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September 2020 Scorpio Overview Horoscope

September Snapshot

Put some steam into your team! With the Virgo Sun warming up your eleventh house of collaborations until Tuesday, September 22, you’ll go farther faster when you play well with others. Whether you commune on Zoom or do some socially distanced networking, this month is ideal for inspired connections with like-minded people. The eleventh house rules technology. Maximize your reach with social media or email blasts—especially if there’s a worthwhile cause behind your joint efforts.
Don’t be surprised if you experience slowdowns, though. With all five of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) retrograde in the first half of September, you’re being pressed to take a closer look at your communication style and relationships. How effectively do you share and compromise? What’s your idea of a healthy give-and-take? Aim for more authenticity and create a safe atmosphere for people to be honest with you.

In the second half of the month, the outer planets start to straighten out, improving your connections. Jupiter turns direct on September 12, followed by Saturn on September 29 and Pluto in early October. All three planets are in Capricorn, making their way through your third house of communication, community and kindred spirits. If you’ve felt roadblocked from getting your message across or working effectively with people, get ready for a positive turnaround.
Later in the month, you’ll need to pace yourself. Energizer Mars will turn retrograde in Aries and your sixth house of work, wellness and organization from September 9 until November 13. Hit the brakes on a fast-moving part of your life that’s gotten unwieldy. Sustainable habits could help you finish the year strong and fit—physically, fiscally and mentally.
Is it time to get some help around here? Delegate duties to capable and reliable people. Trying to do it all yourself will be a recipe for major burnout. Instead of taking on even more projects, scale back and prioritize. Otherwise, stress could impact your health—and we all need to be extra vigilant about our self-care these days.
Mars is in this fast-burning sign from June 27 to January 6. Use the retrograde to assess your wellness habits and get moving. But don’t overdo it because you could be more prone to a sports-related injury. Consistent exercise, even if it’s a daily power walk, is better than pulling a muscle (or worse) in a grueling boot camp.
Once the Sun slips into Libra and your healing twelfth house for a month on September 22, you’ll want to turn inward. Rest and regroup, catch up on sleep and tie up loose ends instead of launching new projects. When Scorpio season kicks off on October 22, you’ll be refreshed and ready to kick off a new year of your life!

Week 1: September 1-6

Love is in the air
Late summer loving or an early fall fling? On Wednesday, September 2, the Pisces full moon beams into your passionate and playful fifth house. Chemistry that’s been brewing since as far back as February could finally be consummated. If someone confesses an attraction or you feel a spark with someone you’ve always considered “just a friend,” blame it on the moonlight! Couples will feel romance revving up again.
A chance to showcase your talents could arrive or a creative project could pick up speed. Have you been thinking of expanding your family? Scorpios of the childbearing set could hear pregnancy news as la luna lights your fertile fifth house. Perhaps you’ll just be ripe with inspiration that you can channel into an artistic endeavor. Express yourself, if only for the sheer joy of doing so!

Week 2: September 7-13

Minimize stress and start spreading the news
Stress alert! Driven Mars starts its two-month retrograde on Wednesday, September 9, jamming up your sixth house of health, organization and employees until November 13. It could be challenging to keep a handle on all your projects and responsibilities. Working hard may be necessary, but you can’t do it at the expense of your health—sand you can’t afford to bottle up frustration just now.
Take stock of your systems and see where you can be more efficient. Having a hard time capturing everything you need to do? Test-drive efficiency apps like Evernote, Slack or Trello to stay organized. Still can’t keep up? You may need to scale back plans or streamline your processes to get more done in less time. If you find yourself skipping meals or skimping on sleep, that’s a major warning light. Nothing is worth sacrificing your health for, Scorpio.
Watch out for pettiness and be careful not to get caught up obsessing over the small stuff. People can be nitpicky and critical now, and your own micromanaging tendencies could flare. Ramp up self-care to keep your inner critic at bay. There’s no reward in comparing yourself to other people. Focus on being your best self instead.
Exciting news could come in as early as Saturday, September 12, when expansive Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in Capricorn and your communication house. An idea that got back-burnered may pick up speed, or a long-awaited conversation could finally happen. Jupiter will remain in Capricorn until December 19, giving you three more months to launch your big ideas into the world.
Practice being more open and enthusiastic, even if it feels unnatural. We’re not suggesting you act fake. But if you’re feeling excited, show it! People will respond to the energy you’re emanating. Your positivity will be magnetic, drawing kindred spirits and like-minded collaborators your way.

Week 3: September 14-20

Play well with others
Together you rise! Secretive Scorpios sometimes get a lone-wolf rep, but with the once-a-year Virgo new moon illuminating your eleventh house of teamwork, a group endeavor could show promise. This is the start of a six-month cycle that will influence events through next February 27. Putting your superpowers together could create something world-changing by early 2021.
Make sure to acknowledge the people on Team Scorpio for their hard work. And show your crew that you’re committed by pulling through in the eleventh hour to get a project across the finish line. You’re likely to get more than one MVP nod for your efforts.
Aim to be more authentic, both in your conversations and the image you present online. Keeping it real will help people relax around you. This can spark new friendships or deepen current ones. Yes, your social life may be limited by pandemic restrictions, but that doesn’t have stop you from connecting with like-minded people. Like a post, send someone a glowing DM or engage in some thought-provoking chat. Start out virtually and see where it goes!

Week 4: September 21-30

Winding down
As the Sun enters laid-back Libra and your dreamy, karmic twelfth house on Tuesday, September 22, it’s time to power down and conserve your energy. Flagging a bit? It’s okay to make restoration the priority right now. Conserve your energy and tie up loose ends before Scorpio season starts in a month.
On Tuesday, September 29, sober Saturn goes direct in practical Capricorn and your third house of communication. Ready to pitch a concept to the decision makers? Saturn will round out its three-year tour of Capricorn on December 17—then it won’t return here until 2047. It’s time to get those lofty visions out of your head and onto paper. Draft a formal proposal, style it in PowerPoint or Canva then run it by some mentors. If you’ve been mulling a major decision, possibly about a friendship or a move to a new neighborhood, you’ll be able to make concrete plans in the coming few months.
Don’t rush, though. Right as Saturn turns direct, it will lock into a heated square with Mars, repeating a transit that happened on August 24. Feel like you’ve got one foot on the gas, the other on the brake? Cosmically, you do. This time Mars is retrograde, so you REALLY want to take your time and make sure everything is packaged and presented right. Ask all your questions, conduct due diligence and be as thorough as possible. With Mars in your exacting sixth house, don the “quality control” cap and comb over everything with a keen eye before you send it out into the world.

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