Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope fromOctober 25 to October 31

The line between fact and fiction—or fantasy and reality—may be extra blurry this Tuesday, October 26, so think before you make any pronouncements. Twice a year, the most dewy-eyed planets, Venus and Neptune, meet in a tense square that makes it nearly impossible to get a clear and accurate read on…anything! And with Venus in your house of money and values at odds with the cosmic dream-weaver, you’d prefer to ignore things like price tags that are out of your budget or other excesses that feel irresistible. It’ll be all too easy to indulge and vow to pay the piper later, but when the bills eventually come due, you may be in a worse position to cough up the money. Before you charge or Venmo a red cent, take a reality check of how much fantasy is involved versus true need. The endorphin rush that comes from shopping (and decadent eating for that matter) is short-lived, but the subsequent guilt and remorse can last a long, long time. When it comes to love, be doubly skeptical. Snake charmers thrive on this energetic wavelength, and even the savviest Scorpios can take a con man’s bait. And with Venus-Neptune out of phase, the last thing you want is to get hooked.
Before you log out at work on Thursday, take a minute to review your Q4 goals to see how close you are to hitting them. A balancing quarter moon in Leo illuminates your professional tenth house and returns your vision to the future you want to create—not just the present-moment obstacles. It’s important to occasionally step back and out of the action to remind yourself of your highest ambitions and mission—to keep your momentum from flagging. Even though there are only two months left in 2021, that’s still plenty of time to correct course if needed and make any necessary adjustments. Think in terms of not just scale but timeline. If you’ve been pushing needlessly hard—or slacking when you should be accelerating—this quick assessment might save you hours of frustration. And if anything can be deferred until early next year, by all means, make the ask!
Get ready to rev your engines this Saturday as a major sea change makes landfall in Scorpio! Your driven, impassioned co-ruler, energizing Mars, wakes up from its seven-week snoozefest (while in gentle Libra and your introspective twelfth house) and surges into your sign until December 13. The red planet hasn’t visited your sign in two years, and this “reunion” should bring an unstoppable wave of motivation and enthusiasm. These next seven weeks will turbocharge your ambitions and give you all the get-up-and-go vigor you’ve been hoping for. If you’ve been keeping a low profile, you might not have a choice about going big now. Should that make you a touch uncomfortable, take the “you” out of the equation and focus on the good you’re offering to others. Take your rightful place at center stage, whether that platform is the company boardroom or your own bedroom. Just make sure you want what you’re going after…because you are very likely to snag it!

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