Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope from May 29 to June 4

With charismatic Venus spinning through your sign, you’re simply irresistible (yes, even more than usual). As if that weren’t enough, on Friday, June 2, the love goddess catches a supportive beam from soulful Neptune in your expansive ninth house. This can not only turn you into a miracle magnet, but it could help you lower a few of your overt defenses. This Venus-Neptune mashup offers support in taking a leap of faith. How flexible can you be—and how open is your calendar this weekend? Because if wanderlust should strike, you want to be positioned to give it a long leash. Single Crabs could meet someone interesting while out and about. In an LTR? New vistas could infuse the relationship with fresh energy. Even if you can't get away, popping into unfamiliar venues and hanging with different people can keep you inspired for weeks to come!
Are you angsting over unfulfilled New Year’s wellness resolutions? Motivation may find YOU this Saturday, June 3, as the year’s only full moon in sporty Sagittarius powers up your sixth house of fitness, wellbeing and daily routines. But part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle is not beating yourself up when you fall short of your intentions, so the first step is accepting yourself wherever you’re at—while also committing to a few new resolutions. But don’t do it on autopilot. What are your actual, highest goals? Work backward from there to decide what you want to start doing as well as what you’re finally ready to STOP doing.
This lunar lift can fill your tank with renewed incentive and get you stoked to rise to some personal challenges. And this isn’t just about how you look but also how you feel. It's important to stay strong and limber—and to keep your stress levels in a manageable range. Because the two weeks that follow a full moon are peak manifestation time, shift your schedule around so you can prioritize working out on a regular basis and preparing healthy meals for yourself. Want to save some coin in the bargain? Double the dinner recipes so you'll have either a lunch ready for yourself the next day or a super-quick evening meal. If you have been taking care of yourself and feel fit, consider doing a short and gentle detox, cutting way back on inflammatories like dairy, meat, alcohol and sugar. Your gut will thank you!
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