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Fairness and equity are the name of the game, but how do we actually define these ideals? This could be a hotly contested topic starting Tuesday, October 27, as retrograde Mercury backs up into Libra for the final seven days of its reverse commute. The mindful messenger planet has been doing a number on the world since it first turned retrograde on October 13. From missing mail-in ballots to misinformation being cobbled into conspiracy theories to misbehaving media moguls flashing their colleagues on Zoom—Mercury’s two-week moonwalk through Scorpio has not strayed from its reputation. Justice may be served from left field as Mercury slips back into Libra on Tuesday, the sign represented by the scales. (RBG, please help us from above!) If you’re registered to vote in the U.S., make sure you follow every rule to the letter. You can check this state-by-state voting guide from to make sure you’ve ticked every box and, of course, signed (and dated) your ballot!
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A little later on Tuesday, Venus makes her annual homecoming to Libra, one of the two star signs she counts as a cosmic castle. Despite Mercury retrograde shadowing the love planet through this zodiac court until November 3, peacekeeping Venus will restore a harmony to the world while hovering here until November 21. During this golden romantic period, Cupid will be in close firing range and, despite our Election anxiety, his arrows are sure to hit the mark. (TBH, who couldn’t use a dose of distraction while nervously awaiting the results of this pivotal moment in history?) Libra is the zodiac's partnership sign. Whether for business or pleasure, it’s time to collaborate, cooperate and communicate with joy once again. And indulge a little, as best you can. We’ll all have a weak spot for life's finer things now: haute cuisine, beautiful fabrics, art, music and all kinds of revelry. Just watch the cashflow when following the hedonistic impulses. Wanting something doesn’t always have to equate to possessing it. If you have to buy it on credit, you should probably hold off and put it on a holiday wish list instead.
Halloween 2020 arrives with a special brand of magic, featuring a full moon in earthy, sensual Taurus. This is the first time we’ve had a full moon on October 31 since 2001, so we’d call it a pretty big deal! Calling all Little Women, Tiger Kings, and @SashaBeFlutings. Full moons are notorious for bringing out the wild side in us all, so good luck trying to skip out on the worldwide costume party. And that goes double this Saturday, given that spontaneous Uranus in Taurus is directly wired into the full moon’s network, while also opposing the seductive Scorpio Sun. True, our howling activities may be restricted (which, for the record, will require major willpower), but by no means should Halloween be #Cancelled. In earthy, luxe Taurus, this full moon will direct many of us outdoors. Go on a haunted hike through the woods or through a ghost town, if you dare. Swap your trick-or-treat bags for picnic baskets and set up a decadent moonlight meal (weather permitting). This could be the moment where you finally get to try out some of those #WitchTok spells or rituals from a legit sorceress you’ve been following on TikTok. Too “woo” for you? Luxuriate indoors with a sensual celebration. Drape yourself in luscious fabrics, slow cook a feast fit for royals and fall asleep curled up like a Cheshire Cat after watching as many scary movies as your heart desires.

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