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March 2021 Scorpio Overview Horoscope

Monthly Snapshot

Happiness, thy name is Scorpio, at least for the first three weeks of March! With the Sun in Pisces and your fifth house of play, pleasure and joie de vivre until March 20, you’ve got planetary permission to make fun your top priority. Don’t worry, you can start your spring cleaning on March 20, when the balancing equinox and Aries season arrive, activating your sixth house of wellness and organization. Until then, you can raise a (bottomless) glass to your full-on life, within pandemic precautions, of course.
The fifth house rules romance, and you may be feeling rather frisky for these first three weeks of the month. Schedule-wise, Cupid’s arrival is a little bit late for V-Day and a little bit early for spring. But no matter: He’s here! Allow those amorous arrows to strike, whether it’s with a sexy new prospect or your current amour.

The one intense aspect that we’ll feel all month is a lingering 90-degree square as structured Saturn challenges disruptive Uranus. After making an exact gridlock on February 17, they’re moving apart, and will connect again on June 14 and December 24.
You could feel a simmering tension in your closest relationships, especially around commitment. Sure, you’re game for an early spring fling or to spice things up in your situationship. But on a deeper level, you might have reservations about how secure you feel, both within yourself and with a partner. Your family may not click with your romantic mate, or you could have reservations about joining your lives on a more serious level, especially if that means moving in together or settling on the topic of kids.  
You’ll have all year to hash out these interpersonal dynamics and to figure out the best way to establish healthy boundaries and expectations. Pro tip: Pre-order a copy of our friend Terri Cole’s upcoming book Boundary Boss, out April 20, and you’ll have the ultimate guide to navigating this challenging topic without being overly accommodating or putting up fortress walls.

Week 1: March 1-7
Intensity rising

Going deep! This Wednesday, March 3, your ancient ruler, Mars, enters Gemini, plunging into your eighth house of intimacy, joint ventures and merging. Between now and April 23, the red planet will heat up the most sensitive—and sensual—parts of your life and bring VIP opportunities to link up your superpowers for mutual gain.
Large sums of money could be on the table, perhaps via an investment or property issue (that could range from real estate to intellectual property). This is a powerful time to learn how to “make money while you sleep” through commissions, passive income, affiliate earnings and other savvy means. Just note: Mars motivates AND stresses in equal doses. You could just as easily find yourself with a sizable expense to bear, such as a tax bill, a home repair or some debt that comes due. Necessity is the mother of invention, so if that happens, use it as a source of fuel, not fear!

Since January 6, Mars has been in Taurus and your seventh house of committed relationships, a time when partnerships were a mixed bag of excitement and tension. Maybe you were negotiating a business deal or talking about making a romance official. One Scorpio friend of ours proposed to her longtime S.O. while Mars was in Taurus (spoiler: they said yes!). But she also had a moment of “buyer’s remorse” a few days later from the Mars impulsivity that had to be quelled. Mars can be intense!
On that note, watch out for jealousy and competitive dynamics brewing in the next few weeks. Combative Mars in this realm of your chart could drive up some of the less savory Scorpionic tendencies, like snooping or projecting old patterns of distrust onto a current situation.

Week 2: March 8-14
Love is in the stars

Ready for a romantic spring awakening? This weekend, Cupid shows up a month after his regularly scheduled appointment. Better late than never? On Saturday, March 13, the annual Pisces new moon beams into your fifth house of fun, love and creativity, rebooting your joie de vivre. Shake off those winter hibernation blahs and get ready for a comeback with style and swagger.
Flanked by amorous Venus and enchanting Neptune, this new moon can draw out your most imaginative ideas. Warning: The cosmic combo of this transfixed trio can also make you a bit gullible and easily swept off your feet. You could fall head over heels for someone you just meet or hoist a new acquaintance onto a pedestal. Go ahead and gush, but pace yourself. Nobody’s perfect, Scorpio, so even as you’re enjoying the honeymoon glow, remember that you’re dealing with a mere mortal here!
Your creative efforts are about to get a divine dose of inspiration this week, too. Head back to the studio to work on your album, start redesigning your website or embark on a DIY project. The seeds you plant now will bear fruit between now and the Pisces full moon on September 20. Since the fifth house also rules fertility, this is a great time for Scorpios of the babymaking demographic to take a shot at procreation if that’s your goal—or to be extra careful if it’s not.
Whatever you do, make sure you get to bed at a reasonable time because the very next day, Sunday, March 14, it will be time for that once-a-year ritual known as “springing forward.” Rest up so you can enjoy a Pi Day brunch or a late-winter sunset an hour later!

Week 3: March 15-21
Wellness reboot

Ready for a break from the intensity, even if it’s been fun? Get the wilding out of your system during the week because on Saturday, March 20, the Sun enters Aries and settles into your sixth house of wellness, work and organization. It’s time to bring some order back to the Scorpio court! If your last month of hibernation came with a hefty side of hedonism, well, you can pin the blame on Pisces season, which is always one of the most decadent times of year for you. Now you’re ready for a “spring cleanup” and an equinox rebalancing of your system.
Supporting your efforts to purify AND beautify is harmonious Venus, which will join the energizing Sun in Aries on Sunday, March 21, staying until mid-April. As you get your glow back, Venus will make sure it’s a pleasurable process instead of a punishing one. Deprivation and denial do not a sustainably healthy lifestyle make. Rather than beat yourself up for any winter sluggishness, cultivate a radiant partnership with your body and indulge in the joy of feeding it live foods, moving it (gently at first, if you need) and connecting to your breath through meditation.
Any efforts to bring more Zen back to your life get a special boost this Sunday as your co-ruler Mars forms a supportive trine (120-degree angle) to structured Saturn. Mars is in Gemini, activating your emotionally transformative and intimate eighth house while Saturn is in Aquarius and your domestic zone. A family member could lend financial support or possibly become a new business partner, If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home or making an investment, the Mars-Saturn trine could galvanize your efforts. Entertain serious offers only—and be prepared to make one yourself—because things will move quickly.

Week 4: March 22-31
Let it go and regain your flow

Let it go, Scorpio! Once a year, you get a day that acts as a double grand finale, a chance to release any baggage that no longer serves you so you can enter the portal to what’s next.
That moment arrives on Sunday, March 28, when the annual Libra full moon lands in your twelfth house of healing, release and closure. Both full moons AND the twelfth house carry the energy of endings and transitions, doubling the opportunity to surrender where you’ve been swimming upstream and to let the universe guide you onto your new path. Look back to something that’s been troubling you or brewing since as far back as the Libra new moon of October 16, 2020. With gracious Libra playing diplomat, you can count on resolutions that come as close to win-wins as possible.
On the downside, this full moon arrives in a tense opposition with Venus in your sixth house of work, wellness and day-to-day processes. Venus is also in Aries, where it’s said to be in “detriment,” with its soothing powers and ability to charm at their weakest. Since the twelfth house also rules deception, there’s a possibility of uncovering an unpleasant situation with an employee or assistant who’s been shifty.
Disloyalty is not something a Scorpio will tolerate! Get to the bottom of anything that feels “off” before the month ends. This discordant moon-Venus opposition could incite an unexpected lack of trust or blame-shifting among co-workers and colleagues. What’s at the root of this unrest? Perhaps there’s not a clear understanding of expectations, which is leaving people confused or feeling unsupported. Get to the core of this and you can come out stronger than ever. In all of your relationships, you may need to gently but firmly ask a few tough questions if someone’s behavior has been givin you pause.
Heads-up: Guard your wellbeing with extra care this week. With the Sun in Aries and your fitness zone, you may feel motivated to change your workout routine or meet friends for a “healthy” pursuit like visiting a newly reopened gym. But this full moon in your twelfth house could drain your batteries or leave you at the edge of burnout. You could be more susceptible to picking up unwanted germs or running yourself down. Not worth it! Top priority this weekend: Rest and restoration!

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