Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Your March Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Getting an early burst of spring fever, Scorpio? With the luminous Sun cruising through Pisces and your fifth house of romance, glamour and creativity until March 19, your passion is powered up! While the rest of the world is just emerging from hibernation, the Scorpio squad is thawed out and ready to seize the spotlight. 
Give the other 11 zodiac signs the performance they want and need! But please, watch the diva antics. Make sure not to hold your captive audience, er, captive, as you bask in their attention and applause. Since strong emotions are also sure to surface now, channel this playful and impassioned energy into healthy creative outlets.
In the later part of March, you’ll have some competition for the limelight—direct from the stars themselves. Eclipse season begins on March 25 (more on that in a bit), a two-week cosmic corridor when the moon steals the show. There will be two eclipses, one on March 25 and a second on April 8, and they’ll ripple across your health and healing axis. A transformational time is in store. 
Ready to invite more love into your life? Make the most of Pisces season and all its romantic richness. Your flirting skills are in fine form, and it wouldn’t hurt to give them a workout. Call it a spring stretch! If nothing else, it'll send a message to your own unconscious that you are indeed in the mood for love. 
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