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07-06-2020 to 07-12-2020

If the cat had your tongue for the past few weeks, you'll nab it back on Sunday, when messenger Mercury effectively ends its retrograde. But until then, watch every word. With Mercury still in reverse for six more days—and backing up through Cancer and your candid ninth house—you can’t be trusted to NOT unleash your notorious stinger when someone rubs you the wrong way. Your attempts to be “honest” have probably been bungled since June 18 (if they didn’t backfire miserably—eek!). Once Sunday arrives, you can start extending olive branches and making amends. Until then, let things be, ‘cause even trying to joke your way out of it could make it worse. Fear not, Scorpio. After Sunday, Mercury will be back in direct motion in Cancer until August 4. Humor will once again lighten the mood and melt some emotional icecaps.
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This Saturday, July 11, you may feel like liberating yourself from structures that are seriously cramping your style...not to mention your summer goals. We're NOT talking about undoing all the internal progress you’ve made. But if there's not a method to the madness, why are you cleaving to these controlling ways? While Mercury prepares to forward march, Chiron, the "wounded healer" comet, pivots into its annual retrograde, this year (and until 2027), backing up through Aries and your sixth house of wellness, work and service until December 15. This forced timeout is a blessing in disguise, giving you a chance to reinvent your daily habits so that they are as pleasurable as they are productive. If your career constantly cuts into your love life or steals time from your personal passions, begin rethinking your trajectory. Scorpio, you love to be consumed by your professional pursuits—or any pursuit, TBH. If you're not obsessed, it’s not going to hold your interest. But Chiron's reverse commute can teach you important lessons about work-life balance. We need to digest our food between meals and our thoughts between conversations. It's time to apply that same maxim to your career, even if that means "enforcing" some new rules for yourself if you need a structure.
Sunday's stars put the "lust" back in "wanderlust" as the Sun flows into a trine with dreamy Neptune in your passionate, romantic fifth house. The borders you wish to stretch beyond may be literal or metaphoric ones—deep within you. Explore new vistas; mingle with intriguing people. Anything you do to reconfigure the normal outlines of your current life will be enriching. Since the ninth house rules travel, you could manifest an incredible last-minute camping trip. Or just fantasize about what it might be like to work four days a week or to be completely virtual, so your office can literally be wherever a wi-fi connection is found.

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