Libra Monthly Horoscope

Your March Libra Monthly Horoscope

March will bring a major turning point for you, Libra—though you’ll have to wait until later in the month for the action to happen! But let’s get straight to the spoiler. On March 25, the skies serve up a Libra lunar eclipse, a turbocharged full moon that can dramatically end one chapter of your life and catapult you into the next one. It’s the culmination of the October 14 Libra solar (new moon) eclipse, which may already have brought dramatic changes to your world.
Until then…let the spring cleaning commence! Shake off those last gasps of winter by getting your life in fighting shape. The Sun is in Pisces until March 19, heating up your sixth house of health and organization. By the time the balancing (Libra keyword!) equinox arrives that day, you could be in sweet harmony with the universe. 
The Pisces new moon (a powerful supermoon) arrives on March 10, shifting the month into this meticulous mindset. Start banishing those winter blues with some seasonal greening and cleaning. Get busy free-cycling old furniture and clothes, rebooting a fitness practice and "eating the rainbow." Declutter and rearrange your space. Hire a handyperson to build shelves if you're not feeling the DIY spirit. Less is more! Bring back those light and airy Libra vibes with some grounding daily practices. Gentle yoga or guided meditation, anyone?
Don’t wait for the snow to melt before you heat up your body temperature with a great workout or an Ayurvedically appropriate meal, which will vary depending on your constitution (“dosha”). With the Sun and the new moon activating your helpful-people sector, look to where you can delegate duties or bring in a specialist for support. Where is your life not as efficient or healthy as it could be, Libra? Take inventory because this month is ideal for making some concrete improvements. 
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