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June 2021 Libra Overview Horoscope

Your June Horoscope at a Glance 

Enjoy the possibilities, Libra! June brings expanded horizons, possible travel plans and plenty of rewarding work opportunities that will shine a flattering light on YOU. But the devil’s in the details—for the first three weeks of the month, there’s confusion in the air and crossed wires thanks to Mercury retrograde. Midmonth, the second of 2021’s Saturn-Uranus squares could shake loose some intense emotions. From June 20 on, your career starts heating up, keeping you busy for the next four weeks. At the June 24 full moon, something important comes up around home and family, and Jupiter and Neptune both turning retrograde could temporarily tap the brakes on some of your bigger hopes and dreams. Is there a possible move, remodel or change in the cast of characters coming to your domestic situation?

The Sun is in Gemini until June 20

With the Sun in curious Gemini and your ninth house of exploration, growth and global connections until Sunday, June 20, you’re more than ready to break free from the Covid cocoon and engage with the wider world again. Is there an opportunity brewing to travel safely for work or study? Look for outlets where you can learn new things and connect with interesting, like-minded people from diverse backgrounds and with complementary skill sets. Are there prospects out there (maybe global in scale) that you’ve put off due to pandemic restrictions? Now is the time to take (or at least plan) another shot!
Choose your words wisely, though, and read the fine print on any travel agreements. If you’re planning on a course of study, make sure you know exactly what’s required of you and how much it’s going to cost. With messenger Mercury retrograde in the same zone as the Sun, communication glitches can add a dose of frustration to your efforts to reach out to a far-flung audience. Take extra care to check things twice, back up all your important information to the cloud and make sure your passwords are secure and updated. And while you’re at it, clear the air with honest talks—but be careful not to come on too strong

Mars and Pluto get heated on June 5

Are you bringing work stress home or vice versa? (These days, work and home could be the same place—in which case, the answer is likely a resounding “yes”!) On June 5, intensifier Mars, which is in Cancer and your career house, will lock into its biennial opposition with power-tripping Pluto in your domestic sector.
A loved one could feel threatened by your ambition and begin acting out. Or, in an attempt to be "helpful," they accidentally (on purpose?) splash cold water on your dreams, planting a seed of self-doubt you can’t shake. Seemingly innocuous comments like, "Are you sure you really want to do that?" could undermine your confidence if you let those jabs seep in. Our recommendation: Don’t! Talk to someone who lifts you up if you need to regain perspective.
The tenth house, where Mars is, rules fathers, and the fourth house, where Pluto’s sitting, rules mothers. Some buried anger could bubble up toward your parents or family of origin. You may feel stressed or burdened by obligations to your clan. Is it time to break free from a confining role already? You could reach a breaking point—but ultimately, this can force you to get more organized or step into a new level of responsibility. Get back into the driver’s seat of your life again, Libra!

The June 10 Gemini solar eclipse fires up your visionary ideas

Go big, Libra! On June 10, the year’s only Gemini new moon arrives as a potent solar eclipse, igniting your ninth house of personal growth, visionary plans—and luck. It’s a rare cosmic invitation to stretch beyond your comfort zone, especially if you have a message to teach or a creative business idea to launch. This is a great moment to try something new. But take it one leap at a time, Libra. The eclipse will travel in tandem with Mercury retrograde, which could muddle your message or cause you to bite off more than you can chew. A loose square from hazy Neptune in Pisces will also challenge the moon, causing you to lose track of key details or underestimate what it will really take to pull off your plans. 

Saturn and Uranus clash again on June 14

Should you pursue the path of adventure or seek a happily-ever-after arrangement? For the second of three times in 2021, serious Saturn will duel with liberated Uranus in a challenging 90-degree square. This dynamic mashup can awaken you to new possibilities, but it can also reroute your plans, perhaps without notice.
The first Saturn-Uranus square was right after Valentine’s Day, on February 17, and the third one arrives on December 24. This midpoint will ask you to explore the right balance of stability and freedom in your life, and where some of your “contracts” might feel stifling while others leave you without ENOUGH of a sense of rootedness. 

Saturn in your fifth house of fame, creativity and love is looking to make things official with a certain person or gig. But disruptive Uranus in Taurus and your eighth house of joint ventures and permanent bonds says, “Look more closely!” You may be missing a key piece of information that can ensure this lasts for the long haul. And if you’ve been working through that since the first Saturn-Uranus square, check in on progress. Do you feel like you’ve reached any resolution between these competing desires? Taking your time is always a good idea, especially as a sign that likes to weigh and measure every option!
Information could surface that makes you question someone’s trustworthiness or the depth of your own feelings. Are you ready to make the compromises and sacrifices required to engage at such a deep level, or do you still want to explore your options? Don’t rush into anything yet, especially with Mercury retrograde (like it was during the February square).

It’s Cancer season (and summer solstice) starting June 20

On Sunday, June 20, your focus will change from blue-sky dreaming to putting visionary plans into action. It’s the start of Cancer season and the Sun’s monthlong trip through your tenth house of career and ambition. It’s also Father’s Day AND the summer solstice, when the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky for the northern hemisphere, bringing the year’s longest day. The tenth house rules fathers and men, so kick off Cancer season by reconnecting with your dad or a male-identified person who’s been a strong source of support for you.

Come Monday, you’ll be ready to tackle your responsibilities and, more importantly, a big goal you’ve got brewing. Prioritize so you don’t get scattered. With the Sun heating up your tenth house of status and honors, kudos WILL come your way for all your hard, inspired work. This is a great time to work with an expert, like a coach or mentor, or to share your expertise if you’ve got mastery in an area.

But Jupiter also goes retrograde on June 20

On Sunday, June 20, Jupiter—the planet of growth, luck and expansion—starts its annual four-month retrograde (backward) spin until October 18. This year, Jupiter will split its reverse commute between Pisces and Aquarius. Until July 28, Jupiter will back through Pisces and your sixth house of health, organization and helpful people. Take extra care to keep stressful projects and team members at bay now. In the past couple months you may have gotten excited about a new exercise or wellness plan. But with enthusiastic Jupiter on siesta, you could lose steam. Cutting out an entire food group or all sugar-based items? Rigidly waking up before dawn for sunrise boot camp? Moderation is a better path now, Libra—and the key to a sustainable, long-term success rather than a quick-fix result that doesn’t last.

Mercury retrograde is OVER June 22

At last! The three weeks of technology, communication and plan-making mixups, courtesy of Mercury retrograde, are over. While you may still feel some “retroshade” from Mercury’s shadow period until July 7, it’s safe to trade in your phone for an upgrade or make that important “launching soon” announcement without worrying about meddlesome Mercury. Have you been craving a vacation but hesitant to get back on the road? If you’re following safety precautions, consider packing your bags for a night or two or maybe taking a weekend camping/glamping trip to bring novelty back into your life!

Home is in the spotlight at the June 24 Capricorn full moon

When the full moon in legacy-builder Capricorn beams into your fourth house of home and family on Thursday, June 24, you may find yourself looking at a possible move, major remodel or redecorating project—some big shift in your domestic situation that’s been brewing since as far back as the January 13 Capricorn new moon. One Libra friend of ours gave notice at her job and is launching a home-based startup that will allow her more time with her two children and to revive the yoga practice that keeps her feeling balanced. Look to that time for clues and plan to deal with whatever happens with fairness and grace—two qualities that come naturally to Libras.

One more retrograde (Neptune) starts June 25 (total of 4 planets)

On June 25, foggy Neptune will start its annual five-month retrograde through your orderly sixth house. Your discipline could get a little wobbly, especially if you take on too much. Instead of trying to do a million things to perfection, choose two or three summer goals (max) and do them really well. And reach out for support, perhaps delegating to a person you’ve leaned on in the past.
With Neptune reversing through your wellness sector, some body-image distortion is possible. Have your controlled eating habits veered into "orthorexic" territory? If you've eliminated one too many food groups from your diet, consider a more moderate stance now (especially because, well, summer!). We're not saying you should abandon all discipline or ignore any doctor's orders. Just make sure YOU don't try to play amateur health coach without consulting an expert.
The sixth house rules the digestive system, so if yours has been sluggish, consider a gentle cleanse or taking a microbiome test to assess your gut health. But again, avoid any self-diagnosing here—and if you're behind on checkups, get those appointments on the books. Neptune’s reversal brings the retrograde planet count to four, as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are already powered down.
You may need to sort out a few issues with family, your living situation or a romantic interest over the next couple months as well. As a Libra, you hate to be rushed or pressured, so taking things at a slower pace could suit you just fine. But remember: There’s a difference between letting things develop in due time and avoidance. If you’re sticking your head in the sand, Neptune retrograde could prod you to examine what’s really going on.

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