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June 2021 Scorpio Overview Horoscope

Your June Horoscope at a Glance 

Privacy please, Scorpio! The first three weeks of June put you in an introspective mood, with an air of intensity and a chance to deepen your most intimate bonds. You’ll have a strong urge to merge, whether for business or pleasure. But don’t rush into anything binding while Mercury is retrograde until June 22 because it could be challenging to dig yourself out. That’s especially true if you need to explain what’s going on—or if it’s someone intimately close to you who has some splainin’ to do. Trust issues and all kinds of misunderstandings could flare, especially midmonth, when an intense Saturn-Uranus square shakes up the status quo. Later in the month, your mood will turn buoyant and you’ll be ready to get out into the world in a big way, to connect with wider opportunities and explore new possibilities—although Jupiter and Neptune turning retrograde could temporarily tap the brakes on some of your risker plans. Month’s end might bring major news about a project you’ve been at work on for the past six months.

The Sun is in Gemini until June 20

With the Sun embedded in curious Gemini and your eighth house of intimacy and joint ventures until Sunday, June 20, the first three weeks of the month are a perfect chance to hang the “do not disturb” sign and focus. Take this time to dip behind the scenes a bit and explore your deepest connections or plunge into heavy-duty research around a topic that fascinates you. Nothing’s taboo for you, Scorpio, but remember to be sensitive to the feelings of the person you’re asking for information: They may not be in the same deep-diving mood as you are. An opportunity around investing, a shared business project or real estate could arise.
Triple-check your facts and findings now as communicator Mercury will be retrograde in the exact same zone as the Sun, adding a dose of confusion, technology troubles and miscommunication to the mix. Back up your data and devices, watch what you say and don’t share any secrets unless under blood oath (even then…maybe not!). Hold off on signing on any dotted lines, especially if they’re on agreements that could become permanent. Take any upsetting information that comes to light now with a grain of salt. You probably don’t have the whole story—and you might not even have the correct one! You can follow up and revisit what you’ve heard (and said) once Mercury resumes forward motion on Tuesday, June 22.

Mars and Pluto get heated on June 5

On June 5, your two co-rulers, Mars and Pluto, will form a volatile opposition, which happens every two years. As they wage a showdown across your communication axis, you could find yourself locked in a power struggle—whether that’s a heated argument or a simmering silent treatment. 

But before you hit that “block” button, put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Do they have any kind of valid point here? Or are they simply projecting their own baggage onto you? Both scenarios are equally likely. Don’t hate…investigate!
With Mars in your visionary ninth house, someone may be threatened by your growth or blue-sky thinking, dropping subtly (or not) undermining bombs that could cause you to second-guess yourself. Once again, safeguard your sacred ideas from people who "can't handle the truth." 

Of course, planetary oppositions have a way of forcing things out into the open. Brewing tension could erupt into a stingingly straightforward conversation. Think before you speak: Your goal here is to clear the air—not to clear the slate of an important relationship!

The June 10 Gemini solar eclipse brings intimacy and big money openings

Ready to connect on a super-deep level? On June 10, the Gemini new moon arrives as a potent solar eclipse, charging up your eighth house of merging and transformation. Perhaps out of the blue you could receive an opportunity to join forces for mutual gain. Whether your “power coupling” is about romance, finance or both, there’s something almost mystical that happens when you combine your energies with a certain someone. A potentially lucrative investment might come across your transom.

But don’t rush into anything, especially not without doing solid background research. This new moon will be traveling in tandem with Mercury retrograde, indicating that you might not get all the information you need. Take special care to protect your identity and privacy today. If you’re considering making things official in your love life, Mercury retrograde suggests the need for crystal-clear agreements about how you’ll share and divide assets, energy and time—if not an actual prenup for some Scorpios. With the moon loosely in a challenging 90-degree square to gullible Neptune, this is not the day for rose-colored glasses, particularly when it comes to your money and your heart!

Saturn and Uranus clash again on June 14

All of your most important relationships could undergo upheaval this June 14 as rigid Saturn and radical changemaker Uranus lock into their second of three 90-degree squares this year. An unexpected change in one of your closest bonds could demand major structural changes related to your home and family. Sustaining some of your most important ties may require changes in your personal life: a move, a new schedule, hiring full-time childcare. 

Ready or not, you may be forced to look at new options when Saturn and Uranus clash, demanding that you upgrade outmoded structures and bring order to chaos. Look back to the first of these squares, on February 17, and ahead to the third one on December 24. Between now and Christmas Eve, you could be calibrating the delicate balance of relationship, family and personal needs. Roles can change, perhaps without much notice. Think: A sudden pregnancy, an aging parent needing care, a too-good-to-refuse real estate deal. You might look at innovative ways to start a home-based business or make money from property, perhaps taking a roommate or renting out part of your home.

It’s Cancer season (and summer solstice) starting June 20

Sunday, June 20, is a day of major shifts, when you emerge from your cocoon to flap those butterfly wings. It’s an action-packed day on the calendar too, with the Sun moving into intuitive Cancer and your ninth house of expansion, exploration and learning—as well as the summer solstice AND Father’s Day. You’ll be ready to come out of your emotional depths and engage with the wider world again. Spend the longest day of the year doing some visionary brainstorming. What supersized goals would you like to pursue? Where have you been playing small and holding yourself back from new possibilities? It’s time to start taking some bold risks again, especially after Mercury turns direct (forward) on June 22.

But Jupiter also goes retrograde on June 20

So that invitation to soar comes with a warning label. On Sunday, June 20, Jupiter—the planet of growth, luck and expansion—starts its annual four-month retrograde (backward) spin until October 18. This year, Jupiter will split its reverse commute between Pisces and Aquarius. Between now and July 28, the red-spotted planet will backtrack through Pisces and your passionate fifth house. A blossoming romance or creative project could wilt a bit, or at least, slow down. What’s the rush? Retrogrades can bring back the past, so don’t be surprised if an old flame emerges from your past. 

Mercury retrograde is OVER June 22

At last! The three weeks of technology, communication and plan-making mixups, courtesy of Mercury retrograde, are over. While you may still feel some “retroshade” from Mercury’s shadow period until July 7, it’s safe to send in your phone for an upgrade or make that important “launching soon” announcement without worrying about meddlesome Mercury.

Close the deal at the June 24 Capricorn full moon

Keep your devices charged! When the Capricorn full moon lights up the night sky—and your communication and community zone—on Thursday, June 24, big news could arrive. Now that Mercury’s no longer in mischievous retrograde, you’ve got a clear and open channel to make important decisions. You may have a major project to debut—something you’ve worked on since the January 13 Capricorn new moon. With Mercury no longer retrograde, you’re cleared to share your cool news without reservation—and you’re bound to find an attentive audience! Look back to that Capricorn new moon for clues about what could manifest now. If you’ve been waiting for an answer or green light for the past few months, this full moon could deliver.

One more retrograde (Neptune) starts June 25 (total of 4 planets)

Foggy Neptune will also turn retrograde (backward) on June 25, making its annual five-month backspin through Pisces and your passionate fifth house until December 1. An ex could resurface, sending mixed signals—or you may be the one getting cold feet about a romance. Perhaps you've been idealizing someone and now see their human side a bit more. Nobody's perfect, Scorpio (present company included), so work on finding fondness for their flaws—and your own.
Neptune retrograde is also great for dusting off an old creative project or revisiting one of your passions that got put on the back burner. With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto also retrograde, you could have quite a reflective summer ahead, pondering everything from your living situation to your friendships to the places you feel most at ease. You might want to check out new communities or neighborhoods, whether it’s for a new place to live or just some fresh hangouts where you can connect with like-minded people.

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