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Your Weekly Overview:

Take a sharp detour away from anything basic this Monday, August 3. As the annual full moon in Aquarius unleashes expression, it’s time to embrace your own inner weirdness. Here’s the beautiful paradox of Aquarius energy: It rules both individuality AND collaboration. How can you bring your unique skills to share with a collective? Keep that in mind and your dream team could assemble within two weeks of this full moon. 

With this humanitarian energy afoot, how about activating your activism—or directing it to reach more people? This tech-savvy full moon could bring powerful synergies in the virtual realm. Log in and sync up with people who are working toward a similar end goal. If you have a social media following, use your platform to inspire people to get involved in making a difference, perhaps by donating, signing petitions or remembering to vote. 

Career-wise, this could be the call to sign up for a class that sharpens your skills in something like coding or digital marketing. Set up news alerts so you can stay up to date with what is happening in the world. Being aware of the present is an important part of helping to design a new future, which is what this full moon is all about.
After extended voyages through a single sign, Mercury and Venus are both moving on to new zodiac stations this week. On Tuesday, messenger Mercury enters Leo’s fiery den, heating up passion and bringing a wave of cultural and artistic expression until September 6. Since May 28, the expressive planet was submerged in introspective, compassionate Cancer, heightening sensitivities and, TBH, making it a little bit easier to deal with social restrictions that kept us all close to home. 

Normally Mercury hovers in a sign for a brief three weeks. But due to the June 18 to July 12 retrograde, 2020 gave us ten heart-opening weeks to be all in our feelings. From grief to rage to empathy, Mercury’s move into Cancer unlocked the vault. The timing of this cycle began three days after the tragic murder of George Floyd and dovetailed with the passionate, global uprising—as well as the ongoing call for justice for Breonna Taylor. 

There is just no ignoring the heart-wrenching pain of injustice when Mercury is in the sign of family, safety and the divine mother. The solidarity of the past two months could produce some clear-cut leaders as Mercury traverses regal Leo from August 4 to 19. Do you hear a call to step up? Don’t let fear or discomfort stop you from making the difference your (Leo-ruled) heart is demanding of you.
But maybe wait a day before you rush into action. Tuesday marks the first of three complicated squares between brash Mars in Aries and bravado-boosting Jupiter (retrograde) in Capricorn. People will be feeling proud and pompous that day. While this can ignite a dynamic (and seriously sexual) spark, power struggles could also erupt. 

Tone down the swagger! Even a modest humblebrag could quickly devolve into a battle of the egos. On the world stage, this complex transit could provoke major power struggles. World leaders could clash, and the drama could repeat itself again during the sequel squares on October 19, 2020 and January 23, 2021.
On Friday, sweet, loving Venus picks up where Mercury left off, decamping to cozy Cancer until September 6.  The warm-fuzzy vibes continue during this four-week cycle. Need to get something off your chest? Diplomatic Venus can help you address emotional friction without intensifying the charge. Atmosphere is everything, so whatever outcome you want to create, think ahead! (Heck, make a mood board.) From lights to sounds to beautifully plated meals, setting the right tone is a multisensory experience. 

This transit also wraps up Venus’ prolonged passage through dualistic, intellectual Gemini, which began on April 3 and included a head-spinning retrograde from May 13 to June 25. Here’s hoping you emerge being BFFs with your boo—or at least having a greater sense of empathy for your loved ones’ quirks. Venus in Gemini helped forward the cultural conversations around subjects like race and how to “police” a neighborhood in new ways. On a personal level, however, it left many people stuck in analysis paralysis. 

As the planet drifts into soft-focused Cancer, it’s time to use our hearts at least as much as our minds. Wrap your arms around your people (if you can). And if you can’t literally embrace, start spoiling each other with nurturing gestures, like ordering each other dinner from your favorite restaurants or setting up a weekly time to call and check in. This is also a great time to develop closer ties to neighbors as you find new ways to support each other through any emotional or economic strife. Bulk grocery order, anyone?

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