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May 2022 Cancer Overview Horoscope

Your goals are shifting this month, Cancer, as May kicks off a fortune-filled career cycle. On May 10, lucky Jupiter will enter Aries and your career sector, its first of two trips over the next 12 months. Ready to rise through the ranks to plot a rewarding new professional path? The globetrotting planet is your recruiter and champion—and will happily throw in travel or relocation if that’s what you desire. When go-getter Mars blazes into Aries alongside Jupiter on May 24, you’ll have six potent weeks to pursue your dreams, especially when the two planetary powerhouses unite this May 29.

Do tap the brakes here and there, Crab, because communicator Mercury also turns retrograde on May 10. This cosmic curveball will simultaneously demand that you tie up loose ends, rest and reflect before making any life-altering decisions. Field the offers and explore your options until June 3, then make things official next month when Mercury is back to full strength.

Adding to May’s unpredictable cosmic climate? It also happens to be eclipse season, a time when changes can arrive out of the blue. On May 16, a Scorpio lunar eclipse will rock your fifth house of passion, amour and self-expression. This could bring everything from a romantic plot twist to a pregnancy to a lights-camera-action moment of fame.

Taurus season brings your inner circle to life

Get out and circulate this spring! With the Sun in Taurus and your social, idealistic eleventh house until May 20, your connections are your lifeblood. Pull yourself out of worker-bee mode and go to that event or lunch, making sure to share what you're up to with old and new acquaintances. Possibilities are percolating right in your circle, Cancer, but you won't find them unless you make time to connect!
Your superconnector powers are all the more potent since May begins in the wake of the April 30 Taurus solar eclipse. In the first week of May, a friendship or meeting of the minds could spark, or you might begin exploring a fruitful collaboration. The eleventh house rules technology, so look for ways you can raise your digital profile, from sprucing up your online profiles to downloading helpful apps to crowdsourcing talent for your big ideas. 

The May 5 annual meetup of the Sun and changemaker Uranus could spark a fascinating new friendship out of the blue. An avant-garde collaboration can add a whole new twist to your agenda. You might also have a shocking moment of truth with a friend or colleague since Uranus is famous for its curveball pitches. In some cases, you could break ties from a stale or stifling squad to follow a more authentic path. Hey, if you can't be yourself around your so-called closest friends, what's the point? This Sun-Uranus conjunction could rouse your inner geek: A heavy emphasis on technology from both Uranus and the eleventh house makes this a bold day to launch a digital venture or amplify your online presence. Looking for that missing link to pull off a grand vision? Put it out into the pixel-sphere—and ask your friends to ask THEIR friends.

Jupiter enters Aries May 10, sparking a lucky career cycle

What’s your ultimate mission, Cancer? Since December 28, 2021, you've been exploring new possibilities—from world travel to study to entrepreneurship—as bountiful Jupiter trekked through Pisces and your no-limits ninth house. If you didn't want to be tied down to anything concrete, that was fine. The point was to explore all your options and widen your focus. Cancers in academia may have finished work on a degree while others could have devised a winning business idea that tapped your boundless creativity. 

Hopefully you enjoyed the free-spirited energy of this year—your security-minded sign can only grow from feeling a sense of endless prospects! Now, as Jupiter enters Aries and your structured tenth house, things start to take concrete form. In fact, you could be entering your luckiest career year in more than a decade, when all your hard work and expertise reach a pinnacle. The tenth house rules fathers and men, and your relationship with an important guy could undergo major evolution (or evaluation).

Jupiter will make two trips through Aries and this goal-oriented sector: The first lap is until October 28, then a second round happens from December 20, 2022, until May 16, 2023. Crabs who've been drifting this year could crave a concrete focus. Drop that interview outfit at the dry cleaner, call the headhunter and zhush your LinkedIn profile. You might go work for a "serious" company or take a full-time job with hefty responsibilities—and a salary and recognition to match!
Jupiter only comes to this zone of your chart every 12 years; it last visited Aries on and off from June 2010 until June 2011. Look back to that time if you can for clues of what might resurface over the summer and fall. 

Mercury turns retrograde May 10 to June 3 

Hold that thought, Crab—and remember that feelings aren’t facts. You may need to remind yourself of this more than once when communication and technology planet Mercury turns retrograde from May 10 to June 3. Mercury will reverse through Gemini and your foggy, reflective twelfth house until May 22, making you both nostalgic and a bit scattered. Take lots of mental breaks to avoid burnout and spend time near water if possible. How about a couple siestas too? Your dreams could be prophetic and might help you gain closure, so keep a journal bedside to record anything you remember upon waking. When Mercury reverses into Taurus and your eleventh house of friends from May 22 to June 3, take a timeout from any draining or demanding members of your inner circle.

Passion and drama at the May 16 Scorpio full moon and total lunar eclipse 

Hearts on fire! The May 16 Scorpio lunar eclipse and full blood moon brings a peak romantic moment, flooding your amorous and playful fifth house with passion. Feeling the spring fever? Hold court in your most stylish garb and flirt with utter abandon. The fifth house also rules fertility, so Crabs looking to add a new member to their clan could get some lunar-powered babymaking energy from these moonbeams.

This is the first Scorpio eclipse in a series falling on the Taurus/Scorpio axis between now and October 2023, revolutionizing your friendships, collaborations and overall approach to romance. You’re learning to speak up and step into the spotlight at times—also when to back up and be a solid team player. 

Your creativity could be off the charts, so make room for the muse at the eclipse. You might get an unexpected burst of public attention or fame. Use it to your advantage and promote a passion project—or give your adoring fans a performance they won’t forget!
Warning: The full moon in this expressive (and sometimes highly reactive) part of your chart can intensify your emotions, unleashing them with force and drama. Be responsible for how you communicate your feelings instead of just spewing an unfiltered outpouring at the nearest party. With the karmic south node hovering near the full moon, someone could touch a deep wound, triggering a knee-jerk response. Rather than lash out at them, talk to a grounded person who can help you put this into context. With the moon in a tight square to mature Saturn in your private eighth house, not every emotion needs to be stitched onto your sleeve or immediately vocalized and processed. The power of a 20-minute timeout (at least) can work wonders.

Out with the old! Gemini season (May 20) and the May 30 Gemini new moon

On May 20, the Sun slips into Gemini and your twelfth house of healing and closure, beckoning you back into your sanctuary. Pace yourself for the next four weeks and tie up any loose ends or lingering obligations before Cancer season (and your birthday time!) begins on June 21. Slip off the grid when you can and know that you might be a little sleepier or more antisocial than usual. Just be careful not to isolate yourself or drown in your fluctuating feelings as your moods can be especially poignant now. 

The May 30 Gemini new moon could bring an important transition or a flash of spiritual insight. It’s a bit of a (seeming) paradox since new moons signify beginnings and the twelfth house rules endings or the completion of a cycle. How can you work with this energy? Think of it as clearing a cluttered canvas. Release something that no longer serves you and make way for a fresh start. 

Make a bold career move at the May 29 Mars-Jupiter conjunction

May 29 is extra auspicious for making a daring and confident move. Two heavenly heavyweights, Mars and Jupiter, meet up in Aries for the first time since 2011, sprinkling pixie dust on everything you touch. With these two forces of nature synced up in your career zone, a bold risk will pay off. Cold-call a client, reach out to the HR director of a big firm, send a blast email to your industry connections letting them know you're on the market. Throw your hat in the ring for a position or promotion that could bring public recognition. A workplace attraction could heat up, or you could meet someone while networking or traveling for business. Couples should set some shared bucket-list goals today and get busy turning those into reality: This is no time to be "all talk, no action"! 

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