Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Your March Cancer Money Horoscope

Pay attention to your bottom line, Cancer. Intensifier Mars is in Aquarius and your eighth house of investments, long-term wealth and joint ventures until March 22. If you put your energy on the right opportunities, you could bring in quite a lovely lump sum. However, Mars can add stress and motivation in equal measure. You could feel anxious about an expense that’s due, possibly for a home repair, tax bill or credit card. Necessity is the mother of invention, so get in touch and negotiate a payment plan or get a second opinion. 
With the Sun in Pisces and your entrepreneurial ninth house until March 19 (and a Pisces new moon on March 10), new opportunities to create additional income through a side hustle or a startup venture could arrive this month. 
When the Sun moves into Aries and your career sector on March 19, you’ve got four powerhouse weeks to get your ideas in front of key decision makers and prospective clients. But book those meetings now and remain flexible. Communication planet Mercury will turn retrograde in Aries from April 1 to 25, which could complexify your business plans or delay an important career move. 
Fear not: It could be a blessing in disguise. With an Aries solar eclipse coming on April 8, there could be an exciting plot twist that makes you glad you didn’t lead into the first offer. The best things could indeed come to Crabs who wait—so hang tight until May and it will all make sense in due time!

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