Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope from February 6 to February 12

Permission to be a romantic renegade, granted! Ardent Venus is pulsing in Pisces, making waves in your passionate fifth house. And on Tuesday and Wednesday, she hooks up with rebellious Uranus in Taurus and your seventh house of relationships. Sensitive Scorpios tend to guard your hearts (and other parts) like a fortress, but you may find yourself flinging open the iron gates to invite a very special someone inside. Be mindful, however, that Uranus brings an innately unpredictable quality to the mix. If it’s lasting security you’re looking for, this situation may not yield the continuity you’re hoping for. Yet, there are times when the MOMENT itself is too juicy to pass up…and this could certainly be one of them. Most Scorpios prefer to surprise people than to BE surprised, and if you’re in a relationship, work that to your advantage. Catch your partner off guard (without completely shocking them) and you could both be in for a treat!
Maximize any opportunity to socialize BEFORE the weekend while buzzy Mercury winds down a two-month tour through Capricorn and your outgoing third house. Don’t underestimate the promise that new introductions hold, especially on Friday when Mercury hooks up with your ruler, powerhouse Pluto, for the third and final time since early December. You might formalize a collaboration or connect to someone whose skills are a perfect complement to your own. While this energy is likely to skew platonic, there will be plenty of creativity and passion flowing between you.
Life around Chez Scorpio starts to heat up for real on Saturday as excitable Mercury settles into Aquarius and your domestic fourth house until March 2. Home will become your innovation station while the messenger planet takes its annual tour of that sector. Whether you choose to share your lair or not is up to you, but do pay extra attention to the vibe and look of your digs. Dive into a long-delayed home improvement or redecorating project, focusing on functionality. What’s the one thing that could turn your living quarters into your dream space: a home office, workout zone or meditation space? Do THAT! 
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