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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Your December Cancer Monthly Horoscope

You haven’t spent too much time in your shell this year, Crab, and you probably won’t get too much time in there this holiday season either. In 2023, you’ve branched out into new friendships and collaborations. While you might feel a bit out of your comfort zone, you’ll have plenty of options for ringing in 2024.
The first half of December is busy and bustling, with the Sun and go-getter Mars both in Sagittarius and your sixth house of work, details and planning. The December 12 Sagittarius new moon is a great moment to start drafting your 2024 resolutions. 
On December 13, right after the new moon, the month takes on a different tone. That day, communicator Mercury will turn retrograde until January 1, pulling a Scrooge move on the holiday season. Mercury will reverse through Capricorn and your relationship house until December 23, which could make dealing with people difficult at an already stressful time of the year. 
From December 23 on, Mercury will back into Sagittarius and your orderly, health-conscious sixth house. Minimize stress as much as possible now. Boost your immune system and don’t volunteer to take care of all the hosting, planning and celebration details. Rest up on Christmas while the moon is in Gemini and your sleepy twelfth house. If you have control over the seating chart, make sure you’re as far away as possible from anyone who triggers you because you just won’t have the emotional resources to deal.
Silver linings begin to arrive the day AFTER Christmas. On December 26, the skies serve up the second of the year’s of two Cancer full moons, bringing 2023 to a triumphant close. That same day, healer-feeler Chiron ends a five-month retrograde in your career zone, which could help you release any professional frustrations that caused you to question your worth.
On December 30, lucky Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde in Taurus and your communal eleventh house. If a collaboration slowed down or hit a speed bump, things could regain speed now. Don’t have anything planned for New Year’s Eve? A last-minute invitation could arrive that you’ll want to RSVP “yes” to—do it if you can! With the moon in Virgo and your third house of kindred spirits that night, you could meet some intriguing people or revel in your bonds as you ring in 2024. 
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