Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

Your September Scorpio Love Horoscope

A little fantasy goes a long way this September! With sexy Mars quixotic Libra and your dreamy twelfth house all month, it may be hard to pull you down off romantic cloud nine and back onto terra firma. You could have slipped your "love goggles" on so tightly you can’t seem to remove them. 
Passionate Mars, your co-ruler, is in residence here all month (until October 12), which turns up the heat on those steamy daydreams but can also lead you into temptation—or dicey codependent waters. You’ll have to watch yourself closely so you don’t get caught in a riptide of unhealthy emotions. Being supportive of your significant other is admirable, but doing their heavy lifting or putting up with unsavory behavior is a no-go. 
If you’ve struggled to figure out a definitive next step for your love life this summer, fear not. On September 3, love planet Venus it wraps up a challenging six-week backspin that began on July 22. Over the summer, coupled Scorpios may have clashed over future plans, or felt pressured about long-term commitments. An unrealistic fantasy about someone you had hoisted on a pedestal could have plagued you. 
The retrograde may have also sparked a reunion with an ex—and if you two still weren’t in sync, maybe it helped put those longings to bed once and for all. Since the tenth house rules fathers, some old “daddy issues” likely reared up in your love life, too. Were you rebelling against your buried ideas of what a partnership should be, or reacting to what a male/father figure did (or didn't) do? With Venus retrograde, these woes may have seeped into your love life.
Good news: Venus is not only direct (forward) now, it stays in Leo until October 8. This should make it markedly easier to plan for the future or get on the same page as a partner. Sparks could fly with someone you meet socially through professional networks, so RSVP “yes” to those back-to-school season industry events and parties.
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