Cancer Weekly Horoscope

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope from May 10 to May 16

Digital detox or virtual makeover? One way or another, your approach to technology could alter this Tuesday, May 11, as the annual new moon in Taurus logs into your digital, collaborative eleventh house. Cancers with Zoom fatigue may see this lunar lift as a turning point. How can you redesign your lifestyle with less screen time and more sensory experiences? Six months from now, with the corresponding lunar (full moon) eclipse, you could be fully (and happily) unseated from that throne in front of your computer. Or maybe you'll just strike a healthier balance.
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For Crabs looking to crush it in the digital domain, this new moon waves the checkered flag. Get rolling on your online efforts, whether you're queuing up posts for an Instagram or TikTok feed, or building a site or YouTube channel. Getting started might be as simple as choosing a template from Squarespace or Wix that suits your design sensibilities. If you’re going to splurge, set up a portrait shoot so you can have photos of yourself that show off your personality and don’t look like stuffy headshots. Do you need to bring your skills up to Digital Age speed? Maybe it’s time to take that webinar, plow through a tutorial or sign up for a specialized training at a school like
This year has given private Cancers plenty of time to be solitary and reflect. But there's only so much introspection you can handle before you HAVE to shake things up with some fun and adventure. Well, get ready for two and a half months of exploration in every sense! On Thursday, May 13, expansive and optimistic Jupiter blazes into Pisces and your ninth house of travel and immense growth on all levels. Between now and July 28, your world could get a whole lot bigger, louder, faster and more exciting. If you're willing to take some chances and go along for the ride, this dynamic Jupiter phase can hurtle you into a whole new level of success.
Jupiter hasn't visited this sector of your chart in over a decade—and this is the first in a trio of laps it makes through Pisces. (The others are from December 28, 2021, to May 10, 2022, and again from October 28 to December 20, 2022.) If you've been thinking about stretching your wings, you owe it to yourself to give them a flap.
Candid Jupiter in your ninth house may loosen your lips, too, inspiring you to actually articulate what's on your mind and in your heart—and maybe even write a book or scripted series about it, since this is the realm of publishing and media. Jupiter's jog through this self-motivated realm is a boon for entrepreneurial Crabs. Freelancers will have opportunities to expand your client roster. But don't wait for people to randomly find you through LinkedIn or other professional avenues. Tap the risk-taking energy of both Jupiter and the ninth house and reach out to clients you'd like to work with.
If you're cool with your current gig but would like to work more independently, become more "intrapreneurial" and propose a new initiative that can give you that freedom. What areas has the company been looking to branch out into? Make it your business in the next few months to come up with an offer they can't refuse. You may need to update your own skill set with advanced training, but ultimately that will only be a good thing for you!

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