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September 2021 Libra Overview Horoscope

Not quite ready to return to the grind yet, Libra? It’s all good. You’ve got cosmic clearance to rest up for the first three weeks of the month. The Sun is in Virgo and your twelfth house of healing and endings until September 22, your annual “sleepy month” and a time to tie up loose ends before Libra season begins. What lingering projects could you finish up? Where can you add more self-care to your days? (There’s a question most Libras won’t find hard to answer!)
Another reason to adopt a more leisurely pace? All five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are retrograde this month, an ideal time to step back and examine the big picture rather than rushing into anything binding. With Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and contracts, turning retrograde in YOUR sign from September 27 to October 18, you can afford to wait until Halloween or so before inking something official.

For now, focus on small changes you can make to your day-to-day affairs. The September 20 Pisces full moon will spotlight your administrative sixth house, a great day for a major cleanup, purging and systems overhaul. Out with the old so you can make way for the new when Libra season begins on September 22.

The Sun is in Virgo until September 22

Ease into the new season as gently as you need to, Libra. While others are caught up in the excitement of "back-to-school," you may be more tired or sensitive for the first three weeks of the month. The Sun is in Virgo and your twelfth house of rest, closure and healing until September 22, which could make you feel foggy at moments. You'll also soak up other people's emotions and moods like a sponge. Protect yourself by limiting contact with draining people who demand constant attention. Crank up the self-care and you’ll be ready for Libra season.

Mars is busy in the first week of September

For the first half of the month (until September 14), energizer Mars is in Virgo and your low-energy twelfth house, calling for a slower pace. Conserve your resources, dial up the self-care and make sure to power down any backlit devices a couple hours before bedtime. Most of all, be vigilant about conserving your energy and resources from people who want to feed on them.

On September 2, Mars in your hazy twelfth house will oppose boundary-blurring Neptune in your get-'er-done sixth house. Overwhelm alert! Your efforts to zone out (and zen out) will be interrupted by guilt trips, pseudo-crises and "urgent" deadlines that really aren't. Remind yourself that "no" is a complete sentence—and don't feel bad about using it!

A supportive angle between courageous Mars and transformational Pluto on September 6 might help you release some negative emotions. If you can accept the truth of a situation without anger, you may find a way to release someone from blame. If the matter is still paining you, however, you might need to confront them and talk it through.
The September 6 Virgo new moon opens a spiritual and creative chapter
On September 6, the Virgo new moon brings its healing touch to your twelfth house of closure, spirituality and transitions. Start an inner journey of self-discovery or the process of letting go so that you can make way for a fresh life chapter. Make space for positive and nurturing energy to enter your field by clearing your space of anything that ISN'T that. 

It's a bit of a paradox to have a new moon, which marks beginnings, in your house of endings. But hey, endings are beginnings in that "circle of life" kind of way. If you've wanted to start (or resume) a meditation practice, a creative pursuit or a healthier approach to eating, this supportive new moon gives you the cosmic push to do so. With changemaker Uranus in your transformative eighth house angled at an exact trine to this new moon, you could shock yourself by abruptly cutting off a toxic habit or relationship—or going all in with a person who could be soulmate material.

Mars enters Libra on September 14, revving up confidence and charisma

Attention, attention! On September 14, activator Mars, the planet of energy and drive, starts its biennial blast through Libra until October 30. The “balance” your sign is forever seeking may be in short supply as Mars keeps your schedule action-packed—and all eyes on YOU. You’re the spotlight’s favorite subject now, so shamelessly self-promote! One of your trailblazing initiatives could start a huge buzz. And with magnetic Mars ramping up your charisma and confidence, your sex appeal is off the charts!
Great as that sounds, hosting Mars in your sign isn’t always a cakewalk, especially since the warrior planet is in “detriment”, a weakened position, while visiting peaceful Libra. The ramped-up red planet can send you into overdrive, making you anxious or causing you to come on way too strong. A pinch of Libra magic will do the trick now, thanks. But DO make a point of being direct when you’re upset or have unmet needs. People can’t read your mind—nor will they pick up on vague or passive-aggressive clues. As uncomfortable as it can be to fight through your innate politeness, others will actually appreciate you being straight-up with them.

The Pisces full moon on September 20 spotlights your health
Back on the wellness wagon! Just in time for the fall equinox and Libra season (arriving in a couple days), the full moon blooms in Pisces and your sixth house of health, organization and work. This zodiac zone rules helpful people, making it an ideal time to examine who's on Team Libra and whether or not they're pulling their weight. Delegate and outsource the stuff that's got you overwhelmed. Just be sure you thoroughly vet any service providers by checking references and reviews and not ignoring red flags. There could even be some hiring (or firing) near this date. 

Are you current on all of your medical checkups, supplements and whatever keeps your system humming? Basic as it might sound, if you're past due for a physical, book it now. You could be low on iron or other vital nutrients, for example. The sixth house rules gut health, and with the full moon here, it might be time for a cleanse or, if you want to go full-throttle, a microbiome test. Make a point to get out in nature and to put regular movement on your calendar for the fall.

Libra season starts September 22

Libra season—and your birthday time—begins! On September 22, the Sun sails into your sign for a month, waking you up and restoring your joie de vivre. What’s one big personal goal you’d you like to achieve before 2021 closes out? Connect and commit to that now, Libra. You only get this four-week cycle once a year. Make some bold birthday wishes, but know that their divine delivery might be a bit delayed since Mercury will be retrograde for much of this year’s Libra season.

Mercury is retrograde in Libra on September 27

As we were saying...trickster Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and travel—spins retrograde from September 27 to October 18. Adding to the mayhem, it will reverse through YOUR sign this go-round, which could set you up to feel wildly misunderstood. Combat this effect by flying under the radar, using the time to tweak your plans rather than launch any big initiatives. Back up all your photos and files, make sure your electronics are surge-protected and get everyone on Team Libra united before the celestial storm hits. An ounce of preparation is worth a kilo of cure!

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