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Cancer Weekly Horoscope from November 23 to November 29

Charming the masses takes minimal effort this week as convivial Venus sizzles in Scorpio, revealing your gifts as a magnetic AND magnanimous leader. Take charge of plans that are floundering for direction. Whether you're setting a small holiday table or setting up a Zoom room for a glamorous pitch meeting, you're the consummate host. That could make a world of difference for someone this Thursday, November 26, when the Sun trines "wounded healer" comet Chiron. Never underestimate the power of inclusion. Someone who's been feeling left out could have a life-changing moment simply because you invited them to the party.
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Bear in mind that others will have their own agendas, at least this Friday, November 27, when Venus in your self-expressed fifth house opposes chaotic Uranus in your community corner. Do NOT open the opinion polls for input or feedback—unless you're prepared for psychological whiplash. Drama could heat up quickly when someone's irascible mood threatens to derail the moment or bring down group morale. (Why, yes, you DO prefer a sans-serif typeface for the pitch deck.) If you're feeling unresolved with an individual in your circle (or even your S.O.), involving other people will just exacerbate the tension. Don't loop them in until you and the "offending party" have had some private time to work out your differences. The last thing you need is to drag everyone into this. Of course, maybe this is the final clarion call to set a self-protective boundary. Over the course of the weekend, there may be some casting changes in your friend group: Out with the toxic, in with the true!
While "travel deals!" might not be at the top of anyone's weekend shopping list, the smart consumer understands how to work with the law of supply and demand. While you're surfing for steals, check a few airlines, hotels and resorts. Do they have any doorbusting offers with extra-long redemption windows? (As in two to five years?) Or maybe it's just time to upgrade your luggage set or install a bike rack on your car so you can drive to a trail. There's a reason to "think globally" when considering your purchase. This Saturday, dreamy Neptune awakens from the five-month retrograde it began on June 23. That backtrack took place in Pisces and your ninth house of travel, expansion and higher knowledge. Maybe you lost sight of your true north or were test-driving a philosophy or spiritual practice that wasn’t a perfect fit. It’s okay to let it go and rediscover your own inner wisdom. After Saturday, you’ll be able to radar in on what YOU believe. If in the process of your metaphysical stretching you overstepped your bounds or stepped on someone’s toes, ask their forgiveness and do your best to make amends. In some cases, that might mean just giving the other person a bit of space. Got an idea for a book or blog? Since the ninth house also rules publishing, this forward thrust of creative Neptune could help you spin the lessons of your struggles into a page-turning memoir.

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