Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope from May 29 to June 4

The sky’s the limit this week for you, Scorpio, and the planets are encouraging you to come out of your private den, expand your horizons and see what opportunities await you. Auspicious Venus has been flapping her gossamer wings in your adventurous ninth house for three weeks already, and if your feet aren’t itchy yet, they might this weekend. On Friday, June 2, Venus spins into an opportune trine with transcendental Neptune in your fifth house (your “love shack”), and it’s going to take all your fierce willpower to keep your wits about you. Single? Keep your eyes and ears peeled for people on your wavelength, bonus points for a sexy accent or aura. By keeping a very open mind, you might realize how many potentially intriguing prospects cross your path on a regular basis! Go ahead, say hello or return their gaze.
Couples could simultaneously be struck with the desire to do something totally out of the ordinary, like booking a last-minute getaway to someplace romantic or where you engage in shared passions (or just each other). On a more platonic level, you could finally hear back from someone you contacted about a project collab. But one step at a time! You need to get to know this potential partner (or lover) before you start mulling baby—or production company—names!
This Saturday, the annual Sagittarius full moon lands in your second house of money and security, and its lunar light can bring your efforts of the past six months to a fruitful culmination. On top of that, it can provide a sense of freedom if you’ve been living on a personal austerity program or trying to save up for a big-ticket goal. Stay open to unexpected opportunities and serendipities because spontaneous Sag plays by its own rules. And since this lunation is occurring in a passionate fire sign, its message is one of action—possibly of a swift and dramatic nature.
But you still have to do YOUR work, Scorpio. Take a reality check: Are you making enough of a concerted effort to put yourself out there? If not, take stock of what you want to accomplish financially over the next six months and map out a plan to get there. No one exists in a vacuum (no, not even a Scorpio), so be prepared to spend some time charming potential clients, partners or industry influencers who can get your toe in the right doors. Update your resume and profiles—and your personal style—to reflect today’s you and start a buzz on your own behalf.
Making more coin is only part of the equation. There's no point earning more if you burn it as fast as you earn it. You need a serious budget and savings plan if you're going to reach your goals. If you realize it’s time to get some professional help, ask your savviest friends to recommend financial advisers. Even if you don't have a lot to work with now, the pros can help you turn your current assets into a plump nest egg.
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