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November 2022 Libra Overview Horoscope

Time to put your paycheck where your priorities are? November opens in the midst of high eclipse season, in between two supercharged moons in your money houses. On October 25, a Scorpio solar eclipse ignited your second house of work and daily income. 

The follow-up act arrives on November 8 in the form of a Taurus total lunar eclipse, which will unleash a burst of energy to your eighth house of intimacy, investments and shared property. Some Libras could end up flush with cash for the holiday season or pondering a big down payment before the end of the year. A relationship could reach a major turning point.

Your mind is on more practical day-to-day matters while the Sun’s in Scorpio until November 22. But then, life gets a lot more social as the Sun shifts into Sagittarius and your interactive third house for a month. The November 23 Sagittarius new moon is paired with jovial Jupiter ending a four-month retrograde. And with chatty Mercury AND bon vivant Venus both in Sagittarius, you should be holding court in fine Libra form once holiday party season kicks off. Dare we say it? This year’s Thanksgiving could turn out to be surprisingly fun and (hopefully) drama-free. 

Sure there’s a lingering Mars-Neptune square, the tailwind of eclipse season and midterm elections. But we’re still hopeful that the ebullient Sagittarius energy will chase away the ghosts of pandemics and politics that made the holidays so tough for the past few years. With Jupiter zooming forward in Pisces and your health- and service-oriented sixth house, mix things up with some volunteer work or bundle up and get out for a walk to enjoy the festive decorations (and catch a few Black Friday sales) in your favorite boutique district.

Stabilize: It’s Scorpio season until November 22

What do you stand for, Libra, and what keeps YOU standing strong? Until November 22, the Sun is in Scorpio and your stabilizing second house. While this is normally a grounding and industrious time, this year’s is happening in the thick of eclipse season. As valiantly as you might try to get a routine going, there could be some curveballs to field.

Since the second house rules work and security, you may be realigning your day-to-day life with an updated set of priorities. Maybe you’re starting a new job or considering a different direction for 2023. 

Here’s a question to ponder: What do you need to feel accomplished, abundant and anchored? (You’re the sign of the Scales, so we know that’s a loaded question for you…) Zoom in on your values and priorities. What can you reasonably accomplish before the end of this year? How much time and money should you budget to properly enjoy the holidays, Libra style? 

The November 8 Taurus full moon is a total lunar eclipse

On November 8, the Taurus lunar full blood moon eclipse supercharges your eighth house of intimacy, investments and joint ventures. This is the second Taurus lunar eclipse in a series that began on November 19, 2021, and will ripple across the Taurus/Scorpio axis until October 28, 2023. 

Ready to shed some layers and emerge a more powerful version of you? These moonbeams light the way. And with radical changemaker Uranus traveling in tandem with this full moon, you could receive an unexpected financial windfall, such as a loan, an inheritance or a bonus check. 

But, um, don’t spend it all in one place—and lock up the plastic while you’re at it! This eclipse will get snagged in a tense T-square with a Sun-moon-Venus triad in Scorpio and your money sector (hello, shopaholic!) AND frugal Saturn, who’s putting the kibosh on your fifth house of pleasure. 

As your fellow Libra Oscar Wilde famously said, “I can resist everything except temptation.” That pretty much sums up the conflict you’ll feel at this eclipse. Have you been swinging between feast and famine, hedonism and self-deprivation? The Taurus eclipse can help you make sounder financial choices while you still enjoy your Libra luxuries. Just beware the devil on your shoulder who tells you it’s okay to splurge beyond your means because you’ve “been working so hard.” 

But if you’ve got the funds and you can still responsibly meet your budget after spending them, then go for it, Libra. Just DO make an effort to get out of that polarizing mindset. Why not find a way to create multiple income streams, or passive income, so you can keep funds flowing in through every season? Over the next year, get ready to discover some unexpected sources of income and investments, if not to completely overhaul your approach to money, property, joint ventures and how you earn your living.

November 19 Mars-Neptune square

Drowning in details? On November 19, an overwhelming standoff between aggressive Mars and foggy Neptune makes it impossible to focus. Mars has been in Gemini and your expansive ninth house since August 20, and you’ve taken a few major leaps of faith ever since. But ever since Mars turned retrograde October 30, the yellow caution light’s been blinking, warning you that a risk you’re considering might be too much of a gamble. Unfortunately, attempts to gather the facts today (and in the days surrounding) could lead you down way too many rabbit holes. The more you dig, the deeper you tumble into confusion and complexity. If possible, hold off for a couple of weeks on this—or get a few solid expert opinions first.

November 22: Sun enters Sagittarius and November 23 Sagittarius new moon

Don’t forget your number one superpower, Libra: the gift of gab! On November 22, the Sun soars into Sagittarius and your third house of communication, setting off a social four-week cycle. Work the parties and chat up the intriguing people you meet. By sharing what you do and asking about their plans and projects, you could discover an exciting synergy or three.

The November 23 Sagittarius new moon has “dynamic duo” energy written all over it. A conversation you have near this date could lead to a bigger collaboration over the coming six months. A writing, teaching or media project could debut to great fanfare in the next half-year. Start planting the seeds for that now. With social Mercury and flirtatious Venus also in Sagittarius your powers of persuasion will be especially high. 

Jupiter retrograde ends November 23

On November 23, expansive Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde and powers forward in Pisces and your sixth house of health, planning and organization. Growth-driven Jupiter has taken three dips in the Piscean seas since May 2021, energizing your work and wellness efforts. Healthy living was a central theme of 2021 and early 2022. Jupiter is making its very last run through this part of your chart from October 28 until December 20, then it won’t be back here for more than a decade.

Now that Jupiter is straightening out, prepare to grab the wheel and bring some order back to the Libra court. Sure, it’s peak holiday feasting season. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make some healthy substitutions at the dessert table or break a sweat between banquets. The wellness wagon is circling, and you'd be wise to hop on. By the end of the year, your vitals—and your vitality—could reach peak levels if you start the self-care STAT. A new work opportunity could arrive with Jupiter's turnabout. 

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