Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope From September 25 To October 1

How’s the air up there? You’re about to reach a professional peak, Cancer, as the year’s only Aries full moon powers up your ambitious tenth house on Friday, September 29 and catapults you to a whole new level of success. Over the next two weeks, people may reach out to you with unexpected offers, so think long and hard about what you would say yes to and how much you’d be prepared to rearrange your life around a coveted opportunity. Full moons often bring surprises, and you may need to make some consequential decisions without a ton of time to deliberate. To get yourself ready, tap into your inner drive and suss out which goals strike a chord with you and which you’d be happy to move on from. That way, when your big break comes along, you’ll know what to do.
If conflict arises on Friday, stay alert. As peacekeeper Venus in Leo and your second house of values clashes with disruptive Uranus in your eleventh house of teamwork, excuses won’t cut it. It’s nice of you to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but don’t ignore your reservations about their conduct. Bad behavior is bad behavior. Although past trauma might fill in the blanks, it doesn’t cancel out the effect this person has on others. If this is someone you care about, there’s a deeper lesson to be found amidst the pain.
No matter how nurturing and sensitive you are, YOUR positive character traits won’t change a narcissist or energy vampire. Once you see people clearly for who they are and connect the dots between various “episodes,” you need to respect yourself enough to shift an unhealthy dynamic. Maybe this situation isn’t extreme enough to merit an expulsion, but at least you can establish clearer boundaries. Call a team meeting and come up with a list of guidelines that works for everyone. People are more inclined to play along when they feel like they had an active role in writing the rulebook. And if anyone does mess up down the road, they’ll have a harder time casting you as the villain should you need to call them out.
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