Cancer Weekly Horoscope

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope fromOctober 25 to October 31

If you start to get a little bleary-eyed this Tuesday, October 26, step back and refocus on a point further in the distance. Thanks to a disorienting and clashing square between romantic Venus in your house of details and hazy Neptune in your zone of blue-sky dreaming, you may have lost sight of what—and who—is most important. And as different people present all kinds of possibilities, you may find yourself wanting to try them ALL on for size. But hold your horses! Not every prospect or hypothesis is worth checking out, and all you’ll succeed in doing is making yourself bonkers. And you being you…certain scenarios with an emotional charge could send you into a teary tailspin. Seriously, what's the point of getting so worked up over potentially…nothing? Try to see this in that light and you might spare yourself immeasurable hurt, drama and confusion. The only way to determine the best way forward is to test-drive ONE thing at a time. And if discussions with others are needed, schedule them for when you won’t feel rushed or pressured. And remember: Once you extract the angst, this is probably something you’ll actually ENJOY. 
Fortunately, on Thursday, your thoughts will gravitate to subjects you both like and are good at: money and security! A restorative quarter moon in Leo illuminates your financial sector, helping you think more open-mindedly about your finances. When you take the worry out, it’s easier for you to tap into an abundant mindset, which is the underlying foundation for saving and growing your nest egg. Leo is a sign of passion and creativity, making this a good day to reflect on HOW you earn money and whether it brings you more than just a paycheck—namely personal accomplishment or satisfaction. If you discover that you don't love what you do for a living or that you’d love to derive more meaning from your work, think of a couple steps you could take NOW. Talk to friends who love what they do, or dream up a stimulating project you can immerse yourself in on your own time. When you're motivated, Cancer, nobody can touch you!
The heat is on starting this Saturday, when lusty Mars blasts into intense Scorpio and your fifth house of passion, glamour and romance! All eyes will be on you for the next seven weeks (until December 13). If holiday parties are on the docket, you'll have no trouble catching the attention of anyone you want to chat up, flirt with or pitch. For most of the holiday season, you'll be the life of any party you're invited to. Whatever happens and with whomever, it's a safe bet that your love life will not lack for excitement. Cast aside any lingering self-doubt and take the lead in the game of love. Coupled up? What have YOU always wanted to do around this time of year? Grab a plus-one and make it happen! Casually dating? This fireball in your zone d’amour might force you to decide if YOU’RE in or out. And for singles, it’s extra important to gain clarity about what you’re seeking. It’s up to you, but do decide if you prefer a sizzling but short-lived fling or a commitment. This sets up how you’ll act (consciously and otherwise), which is what creates your reality. So dream, focus… and manifest!

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