Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope from May 10 to May 16

Double down, Scorpio! This Tuesday, May 11, the year's only new moon in Taurus puts a gust of wind in your partnership sails. An opposing force creates the strongest attraction, so look around: Someone you never before considered fair game may suddenly ignite a spark. If you and bae have been together forever, take it upon yourself to initiate excitement. Heat dies down over time, but that's not a death knell for your sex life.
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However, Scorpio, it's possible that you need to release some control. Even if you think of them as your "other half," your partner is a whole, autonomous being, NOT an extension of yourself whose every move reflects on you. Good news! This new moon lends the gift of objectivity. Get curious about what's making them tick these days—and tamp down any jealousy if their interests are way out of your comfort zone.
At work, branch out, seeking collaborators whose skill sets complement your talents. This could be the relief you've been aching for. Why suffer through every grueling task when there's someone out there who lives for that very job? Leads you get under this new moon might have genuine long-term potential. Whether for business, pleasure or a creative collaboration, get to know new contenders slowly. It might take until the corresponding lunar (full moon) eclipse on November 19 to really hit your stride. In the meanwhile, test the waters and find the synergistic sweet spots. If you've "signed" a deal with a handshake, draft a formal agreement to keep things copacetic for the long term. (And do this before Mercury turns retrograde on May 29!)
Get your most glamorous game face on starting Thursday, May 13, when live-out-loud Jupiter sashays into Pisces and your fifth house of fame, romance and creative expression. This ain't no dress rehearsal, Scorpio. It's legit showtime! Although Jupiter is making a brief cameo here, until July 28, the abundant, optimistic planet will return to Pisces again from December 28 until May 10, 2022 (and again from October 28 to December 20, 2022). Whatever you set off in the coming two and a half months could set the stage for the next year. So enjoy this moment in your scene-stealing element.
Since this cycle only comes around every 12-13 years, it's in your own best interest to step forward and self-promote. You may feel hesitant—at first—especially after Jupiter's stint in your private and domestic fourth house since last December 19. But if you're being honest with yourself, a part of you is ready to take your show on the road, or at least test-drive it. Artists, writers and musicians should start workshopping your creations, or if you're ready, plan a launch or reveal ceremony. With ballsy Jupiter at the wheel, call reps, gallery owners, production studios, anyone who can accelerate the process of getting your work out there.
This transit can also bring an uptick to your romantic life, whether you're single or quite happily off the market. Jupiter's jaunt through intense Pisces and your fifth house dangles the promise of peak experiences, which can involve travel, since that is Jupiter's sweet spot. You could find yourself on the road, and if you're touring with your beloved, your experiences may be like superglue for your bond. The fifth house also rules fertility, and some Scorpios may finally feel like it's time to add a kid—or a pet—to the brood. Pro tip: Relax, enjoy the process, and don't put (too much) pressure on yourself!

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