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Leo Weekly Horoscope from February 22 to February 28

We won’t judge you for hustling around the clock, but on Wednesday, February 24, when go-getter Mars syncs up with game-changing Pluto in grounded Capricorn and your sixth house of healthy routines, you might realize you need to find a way to work smarter not harder. Even your prodigious energy is finite, Leo, and you won’t be able to enjoy the view from the top if you burn yourself out getting there.
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This twice-a-year mashup can inspire some fundamental shifts in the way you eat, move, rest and indulge in all-important self-care. Since the sixth house also rules helpful people, you might recognize a need for more assistance, including a support staff and service providers to fill the gaps that you can’t—or shouldn’t be attempting to—do. You like to run the show, but who says you have to handle every single detail? (Not your strong suit, anyway.) If you’re trying to get ahead in a new job or field, volunteer your services so an influencer can see firsthand what you have to offer. Even if there’s no pay (initially), working shoulder to shoulder with a master is a priceless education.
On Thursday, vixen Venus vamps into Pisces, dimming the lights in your seductive eighth house until March 21. While this could bode well for a lasting union, if you’re not currently in one and don’t necessarily care to be, stash that final rose and just love the one you’re with—or could be with, if you so choose. That said, if you're looking for someone who can meet you on the body, mind AND soul level, hold out. “Going there” just to sate an urge won’t make it go away—it might just make it worse. In a relationship? Let co-creation and merging be the name of your game. You might be ready to open a shared bank account, co-sign a lease on a love nest or decorate one room with special or handmade “objets.” Just beware the green-eyed monster during this emotionally intensified cycle. Surprisingly strong feelings, like anger, jealousy and possessiveness, could crop up, catching everyone off-guard. To prevent slipping into such a state, keep yourself busily distracted with your own personal passions so you don't intimidate someone special with all that fierceness.
On Saturday, the year’s only Virgo full moon activates your finance district, which could bring a windfall over the coming few weeks (or possibly months if this has been a LONG time coming). If you’ve had your nose to the grindstone for the past six months, this lunar lift may bring a big payday. But don’t sit around waiting for your ship to come. Do everything that’s still needed to finish the project, whether it’s final research, recruiting one more set of eyeballs to check it or crafting the perfect PR pitch or social media post to get the word out to the right audience. Are you thinking like a "brand" and marketing yourself appropriately? This is not the time to play small, Lion! Even if you need to invest in a web designer or photographer to uplevel your visuals, landing one A-list client will make it all worthwhile.

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