The 2024 Venus in Cancer Transit Is Here: Cuddle Up!

When Venus nestles into sentimental Cancer, you’ll want to hold hands, write love notes and hug people for at least 20 oxytocin-releasing seconds. Awww! Here’s your Venus in Cancer transit horoscope.

Who wants a hug? Summer gets off to a nostalgic start as love planet, Venus, leaves cerebral Gemini and moves into sentimental Cancer, from June 17 to July 11, 2024.

Enough talking—it’s time to get out of your head and let those deeper feelings emerge.

Affectionate Venus in touchy-feely Cancer will have us all wanting to be coddled and cuddled. Cancer rules the home, so your abode could become the site of some sweet, seasonal bonding.

Arrange your living space to maximize conversation and comfort. Maybe host a little gathering at your place where the intimate vibes can help everyone make genuine, heartfelt connections.


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The Venus in Cancer Transit Is Definitely A Mood

If you needed the incentive to serve breakfast in bed on that adorable vintage silver tray you thrifted, hello, Venus in Cancer transit! While you’re at it, break out the letterpress cards and your favorite set of pens and get to work on a non-digital love letter. Romantic gestures should skew sentimental if you want to hit the mark for the coming weeks.

Coupled? Ready to give each other a spare set of keys, meet the families or talk babies? With Venus in this cozy sign, it’s the perfect window to get closer. Just be aware of how your fluctuating moods may impact others now.

Single? You might feel especially shy or sensitive when meeting new people during the Venus in Cancer transit. A workaround? Let your inner circle make introductions. This doesn’t have to be obvious. Just start showing up at all the places they invite you to. The intimate vibes could help you make a genuine, heartfelt connection. Watch for neediness, which can make you act too clingy too quickly.

One important note! Venus’s copilot, lusty Mars, rides through Taurus for the duration of the Venus in Cancer transit, making homewhere the heart AND the heat can be found! Keep in mind: slow and sensual wins the race in your love life, too. Taurus is the sign of traditional courtship gestures, but with impatient Mars hitting the gas, relationships may quickly accelerate into serious status. Combative Mars in headstrong Taurus can lead to formidable fights where nobody backs down willingly. Of course, the sparks you set off with marathon makeup-sex could be (almost) worth the trouble. Read more about the Mars in Taurus transit.

Your Venus in Cancer Transit Horoscope

The most hardened hearts soften when Venus, the planet of love, beauty, relationships and pleasure, slips into home-sweet-home Cancer from June 17 to July 11, 2024.

You can read your Venus in Cancer transit horoscope for your Sun sign or your rising sign (ascendant). Visit our Cosmic Calculators if you want to find your Rising sign or discover more about your personal astrology. And read your daily horoscopes to never miss a detail!

Aries (March 21-April 19) Venus in Cancer transit horoscope

Romantic Venus dances through Cancer, your domestic fourth house. Home sweet home is a sultry place to be! Single Rams should give those wholesome, hottie-next-door types a second look between June 17 and July 11. Coupled? Devote the next few weeks to feathering your love nest or carving out more low-key moments for bonding (privately). But don’t go MIA in that couple bubble! 

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Taurus (April 20-May 20) Venus in Cancer transit horoscope

Cosmic coquette Venus cruises into Cancer on June 17 in your third house/communication zone—and sharpening your game! Single? You’ll be the belle of Bumble, but you could be as lucky in the flesh as you are on the dating apps. Already attached? Make playtime a priority. Stock the shared calendar with cultural activities, road trips, and record release parties, and fill your calendar until July 11 with fun. But do leave SOME blank spaces on the calendar.

Taurus horoscopes, read more!

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Venus in Cancer transit horoscope

Old-fashioned romance may become your new jam beginning June 17. For this, you can thank sensuous Venus in your traditional second house. Until July 11, revel in courtship rituals that build anticipation and excitement. Slowing down reveals everything you need to know about the object of your affection. Hosting value-driven Venus here can bring greater respect for your money. Save up for quality purchases instead of impulse splurges. Socializing for work can translate into cold, hard cash.

Gemini horoscopes, read more!

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Venus in Cancer transit horoscope

Give the world a twirl as radiant Venus zips into Cancer until July 11. For the coming weeks, you aren’t simply oozing charm from every pore, you’re a magnetic force field of passion. But as you know, Cancer, it all begins with self-love. Take yourself on regular dates, dress in ‘fits that are stylish and flattering and be the initiator in personal interactions. If someone’s been ghosting, don’t drain yourself trying to desperately reconnect. Instead, dive back into your personal projects. Being the fascinating figure that you are is what makes you feel the most attractive at the end of the day. 

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Leo (July 23-August 22) Venus in Cancer transit horoscope

Rose-colored glasses become your favorite spring accessory starting June 17 as romantic Venus cruises into Cancer and your twelfth house of fantasy until July 11. Swooning is inescapable. But don’t forget to run the vital background checks on anyone who makes it past the first Tinder date. Already attached? Spend more time in your couple bubble and disappear on a sexy getaway, even if it’s just for a night or two. But don’t go completely MIA!

Leo horoscopes, read more!

Virgo (August 23-September 22) Venus in Cancer transit horoscope

Romantic Venus cruises into your liberated eleventh house June 17 to July 11, lightening your mood in the game of love. Single Virgos might prefer to hold on to solo status, dating around and enjoying a spring fling (or three). Accept invites from new friends over the coming weeks: Your future soulmate could be hanging out at an after-work soiree or weekend gathering. Attached? Incorporate your S.O. into your social life and gather a shared friend group for summer socializing.

Virgo horoscopes, read more!

Libra (September 23-October 22) Venus in Cancer transit horoscope

Magnetic Venus ascends into Cancer and your goal-oriented tenth house from June 17 to July 11. Nurture relationships with industry influencers and office VIPs. Thoughtful touches, such as handwritten thank-you notes or tasteful gifts, can help you earn loyalty points. Since Venus rules beauty, you may also revamp your work wardrobe.

Libra horoscopes, read more!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) Venus in Cancer transit horoscope

You’ll put the “lust” in “wanderlust” starting June 17 as amorous Venus moves into Cancer and your global ninth house! Coupled Scorpios, book a bonding baecation, even if all you can squeeze in is two nights in a boutique hotel. Single? A festival trip or a getaway with friends could bring the bonus of a vacation romance while Venus treks through this zone until July 11. Cross-cultural relationships simmer with extra spice, so don’t rule out long-distance romance over the next four weeks. 

Scorpio horoscopes, read more!

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Venus in Cancer transit horoscope

Your charisma quotient is rising strong starting June 17 as love planet Venus slips into Cancer and your magnetic eighth house until July 11. The urge to merge will be ultra-strong but save your final rose for the keepers! Coupled Archers could take a bold step together, blending your lives—and even your assets—in more permanent ways. 

Sagittarius horoscopes, read more!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Venus in Cancer transit horoscope

Your self-sufficient sign gets a nudge to partner up starting June 17, as loving Venus grooves into Cancer and your seventh house of dynamic duos. You’re a natural provider, Capricorn, but instead of giving in the material sense, try offering quality time and emotional availability. By July 11, this influence could help crack your overly dependable, in-control shell, allowing you to enjoy the sweet synergy of feel-good collaborations. Of course, you can’t be there for others if you’re not taking great care of yourself. 

Capricorn horoscopes, read more!

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Venus in Cancer transit horoscope

Radiant Venus sashays into Cancer and your sixth house of wellness starting June 17. Forget the contouring cream. Your best beauty aids until July 11 are endorphin-pumping workouts, detoxifying salt baths and antioxidant-rich superfoods. Your commitment to self-care will pay dividends in your love life by tuning you to the frequency of healthier romantic prospects. Coupled Aquarians can cement their bonds by breaking a sweat together. 

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Pisces (February 19-March 20) Venus in Cancer transit horoscope

You’ll be inspired to wear your heart (and your art) on your sleeve, your footwear, manicures and anywhere else you can stylize starting June 17. For this you can thank vivacious Venus, who’s cruising through Cancer until July 11. While Venus fires up your glamorous fifth house, treat every day like a costume party or a potential dress-up date. Even if you don’t have dinner plans or tickets to an event, act (and dress) as if! The law of attraction could bring them your way before you know it.

Pisces horoscopes, read more!

Even more about Venus: FAQs & more

All about Venus, the planet of romance, and the 2024 Venus transits affecting your love life.

What are the Venus in Cancer transit dates?

The dates of the Venus in Cancer transit are June 17 to July 11, 2024. Next up? Venus transits through courageous Leo, July 11 to August 4, 2024.

What other signs will Venus visit in 2024?

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and luxury, lending its decadent energy to every zodiac sign for three to five weeks each year.

Venus visits all the signs in 2024, twice in Capricorn and Aquarius.

There are no Venus retrogrades in 2024.

2024 Venus transit signs and dates

CAPRICORN: January 23-February 16
AQUARIUS: February 16-March 11
PISCES: March 11-April 5
ARIES: April 5-29
TAURUS: April 29-May 23
GEMINI: May 23-June 17
CANCER: June 17-July 11 (you are here!)
LEO: July 11-August 4
VIRGO: August 4-29
LIBRA: August 29-September 22
SCORPIO: September 22-October 17
SAGITTARIUS: October 17-November 11
CAPRICORN: November 11-December 7
AQUARIUS: December 7-January 2, 2025

Get personal: Do you know your Venus sign?

When you were born, Venus was orbiting through a specific part of the sky—and zodiac sign. Wherever that placement was is called your Venus sign. It may be the same as your Sun sign, but not necessarily.

Use our cosmic calculator below to discover what zodiac sign and house Venus was in when you were born. To accurately determine the house, you will need to know your birth time (if you don’t know it, use your best estimation, or 12 noon).

Find your Venus sign

When you were born, Venus was orbiting through a specific part of the sky—and zodiac sign. Wherever that placement was is called your Venus sign. It may be the same as your Sun sign, but not necessarily. Use our cosmic calculator below to discover what zodiac sign and house Venus was in when you were born. To accurately determine the house, you will need to know your birth time. Then, read all about your Venus sign here.

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A Venus in Cancer playlist

Here’s a soundtrack you can enjoy for the Venus in Cancer transit, compiled by Astrostyle’s resident mixologist, Jennifer Newman, AKA Astralselector! Enjoy!

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