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July 2022 Libra Overview Horoscope

Hold off a little longer on those vacation plans, Libra. The Sun is making its annual sojourn through Cancer and your ambitious tenth house until July 22, keeping your mind focused on lofty long-term goals. We know better than to stop a Libra from summer socializing—but during Cancer season, combine business with pleasure. Turn that July Fourth barbecue into a networking opportunity. If you do travel, chat up your seatmate flipping through the Harvard Business Review. Surround yourself with well-connected people, mentors and VIPs from your industry. This month, it truly IS about who you know!

With lucky Jupiter circulating through Aries and your partnership sector since May 10, dynamic duos can be wildly abundant for the next few months. But DO try to sign the contracts and seal your deals before July 28. That’s when Jupiter starts its annual retrograde (backward) spin, which could give you second thoughts about a fast-moving relationship. That’s true on a personal level too, Libra—and even if you’re contentedly partnered, you may not have as much time to focus on the object of your affections while Jupiter’s in repose. 

Before you start worrying, know this: The slow-moving outer planets, which span from Jupiter to Pluto, turn retrograde for four to five months every year. Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are already in this stopped-down state for the summer. So it’s not that anything bad will happen; more like a period to review and reflect. Libra, your thoughtful sign appreciates the chance to adopt a less frantic pace and mull things over from every angle. See the silver lining there?

Leaning on friends and teammates is also advised—and could be pretty fun once Leo season begins on July 22. With the Sun leaving your serious tenth house and moving into your social eleventh, you’ve got a month of exciting collaborations ahead. Your social life also gets a boost. (Yes, you CAN take a break from working the room at every party and light off the dance floor instead.) The Leo new moon on July 28 is a great kickoff for any group endeavor. And if you’re thinking of visiting loved ones or taking a personal day? Circle the July 13 Capricorn full supermoon, which sends its once-a-year beams into your home and family zone—a decidedly OOO moment.

Cancer season heats up your career 

Beach season may be in full swing, but this is your time to make power moves, Libra. Your professional pulse beats wildly during this time each year. That's because the Sun is making its annual trip through Cancer until July 22, activating your tenth house of career, long-term goals and ambition. While others escape on their summer holidays, you're cranking out a masterpiece or brokering deals under the humming air conditioner. And even if you ARE technically off-duty, you'll be in strategy mode, breaking away to jot down ideas or sketch out plans for your next big move. 

Cancer season only comes once a year, so make the most of it! Unlike the rest of the world, you’re in no mood for making resolutions and plans on January 1, which is high hibernation and home season for you. You get those New Year’s vibes midyear (you can’t rush a Libra!). Open up the sun umbrella and plant yourself outside with your checklists, calendar and laptop. Review your plans and priorities, and lean into this productive mojo!

Power struggles erupt at the July 1 Mars-Pluto square

Are your childhood issues hijacking your happiness? On July 1, aggressive Mars in your relationship house forms a tense angle to unconscious Pluto in your family zone, pushing triggers. If you're locked in a power struggle or fuming with resentment, dig deeper. Ask yourself: Does this dynamic feel somehow familiar? There could be echoes of tension with a parent, or something you witnessed in your upbringing. The more you get sucked into an ego-driven battle, the worse it will get. You or a partner could be projecting old wounds onto each other. Instead of lobbing hurtful insults, call a timeout.

The July 13 Capricorn full supermoon spotlights home and family

July is one busy month for your career and public life, but your best chance to slip off from some private rejuvenation arrives on July 13. That day, the skies serve up a Capricorn full supermoon (, which beams into your domestic fourth house. Grab some quality time with family, feather your nest and replenish self-care. If you're moving or buying/selling a home, this annual lunation could land you happily in your new digs. A woman, possibly your mother or a female relative, could play a role in events near this date.

The July 19 Sun-Pluto meetup brings another tug of war

On July 19, the Sun will make its annual opposition ( to shadowy Pluto, which is in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house. Watch out for obstructive or jealous family members or for someone in your inner circle who seems scared or threatened by your success. Not everyone will be happy about you taking on a leadership role, especially if they've benefited from you being constantly available to them. They may express their displeasure with subtle shade, by withholding excitement or asking something like, "Are you sure this is really the right move for you now?" 

Whatever it is could completely take the wind out of your sails if you let it—so don't. Shield your field against haters, and only share good news with people you're 100 percent sure will support you. It's also possible that a new gig will mean changes to your lifestyle, family dynamics or living situation—and with mystical Pluto involved, you might want to do a little protection ritual to safeguard your sacred goals and ideas.

Heal your ties: Chiron turns retrograde in Aries July 19

Are you still carrying past hurts into your partnerships today? Your relationship—or a love interest, or your desire for a partner—come into the spotlight today and stay there for almost the rest of the year, thanks to the backspin of “wounded healer” Chiron in your seventh house of dynamic duos. Chiron doesn’t get a lot of airplay, but when it makes a significant move like this, it can bring significant changes to your life. These next five months are a wonderful time to explore your deeper issues around ALL your closest ties—perhaps with a therapist or a spiritual teacher.

Leo season (until August 22) and the July 28 Leo new moon

You'll get by with a little help from your friends starting July 22, when the Sun sails into Leo and your eleventh house of teamwork, technology and networking. As a social Libra, you're a natural people person (whether you admit it or not), and having a strong community always makes your life flow more easily. If you're building up an online or social media presence, this is a good time to do that.

On July 28, a new moon falls in Leo and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. From launching an online venture to formally joining a group effort, you’ve got the all-clear to move forward. A joint undertaking started at this new moon could unfold into something much bigger in the coming six months. Gather your people and get started!

Partnership pause: Jupiter turns retrograde July 28

Downgrade that enthusiastic “yes” to a firm “maybe,” Libra. Starting July 28, a partnership that’s been zooming ahead could plateau or cool down a bit. That’s because adventurous, risk-taking Jupiter is turning retrograde (backward) in Aries and your seventh house of dynamic duos. Rather than rush into something official, take your time and conduct due diligence while Jupiter’s in reverse until November 23. Explore what an alliance would look like in real-time rather than the fantasy picture in your head. Is there a fair give-and-take? How will committing to this person (or project) expand your horizons? Since retrogrades rule the past, you might hear from an ex or a former business collaborator. Take your time before leaping into anything. While it’s tempting to see the best in them, “once bitten” should still be twice shy.

Intensity ignites at the July 31 Uranus-north node meetup

On July 31, changemaker Uranus and the karmic north node will make a rare conjunction (meetup) in Taurus, sending potent ripples through your eighth house of intimacy and joint ventures. This could bring a sudden shift to your finances, living situation or closest relationship. Brace yourself, Libra, because you may be asked to shift gears without notice—and that’s not your deliberate sign’s preferred pace at all.

The last time the north node and Uranus were conjunct was in 2007 (in a different zodiac sign), so this is an extremely rare connection. On August 1, activator Mars will join the party, quickening the already frantic pace even more. A relationship could go from boom to bust—or zero to Top Gun: Maverick speed—in the blink of an eye. With shock-jock Uranus and rash Mars in the mix, emotions will run hot. Watch your temper, especially if a jealous streak is brewing.

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