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June 2020 Libra Overview Horoscope

What’s your message, Libra—and how do you want to share it with the world? In June, your attention turns to loftier pursuits, just as society slowly begins to open up again. This year has been pretty insular, and not just because of the quarantine regulations. Jupiter, Pluto and (on-and-off) Saturn have been crawling through Capricorn and your domestic fourth house, directing your social sign to focus on home and hearth.
But in June, Jupiter and Pluto are both powered down in retrograde motion—along with structured Saturn AND your ruling planet, Venus (until June 25). While retrogrades can be challenging, there’s a silver lining this month. You can turn your attention away from all the touchy-feely personal stuff and focus on the bigger picture again. From friendships to career to visionary ideas, the first half of June invites you to cast a wide net!
For starters, the Sun is in Gemini and your expansive ninth house until June 20, broadening your horizons. Entrepreneurial ideas could take flight and you’re hungry to learn and share more about what you know. Bring on those positive vibes! There are also two game-changing eclipses that will shake up business and usual and bring exciting career and social connections. In the latter part of the month, two more planets, Mercury and Neptune, will join the retrograde brigade, which could complicate some of your negotiations. Get busy on those grand plans before June 18—and make sure you’ve got a clear agenda mapped out before then.
On June 5, the first of this month’s two groundbreaking eclipses arrives: a full moon (lunar) eclipse in Sagittarius and your third house of communication and ideas. A project, perhaps related to teaching or media, could come to fruition in a big, bold way. Have you been waiting for important news? Lunar eclipses herald turning points and transitions. A kindred spirit could pop out of the woodwork—and your dynamic-duo synergy could be off the charts!
This is the inaugural eclipse in a series that will land on the Gemini/Sagittarius spectrum between now and December 2021, shaking up your communication axis. Prepare for a revolution both local and global as powerful events occur with faraway people AND surprising members of your immediate community. You could hone your message and deep-dive into work around your mindset, figuring out what your ultimate purpose is and how you want to express it to the world.   
While you’ll be in blue-sky-dreamer mode for much of the month, starting June 20, your goals will start to take concrete form. The summer solstice kicks off a new season as the Sun moves into Cancer and your tenth house of career, achievement and leadership. This is the most public and prominent zone of your chart, and over the next four weeks, your hard work could be acknowledged. Take a bow, Libra!
Your moment of glory could arrive unexpectedly on June 21, when the first of two rare, back-to-back Cancer solar (new moon) eclipses sweeps into this status-boosting zone of your chart. Ready for a radical change of professional path? Stay tuned for career opportunities that aren’t in your direct line of sight. If a leadership role opens up, you might suddenly be asked to fill the post. (Why NOT you, Libra?) And there’s more exciting news: On July 20, the second new moon will land in Cancer this year, giving you another powerful push up the ladder—and closer to your grandest goals.
This is great news because you might need that extra month to mull over your options. (Libras hate to be rushed as it is!) Don’t hasten to sign on any dotted lines. Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and contracts, will be retrograde in Cancer and this same professional sector from June 18 to July 12. Back up all your important data before this signal-scrambling cycle, and take extra pains to represent your professional best.
Mercury retrograde is typically a time when information can be obscured and offers misrepresented. You don’t want to sign up for an “opportunity of a lifetime” only to find out it’s completely different than what you expected. Negotiate, research and conduct due diligence while Mercury’s in reverse. Since eclipses can sweep in with frantic energy, you might feel pressure to say yes for fear of losing an exciting deal. You don’t want to sabotage a great chance by overthinking it, but you also don’t want to let FOMO drive you to a poor long-term decision. By the time the second Cancer new moon rolls around on July 20, Mercury will have finished its retrograde. And that backspin could prove to be a silver lining since hidden information could surface that allows you to make a better, more informed move.
Another reason to take it slow? From June 23 to November 28, hazy Neptune will also be retrograde, backing through Pisces and your sixth house of health, organization and analytical thinking. It could be hard to stay on top of details and manage stress during this cycle. Prioritize your well-being (eating, sleeping, taking breaks) and don’t overload your calendar. Your Libra balance depends on that!
With Neptune gone awry, temptation looms, and you might drift toward self-soothing vices. Although the world is slowly opening up again in most places, don’t rush to break all the social distancing mandates just yet. Safeguard your health now and do things to boost your immune system—an ounce of prevention goes far.
Neptune’s reversal through your zone of helpful people could shine the spotlight on Team Libra. Who’s not pulling their weight? Make sure you’ve got a reliable squad of people supporting you—and delegate to trustworthy members of your squad only. (Replace the slackers, posthaste!) Before you go on a firing spree, look at your own side of the street. It’s possible that you need a better training system so they understand your expectations. People can’t read your mind. Take the time to create policies and procedures so you can hand work off to a capable crew.

All of your partnerships get a massive boost on June 27 as red-hot Mars blazes into Aries and your committed-relationships sector until January 6, an extended visit. For the rest of the year, your closest alliances can be both stimulating and stressful. Couples or business partners may argue more, but you can also get conflicts out into the open and deal with them directly—at last. Could a competitor become your best sidekick? That person who gets under your skin might just be the perfect other half of a dynamic duo. Don’t hate—collaborate.

With the other love planet, Venus, ending its retrograde on June 25, you could make up for lost lusty time in the latter half of 2020 (what pandemic?). Exciting and adventurous new people may enter your sphere…and not even the state of the world can keep you apart. Simply being in each other’s presence is thrilling enough! You might feel some urgency around making things official, abandoning your moderate pace and committing before you’ve fully thought this through. Follow your heart, Libra, but know that rash Mars can tempt you to leap without looking both ways first.
The month ends with big changes in your personal life on June 30. Expansive Jupiter and transformational Pluto make their second of 2020’s three rare conjunctions (meetups), which happens every 13 years. On April 4, June 30 and November 12, this potent pair unites in Capricorn and your fourth house of family, home and foundations. Look back to the spring for clues of what could resurface now. Is it time to change your living situation—or the cast of characters under your roof? A move, real estate sale or shift with a female relative in particular could be on the agenda. But no need to rush. It may take the rest of the year for this story to fully play out.
Have you been avoiding certain emotions—or feeling overwhelmed by mood swings? Anything that’s been simmering below the surface could surge up now. And after months of quarantine or restrictions, we’ve all got plenty going on internally. Hiding that is no longer an option as truth-teller Jupiter shines its beams into Pluto’s chamber of secrets. But that’s not an open-season invitation to just spew whatever unprocessed feelings you’re having.
This go-round, Jupiter and Pluto are both in slowed-down retrograde motion. It might be better to do some processing with the guidance of a coach or therapist—or taking it to your trusty journal—before unleashing an emo tidal wave on anyone. By the time Jupiter and Pluto connect again mid-November, you’ll have done the healing work that will help you land on firmer footing, and to make important decisions from a place of inner security.

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