Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope From February 26 To March 3

Watch your intellectual property and trade secrets like a hawk this Tuesday, February 27, when candid Jupiter in your eleventh house of community faces off with competitive Mars in your private eighth house. Your intuition and cautious nature seldom fail you, Crab, but even you are susceptible to a “security breach” under these volatile skies. If you feel like your Spidey senses have gone on hiatus—when you need them most—be extra careful. Dole out information on an as-needed basis, even if you get a trustworthy vibe from someone. Don’t feel pressured to hurry something to the finish line or to prod people to align with YOUR (possibly unrealistic) timeline. When you rush and don't take the necessary time to work your craft masterfully, you could wind up with a subpar outcome—and possibly a mutiny on your hands. The eleventh house is also your tech and teamwork zone, so if you’ve been sensing friction among the ranks, don’t ignore it or try to wish it away. Call a summit and solicit people's input. Say as little as necessary; your role is to listen to their concerns and address the legitimate ones. You might be tempted to make a unilateral decision or stop communicating altogether out of frustration. Catch yourself before you alienate anyone. The silver lining? If you give others a chance to step forward and offer solutions, they might exceed your wildest imagination.
Have you been overcommitting (again), Cancer? You’ll have a chance to hit reset on some unnecessary and non-obligatory situations this Wednesday (AKA “the Day of Challenges”), when structured Saturn syncs up with the Sun. This is an annual event, but these two planets haven’t aligned in Pisces, your big-picture ninth house, in almost three decades! This is a perfect moment in time to review your commitments and take a stand for yourself and your need for a little downtime. Obviously, you’ll want to honor many, if not most, of those promises, but if you could give up one without leaving someone in the lurch, which would you bow out of to restore equilibrium? This is your visionary (and entrepreneurial) realm. If you’re ready to move forward on a mission, the Sun-Saturn meetup can help you devise a solid, step-by-step plan and make slow and steady progress. Stay out of the stress zone by mapping things out strategically and proceeding in a mindful manner. Whether you’re preparing to launch your own brand, apply for a degree program or attend a teacher training, you want to do it to the absolute best of your ability.
Leave room for spontaneity and serendipities on Sunday! You may think you know what you’re going to be in the mood for, Cancer, but come the weekend, your urges and desires could run deep as creative Venus in your intense eighth house clashes with freedom-seeking Uranus in your group sector. Suddenly your go-to crew may feel restrictive, and out of the blue, you want bolt from the pack and hole up with your plus-one—or vice versa. Venus in social Aquarius is all about friendships—and yet this is your eighth house of deep merging. Meanwhile, Uranian energy is rash and unpredictable. So if you know in advance that certain plans aren't going to keep your fire lit, give people as much advance notice as possible, especially if hard-to-get tickets or nonrefundable deposits are involved.

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