Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope from May 29 to June 4

Talk about the passion! If you start to feel some overwhelming energy rising up from the depths as the week draws to a close, roll with it, Leo! Sensual Venus in Cancer air-kisses tender Neptune in Pisces and your eighth house of intense emotions. And they lock in a smoking hot embrace on Friday, June 2! We’re not talking about getting the random “hit” on people: You’re in full-blown empath mode. Now, being able to actually feel what others are experiencing can be a blessing AND a curse—depending on your relationship with the other person and how well you can shield your field. If it's a lover (or love interest), then open up the channel and vibe away to your heart’s content!
But with non-romantic partners, you’ll want to establish some healthy boundaries. You may feel secure in your sense of self, but it’s possible that you'll be a sensitivity sponge, which needy people have a sixth sense for and can suck you dry. With convos you’re not initiating, set time limits, firmly enforce them, then afterward clear the space by burning sage and sitting with a crystal that always grounds you.
Love is definitely the theme of the weekend as the year's only Sagittarius full moon illuminates your fifth house of amour, creativity and fame on Saturday. Single Lions could fall head over paws for a person who struts into your line of sight—and thanks to the spontaneous energy of this lunar lift, everything could happen fast and come from out of the blue. Pursue, enjoy…but hold back the most tender part of your heart until you get to know this person in a real way.
If you’re currently in a vague “situationship,” these moonbeams could shed light on overlooked aspects of the connection (AND of yourself), giving you the confidence to speak your mind. Don't wait for other people to set things into motion. This empowering lunation puts YOU in the driver's seat. In a relationship but craving a romantic renaissance? Focus on the sweet little gestures that keep the loving wheels greased. And because this full moon lands in your fertility zone, talks could turn to babymaking. Or, if you’re not there at the moment, find a creative brainchild that you can pour your passion into. With your celebrity corner lit up, your talents may attract the kind of recognition you deserve. But don’t wait to be discovered. You’ve earned your bragging rights, so go ahead and promote your offerings on every social media platform you belong to!
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