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March 2023 Libra Overview Horoscope

Here comes the big one, Libra. March kicks off a big new phase for humankind—and yes, it really is that significant. This seismic star report involves two major, slow-moving outer planets—Saturn and Pluto—returning to zodiac signs they haven’t visited since 1996 and 1798, respectively.

That the 2020s are mostly known for a pandemic, economic turbulence and war can be attributed to Saturn and Pluto. It started with their once-every-500-years meetup in Capricorn  on January 12, 2020, right as Covid-19 took hold. Then, Saturn moved into Aquarius on March 21 of that year, exactly when the United States mandated its first lockdown. And it’s been there ever since, while shadowy Pluto continued its 16-year journey through Capricorn, the sign of government, corporations and the economy, which began in 2008.

These two planets’ next cycles won’t be without their challenges, but their new energy will be a refreshing change that this decade sorely needs. On March 7, under a healing Virgo full moon, Saturn will move into Pisces and your sixth house of work, wellness and organization until February 13, 2026. 

Release the past, forgive and free yourself. It’s time to start building the next phase of your life, Libra. With the Sun also in Pisces until March 20, you’ll have an even easier time adapting to this next cycle, which will be focused on making sure you have the skills, support system and self-care needed to thrive.

Pluto’s departure from Capricorn and your domestic fourth house will be even more of a relief, even though it’s not a permanent one just yet. From March 23 until June 11, Pluto will make a short pit stop in Aquarius and your fifth house of love and creativity, a sneak preview of the 20-year cycle that will begin in November 2024. Until then, Pluto will weave between the two signs. 

Pluto’s preview period could bring a powerful attraction that takes you by surprise or an exciting opportunity to step into the spotlight. In the meantime, you can set your sights on serious partnerships that will go the distance. That comes courtesy of the Sun’s monthlong move through Aries and your committed-relationship house on March 20. With expansive Jupiter, superconnector Mercury AND a March 21 new moon also in Aries, you could attract a person who’s in it for the long haul. That goes for business too, Libra. An offer to sign a long-term contract could come through, and with worldly Jupiter involved, you might travel or work across the time zones together.

Your career is also about to become a heat zone. On March 25, go-getter Mars ends a prolonged seven-month spin through Gemini and your expansive ninth house. Since August 2022, you’ve had a lot of big ideas and hopefully some opportunities to travel, learn and broaden your horizons. When Mars moves into Cancer and your ambitious tenth house until May 20, you can start building some of those big ideas into tangible form. While there might be short deadlines and long hours in the Mars pressure cooker, stepping up to the right challenge can pay off nicely. Be discerning about what you say “yes” to—the secret to being your Libra best is to prioritize and hold out for the best. Don’t settle!

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It’s Pisces season until March 20

Roll up your sleeves, Libra. The Sun is visiting Pisces until March 20, heating up your sixth house of health, organization and everyday tasks. Unglamorous as it may sound, it's time to corral the odds and ends of your life and ready yourself for a spring awakening when the equinox arrives. Make a to-do list and knock the items off one by one. Just think how poised your balance-seeking sign will feel once you clear some white space in your life. 

If you've had a sedentary winter season, the Sun in your fitness sector will inspire you to get moving. Start stretching and moving and warm up those muscles again! Is there a project in your life that could use an extra set of hands (or eyes or ears)? The sixth house rules helpful people, so consider delegating lingering tasks to a capable service provider or specialist. If you’re still staring at that half-built bookshelf or have a task that feels too big to tackle solo, hire someone to finish it or treat a handy friend to dinner in exchange for their wizardry. If you’re looking for a few extra dollars, you might offer your own skills to someone in need of them.

The March 7 Virgo full moon brings a healing conclusion

A major spiritual or transitional moment could arrive at the March 7 Virgo full moon, which illuminates your twelfth house of healing and closure. Hidden information can come to light now, even if it's just your own shadowed emotions. This could happen unexpectedly too, since Uranus, the planet of surprises, is forming a fast-moving trine to the full moon in your intense and intimate eighth house. 

If need be, let yourself have a good cry, vent or some other outpouring—not that you'll be able to stem the spontaneous tidal wave. You may have to bid farewell to a chapter of your life now, with all the nicks and grooves of joy, pain and memories made. Or you might surrender to a deep connection, letting down your walls and bonding with a special person. A new phase awaits, but first, honor the sacredness (and messiness, which also counts as sacred) of all that's come before this moment. It led you to this threshold, after all. Have you been struggling with something privately? The full moon has an important PSA: Allow others to support you. 

Today might also find you on the giving side of the karmic wheel. Reach out to someone you see flailing and toss this person an anchor. Without getting dragged into drama, see if you can “pay it forward” and point them in the direction of the help they need. Owe a favor? This is a great day to settle your debt.

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7

Is your life running like a well-oiled machine…or are you running out of gas? This March 7, an important new cycle begins when structured Saturn moves into Pisces and your sixth house of health, systems and efficiency for three years. Between now and February 13, 2026, you’ll thrive when you add consistency to these parts of your life. Some Libras are uber-organized while others struggle to balance (the magic word) all the moving parts of your life. 

Could you use some help building your skills or setting up a plan that can go the distance? Saturn rules experts and mentors, the kind that come with solid experience and credentials under their belts. Over the next three years, avoid the internet-marketing gurus and get-rich-quick schemers (and scammers). You need strong people above you and beneath you—from those who are offering guidance to the people who are supporting you on Team Libra. 

While Saturn’s in this efficient zone, look at where you can systematize and streamline parts of your life. From corralling clutter to adding more white space to your schedule to committing to a regular exercise or meditation practice, consistency will be the key to calm. And you’ll need that! Mature Saturn is here to help you learn long-term coping skills that will help you manage stress, anxiety and perfectionism.

Speaking of skills, are yours due for an upgrade? You may need to renew your certifications and credentials, or learn some new techniques to stay current in your industry. Maybe it’s time for an equipment refresh, especially if the investment will pay for itself.

Saturn was last in Pisces from May 21, 1993, to April 7, 1996. If you’re old enough to remember what was happening during that time, look back for clues of what might resurface now. (And if you were born then, welcome to your very first Saturn return

The sixth house governs your gut—from your intuition to your digestive system. With Saturn here, you really are what you eat, and you’re encouraged to consider this. From probiotics to alkalizing supplements to microbiome tests, there’s a whole world of wellness focused on keeping your “second brain” (what some call the gut) healthy. Explore the options and discuss them with your healthcare provider to get the all-clear.

Meanwhile, you’ll be bidding adieu to Saturn in Aquarius, a transit that began in March 2020, right when the first United States lockdown began. Slow and steady Saturn was in your fifth house of romance, fame and creativity. You may have had a few duds and false starts in these departments, but even if you did, the lessons made you stronger. With Saturn out of this realm, your love life could heat up again. However, you’ll approach it with maturity and wisdom thanks to Saturn, staying grounded in your own priorities.

If you’ve been steadily working to make a name for yourself, the fruits of your labor could finally come together. Saturn often gives his pupils a parting gift after leaving each zodiac sign. We have a Libra friend who recorded over 40 podcast episodes in the past couple years and another who appeared on a reality TV show with hopes of launching an acting career. All those hours you put in could also pay dividends in the weeks to come.

Final Mars-Neptune square on March 14

Too many choices, not enough time! You’ve already got a habit of overthinking, Libra, and mid-March could spin you into quite the analytical tizzy. On March 14, the third of three challenging 90-degree squares forms between stressful Mars and confusing Neptune. (The last two were on October 12 and November 19, 2022.)

Mars has been in Gemini and your expansive ninth house since August 20, and you’ve been taking major leaps of faith ever since. But with Neptune in Pisces and your systematic sixth house, all of that growth has required what seems like a bottomless list of tasks and questions. (Bigger dreams, bigger problems to solve?) 

Today’s final Mars-Neptune square could send you on a wild goose chase if you’re not careful. Before you race off and do a bunch of work or research, get organized. Otherwise, you risk scattering your energy in too many directions, even making a costly error that takes even longer to fix. Ask as many questions as you need before you charge ahead. At the same time, catch yourself if your inquiries start to veer into neurotic terrain. Sometimes you have to take a chance—and gambles don’t come with guarantees!

Aries season starts March 20 and Aries new moon is March 21

Your go-to support team rallies again after March 20, when the Sun kicks off a monthlong visit to Aries and your seventh house of partnerships. This is your annual "dynamic duo" time, so seek out people with complementary skills and values. If you've been struggling to get a straight answer or searching for a kindred spirit, commitments firm up now. Romantic and business relationships turn serious, and single Libras could meet someone with long-term potential.
The March 21 Aries new moon is a supercharged day! With lucky Jupiter and magnetic Mercury both in Aries, your relationship zone is lit up like a winning slot machine, and charismatic collaborators can emerge from far and wide. New moons kick off six-month cycles, so visualize the kind of partnerships you want, both in love and career. Between now and the Aries full moon this fall, your efforts will gain momentum. Adventurous, worldly Jupiter reminds you not to stick to your usual “type” because someone quite different than your usual person could emerge and surprise you!

But that’s not all, Libra: On April 20, a rare second Aries new moon will bring yet another wave of energy to your partnership zone. Even better? This next one will be a potent solar eclipse. If you’re looking for a fresh start, either with your current person or someone new, the eclipse will bring a bold burst of momentum that will play out for up to a month. (We won’t be shocked if a Libra or two ends up saying “I do” at City Hall or inking an unexpected contact.) Whatever the case, ride this two-month peak cycle and nurture your best connections. If you feel a click, don’t dawdle or just “wait and see.” Move a little faster than your usual leisurely Libra pace and explore the synergies. 

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23

And now, for March’s other tide-turning transit! From March 23 to June 11, alchemist Pluto will make its first visit to Aquarius in nearly 250 years. Kind of a big deal? Better believe it! In the next three months, you’ll get a peek at what the next two decades of your life will hold when Pluto returns to Aquarius from November 19, 2024, to January 19, 2044, for a 20-year stretch!

Pluto’s new position will also bring relief after a heavy and soul-transforming cycle that you’ve been dealing with for the last 15 years. Since January 2008, the planet of secrets and soul-level transformation has been weaving through your fourth house of home and family, bringing so much to the surface. Parents, children, real estate, the karmic ties that bind…you’ve experienced a range of highs and lows in your personal life that have tested your psyche’s mettle.

This period hasn’t been the easiest for you, Libra. Pluto in Capricorn formed a harsh, 90-degree square to your Sun, which forced you to grow in uncomfortable but necessary ways, like shedding outmoded parts of your identity and ego. One Libra we know had her first kid, moved back to her hometown and became a certified therapist helping people recover from their intergenerational trauma. Another learned that her mother had another child that she’d given up for adoption years before she was born. 

There’s a silver lining to any turbulence you weathered. Your inner “shadow work” has gotten you ready for Pluto’s upcoming two decades in Aquarius as the potent planet visits your fifth house of love, creativity and self-expression. You’re emerging from Pluto’s cradle as a truly centered AND sentient being. Since this next cycle will be more public than private, the lesson you’ve learned could become part of what you share with others.

Pluto was last in Aquarius from 1778 to 1798, a time of revolution on the planet. Within yourself, you may find a similarly raw desire to speak your truth, wear your heart on your sleeve and stir people’s hearts with your message. With powerhouse Pluto in your performance sector, you can put your hidden talents on display. Offstage, Pluto in Aquarius could inspire you to be more direct and authentic in your relationships. 

That spring or summer fling that you claim “don’t mean a thing?” Guess again, Libra. Karmic Pluto attracts people who are mirrors. Your Pluto in Aquarius transit might very well start with a twin-flame attraction. Or you could draw a higher-octave soulmate who practically reads your mind but also calls you to be more vulnerable than ever. Expect even the sweetest of Pluto’s offerings to come packaged with deep soul growth.

Whatever happens, you can take stock of how much you’ve grown emotionally, how resilient you’ve become under Pluto’s long transit through Capricorn. Get ready for a new round of evolution. Here we go!

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