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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope from November 23 to November 29

With sultry Venus strutting through your sign all week, magnetizing what (and who!) you’ve been eyeing could feel as easy as selecting images for a vision board. If only you’d known sooner how little effort was required, Scorpio! You probably would have given it a go last week. But "better late than never" is a fine mantra, especially this Thursday, November 26, when the benevolent Sun gets in sync with healer-feeler comet Chiron. Little efforts can repair rifts and restore your good name with people who've been giving you the side-eye lately. Don't underestimate the power of a genuine thank you note!
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Watch for backlash on Friday, though! Venus faces off with liberated Uranus in Taurus and your partnership house. Though you're craving closeness, too much “us” can get WAY intense, setting off a few alarm bells. If you find yourself drowning in heavy or emotionally charged dialogue, ease up on the throttle! You don’t have to figure it out this week; in fact, you probably can’t. So you might as well just lighten the mood, whether with your boo or a best friend. Cue up playlists or lose yourself in a Black Friday treasure. Challenge someone to a multiplayer game or take yourself on a solo walk. While this too shall pass, you may have to contend with a few freakouts about what commitment actually means. Know that moments like these happen in every relationship. Your job is to sit with the feelings instead of flying into a reactive state because bae suddenly turned into a scared eight-year-old in response to your innocent comments. (The answer? Breathe and let it pass.) Looking to change up your single status? That's more reason for experimentation this week! Let enchanting Venus and experimental Uranus guide you out of your comfort zone. A fellow mystic or music lover could sweep you off your feet.
On Saturday, dreamy Neptune snaps out of a five-month retrograde and powers forward through Pisces and your fifth house of glamour and romance. A decadent weekend deal might be worthy of the lion’s share (if not all!) of your shopping budget, but if it’s a treasure you’ll enjoy every day, it’s going to be more valuable than the ten temporary trinkets that are 30 percent off. While Neptune isn’t known for bringing clarity, when traveling in direct motion for the next seven months, it will enhance vision and idealism. Has romance been too vague for your liking? Being somebody’s side piece or getting strung along while your love interest “works through their issues” is hardly a fulfilling fantasy for you, Scorpio. Before this week is through, you could be issuing an ultimatum: Are you in or are you out? Your mojo might have been in slow-mo, or you could have been reluctant to hop on the apps with Neptune backstroking through the sea of love since June 23. But these next several days are a kundalini-rising kind of week for you, and you’ll enjoy being a true Scorpio again. Kick off your fuzzy bunny slippers and slide into something that’s both comfortable AND sexy! Some pampering and a glamorous winter wardrobe upgrade will do wonders to boost your mood.

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