Sun Sign or Rising Sign Horoscope: Which Should You Read?

Here’s why we recommend reading your Sun sign horoscope first, then your rising sign, and why astrologers use these “broad strokes” methods for writing big-picture forecasts that everyone can read.

With the explosion in popularity of social media, many new astrologers promote that reading your horoscope for your rising sign is more accurate than reading your horoscope for your Sun sign. This claim is misleading and confusing, and not exactly accurate.

The truth? Only someone born the very same minute as you (in the same time zone) will have the same chart! Since we astrologers couldn’t write billions of horoscopes a day, we use the “broad stroke” setting of Sun sign horoscopes. Reading for your rising sign is also a broad-stroke method. We explain why here!

What’s the difference between my Sun sign and my rising sign?

Both your Sun sign and your rising sign have a lot to do with how you show up in the world and express yourself. The Sun reveals how you shine, your identity and personality. The rising sign is the face you show the world, the first impression you make and how you want to be seen.

Your Sun sign is the same thing as your zodiac sign (“I’m a Gemini” or “Proud Scorpio!”). It represents the zodiac sign that the Sun was shining in at your time of birth. The Sun changes signs every 30 days or so, beginning a new season between the 18th and 23rd of the month.

The rising sign represents the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon when you were born. This changes every 2 hours or so. To know your rising sign you must know your time of birth.

Therein lies the reason that Sun sign horoscopes have prevailed over time. Not everyone has the privilege of knowing when they entered the world, which means they can’t read for their rising sign.

Is a rising sign horoscope more accurate than a Sun sign horoscope? (Short answer: no)

While you can read your horoscope for your rising sign, it won’t necessarily be more accurate than the horoscope for your Sun sign. Both methods paint the horoscope in broad strokes, using the whole sign method, which divides the 12 zodiac houses equally.

The difference between Sun sign and rising sign horoscopes

• Sun sign horoscopes put your Sun sign in the first house—at 0º on the ascendant— and count around the zodiac from there.

• Rising sign horoscopes put your rising sign—at 0º on the ascendant—and count around the zodiac from there.

FYI: The zodiac moves in a specific order from Aries through Pisces: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Neither system takes into account the degrees of the planets or your rising sign, which is where the “fine brush” setting of astrology comes into play. To calculate that we use far more sophisticated house systems: Placidus or Tropical. There are many other house systems that other astrologers use, which also cast a more detailed chart than whole sign systems.

Disclaimer! We aren’t hating on whole signs! But if you know your time of birth (which you would need to read for your rising sign), you can do a Placidus chart and get a custom forecast that is 100% you!

Tell me more about the Placidus house system

“We use the Placidus or Tropical house method, which has never failed us when we are doing a deeper-dive astrology reading.”

-The AstroTwins

We use the Placidus, Tropical house method, which has never failed us, especially when we are doing a deeper-dive reading. This method, which takes into account the location of your birth, casts houses at different sizes. In the Placidus system, every single chart is unique. This is true for the two of us—born 4 minutes apart; we have slightly different charts. In order for us to write a rising sign horoscope, we’d have to literally do billions of forecasts per day!

You can create a free birth chart using this method right here on our site! And if you want to learn more about interpreting your chart, our Cosmic Code course bundle was made for you!

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Sun sign horoscopes direct your daily action!

Sun sign forecasts focus on the way you represent yourself in the world. They are great motivators for planning your days, weeks and months. We attribute this to several things:

The Sun represents your personality: There are commonalities that people born under the same Sun sign share and we focus on these in our horoscope and book writing. (Learn about each Sun sign’s traits here.)

Sun sign horoscopes are action-oriented and practical, focused on how you shine in the world—that’s what the Sun is all about!

You only need to know your birthday to know your Sun sign. As mentioned above and in Tali’s video, to know your rising sign, you have to know your time of birth. Many people do not know their exact time of birth! Some birth certificates unfortunately don’t list time of birth, so you may need to rely on a parent’s memory or have a professional astrologer “reconstruct” your chart and make their best guess for your rising sign.

Is your rising sign your true zodiac sign?

The rising sign changes approximately every two hours, that’s why you need to know your time of birth to get an accurate answer. In astrology, your rising sign colors the first impression that you make—everything from your appearance to your attitude and demeanor. You can also think of your rising sign as a “filter” or a “tint.” If your Sun sign made you blue, your rising sign determines whether you’re a powder blue, a bright cornflower or a dark navy.

Your rising sign is not your true zodiac sign. You have only one zodiac sign and that is your Sun sign. The date of your birth determines your Sun sign. If you don’t know yours, use our calculator below. Check the “unknown time” box if you do not know the time of your birth. You can find your Sun sign using only your birthdate. All the Sun sign dates of Western astrology may be found here.

Reading your horoscope for your Sun sign speaks to your core

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