Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope From February 26 To March 3

Curb your enthusiasm, Leo! Even if you have an idea you can’t WAIT to share with the world, try to keep it under wraps a little longer. This Tuesday, February 27, a tension-building square between exuberant Jupiter in your career corner and impulsive Mars could make you so overzealous that your energy overwhelms and potentially alienates supporters. While it’s fine to let yourself get a little carried away, be mindful of who and when you’re sharing details. On the other hand, if you’ve hit a plateau or aren’t sure what your next move is, this transit could inspire you to team up with people who share your vision. Enterprising Mars in Aquarius and your partnership zone could send you searching outside your current social circles for a better fit. But because feisty Mars and Jupiter are in a challenging square, stay a bit skeptical. People’s accomplishments on paper don’t necessarily make them trustworthy individuals. And if someone’s going a bit overboard with excessive flattery or charm, don’t snap at the bait. Know YOUR value and let that anchor you. The last thing you want to do is strike a deal that benefits THEM more than you! Even if they’re more experienced, when you’re going to collaborate, you deserve fair compensation. Beyond the Benjamins, there’s value in a glowing recommendation from a pro or some other public credit you can leverage for your own growth.
The skies on Wednesday (AKA “the Day of Challenges”) are full of important lessons, but you might not like how they’re served up. It’s the one day of the year that the Sun conjoins disciplined Saturn, and this week—for the first time in almost three decades—it’s happening in Pisces and your eighth house of seduction, intensity and secrets. You might be lured into someone’s web by their charismatic wooing (or irresistible sexiness), but do your best to sniff out anything that could turn into a dangerous liaison or drama-fueled entanglement. And don’t let your heroic side get triggered. There’s something about a wounded bird that puts you in rescuer mode, and that’s a lose-lose proposition out of the gate. If you find yourself the object of the rumor mill, get ahead of the gossip by taking command of the story and being your own spin doctor. Everyone’s got their foibles—and their secrets—but don’t let the nosy Nellies make a feast out of your personal life.
Sunday isn’t a workday for most of us, but for you, Leo, it may be hard to keep your thoughts from drifting back to professional matters. Thanks to a rare connection between creative Venus and game-changer Uranus in your tenth house of career goals, shoptalk may dominate your brunch conversation. It’s an exciting, hard-to-contain energy, and you may find yourself wildly fired up about doing something big and meaningful over the coming months. The stronger you feel the winds of change blowing, the quicker you'll be propelled into action. But don’t jump without a parachute. Research classes, mentorships, seminars and industry mastermind groups. It’s always a good idea to refresh and update your knowledge base so you can lunge forward. One caveat: Leave enough space in your schedule for a love life or BFF time—a necessary component to happiness.

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