Your Horoscope for June’s Sagittarius Full Moon: Adventure Calls!

Pack your bags! Adventure calls—and it’s time to answer—under the light of the spontaneous Sagittarius full moon Saturday, June 3 (at 11:41 PM EST). What new vistas are calling your name? Go there ASAP.

What to expect at the Sagittarius full moon

Full moons are monthly manifestation moments when efforts of the past six months come to fruition. Under this lunar luminescence, everything (and everyone) becomes bold, bright and vivid. When the full moon is in fire sign Sagittarius, we all get to bask in the bawdy, daring and philosophical energy of this sign.

This is a stellar time to:
– Be spontaneous
– Mingle multiculturally
– Speak your truth
– Get involved in DEI initiatives
– Study and learn
– Invest in personal growth workshops
– Publish something: Write a book, blog post, screenplay, anything!
– Connect to a spiritual or philosophical group

Watch out for:
– Excessive risk-taking and gambling
– Speaking without sensitivity
– Being zealous
– Racing ahead without any sort of plan

How to take advantage of the Sagittarius full moon energy

As the 2023 Sagittarius supermoon lights up the skies, it activates extreme wanderlust and a desire for limitless expansion. Keep your day bag or suitcase ready for work travel and weekend jaunts alike. With this full moon forming a fast-moving trine to passionate Mars, there could be romance or a daring activity wrapped up in those getaway plans!

If you can’t literally get away, seek fresh horizons through education, personal growth work and experiences that push you into inspiring new terrain. Expand beyond the borders of what’s comfortable and familiar. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

The next two weeks are the ideal window to kickstart any big ideas you’ve been dreaming about.

The Archer loves for us to learn and invest in personal growth. Here are some ideas you can try over the coming two weeks after the Sagittarius full moon on June 3:
– Sign up for a weekend workshop (in a different city?)
– Speak your truth! Sagittarius is the zodiac’s tell-it-like-it-is sign. What’s on your mind? (Try not to trample feelings, though; this sign can also be blunt. )
– Pick up some metaphysical reading material.
– If you’d rather teach, perhaps you can create a course of your own and earn some cash.
– Rally your kindred spirits. Find spaces to unite with people who share your vision and values. Go out of your way to welcome people from backgrounds different than your own.

The enterprising energy of the Sagittarius full moon is like a round of celestial start-up funding. If you have an idea for a business—or a project that will put your name on the company leaderboard—the mission could really get in motion over the next two weeks. The only requirement? A willingness to stick your neck out for what you believe in!

Caution! Just be sure to curb the gambling tendencies of Sagittarius, as this full moon forms a limiting square to cautious Saturn in Pisces.

What does the Sagittarius full moon mean for my love life?

Single (or sort-of single?) Do you need to diversify your dating portfolio? If you keep going out with the same person in a different package over and over (and over!), that would be an obvious YES!

Coupled? See above advice for Singles… have you slipped into an old-marrieds groove? Yawn no more! This fiery and excitement-boosting full moon in Sagittarius activates the spirit of adventure in love, too. Expand beyond comfortable and familiar “borders.”

This Sagittarius full moon favors multicultural mingling, baecations and romantic retreats where you can learn a sultry new skill like erotic massage or tantra. How far are you willing to travel beyond your comfort zone? If you’re stuck in a rut, a nakedly honest conversation can bring back the heat.

Here’s a Sagittarius full moon horoscope for every zodiac sign!

Below are horoscopes to maximize the power of the Sagittarius full moon on June 3, 2023.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Hello, new horizons! The full moon in Sagittarius illuminates your international ninth house, Aries, giving you a serious case of wanderlust. What’s more, this lunar light could bring a supersized opportunity in a distant locale. Be ready to cross state lines—or maybe international borders—on a moment’s notice, Ram. Alternatively, you could be rolling out the welcome mat for a globetrotting guest. People from different backgrounds or countries are primed to make a positive impact on your life over the coming two weeks, so look far beyond city limits for the connections you crave. If you’ve been on a tear buying things you don’t need lately, this moon is a clear-eyed moment to pull the emergency brake.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Temperatures are rising as the fiery full moon in Sagittarius in your erotic eighth house awakens the siren within, Taurus. From sexy role-playing to heading off an adventurous weekend trip with your latest love interest, taking a few more risks in the game of love gets your motor purring. This lunar light is the manifestation point of desires you set into motion six months ago, near the corresponding new moon. Officializing vibes are in the air, possibly turning an on-again, off-again connection into the real deal. Just don’t settle for a purely physical connection. Emotions will invariably become involved.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

It takes two to make a thing go right as the full moon in Sagittarius activates your seventh house of committed bonding. Coupled Twins, take the initiative and see what sexy fires you can stoke with your love. A casual situationship could morph into a monogamous relationship, or you could finally clinch a killer work contract. On the flip side, this lunar light could make it clear that it’s time to move on from a lukewarm alliance that shows little promise for the future. Regardless of the direction your pairings take, relationships will substantially evolve over the next two weeks. Go with the flow instead of struggling to maintain the status quo.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Drop and give ’em 20? Gladly! Under the Sag full moon in your sixth house of healthy living, your motivation tanks get topped up when it comes to body love, Cancer. The coming two weeks are prime for getting into a serious self-care groove that can carry you through the summer—and beyond! Incorporate exercise into your daily routine, make veggies a large portion of your plate, get up-to-date on your regular checkups. Your work life also ramps up during this cycle, so you might want to postpone any taxing juice cleanses for another time. Bring your A-game!

Leo (July 23-August 22)

The full moon in Sagittarius sets your passionate fifth house on fire, Leo, making your desires crystal-clear. Never mind being polite about articulating what you want. If something (or someone) isn’t getting your motor purring, now’s the time to be honest—with yourself, if no one else! For the next two weeks, amp up the glam factor, Leo, and make maximalism your new style M.O. Some long-awaited accolades and an adoring public are heading your way, and you’ll want to look your best. Roar!

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Intimacy is the name of the game the year’s only full moon in Sagittarius illuminates your fourth house of emotional ties, Virgo. Yes, you’re an open book, but this weekend, you’re most comfortable sharing with your nearest and dearest. Frank conversations could touch your heart, triggering the waterworks. (Carry extra tissues!) A key woman in your life could approach you to join her on an endeavor or a trip. If you’re looking to hang your hat somewhere new, the next two weeks could reveal a dream listing. The interior-decorating bug may bite some Virgos, especially if the renos serve a practical purpose.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

The full moon in Sagittarius electrifies your third house of dynamic duos, Libra, lighting the way to the kind of promising partnerships every Libra dreams about. Whether you’re seeking a creative collaborator, a romantic relationship or a plus-one to join you for shows, keep your eyes and ears open. In fact, this could be someone you already know—perhaps even a person you met six months ago, near the corresponding new moon. Social networking sites and dating apps can be the perfect search tools under these mobile-friendly moonbeams. Activate your profile and expand your search radius to include cities you’d love to visit or travel to often.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Show YOU the money! The Sagittarius full moon in your second house of cash and security could bring you a major windfall or the opportunity to scale the ladder of success. If a heftier salary isn’t in the cards, think about how you can renegotiate your responsibilities and pitch a more distinguished title. At the other end of the spectrum, you may decide you’ve reached the end of the road at a current job. As you venture down a new career path that’s more aligned with your higher self, revamp your budget. Keep your radar up for a sage investment opportunity over the next two weeks.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

The limelight beckons, Archer—and under the full moon in Sagittarius, your star is shining too brightly to be ignored. Enjoy the buzz of celebrity status that seems to follow you into any room. Even if you TRY to be low-key, you’ll still end up piquing people’s curiosity. Have you been biting your tongue so as not to offend people or be labeled “too much”? This full moon lifts the galactic gag order and gives you the green light to voice your strong opinions. Recommit to living unapologetically with your fierce indie spirit at the wheel. Have things gotten a little…disorderly at Sag HQ? Or has the stupefying sameness of every day defeated your best intentions for exercise and self-care?

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Trust in the universe and blast off into the stratosphere! The Sagittarius full moon illuminates your twelfth house of transitions, helping you let go so you can grow. Stop thinking you can pull a fast one on fate—it’s not yours to control, Capricorn. Follow the natural urge to surrender and see what supreme offerings await you. When you release the past and welcome in fresh energy, you invite miracles into your world. This lunar light could also reveal a seasoned mentor who can lead you toward bigger and better things. You’re not generally susceptible to sweet talk, oh grounded one.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Team up with fellow wunderkinds for the weekend as the full moon in Sagittarius electrifies your eleventh house of collaborations and shines its beams on a group endeavor. If you’re the happy member of a dream team, chances are good you’ll be popping a cork and raising your flutes to a shared victory.

If not, you’ve got cosmic clearance to forge fresh alliances. Don’t waste your potential on people who aren’t operating on the same wavelength. They only end up slowing you down. Move on up! Too much time in Chez Aquarius may be taking a toll on your patience, Water Bearer. Yet if you can’t get out (much), you need to call on your inner reserves to help you find new ways of staying entertained—and sane.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Up, up, and away! Showcase your hidden talents as the full moon in Sagittarius activates your tenth house of success. Your hard work of the past six months could hit a successful milestone. If you’ve been sitting on a wealth of untapped potential, the time has come to share it with the world. When you do, you might be catapulted into elite circles—and so quickly, it makes your head spin. Go with it, Pisces. You deserve to be there. Whether or not you don a Prada power suit like the rest of the VIPs, your creativity and vision are worth their weight in platinum.

When is the next full moon?

The remaining full moons of 2023 are in:
– Capricorn on July 3
– Aquarius on August 1
– Pisces on August 30
– Aries on September 29
– Taurus on October 28 (also a partial lunar eclipse)
– Gemini on November 27
– Cancer on December 26 (the second of the year, the first was on January 6)

You can learn more about the above in this post: All the 2023 Full Moons: A Helpful Calendar and Astrology Forecast for Each

When is the next full moon in Sagittarius? Not until May 23, 2024!

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