Cancer Weekly Horoscope

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope from July 26 to August 1

If an idea’s been living rent-free in your mind, it’s time to ask the big question: How can I monetize that?  Starting this Tuesday, July 27, savvy Mercury takes its annual lap through Leo and your second house of finances and security. Target these next two weeks for setting a new financial goal and strategizing about inventive ways to meet it. Whether you’re looking for a higher-paying job, more flex time (including WFH) or to turn a side hustle situation into a dual career, you’ll find the necessary resources. But you need to focus, Crab! Screen out the distractions, cancel distracting plans, and keep your eyes fixed on the bottom line. With the messenger planet in audacious Leo, a little swagger works in your favor. The second house can help you cash in some good karma, but before you invest time or money into anything, do your research. Anyone dangling “too good to be true” offers will need to show you incontrovertible evidence!
On Wednesday, supersizer Jupiter retrogrades out of Pisces and your adventurous ninth house and back into Aquarius and your intense eighth. Yes, this is the zone of “sex, death and taxes.” (You can throw in perma-bonding and shared resources just to cover all the heavy bases.) This three-month portion of the backspin, which officially wraps on October 18, will force you to take an unblinking look at any blocks to intimacy. It’s normal to be nervous or doubtful when faced with the prospect of a forever-after. While your commitment-minded sign loves the idea, the prospect of something going wrong makes you retreat defensively.
But what if those concerns were an unconscious way of keeping you stuck in the safety zone? If you want to grow, Cancer, you’ve gotta let go. So follow Jupiter’s lead and take an emotional risk. Letting others see what you consider your worst “flaws” could be the perfect acid test—for you, not them. If this is someone you’re even considering spending longer than a month with, shouldn’t you be able to reveal your tender underbelly? As you open up, you’ll create a safe space for them to do the same. In the secretive eighth house, retrograde Jupiter could reveal someone’s shadowy side. That’s not necessarily a deal breaker, though. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. Your job over these next three months is to decide if you can handle theirs, or whether those rattling bones are more than you care to be bothered with. (Of course, since the eighth house is the erotic zone, if things do hit the fan, there could be some epic makeup sex as a reward!)
This Thursday, impassioned Mars returns to Virgo and your garrulous third house for the first time in two years, electrifying your personal life until September 14. And with convivial Venus co-piloting the mission until August 16, you’ll be doubly inspired to connect to people outside your bubble. This seven-week transit helps you widen the radius of your inner circle and let more kindred spirits into your sphere. Even in these uncertain times, your inner culture vulture is ready to soar again, so fill up the calendar with outdoor concerts, hiking day trips and inspiring webinars. The third house also rules platonic partnerships, so if you’re in the market for a creative collaborator, put your feelers out there. Before warrior Mars stirs up trouble, quell any brewing tension with a friend, sibling or neighbor. Learning to peacefully co-exist could be your greatest challenge now. Not easy, but the tranquility is so worth it.

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