All About Full Moons in Astrology

Full moons happen once every month when the Sun and moon are directly opposite each other in the sky. Because the Sun is illuminating the front side of la lune, the moon is getting a gorgeous glow up that we love to view. As above, so below. Seeing the emo moon in full, shining glory has been known to stir up all kinds of feels for howling animals and humans alike.

What do full moons mean in astrology?

Full moons mark the halfway point of monthlong lunar cycles. These are harvest times, when we reap the results of the seeds we planted six months earlier under a corresponding new moon.

During full moons our intuition sends some of its strongest signals. Under its bright light, we can see situations clearly and take proper action. Disclaimer, the accompanying emotions can cause people to act out in “lunacy” at times. Since full moons can bring powerful #ManifestationMoments, they are often times of celebration. If it’s time to wrap things up and say our goodbyes, full moons expedite closure. 

Full moons and the zodiac

During a full moon, the Sun and moon on opposite sides of the Earth. That means they will also be sitting at the exact opposite zodiac sign and degree in the sky. That may explain why life can feel super intense during full moons! We are literally being stretched in opposite directions, with a tug of war between ego (the Sun) and emotions (the moon).

Whatever zodiac sign the full moon falls will give clues about what to harvest and possibly wrap up for good. 

The Libra full moon always happens during Aries season, when the Sun is in the Ram’s realm between March 20 and April 19. The reason being? Libra is Aries’ opposite sign in the zodiac. And so it goes for every full moon. The Taurus full moon happens during Scorpio season, October 22 to November 21, because, you guessed it, Taurus and Scorpio are opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. 

The exact date of the full moon will vary from year to year, but it will always occur doing this specific monthlong solar cycle.

Annual schedule of Full Moons

Full moon inAnnual Dates (Approx)Themes
AriesMar 20-Apr 19Recognition, independence, personal identity
TaurusApr 19-May 20Work, money, values, sensuality
GeminiMay 20-Jun 21Communication, social life, media projects
CancerJun 21-Jul 22Home, family, financial security, diet
LeoJul 22-Aug 22Romance, creative expression, fertility, leadership
VirgoAug 22-Sep 23Daily work, wellness/health, fitness, systems
LibraSept 23-Oct 22 Relationships, justice and legal matters
ScorpioOct 22-Nov 21Sexuality, investments, joint ventures, reproduction
SagittariusNov 21-Dec 21Travel, entrepreneurship, studies, faith
CapricornDec 21-Jan 19Career success, traditions, authority, family
AquariusJan 19-Feb 18Technology, community, innovations
PiscesFeb 18-Mar 20Spirituality, boundaries, healing, letting go
Annual calendar of full moons (exact dates vary)

How do I make a wish or set intentions during full moons? 

Full moons aren’t actually times for setting intentions—that’s the job of the new moon. But they are powerful moments to assess your progress. Flip back in your calendar six months. What were you focused on then and are you still on course to achieve this? You may discover wishes that fell by the wayside. Are they still relevant in your life? If so, pick them back up again and figure out what derailed your progress. With smarter systems in place, you can still bring these to the finish line. 

Make a full moon Power Wish!

Our friend, renowned Japanese astrologer Keiko, has leveled up the lunar game in a way we love. “It bothered me that the vibration of the word wish felt a bit weak,” explains Keiko. “It just didn’t feel like a good enough match for the new and full moon. When I asked myself what to call it instead, Power Wish immediately came to mind.”

In her book, The Power Wish, Keiko shows you how to use important moon phases as a sort of lunar LinkedIn, making you the Universe’s favorite candidate! 

Using what she calls “anchoring statements” and “anchorings,” Keiko demonstrates how to make a Power Wish that will make you the teacher’s pet of the Universe.

Full moon wishes bring in elements that we’ve practiced from Law of Attraction work and are written as gratitude notes, as if your Power Wish has already been granted. Saying “thank you so much” to the universe is like pouring fuel into your manifestation tanks.

Rituals for Full Moons

Excellent idea! Rally your soul-seeking and self-aware friends—and invite that person who might not be as far along their spiritual path, too. It’s great to take turns hosting if you have a regular moon crew, or to come together and each add something to the plans. This should be a comfortable, joyful experience—a time to feel good. You’ll definitely want pens and paper for guests to write down their gratitudes or “closing statements.”

Here’s our guide to creating new and full moon rituals that will bring everyone together for a beautiful lunar ribbon-cutting ceremony!

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