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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope From November 27 To December 3

You won't have to plant yourself under any low-hanging mistletoe for the action to heat up this Monday, November 27. As the year's only full moon in Gemini shimmers in your seductive eighth house, you’ll pull all eyes in your direction without a single word (or prop). Of all those prospective fish in the sea, most of them will be of the catch-and-release variety. But during the two weeks following this full moon, you could reel in one worth hanging onto. This soulful full moon may deliver the kind of deep mind-body-spirit connection you've been dreaming about. For coupled Scorpios hoping to ignite a fresh spark, the advice may sound counterintuitive: Stop trying and take more downtime to relax. In the quiet, uncomplicated moments together, you can reconnect to the sense of security that your sign considers essential foreplay. That’s not to say you should become one with your California King. If the only movement you've gotten in the past month is along that well-worn track between the sofa and the fridge, it would be little wonder if your mojo is in slow-mo. Sweat it out at the gym or on your yoga mat to get your chi flowing again. A few high impact workouts may be all it takes to resuscitate the slumbering Scorpionic siren.
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