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Cancer Weekly Horoscope from February 22 to February 28

Whether you’re working closely with one colleague or are deeply entrenched in a team project, you’ll do your best work by buddying up this week (so stop swearing you’re “not a group person"). On Wednesday, February 24, impassioned Mars in your collaborative eleventh house aligns with potent Pluto in your relationship zone—and both are in grounded earth signs.
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Be open and transparent in your communications, and don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes. When you’re joining forces with like-minded people, you can accomplish an exponential amount of work—and of a higher quality. Ride the wave! The effects of the Mars-Pluto mashup can reverberate all week long, allowing you to get more done on your own because you don’t have to micromanage others. For single Crabs, this alignment may offer a fringe benefit: attracting a special someone into your orbit. Attached? Bundle up, get out of the house and do something adventurous together. If Valentine's Day was a dud, Hump Day could offer a shot at a romantic do-over!
Adventure may become a recurring theme starting on Thursday, when pleasure planet Venus parades into Pisces and your intrepid, expansive ninth house until March 21. This is also the realm of travel, and if that’s not remotely in the cards, you can still dream of distant shores—and do some research and planning for when you can finally get away. Perhaps in the coming month you could find someplace close (and safe) yet off-the-grid enough to feel a little adventurous—or at least romantic. If you can’t get to a white-sand, warm-water beach, how about a baecation in a well-sanitized cabin with a fireplace and water views (even if said water is just a pond)? If you’re single, is there “one that got away” you could reach out to, perhaps in another time zone (or country code)? Couples might feel the need for more breathing room under this unbridled transit. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, even for Crabs who normally love being together 24/7.
Full moons can activate your desires more than they do for most other signs because la luna is your ruler. And because Saturday’s full moon in Virgo lights up your locally-sourced third house, the hottest spots could be closer than you realize. Surely there’s (safe) fun to be had within walking distance. And you can make a few neighborhood proprietors’ days by patronizing the still-open venues in your ‘hood. This lunar light can also shine a spotlight on a kindred spirit or upgrade a budding acquaintance to full-fledged friend status. Since the third house rules communication, you may be inspired to revisit a project that got relegated to the back-burner, like a memoir, podcast or another ambitious project. Devote half an hour a day to it and watch it come to life!

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