into a stressful square with rebellious Uranus that day, you could inadvertently sabotage something you’ve worked hard to build. Be it a professional opportunity, a personal relationship or another cherished goal, keep your inner wild child in check so it doesn’t bring everything tumbling down like a house of cards. It won’t be easy to model consistency under these chaotic skies, but people are banking on you, so stay in your integrity. Besides, the eventual cleanup required if you do make a mess will be much more arduous than restraining yourself momentarily until the temptation passes.
One potential upside of a Venus-Uranus square? Creative breakthroughs! If you’ve been stuck, stop spinning your wheels and conjure up innovative solutions to get out of that rut. Since techie Uranus is in your career corner, new apps and software could improve your performance and productivity. Reach out to your trusted sounding board if you could use some outside feedback. And don’t forget to thank them for their help, even if their input doesn’t click for you right away.
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