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07-06-2020 to 07-12-2020

Ever since Mercury turned retrograde in your foggy, transitional twelfth house this past June 18, clarity has been an elusive goal. If anything, you’ve been picking up some important pieces from your past and realizing that you cast them off way too quickly. If you’ve been judging yourself harshly, Leo, or setting up impossible rules like, “I’ll never do THAT again!” just stop. Mercury corrects course this Sunday, July 12, which will make it easier to implement new strategies. But in the meanwhile, be gentle with yourself. It can be helpful to simply observe the current of your mind. (An exercise that is even more effective when done in the tub, a pool or the ocean.) What are your meandering thoughts telling you? Awareness is the secret key to change.
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By allowing turbulent situations to “just be,” the emotions can flow through you like water instead of getting dammed up in your psyche. As Mercury corrects course on Sunday, clarity and healing commence! After that, you may finally find the inner resolve to walk away from a person, behavior or situation that’s just not good for you. True, you may have to live with the disappointment that this didn’t live up to your fantasy. But you can release the anger or frustration by working on accepting things as they are instead of stubbornly trying to change them. Stay alert! A life-changing teacher, practitioner or healer may come into your world. On August 4, Mercury will return to your sign, giving you even more momentum to make a fresh start.
Just as Mercury springs ahead, Chiron, the “wounded healer” comet, spins into its annual retrograde on Saturday, July 11. Until December 15, this celestial soothsayer will slip back through Aries and your self-authorized ninth house, which may bring a strong urge to liberate yourself from certain responsibilities. Where are you carrying too much of the load? You're an extreme "do-er," Leo, but your capable command can be a double-edged sword, creating dependencies instead of collaboration. Chiron's retrograde calls for deeper psychological examination. How DID you get yourself into these burdensome situations in the first place? Your "need to be needed" may be the culprit. Starting Saturday, make it your personal mission to create healthy boundaries with the people you love most. That means carving out ample autonomy and personal space. If you've allowed a partner to take care of YOU, this is your call to step up and do some adulting. Maybe it’s time to work with a coach or therapist instead of going to bae or your BFF with another "What should I do?" crisis. You'll all be happier once that job is outsourced to a pro.
Also on Sunday, honor your sensitivity and your need for space. As the Cancer Sun in your twelfth house trines escapist Neptune, things may start to feel a little surreal—magical, even. Once again, try to surrender to feelings that arise rather than trying to control them or the situation. Allow yourself to drift into daydreams without putting pressure on yourself to do anything about these visions. Of course, you may feel compelled to pick up your guitar, get working on a crafting project or take a meandering stroll by the shore. With Neptune in your soulfully seductive eighth house, you might prefer to spend the day in bed, lounging and musing or getting busy with your favorite plus one. Simply sharing comfortable silence can be the most powerful bonding experience.

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