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September 2020 Cancer Overview Horoscope

September Snapshot

Mix and mingle! With the Sun visiting Virgo and your social third house until Tuesday, September 22, these first three weeks of September invite you to get (safely) back in touch with friends and family. All kinds of communication—including brainstorming and pitching ideas—get a boost from this vibrant end-of-summer cycle. Commune, connect and spark up a few projects. That way your “people tank” will be full when you go into nesting mode at the end of this month.
With a tug of war between flirty Venus (in your sign) and stern Saturn on Wednesday, September 2, followed by a brief pillow fight between testy Mars and clingy Venus on Friday, September 4, you may feel a little extra crabby about love as the month begins. Performing a tune-up on your connections with family, friends and colleagues will serve you well.
There’s big news on Wednesday, September 9, as motivator Mars turns retrograde in competitive Aries and your ambitious tenth house. This two-month backspin could cause fast-moving goals or career plans to slow down or flounder.

The good news? Mars will flip into full-speed-ahead mode on November 13, remaining in your reputation-ruling tenth house until January 6. Use this temporary slowdown to tweak and refine your professional plans. Then, go big in the new year!
In the meantime, tend to your ties. During the first half of September, ALL of the slower-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are in powered-down retrograde. Four of the five are in earth signs, running a full-court press on the relational houses of your chart.
Since the spring, many of your connections have been shifting. Maybe you don’t quite click with the same crew, or you’ve been pondering whether to stay or go in your love life. You could be feeling the need to retreat from certain bonds that take up too much time and energy. Use the first part of the month to work through communication issues and clarify expectations.
Welcome relief comes during the second half of the month, when two outer planets straighten out—both in Capricorn and your committed partnership zone. Big-picture Jupiter turns direct (forward) on September 12, followed by structured Saturn on September 29. (And a few days later, on October 4, shadowy Pluto ends its retrograde in Cap). Once these planets shift out of reverse gear, you’ll get a clearer idea of who to move ahead with, what kind of terms will work best for you, and the role you feel best playing in all your partnerships.
The Sun shifts to companionable Libra on Tuesday, September 22, warming up your domestic fourth house. If you have any absolute “musts” on your social to-do list, get out there now before the days get short and you retreat to your nest.

Week 1: September 1-6

What’s your vision?
Think big, Cancer! The only Pisces full moon of the year lights the skies on Wednesday, September 2, beaming into your ninth house of exploration and growth. You’ll feel the urge for no-limits adventure and the push to take a risk (well, a safe calculated one!).
Did a vision get sparked during the Pisces new moon back in late February 2020? It’s time to stop talking about it and start living it. In the two weeks following the Pisces full moon, you can expand your influence beyond your wildest dreams. Right now, you don’t even need to sweat the details. Just reconnect to the tingle of enthusiasm and inspiration.
With the ninth house’s global reach, this full moon could motivate you to explore a philosophical topic or broadcast your ideas to a larger audience. Long-distance connections can ignite, whether for romance, friendship or business. Feeling a click with someone from a faraway time zone? Hop on Zoom and let the galactic goodwill flow!
If you’ve shelved entrepreneurial or vacation plans since the spring, this may be the moment to make your move. Even if real-life travel is be out of reach, you can still explore possibilities for 2021 or score a great deal for the end of this year. Make sure any bookings include flexible dates and full refund policies.

Week 2: September 7-13

Ready, steady—pause?
This week, action planet Mars turns retrograde in Aries, hitting the brakes on your lofty goals and professional ascent. Have you been burning the candle at both ends or freaking out about the future? It’s time to slow down a little, Cancer.
Mars will reverse through your tenth house of career and responsibility from Wednesday, September 9, until November 13. Take on less and focus on finishing the projects you’ve already started. Weed out the tasks that are draining your energy and give your best to endeavors that will pay dividends.
Maybe you’ve recently been on fire at work. That flame might look like nothing but a few glowing embers once Mars starts to backpedal. But don’t worry. Instead of gunning for a promotion or getting ultra-competitive, recraft your pitches and show that you’re in this for a marathon, not a sprint. Less hierarchy and more cooperation will convey to people that you’re a true leader.
How good are you at hiding your emotions? (Trick question for a Cancer, we know.) While we’re not suggesting you suppress your feelings or stuff things down, which is totally unhealthy, putting on a brave face may be your best move. You might get disappointing news, or red tape could delay a project you just want to push past the finish line. Find healthy outlets for your reasonable frustration, like a sunrise outdoor bootcamp or a household renovation. Your pillow won’t care if you yell into it.
The silver lining? On Saturday, September 12, generous Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde backspin in disciplined Capricorn and your seventh house of important partnerships. If you’ve been uncertain about the status of a relationship, you won’t be stuck in limbo much longer. As optimistic Jupiter powers forward, possessiveness melts away and you can take a more rational and wide-angle view. Maybe you CAN have freedom and security in the right doses? Start discussions now.
With Jupiter on track, you’re safe to ask for MORE if you’re negotiating any contracts. And please—take a calculated risk and open your heart to someone. You might be surprised to find they’ve been patiently waiting for you to share your feelings! Some duos may decide to amicably part ways while others could seal the deal. Jupiter will remain in Capricorn until December 19, blessing you with three more months of abundant opportunities to meet someone new, make a commitment official (velvet ring box and all) or to grow beautifully in your current ties.

Week 3: September 14-20

Community connections
Just say it, Crab! Thursday, September 17, delivers a new moon in articulate Virgo and your third house of community connections. La luna loosens your tongue and strengthens your desire to connect with kindred spirits. You could start a do-good project for your neighborhood or city—even if it’s all properly socially distanced. If you’re looking for a new ‘hood to call home, scroll through the listings or take a day trip to explore a district that appeals to you. Does it have the vibe you’re looking for, Cancer? Whatever you begin now will slowly unfold and bear fruit between now and the Virgo full moon on February 27, 2021.

Be extra clear with your messaging as this new moon emphasizes your expressive third house. How will you deliver your thoughts? Play around with a new social media platform or learn techniques to boost engagement on your favorite app. Learn that TikTok dance or post a thought-provoking IGTV monologue. Want to use your voice more creatively? Stretch out and try new methods: a writer’s workshop, singing lessons, public speaking techniques. Got a novel idea to share? If you happen to get the ear of a key influencer, there’s a superb chance you’ll sell them instantly on your creative concept. Don’t be shy!

With Zoom meetings and masks muffling everyone’s delivery, plus a greater demand for sensitivity in the workplace, you may need to sharpen your tools. Check out techniques like mirroring or nonviolent communication, or study the hidden art of reading body language.

Week 4: September 21-30

Relationships back on track
The quarantines of early 2020 were tough to endure, and even your home-loving sign might have felt the isolation and cabin fever. So the news that the Sun will enter Libra and your domestic forth house this Tuesday, September 22, may elicit a lukewarm reception. If you’re feeling “meh” about your digs, Libra season is ideal for sprucing them up with fresh colors, accessories or furniture configurations. Visiting family could give you a break from the same-four-walls monotony, if conditions allow. Road trip, anyone?
Relationships began to improve when Jupiter went direct a couple weeks ago. On Tuesday, September 29, you can start to make concrete decisions about your future when restrictive Saturn ends a five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your partnership house. The ringed taskmaster will help you upgrade and officialize dynamic duos (both business and personal) until December 17. After that, he won’t return to this part of your chart until 2047! Over the next three months, you could choose your co-pilot, do your preflight checklist—and prepare to blast off for a long adventure together.
But don’t rush into a “yes” or “no” decision. The same day that Saturn straightens out, it will lock into a tension-filled square (90-degree angle) with hotheaded Mars in your long-term-planning zone. This is a repeat of a Mars-Saturn square on August 24, but this time, impatient Mars is retrograde, exposing anger or resentment you didn’t even realize you were harboring.
Sure, you have chemistry and enjoy each other’s company—but do you want the same thing for your lives in the next year, five years, ten years…? Your future visions may not overlap enough, or there could be deal-breaker issues like kids, money or where to live that need to be honestly discussed. Glossing this over to get your goal would be a mistake, Cancer. If you push, plan to go nowhere fast.
Career stress could spill into your relationships, or you could feel overwhelmed trying to coordinate plans with your clan. Your best bet? Slow down and let things develop at a natural pace. Simplify your life and give everyone a chance to ease into their new fall schedule before you pack too much in there. One day—and sometimes just one hour—at a time!

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