Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope from February 6 to February 12

With zero planets retrograde this week, the coast is clear to make some major moves, Leo! But that doesn’t mean you should rush headlong toward the first thing that excites you. Doing that could cause you to miss out on an opportunity that’s either bigger or more in alignment with your natural gifts. (Or both!) On Tuesday and Wednesday, pleasure-hunter Venus in your intuitive eighth house gets in a friendly formation with barrier-breaking Uranus in your ambitious tenth house. Keep your earbuds out and your attention alert. You could overhear a hot tip or skillfully enter a conversation that turns into an epic synergy session. When it comes to love, this planetary pairing helps you see the big picture. Instead of acting impulsively, move strategically. Sometimes, it really IS better to play the tortoise game rather than leaping forward like the hare.
But you might want to expedite a few items on your administrative task list. Buzzy Mercury is wrapping up an extra-long tour through Capricorn and your systematic sixth house. The call to simplify and organize basically everything has been getting louder (and louder) since December. On Friday, February 10, the messenger planet makes its third in a trio of direct connects with heavy-hitting Pluto, which means one small move could yield an epic change. Since deprivation never works with a Leo’s lust for life, think about a habit that you can add in, like adding fruit or greens to every meal. You could also try bundling the task with something that feels pleasurable—for example, cleaning up the kitchen while you listen to music. We hear washing dishes is easier when dancing is involved.
Ready to seal some deals? Silver-tongued Mercury is on your side starting Saturday as the smooth-talking planet wings into Aquarius and your seventh house of diplomacy and dynamic duos until March 2. Embrace the power of partnership. After Mercury’s prolonged passage through Capricorn and your industrious sixth house (including that December 29 to January 18 retrograde), you’re ready to lighten your load. But easy does it, Leo. If you’re warming up a new client, collaborator or future soulmate, take your time with the “getting to know you” phase. Even if it’s a lot of texting before you speak, the more sincere you are, the more likely you’ll be to meet someone on your wavelength.
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