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What’s this week’s horoscope forecast for your zodiac sign? The AstroTwins’ weekly horoscopes reveal what the planets have in store and how to use astrology to navigate the week ahead.

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From February 29 to March 6

Patience will be a hard virtue to attain during Tuesday’s Mars-Jupiter square.

You want what you want, and you want it now! This Tuesday, February 27, the two most impatient planets butt heads, igniting egos and tempers. Hotheaded Mars and know-it-all Jupiter aren’t known for getting people to back down or admit they’re wrong. If you find yourself digging in your heels, force yourself to detach and walk away. Better to lose a little pride than waste precious hours in a no-win argument.

Wednesday is “the Day of Challenges” as the Sun and Saturn form their annual merger.

Dream a little dream—then make it a reality! With the forthright Sun and expressive Mercury aligning in imaginative Pisces on Wednesday, your creative ideas will meet with a warm reception. But be careful who you share those visions with for now. Sobering Saturn will also join this Pisces posse, bringing a harsh reality check if you get too excited, too soon. Because there’s no room for shortcuts, we call the annual Sun-Saturn meetup “the Day of Challenges.” Take your time and make sure you have all the components in place. Your diligent efforts could pay off over time, perhaps attracting the hard-earned respect of an industry leader. But watch for heavy moods. Instead of getting discouraged, go back to the drawing board and put a solid plan in place. If you lose perspective, remember that this weighty energy will pass soon enough.

Honor your need for space this weekend as Venus tussles with liberated Uranus.

Even the most harmonious relationships could hit a rough patch this weekend as Venus in unpredictable Aquarius and volatile Uranus in Taurus clash in a tense square. Short fuses and stubbornness can make it hard to get on the same page. Even worse? Nobody’s willing to compromise. Step away from people who are pushing your buttons. It’s tempting to react when you’re feeling cornered, but a level head always prevails. Feeling bored or claustrophobic in a relationship? You could have the urge to bolt. But today’s energy will pass as quickly as it blows in, and you’re likely to regret acting on it. Better to take a timeout than make any rash and hard-to-reverse moves. Bear in mind the difference between being spontaneous and recklessly impulsive. You might think a quick, almost-spring fling is a good idea tonight, but will tomorrow be a different story?

And remember: The truth shall set you free!

Sunday brings a waning quarter moon in candid Sagittarius that sets the stage for honest dialogue at basically any time this weekend. An issue you’ve been processing since the full moon a week ago has been weighing on your mind. Now you can put it into perspective and even find a silver lining. Is it time to close the loop on an unresolved debate? Instead of getting stuck on who’s right and who’s wrong, open the discussion to a variety of perspectives and try to see things from all the angles.

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