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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope from February 22 to February 28

What an auspicious week to be a Scorpio! On Wednesday, February 24, your two rulers, penetrating Pluto in grounded Capricorn and your communication center, and impassioned Mars in your dynamic-duos zone, meet in a harmonizing trine. You’ll have the goodwill and support of the people you enjoy most. Whether you’re looking to launch a creative project, join forces for a business deal or just find someone to snuggle with in the evening, Lady Luck is on your side! Trust that you’ll be radiating the right energy and that your desire to pair with a certain someone is reciprocated.
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But while you may think you’re sending a strong, clear message, people might be receiving very mixed signals. Forget about being “mysterious,” and don’t leave people wondering where they stand. Be straightforward and confident about your desire to connect. Even if you don’t get an immediate and enthusiastic “yes,” be persistent (stopping short of full-on Scorpionic obsessiveness, of course). If you’ve been out of sync with someone, this galvanizing Mars-Pluto mashup can inspire a sincere heart-to-heart.
Whatever your relationship status, you could be in for a romantic renaissance starting on Thursday, when vixen Venus glides into Pisces and your fifth house of sensuality until March 21. If you're single, meet and greet (if only virtually) to your heart’s content. There’s no reason to NOT enjoy a sanitized "sampler platter" instead of committing to just one dish. But if you know you’re only interested in the real deal, stay vigilant. Trust those well-honed Scorpio Spidey senses, and when in doubt, take it even more slowly. Should you connect with a person of real interest, be beguilingly direct about your desires. Attached? Under this creative cycle, get up off the couch, however strong a magnetic pull it’s exerting, and move around together. And if there’s a shared project you can do together—paint the bathroom? Reupholster the sofa?—it can deepen your bond. Plus you’ll have something to show for your efforts!
On Saturday, the year’s only Virgo full moon lights up your eleventh house of tech and teamwork. Weekend it may be, but chances are, you're not the only one checking work emails. If you’ve been feeling like a party of one, be proactive about reaching out to people. This could be the perfect thing to reduce any sense of isolation. It’s easy to pull back, and then feel like we’ve been PUSHED. Set yourself up for a pleasant surprise by pinging people first, ending with a question or request for their opinion. This lunar lift in service-oriented Virgo serves up an encouraging reminder that support is actually all around you—IF you let people know it’s needed. These eleventh-house moonbeams are elbowing you to become more of a joiner, especially in the digital world. Take the lead and radar in on virtual communities that revolve around your interests. Having daily exchanges with kindred spirits is a free and easy mood booster!

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