Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

Your March Scorpio Love Horoscope

Sweet emotion! This month is one for the romantic books as Venus and Mars travel through two of the most sentimental and affectionate zones of your chart. Since Valentine’s Week, the cosmic love birds have been in Aquarius and your fourth house of home, family and feelings. Hibernation may have been extra hot, especially if Venus and Mars sent some sexy company to join you.
With motivator Mars in this nostalgic zone, some Scorpios may have taken a big emotional step: meeting each other’s families, trading keys or house-hunting. Family plans could have moved forward, too.
As the month progresses, Venus and Mars will shift into Pisces and your fifth house of romance, passion and play. One of the best days to open your heart and tell someone how you feel arrives at the March 10 Pisces new moon. And your spring fever can spike from there as Venus enters Pisces on March 11 (till April 5) and lusty Mars joins her on March 22, staying through April 30. 
Coupled or single, you'll be in the mood to live it up and celebrate life, indulging in a few guilty pleasures while you’re at it. Flirt with abandon—your inner siren is on fire and fueled up for some steamy seduction. With the Sun in Pisces until March 19, single Scorpios could find their dance card rather full all month long, fielding attractive prospects or just enjoying a fun fling or two. You radiate confidence now—so let contenders exert a little extra effort to win you over. 
From March 22 on, sizzling Mars in Pisces ramps up your libido, and you’ll need to find a sexy outlet for all this combustible heat. A dramatic makeover can boost your confidence now. Tuck the shapeless winter pieces into seasonal storage and slip into something sexier and more Scorpionic. 
Just watch for a tendency to be overly dramatic and demanding while aggressive Mars is here. Your reactions can be too quick, which will only turn the embers of conflict into a senseless full-on blaze.
On March 25, the Libra lunar eclipse could bring closure to a painful or confusing situation. Have you been unsure of whether to stay or go? In the light of this supercharged full moon, you may see things clearly. New information could be revealed, whether it’s about the other person’s intentions or your own true feelings. While eclipse energy can be shocking, especially at a full moon (lunar) eclipse, trust that any chapter that ends is simply making way for something much better to fill the space.
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