Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope from May 16 to May 22

As the week begins, you might feel as if you’ve been carried off into a whole other world, courtesy of a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio that jolted the skies late Sunday, May 15 into this Monday, May 16. Insights about what YOU need, want and desire flow freely through the coming days, and no one is more surprised by them than you. But on Wednesday, let your head, not your heart, guide you—particularly in the romance department. You may need to give yourself some tough love if you can’t control your cravings when impulsive Mars and unrealistic Neptune merge in your drama zone. Unattached? Guard against projecting positive characteristics onto your suitors that they may not possess.
If you’re in a relationship, be careful not to pressure bae to go along with your plans. Instead, try talking about how each of you can pursue your own passions while remaining a steady couple. Independence, as part and parcel of a loving partnership, can make the heart grow fonder. The fifth house also rules creativity, so you can make the most of this inspiring transit by making major headway on an artistic project. Or maybe schedule that long-postponed photo shoot. That way, you’ll soon have fantastic images you can use to promote your latest work. While Mars gives you the drive, Neptune provides the imaginative spark. Anything you dream up around Wednesday is bound to generate authentic emotions in people, Scorpio.
On Friday, May 20, the Sun waltzes into Gemini and your intimate eighth house. You'll be in your erotic element until June 21, and your magnetism will be impossible to resist. Take your seduction game up a notch: Replenish your lingerie drawer and add soft, sexy touches to your boudoir like a Himalayan salt lamp that casts a warm glow or scented candles that turn YOU on. Moving your body is another great way to get your kundalini rising. Dance around your home—and try a sensual movement class. Relationships intensify over the course of the next four weeks. Don't settle for less than a profound merging of bodies and souls. (As if you ever would…) Already attached? Look for different ways to seal your bond like co-signing for your first place together, putting a ring on it or planning a trip down the Dalmatian coast. Since the eighth house also governs your wealth, this is the perfect month to explore passive-income streams like affiliate sales and portfolio investments that can pad your pockets with minimal time and elbow grease.
On Sunday, you could be handed a rare second chance with a negotiation or a partnership when Mercury backs out of your eighth house of shared resources and into your interpersonal province. But take it slow and pore over details. When applicable, really dissect the fine print. Things may APPEAR one way, but under Mercury retrograde’s murky spell, wires are bound to get crossed. If you’re not sure, play for time. If you’ve run out the clock, consult a lawyer or talk it over with a counselor. Most importantly, search your heart and soul—where the best answer resides. There’s also a chance that a face from the past will make a surprise cameo appearance. Vibe it out cautiously, and don’t whitewash the (sizeable) problems that you had the last time around.

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