Leo Weekly Horoscope

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Leo Weekly Horoscope fromOctober 25 to October 31

Is it love, lust or…does it even matter, Leo? When it comes to your romantic life, you might not be sure which way is up this Tuesday, October 26. Nor might you care! Thanks to a rare connection between two of the dreamiest planets—Venus, in your flirty fifth house, and fantasy agent Neptune in your erotic eighth—you may not be able to read people’s signals, let alone be sure of your own intentions. If you’re attached, seriously dating—or seriously looking—it could be momentous. In that case, the best advice (as always) is to lay low and stay neutral! But if fun is your desired outcome, then shift into playful-cat mode. Just be careful not to take things personally. Venus-Neptune entanglements can sensitize you and cause you to believe someone isn’t into you because they didn’t grab your hand when you held it out or return your text within two minutes of your sending! That is a foolproof recipe for a lame fight, so take a timeout, distracting your thoughts if necessary. Call a friend, watch a silly movie. Just don’t take your OWN emo bait!
Thursday’s equalizing quarter moon in your sign brings a perfect moment for self-reflection. Hit pause—if only for five minutes—and try to gain perspective on how in (or out of) balance your life is at the moment. Have you been growing or accelerating at such a fast clip that you haven't had a chance to integrate these upgrades into your daily life? As your life expands, you may question which aspects of your previous lifestyle are worth hanging onto as well as how to make the most of newly acquired skills or enhanced consciousness. One unfortunate side effect of quantum growth is not feeling like you fit in with old friends or that you don't have as much in common. No need to do anything radical or final; just let things organically fall into a new rhythm. There’s nothing and no one to blame.
Home is where…everyone is? Starting on Saturday, feisty, fiery Mars blazes into intense Scorpio and your domestic fourth house until December 13. If you live alone, enjoy your free time now because it might not stay that way for long! Even if your lair is (normally) a den of tranquility, with passionate Mars here, you can look forward to seven weeks of action. If you have roommates or live with your partner, life may swing from lively, exciting socializing to combative aggression. If you’re comfortable having people in your pad, this is a great time to entertain or, if you’re feeling more isolationist, to finally get around to some of those home-reno projects your heart has been set on. Think and research before you do a single thing, however. With labor and resources in short supply, you don’t want to get in over your head. Mars will fire you up and provide all the necessary energy. Your job is to avoid confrontation and battles of the wills with your inner circle. If you fear someone may be vocally unsupportive, don’t tell them what you’re up to!

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