Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope from October 3 to October 9

Let’s hear it for team spirit! As the week unfolds, you may be in an unusually social mood, maybe even up for some creative collaboratives! For this you can thank chatty Mercury, who has just wrapped its retrograde and will be jetting full steam ahead in your eleventh house of teamwork and tech until October 10. You have so much to gain by joining forces with like-minded folks, whether on a work project or a personal initiative. The eleventh house is also your sector of humanitarianism and social activism, so if these are important to you, investigate organizations whose missions you’re aligned with. Whatever you get up to, you’ll have your greatest successes—and best times—working closely together and holding flash-mob-style brainstorming sessions. Sure, team apps are great for expedience and productivity, but there’s nothing like real-life “facetime” to deepen personal connections.
On Thursday, October 6, your relationship with the hivemind intensifies as Mercury forms a harmonious trine with your ruler, penetrating Pluto, giving you uncanny insight into what others are feeling. Use this superpower with discretion, however. Sometimes it’s actually better NOT to have a clue than to tap into something you wish you hadn’t!
But your Spidey senses will be keenly calibrated this Saturday as Pluto concludes its five-month retrograde, which started on April 29 and has been throwing a series of curveballs in your expressive third house ever since. If you’ve spent countless hours refining your message and editing your main thoughts but have gotten next to no positive feedback, don’t quit! Now, with Pluto back in forward motion, your concepts might find a very receptive audience! (Begging the question, did THEY change or did you?) Here’s an opportunity to review everything you've done since the spring with fresh eyes. Ask someone familiar with your work to help you assess which discarded or set-aside nuggets you could polish up and potentially discover legit gems!  
And you’ll be raring to go starting this Sunday, when the year's only Aries full moon electrifies your sixth house of work, services, organization and wellness. True, those might not be the sexiest words in your lexicon, but devoting yourself to any one of them will increase your quality of life immeasurably. If you've been on a mission to get your life more streamlined or optimize your health, this lunar lift could bring an auspicious "tipping point" moment. And as soon as you begin to see positive results, you’ll be all the more inspired to keep going. Some Scorpios might feel frustrated by the steep slope of the learning curve. But hang in there, even if you’re not immediately seeing a shift. Progress will accelerate over the coming two weeks (peak manifesting time for this full moon) as you get closer and closer to your goals. Double down on your efforts by updating your resume and LinkedIn profile and reaching out to friends in high places.
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