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July 2020 Cancer Overview Horoscope

Since the very first day of summer and Cancer season (June 20), it’s been nonstop action for you, Crab. It all started with the summer solstice AND a “ring of fire” solar eclipse in your sign—an event that hasn’t happened since June 2001. If you sprang to life and barreled down a new path, this burst of solar power explains why. And with the Sun in your sign until July 22, you’re showing no signs of slowing down. Buckle up and prepare for more changes—to your personal goals, your career AND your relationships! All major areas of your life will be impacted by planetary action now.
With the bulk of planets clustered in three of the dynamic cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn and Aries, July’s balancing act could turn stressful at moments. Ponder the philosophical (Who am I—for myself, for the people I love and for the wider world?) as well as the mundane (Where am I putting my energy, and what am I getting in return for that?).
If you’re out of balance, adjust the proportions as needed. Spending too much time alone? Give your relationships more attention. And vice versa: If you’re giving your best to everyone else while neglecting yourself, you could feel called to reconnect to your own passions and natural rhythms.
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Feeling misunderstood? Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, is retrograde in Cancer from June 18 to July 12. Getting your point across could be doubly hard with the messenger planet reversing through your sign. Back up your data and devices to avoid Mercurial interference. Double-check everything before you press “send” or “post.” And if possible, wait until after this cycle to debut any of your big ideas and plans.
Meantime, three planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) and a lunar eclipse will move through Capricorn, the sign that rules your seventh house of partnerships. This puts heavy emphasis on the state of your relationships all month. Expansive Jupiter and transformational Pluto are traveling close to each other ( here, illuminating dynamics that might have been hidden. After their exact meetup on June 30, you could have major aha moments about the role you play in your relationships. Get ready: You’ll see where you’ve abandoned your own authentic voice, trading it for the “security” of approval or companionship.
You could have powerful insights into the way you interact with people, share responsibilities and deal with control. Do you prefer to call the shots, or are you living under someone else’s terms and standards? On July 1, structured Saturn backs out of Aquarius and into Capricorn for a final lap, staying until December 17. After that, it won’t return until 2047, so use the rest of the year to balance your bonds. You may take a step back from a few alliances or do the heavy-lifting work to strengthen a commitment. Is it time to liberate yourself from a few binding obligations…or even to part ways peacefully?

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That could become crystal-clear on July 4-5, when a Capricorn lunar (full moon) eclipse sweeps through this zone of dynamic duos. It’s a fitting coincidence that this would happen on Independence Day in the U.S. You’ve been trying to strike the right balance between “me” and “we” since July 2018, when an eclipse series began on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, reshuffling your relationship to self and others. This is the grand finale in this eclipse series, which could bring a major partnership to a decisive point.
Midmonth you could feel the most intense pull between “me” and “we” as the Sun (in your sign) forms its once-a-year oppositions to Jupiter and Pluto (in your relationship house). The Sun-Jupiter face-off on July 14 can trigger ego battles, which each person convinced that they’re right and grandstanding from their soapbox. Since you’re having so many insights about the ways you’ve traded your truth for security, resentment could surge up.
But don’t go on a rampage of reading people the riot act, Crab. You, too, are responsible for setting these dynamics in motion. It’s normal to feel anger when you first realize this, but that might be better processed with a neutral third party (perhaps a therapist) and in your journal. Get clear on what you DO want, then proactively work toward creating that in all your relationships.
You’ll be able to take an affirmative step toward your goals and desires on July 20. That day, a rare consecutive new moon arrives in Cancer, echoing the June 21 solar (new moon) eclipse that swept through this same sign. Get ready for a double dose of “independence day” energy!
New moons in your sign act like a personal new year, pressing the reset button on your plans and personal passions. If you’ve been wavering about which direction to take or hesitant to commit to plans, you’ll have the clarity you need. Is it time to blaze a fresh trail in life? Today’s new moon could mark your first steps. With Mercury no longer retrograde, your cosmic compass should chart a more accurate course.
Saturn will oppose this new moon, indicating a need for firmer boundaries with other people. Someone close to you may not give their support, and that could lead to a painful realization. You could be forced to make a hard decision. But should you compromise to make someone else happy? Not recommended. There could be a way that everyone’s needs are met, but it will take some hard talks and negotiations. Reminder: You weren’t put on this earth to take care of other people’s emotions, especially not at the expense of your dreams.
Plant your feet on terra firma starting July 22, when the Sun shifts into Leo for a month and heats up your second house of work, routines and money. It’s been tough to find stability in 2020 with all the change and upheaval. No, you can start to build out your ideas, taking tangible action steps toward your goals. Getting back into some daily practices like yoga, running or meditation can go far to keep you centered. Carve out a few minutes each day, no matter how busy you are.

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