Libra Monthly Horoscope

Your October Libra Monthly Horoscope

October’s cosmic marquee has “Libra! Libra! Libra!” written all over it. Not only is the Sun in your sign until October 23, but the spotlight’s a few megawatts brighter (and hotter) while mojo-boosting Mars is also in Libra until October 12. Things are moving at a much more rapid clip than you’re used to, which could be equal parts stressful and exciting. Load up on the immune-boosting supplements, especially if you’re running all over the place. (Being in demand brings perks AND challenges.) 
Midmonth, one of the most powerful moments you’ve had since 2016 arrives. The Libra new moon is a change-making solar eclipse, the first to land in your sign in seven years. Ready or not, a new chapter is beginning—and this time, it’s custom-tailored to the person you’ve become. Allow inauthentic relationships and roles to fall away. Shed that skin and step out as a truer, more self-actualized you.
So yeah, it might sound like a lot, Libra, but consider the alternative: Summer 2023. Suffice to say, you’ve earned a do-over! October is a welcome relief from the uphill battle you’ve waged with the stars since July—and you’re just crawling out of that now.
It all started on July 22, when your ruling planet, Venus, turned retrograde for six weeks, making you feel out of sync socially and emotionally until September 3. Layered on top of it, you endured energy planet Mars in Virgo and your sluggish twelfth house until August 27. Then, adding insult to injury, mental Mercury turned retrograde, shrouding you in mental fog from August 23 until September 15. If you felt invisible, exhausted and adrift at moments, that cosmic lineup certainly played a role.
The slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are all still retrograde this month. But on October 10, Pluto will straighten out, correcting course in Capricorn and your family sector. Challenges in your living situation or with loved ones should get easier, particularly if you’ve had any power struggles.
Eclipses come in pairs, and the October 14 solar eclipse is the first of this month’s duo. The second one, a lunar (full moon) eclipse, will land in Taurus on October 28, touching down in your eighth house of intimacy and investments. It’s the grand finale of an eclipse series that’s rippled over the Taurus/Scorpio axis for the past two years, revolutionizing your approach to money, self-worth, shared property and the ties that bind.
Seal those changes with a ritual, perhaps on Halloween. That day, the moon will be in Gemini and your expansive ninth house, putting you in optimistic and adventurous spirits. You’ve had enough of those cosmic tricks. Now it’s time to be treated to a wide-angle view of the possible treats that await you, Libra. Let the transformational power of the eclipses carry you over that threshold!
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