Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope from October 3 to October 9

You’re an introspective soul, Cancer, and for the past three weeks, with messenger Mercury retrograding through your house of platonic pals and meaningful conversations, you probably spent time reflecting on your own style of expression. Starting this week, Mercury has resumed forward motion in Virgo and your outgoing third house. Now your focus can not only turn to communication but to various ways you can improve it to be more successful in your endeavors. When we don’t stop long enough to review our communication M.O., we risk getting off-track and possibly even derailing!
If you discovered that your message hadn’t been coming across the way you intended, you’ll have the means to make any necessary tweaks to get aligned. And this might not be a “failing” on your part. It’s possible that you’re trying to reach an audience that isn’t on your wavelength. Maybe you’re more experienced or informed and when you address them as a peer, it gets lost in translation. (And they could be too mortified to ask you to explain.) This raises another important question: How can you bridge that gap—and should you even bother? When communicator Mercury gets into formation with penetrating Pluto in your partnership sector on Thursday, October 6, you might just stumble on the missing piece and attract a large and VERY engaged audience!
Get ready for a cosmic boost in all your relationships starting Saturday, when galvanizing Pluto makes a dramatic pivot back to forward motion. The mighty dwarf planet has been spinning in retrograde in your dynamic-duos zone since April 29, and the past five months may have been nerve-wracking—to put it mildly! During that time, some of your closest connections could have wobbled, and a key one might have gone off the rails. It can be hard to navigate intense emotional issues when one (or both!) of you may not have a clue to the deeper underpinnings. But now that shadowy Pluto has corrected course, things may just right themselves without your having to grab the wheel. Romantic relationships in particular get a big boost from this about-face, but are you both willing to stop squabbling over petty stuff? (And to look at what may be about…um, control issues?) Single? Pluto’s U-turn kicks off seven months of opportunities, so meet Lady Luck halfway by putting yourself out there more, exploring new terrain and giving the "maybes" a legit chance.
To the top! Your career is about to go through the roof—or should we say glass ceiling—in very short order, Crab! This Sunday, the year's only full moon in Aries supercharges your tenth house of professional ambition, positioning you for a new level of respect and success. Over the coming two weeks (and beyond!), unexpected prospects could reach out to you, so it behooves you to have done some deep thinking about what you would accept and what you’d be willing to rearrange in your life to accommodate it. Full moons can signal surprises, and you may have to make some consequential decisions faster than you expected. Get in touch with your desires now—both what you want to call in and what you’d love to leave at the curb—so when opportunity does knock, you’ll know how to answer that call.
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