Libra Monthly Horoscope

Your February Libra Monthly Horoscope

Cupid makes an early arrival this month, Libra, so get ready to catch a few amorous arrows! The Sun takes its annual cruise through Aquarius until February 18, heating up your fifth house of passion, pleasure and self-expression. It also whets your appetite for romance and makes you irresistibly attractive. Give yourself a style overhaul and flex those flirting skills. Dress up and don’t be afraid to draw attention—the spotlight loves you now.
Got a creative project brewing? Aquarius season is the perfect time to hang out with the muse. There’s a performer in every Libra, not to mention an abundance of natural charm. If you’re not giving ‘em a show worthy of stadium tickets, turn up the volume! Your Libra decadence has license to indulge. Start planning an epic V-Day, whether you’re single or part of a duo. 
But watch out for an obsessive edge. For the first time in your life, transformational Pluto is in Aquarius at the same time as the Sun. The illuminating rays may reveal where you have addictive or codependent patterns that show up in your love life. Where do you feel like you’re not “enough” on your own? Are you projecting needs or blame onto your romantic partners? It can be uncomfortable to look at, but ultimately it’s liberating. 
If you need a fresh start in love, the February 9 Aquarius new moon serves up an early Valentine’s Day. This potent supermoon will usher Cupid through the gates a week early, with amorous arrows pointed directly at you! (A good thing too since Valentine’s Day has some seriously charged energy—which you can read all about in the Love section of this forecast below.)
The only curveball is that disruptor Uranus, which is in your intense and possessive eighth house, is locked into a 90-degree square with the new moon. You might get a flareup of jealousy or feel like a controlling person is trying to rain on your passionate and creative parade. Power struggles and drama could steal from the magic moment, so enjoy the powerful emotions that the new moon unleashes, but know that you’ll need to channel their flow to prevent a tsunami!
That said, this fierce energy could soon become the new normal. February 9 is also Lunar New Year’s Eve, announcing the arrival of the Year of the Wood Dragon. Between now and January 29, 2025, themes of power and agency are preeminent. It’s quite a shift from the gentle, timid Water Rabbit, whose fluffy presence we’ve all been basking in since January 22, 2023. Now we’ll go from cottontails to Dragon scales, which are sure to add a leathery exterior to us all.
As the gentle bunny hippity-hops off, we also end a two-year cycle ruled by the flowy water element. By contrast, 2024 and 2025 will be governed by the structured, growth-oriented wood element. Be mindful of what you plant, Libra, because you’ll end up with a bumper crop of it!
Being lost in a romantic reverie is fun, but you’ll be back on the job starting February 18, when the Sun embarks on its yearly tour of Pisces and your organized, healthy sixth house. Forgo the mac and cheese in favor of whole grains and seasonal veggies. (Roasted parsnips and beets, anyone?) The following four weeks will find you streamlining your systems and embracing healthy self-improvement. Let your minimalist signmates Marie Kondo and Gwyneth Paltrow be your inspiration as you purge possessions and bring order to the Libra court!
Saying goodbye isn’t easy, even when it’s something (or someone) you’ve outgrown. You’ll get cosmic support with that this February 24, when the year’s only Virgo full moon illuminates your twelfth house of closure, healing and transitions. If it’s time to firmly shut the door on a painful or toxic tie, these moonbeams will light the way. 
Maybe forgiveness is the right prescription? In that case, la luna could supply some healing balm, helping you find the courage to be vulnerable and release your resentment. Either way, it’s time to close this chapter and start writing a new one! This mystical full moon could also serve up a spiritual epiphany or an intuitive flash that shows you a clear path forward. 
Need some extra support? Lean on a nurturing person or call in a favor today. This receptive full moon is a moment to be vulnerable and allow others to contribute to you. Add some spiritual protection in the form of a crystal, an altar or a talisman of some kind.
Don’t leave yourself wide open on February 27, though. With rash Mars battling arrogant Jupiter, you could roll the dice recklessly. If you jump impulsively at an opportunity that seems too good to be true, you might be left with a mess on your hands. Do your homework via thorough research and then tune into your intuition for more intel. Does the info you’ve gathered closely align with your instincts? If so, you have your answer. 
You have another chance to come up with concrete answers on February 28 as the annual Sun-Saturn conjunction—aka the Day of Challenges—takes place in your systematic sixth house. You’ll have a clear view of a situation, sans rose-colored glasses. This sobering reality check may not be welcome, but it WILL be productive if you train your measured eye on the essential points and craft a master plan for the road ahead.
With mental Mercury also in the frame, your analysis might veer into overthinking, especially if you can’t stop weighing your options. (Who, you?) Take your cue from strict Saturn and set a time limit. You can spend leap day mulling this over and plotting a path forward, but whip the thinking cap off before March arrives. At a certain point, you have to make at least one small yet decisive move to prevent stagnation or even sliding backward. Tap into the courage of the Wood Dragon and be willing to give it a try!
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