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09-21-2020 to 09-27-2020

This Tuesday, September 22, kicks off one of your most contented months of the year, second only to Cancer season! And really, Crab, this is the next-best thing because the radiant Sun is hunkered down in aesthetic and comfort-loving Libra and your domestic fourth house, AKA the Cancer zone. You won’t need to manufacture excuses to stay in, whether on your own, with bae or entertaining small and safe groups from among your bubble. In between socializing, you’ll be grateful for more time to devote to your crafts, decorating, cooking and baking and just kicking back with a good read, feet up and pillows perfectly configured around you. If the reno bug does bite, don’t do anything rash. Take your time—and relish—pouring through Pinterest boards and shelter blogs. You do wonders on a shoestring, so no need to blow your entire budget! When you do come out from under the cashmere throw, you’ll be primed to shower your inner circle (especially the chicas) with attention and affection—and allowing them to “repay” you in kind. You’re the zodiac’s unrivaled nurturer, and as such, you’re all about strengthening the ties that bind.
But you won’t be tethered to home base the entire month! On Sunday, expressive Mercury begins an extended tour of Scorpio and your creative and passionate fifth house. While this romp normally lasts three weeks, you’re being “gifted” an extra five because the winged messenger will be retrograde from October 13 to November 3 (dipping back into Libra from October 27 to November 10). Even if you’re too busy to peek at your calendar, just know that the real takeaway is that, between now and December 1, you have a golden opportunity to stretch past previous limitations and create masterful work, rekindle sparks with bae or fall into a whole new kind of love-or-lust with someone who ticks all your boxes. (Which is saying something, Crab, because there are more than a few boxes.) It’s a time for experimentation, withholding judgment and giving yourself permission to act without worrying about the outcome. See what happens when you aren’t trying to control anyone or anything. There’s a freedom there that’s so heady, you might never want it any other way!

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