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09-21-2020 to 09-27-2020

Clear those pressing work deadlines out NOW, Leo, because over the next four weeks, you’re going to be as busy as a queen bee! On Tuesday, September 22, your galactic guardian, the luminous Sun, performs its annual catwalk into Libra and your third house of community and communication for a month. While this year might be a little more low-key than usual, there’s still plenty of social interaction to be had IRL and virtually. Some Lions will be full of ideas to inspire your crew whereas others will still be in low-power mode from all the precautionary tweaks and other life shifts COVID has wrought. If you’ve been juggling WFH with managing kids and a partner also shuffling their own lifestyle, you frankly might not have the energy to be a 24-hour party person. But this lively four-week transit is urging you to do something different than you’ve been doing all year—perhaps organize an online book club or get a few folks in your “bubble” to start a biweekly movable potluck feast. Remembering all the people you’re truly connected to can help you overcome any feelings of isolation or a sense that the future will stay much the same. Choose your companions selectively; no Debbie Downers, just people who are up for having as much creative, positive fun as possible. And since the third house also rules your personal expression, the confident Sun’s message is to stop TALKING about your next big thing and put the pedal to the metal. Don’t wait for “permission”; just do your 3-2-1 countdown and go! 
But in between all the comings and goings and doings, be poised to hit Pause at any moment. This Sunday, mental Mercury takes a break—an unusually long one, until December 1—by nuzzling up under a fleecy throw in Scorpio and your cozy, comfortable fourth house of home sweet home. While this annual transit normally lasts just three weeks, this fall you’re treated to an extended cycle, as the messenger planet will be retrograde from October 13 to November 3 (and will briefly retreat back into Libra from October 27 to November 10). Schedule overdue quality time with your innermost circle, catch up on household projects—and your sleep! Don’t feel guilty or irresponsible for putting yourself and your needs first, especially if you were hurtling down the expressway to utter exhaustion. Time on your own could dredge up a few buried emotions and unresolved issues. If you realize that you need to have a tough-but-necessary air-clearing conversation, broach the subject gingerly, and try to avoid doing it when the cosmic communicator is retrograde. Those three weeks are not the time to open any cans of worms or sign anything official, but they are perfect for intimate gatherings and reunions with old friends and associates.

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