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April 2021 Cancer Overview Horoscope

Monthly Snapshot

Set your sights on those lofty goals, Cancer! The Sun is in Aries until April 19, heating up your tenth house of career and ambition. Keep your eyes on the prize—and your priorities—and don’t get distracted from your mission.
Your professional goals take center stage now, but don’t forget to rest! With energizer Mars powered down in Gemini and your slow-jamming twelfth house until April 23, your batteries can deplete easily. Make sure to take ample breaks between your power meetings and Zoom marathons. You may be letting go of one part of your life while simultaneously building out another.
Luckily, you’ll get by with a little help from your friends after April 19, when the Sun starts its monthlong stint in Taurus and your eleventh house of group activity. Make a special effort to safely circulate so you can network with new people, build your power team and spend your time developing the ideas that inspire you!

Week 1: April 1-11
Focus on the mission

A productive start to the month awaits you this week, so stay focused on your goals and filter out distractions. Aries season is prime time for success with the Sun in your ambitious tenth house, and this week is great for professional soul-searching. As you set your schedule or earmark funds, ask yourself: Will this get me closer to my mission or take me away from it?
If you’re not even clear about what your mission IS, that’s about to change. On Sunday, April 11, the year’s only Aries new moon beams into your tenth house of career, setting the stage for a fresh start. Whether that’s a new gig, a project kickoff or the search for a path that’s more true to you, these moonbeams bring a professional reset. Where would you like to be by the Aries full moon on October 20? Set up a few checkpoints so that six months from now, when this new moon manifests at the corresponding full moon, you’ll have worked your way toward a fulfilling new reality!
Watch for confusion and clashing opinions on Friday, April 9, when a Mars-Neptune square could lead you to scatter your energy in way too many directions. Getting advice from lots of sources could just make you feel MORE lost, so give yourself the weekend to process it all. Someone could attempt to pull on your heartstrings or guilt-trip you into saying yes to something before you’re ready. Resist the urge to people-please, and take the time you need!

Week 2: April 12-18
Take the leap

This week begins in the wake of the Aries new moon, firing you up to pursue your goals. Did you get a hit of clarity around your next steps on a project, a leadership position you want to pursue or perhaps a helpful person who can open doors? Take action now.
Two big planetary meetups occur on Saturday, April 17, which will reveal where the structures of your life and relationships need to realign so you can pursue these grand ambitions. First, the Sun (in your career zone) makes its twice-a-year square to alchemical Pluto, which is in Capricorn and your partnership sector. You could feel pulled between the demands of a romantic connection and your work. It’s hard enough to cater to one of these, much less both, and you could hit a breaking point.
The Sun-Pluto square can drive up egos and power struggles, and you may find yourself doing battle with people who seem intent on blocking you at every turn. The struggle might also be happening internally as you could feel torn in dueling directions between your personal and professional goals. You can’t ignore that nagging gut feeling anymore, Crab! Give yourself ample time to really process what your heart is telling you.
Instead of getting triggered by someone’s actions, reflect on why they are pushing your buttons in the first place. Do you need to be more assertive about your own views? To push back on unreasonable demands or make your own boundaries clear?
Saturday also features a fast-moving trine between assertive Mars and expansive Jupiter, which could bring a breakthrough around your home, real estate, family or a possible financial windfall. A relative might offer to invest in one of your ideas or may gift you with some funds or resources.
With these two action-driven, outspoken planets in highly emotional zones of your chart, something you’ve been keeping inside could come pouring out. Maybe you didn’t realize that your feelings were so passionate, or weren’t prepared for the floodgates to blast open like this. Bear this in mind today, Crab. Knowing that you may be thin-skinned or extra vulnerable, you can protect your most sensitive side and avoid putting yourself in situations where you might have a knee-jerk reaction.

Week 3: April 19-25
Time to blossom!

Your spring awakening begins this week, Cancer. On Monday, April 19, the Sun blazes into Taurus, heating up your eleventh house of socializing, teamwork and group activity. After a focused month where you may have spent a prodigious amount of time sitting and staring at your computer, it’s now time to ease back into some (safe) mixing and mingling—both socially and professionally. Fire up the group chat and get something organized!
The eleventh house rules hopes and ideals, so it makes sense now to set your sights on a grand, visionary goal. The saying “If you can dream it, you can do it” applies here. Think of ways you can revive and revolutionize existing projects—or brainstorm an entirely new direction. If you feel like you’re just going through the motions at work or in life, connect to an inspired purpose or a cause bigger than you. Volunteer work? A fresh creative collaboration? Prepare to add more meaning to your life. Get out of that rut!
Your efforts will get an extra charge on Friday, April 23, when motivator Mars blazes into Cancer and heats up your first house of personal goals and initiatives. You’ll really have no choice but to get unstuck between now and June 11 as action-planet Mars catalyzes your ambitions. If your energy has been low for the past few weeks, get ready for a power surge. Make sure to regulate your output since you can now easily overdo it.
It won’t hurt your efforts that Mars is granting you a bonus splash of confidence and swagger, which you may want to translate to your appearance. After months of street-clothes-optional workdays, how about giving yourself a little style makeover? Don’t shy away from bright colors or bold, fresh patterns. The spotlight is searching for you!

Week 4: April 26-30
Sharing’s in the air

Love is a major theme this week as the stars favor all kinds of relationships, from romantic to committed to friendships. It starts with the Scorpio full moon on Monday, April 26, which beams into your fifth house of passion and playfulness. Got a talent you’ve been longing to share? This expressive and creative full moon could bring attention to your work. Get ready to boost your audience and attract a bit of fame.
If you’ve been toying with whether to confess an attraction to someone, you might not be able to hide it for a moment longer! These mojo-boosting moonbeams have you feeling frisky and flirtatious—and don’t be surprised if someone takes notice. If you’re still wearing the same tired, pre-pandemic clothes, this glamorous full moon presents a perfect opportunity for a makeover.
For couples, this expressive full moon can bring strong emotions out into the open, from anger that’s been stewing to a heartfelt declaration of love. (Maybe both!) For Crabs of the childbearing demographic, this fertile full moon could bring pregnancy news. Consider yourself notified.

The full moon will form a looser T-square with disruptor Uranus and structured Saturn, a three-way tug o’ war which could leave you torn between whether to make a huge change to your life or to stick with what you’ve already got on tap. You’ll feel this strongest in both romantic and platonic relationships, and potentially with money. Ask yourself, Cancer: Where is more balance needed in your daily habits and routines?

 All your dynamic duos come up for review starting Tuesday, April 27, when transformational Pluto begins its annual retrograde backspin through Capricorn and your seventh house of committed relationships. Between now and October 6, you may decide to do some healing repair work on a partnership or explore any limiting beliefs and fears around intimacy. (No shame, we all have ‘em!) If a certain person’s energy is draining you, it’s okay to take a break or create a bit more space between the two of you.
On Friday, April 30, the once-a-year meetup of the bold Sun and trailblazing Uranus strikes, shaking up Team Crab and possibly bringing in an electrifying collaboration. Out of the blue, you might receive an opportunity to join forces around a world-changing endeavor or future-forward cause. It could involve cutting-edge technology, perhaps something blockchain-based or digitized. This is a chance to break free from a group that feels limiting or to revolutionize a friendship that’s hit a plateau.

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