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Create your Birth Chart Instantly

Discover the map of your true self! Do free, unlimited astrology charts.

Your Birth Chart: What It All Means

Solar Return Charts, Progressed Charts + More

Full-Length Birth Charts

Your Natal Astrology Report

Learn what the planets, zodiac signs, houses at your moment of birth mean about you! What are your unique challenges and strengths? This 25-page birth (natal) chart from our friends at Astrolabe is emailed to you instantly. Get one for yourself or gift a loved one!

Relationship + Compatibility Charts

Relationship Charts

Composite & Synastry Charts

Are you compatible? What are the challenges and strengths of your relationship? We’ve partnered with our friends at Astrolabe to offer this in-depth astrology chart analysis of any relationship. Emailed to you instantly.
Check out our expansive course library to learn everything from reading a birth chart to love astrology, our prosperity-boosting I*AM system, and Feng Shui for every space in your life!