Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Your March Cancer Monthly Horoscope

You're a Crab on the move this month as the Sun treks through Pisces and your worldly ninth house until March 19. The spirit of adventure is coursing through your veins, inspiring a few bold risks. Swing out of your comfort zone, which has admittedly gotten pretty wide over the past year. Book some travel or sign up for a workshop that satisfies your curiosity and ignites your fire. Anything that refreshes your perspective is worth considering!
That reset is a-coming, one way or another, by the end of the month. Eclipse season begins on March 25 (more on that in a bit), and we’ve got a pair of super-charged spring moons that could seriously reset your work-life balance. From an unexpected move to a family change to a career transition, the stars are ready to make over some major parts of your life. And you, Cancer, might be more than ready for them to do so!
There’s no better time to begin your pursuit than March 10, when a Pisces new moon—a potent supermoon—will kick off a six-month cycle that invites you to take a risk or two! Whether you roll the dice on an educational or entrepreneurial project or just dare to make a big ask, you’ll be rewarded for your gutsiness. 
Venture outside of your comfort zone and explore, Cancer. Make like a hermit crab and pack your home on your back wherever you go. While this Pisces new moon quest might involve literal travel, you could also sign up for a class or dive into a new passion, perhaps even start a business around one of your natural talents. No need to commit to any one path yet—this new moon is all about sparking new possibilities and seeing where they might lead you.
Seeds planted at the new moon will culminate at the Pisces full moon on September 17, which will also be a lunar eclipse. That destination could be beyond your wildest expectations since eclipses love to surprise us with brand-new options. Take the first step now and see what starts to unfold.
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