Leo Weekly Horoscope

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Leo Weekly Horoscope from July 26 to August 1

Cat got your tongue, Leo? Or did you put yourself on that temporary gag order? Either way, it’s time to restore your roar this Tuesday, July 27 as communicator Mercury wraps up an introspective cycle and lands in Leo for its annual talkathon! As the loquacious planet flits through your sign until August 11, you’re back to your sunny, and at times oversharing, self. But such is the life of a Leo. Knowing you, you'll waste no time holding court with your ever-growing fanbase. If you have a higher-minded message to deliver, find the perfect platform to deliver it on. Your words carry weight, so put real thought into your language, images—and even the context in which you communicate. Mindful Mercury touring your sign is also your annual invitation to rethink your personal style. Focus less on the seasonal trends and more on classic lines and fabrics, as well as what makes you feel like feline royalty every time you get dressed.
You may have to drive in reverse to catch the love train now about to leave the station. On Wednesday, jovial Jupiter, which has been reversing through Pisces and your erotic eighth house since June 20, backtracks into Aquarius and your seventh house of committed relationships, where it will remain in its retrograde cycle until October 18. You can still grab a seat, but under this off-kilter energy, you may need to make some inner adjustments to align with the potential offerings here. As a “great benefic,” expansive Jupiter brings growth even when retrograde. The challenge is to find the appropriate rate of acceleration as you race along the romantic superhighway. You’ll get a chance to review a relationship that’s gotten into a groove with more objectivity while optimistic Jupiter’s in reverse.
Have you gone too far too fast—or are you riding the brake? This three-month backspin is a good time to talk honestly (yet compassionately) about what you’re thinking. If you want to evolve together, any course corrections are a chance to reconnect on a deep level before one of you veers in a different direction. At the other end of the spectrum, if you’ve been so autonomous that Cupid can’t get a clear shot, this reversal of Jupiter the gambler is a cue to drop that steely guard and tune in to your heart’s hopeful stirrings and take a (calculated) emotional risk on someone with real potential.
The universe shows YOU the money starting this Thursday as energizing Mars blazes into Virgo and your income house until September 14. While there’s a bittersweet quality to this transit (because it means Mars is exiting your sign), if you take advantage of the opportunities that arise over the coming seven weeks, you could have a lot to show for yourself by Fall. This motivational Mars transit can inspire you to put in longer hours and boldly reach out to people you’re intimated by—especially while charming Venus co-pilots until August 16. With Mars in Virgo, productivity spikes. But rather than try to do everything at once, select one or two projects to throw yourself into. Mars here can bring a windfall of cash, along with the risk of spending it all on luxury objects of desire. To avoid regrets, tap into the sensible vibes of Virgo. Make an entertainment budget and tuck the rest away for a cushion.

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