Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

March 2023 Scorpio Love Horoscope

For the first half of the month, you might be unsure whether you want to go all in or hold back a bit. Pulling you into the depths is fiery Mars, who's blazing through Gemini and your eighth house of intense emotions and sensuality until March 25. But your head could interfere with your heart (and the heat), thanks to Venus in Aries and your analytical sixth house.

Mars has been in Gemini since August 20, 2022, so you’re no stranger to this intensity (plus…you’re a Scorpio!). Even so, that’s a long time to operate at this maximum settings. Both Venus’ and Mars’ placements can fuel overthinking, and you might be torn between burning desire for a hot new love interest and an equally fervent sense of duty to a current partner. 

Loyalty is one thing, but sticking with someone who doesn’t “spark joy” is another. If you find yourself in this scenario, try talking it through. Maybe you've got some old resentment or unexpressed desires blocking the flow. At the very least, you'll know you gave it a shot. With mature Saturn starting a three-year visit to Pisces and your romance house on March 7, this sober approach is recommended!
While Mars wraps its long cycle, you might be a little anxious about love, impatient to get everything locked down. Mars can also bring out a jealous, micromanaging streak and Venus in this placement might unleash a controlling side. Instead of picking your partner apart or angst-ing over what you want from love, dive into a personal growth inquiry. While you're feeling so inquisitive and analytical, you could make some major self-discoveries that will benefit your love life long-term. 

Keep your radar up, too! You could meet someone with soulmate potential through professional or healthy pursuits on March 2 when Venus connects to Jupiter. A business trip or an industry conference could turn up more than just new client prospects. And a trip to the gym could unearth new ways to break a sweat!
Venus moves into Taurus and your partnership realm on March 16, putting the focus on long-term committed relationships until April 11. With Mars in your intimate eighth house for another week, the relationship stakes feel super-high! You may have an “are you in or are you out?” moment. When Venus connects with liberating Uranus on March 30, anyone that makes you feel the slightest bit possessed or tied down could send you running!

Just in time, Mars will shift into Cancer from March 25 until May 20, activating your horizon-widening ninth house. Finally: You can get out of your head and see things from a big-picture perspective. A literal change of scene can make all the difference. With lusty Mars in your travel zone, you could have crazy chemistry with someone from a different background than yours, or a person you meet while traveling. Attached Scorpios: is it time to plan that second (or first!) honeymoon? Set those fare alerts and start mapping a decadent destination.

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