Fire Element in Astrology: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Are the Fire Signs

The Fire signs ignite action. These excitable, creative and visionary people jump right in. All about the Fire element.

Three zodiac signs make up the Fire element:


Aries is the first zodiac sign, born to be number one. The Aries person is a solo star who steals the spotlight and inspires everyone with their confidence.

Aries people can be impatient, even a little bossy, especially when they don’t get their way. As the “baby” of the zodiac, the Aries star sign needs lots of attention and can throw quite the tantrum when they don’t get it.

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Leo is one of the most passionate zodiac signs, here to open our hearts to joy. Ruled by the proud and fierce Lion, the Leo personality can be expressive and flamboyant in nature. Even quiet Leo people exude an energy that can’t be ignored. Shy Leos can still come to life in the spotlight.

A natural-born leader and performer, the typical Leo loves to be the boss. The Leo star sign is also fiercely protective. They need mega-doses of praise and appreciation.

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Sagittarius loves adventure, learning and living life to the fullest. Wisdom seeking Sagittarius is the ultimate free spirit: optimistic, open-minded and ambitious.

As the zodiac’s traveler, the Sagittarius star sign is happiest in wide-open spaces with plenty of adventure and excitement. The typical Sagittarius juggles a million projects, hobbies and friends. The more, the merrier!

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What type of person is a Fire sign?

If you want to spark things up, the fire signs—Aries, Leo and Sagittarius—can ignite the action. These excitable, creative and visionary zodiac signs jump right in and play instead of waiting for permission or worrying terribly about making a mistake. They know that every ember has the potential to be a roaring pyre.

At times this combustible energy can make you feel like an untamed blaze, burning through resources at an unsustainable rate. At other moments, it can raise the heat to an ideal temperature to get things cooking.

When you need a burst of sexy, creative mojo, tapping into these zodiac sign energies can help you take a leap—and ultimately attract a powerful audience to enjoy whatever you serve up.

What are the four elements in astrology?

The four elements in astrology are fire, earth, air and water

Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Like fire itself, fire signs tend to be passionate, dynamic, and temperamental. Fire can keep you warm, or it can do great destruction. While fire burns out quickly without fuel to keep it going, it can also regenerate its power from the ashes. A single spark can set off a forest fire. As a result, fire signs need to be nurtured and managed carefully. 

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Earth energy is very physical, tangible, and sensual. Along with water signs, earth signs exude a receptive, yin energy. They can get cast as uptight or slow, but that’s not necessarily true. They simply like to have a solid foundation and are the steadiest and most grounded bunch of signs. 

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air signs are mental, cerebral, and communicative, a different manifestation of the yang energy. These signs may come off as “airheads” because they’re a bit “out there,” but they always keep things interesting. Because these signs are so communicative, they need stimulating conversation, to feel a mental connection or shared sense of humor.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Intuitive, emotional and ultra-sensitive, water signs can be as mysterious as the ocean itself. Like water, they can be refreshing, or they can drown you in their depths. These signs often have intense dreams and borderline-psychic intuition. Security is important to them—after all, water needs a container, or it dries up and disappears.

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How do Fire element signs get along with the other zodiac elements?

See below for element combinations. Read more about Fire Signs in Love here.

Fire + Fire

The Good: There’s plenty of passion and excitement ablaze when two Fire signs get together. They’ll get super-creative, starting projects, jetting off on vacations, and building a game room. Fire signs love to entertain and the epic parties they throw will become neighborhood legends (and sometimes nuisances, yikes!).

The Bad: With their fast-paced lifestyles and 1,001 interests, a Fire sign duo can burn each other out by trying to juggle too many projects at once. Since they’re both independent, they may be like two ships passing in the night who struggle to coordinate their busy schedules and settle in for a cozy night at home. 

Fire + Earth

The Good: Adventurous Fire signs inspire sensible Earth signs to be more creative. Whether they’re hosting a holiday feast or renovating the kitchen, they make great partners-in-crime. Fire signs craft the big idea and Earth signs figure out the “how.” Earth signs are a grounding force for Fire, gathering family around the hearth and making sure the traditions (that Fire signs forget about) are upheld.

The Bad: Traditional Earth signs like routines and care about social status. This can make fidgety, renegade Fire signs feel controlled and contained. Simultaneously, Fire signs can lose sight of things like budgets, schedules, and propriety, leaving Earth feeling destabilized and without the cushion they need to relax under their roof.

Fire + Air

The Good: The energy is  lively and engaging in a Fire-Air relationship. Chill the wine and prep the snacks because these social butterflies love hosting visitors for impromptu hangouts. There’s plenty of laughter here as witty Air signs fan the flames of Fire sign’s humor and passion. Since they’re both independent, they’ll naturally give each other space and be curious about one another’s autonomous interests. They have lots in common too and make great playmates and project partners.

The Bad: Fire signs can be warm, with BIG feeling energy that rushes out in nonstop chatter. Air signs are cool and logical, preferring to think before they blurt. As Fire spreads out, systematic Air signs may feel pushed into a corner or frustrated by the sprawl. Meanwhile, Fire may feel their passion is being snuffed out by Air sign’s detached cool.

Fire + Water

The Good: Opposites attract in this curious combination. Because outgoing Fire signs and nurturing Water signs are so different, they can find their “lanes” and come together to create a bright and loving relationship. Fire signs warm the mood with their playful optimism while Water signs make sure everyone is nourished from the people to the pets to the plants. When Water feels down, Fire shores them up with wisdom and humor. Water’s empathy can help independent Fire signs learn to be more family-focused.

The Bad: Temper, meet temperamental. Reactive Fire signs can fly off the handle at the slightest provocation. Water signs sink into dreary moods, sulking and giving fire the silent treatment. They may consistently misinterpret each other’s motives, taking everything personally or guilt-tripping each other with passive-aggressive head games. 

When is the Sun in a Fire sign every year?

Aries Season: March 20 – April 19

Themes: initiative, determination, passion, beginnings

Leo Season: July 23 – August 22

Themes: expression, drama, playfulness, courage

Sagittarius Season: November 22 – December 21

Themes: adventure, travel, expansion, outspokenness, wisdom

How to embrace Earth element energy

During the Fire sign seasons—when the Sun is in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius—we all have access to the versatility this element brings. You can “wake up” the Fire element during each solar cycle with these guided meditations that we created with musician and astrologer Brooke Dabalos.

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