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August 2020 Libra Overview Horoscope

August Snapshot

With the Sun in gregarious Leo and your eleventh house of groups and teamwork until August 22, all your relationships—from friends and family to colleagues and companions—are energized. It could be hard to untangle which person (or triad or dyad) to focus on…never mind finding time to tend to yourself!
This sudden reheating of your social life may feel a bit unfamiliar after months of the planets AND the pandemic keeping you tethered to home base. In some ways, you haven’t minded the extended “me” time. But now the skies invite you to spread those social butterfly wings (while still staying safe) and reconnect with people who lift your spirits.
With sizzling Mars in ardent Aries and your relationship house until January 6 (an extended stay that began in late June), commitments could get serious, both in business and love. But stressful Mars can also add tension to these ties. You may feel burdened by other people’s demands at times. Watch for a short fuse and the tendency to grow impatient or brusque with your inner circle.
Interpersonal tension heats up all month because Mars will get snared into three tense squares with bombastic Jupiter, uptight Saturn and vindictive Pluto—all in Capricorn and your hypersensitive fourth house of home and family.
The demands of loved ones—or your need for solitude and self-care—could end up clashing with the pressures of a key relationship. As always, “balance” is the keyword for those born under the sign of the scales. Are you letting people know your limits—or leaving them to read your mind? With assertive Mars in the mix, you’ll need to be diplomatic but direct to prevent encroachment.
But it won’t be easy. Accept that you won’t do it perfectly, and make sure to monitor your people-pleasing tendencies. It’s not your job to make others happy—especially not at your own expense.
On August 22, the Sun slips into Virgo and your twelfth house of healing and escapes for a month, beckoning you to crawl into your cocoon. Power down for a month in preparation for Libra season (arriving on September 22). Tie up loose ends and make sure to get plenty of support (and sleep!).


Week 1: August 1-9

Love’s in the air—but beware
Late summer lovin’ could be on the agenda (surprise!) as the week begins. On Monday, August 3, the Aquarius full moon beams into your fifth house of love, creativity and self-expression. New couples might decide to take a “next step” over the coming two weeks; solid unions could deepen in heart-opening ways. Single? Take the effort out of your dating and focus on just having fun with interesting people (masks and social distancing guidelines in place, of course).

In between outings, pour your energy into a passion project. The muse is calling, and your inner performer or artiste is ready to take the stage. Add an exclamation point to any situations that have been building up since the January 24 Aquarius new moon. A little (healthy) drama could be fun!
But don’t believe everything you hear, Libra. The full moon in this open-hearted zone will lock into a stressful square with disruptive Uranus in stubborn Taurus and your eighth house of intimacy, private matters and intense emotions.

Not everyone will be true to their word today, a fact that never fails to disappoint you. Hidden information could surface out of the blue, or secrets may be revealed unceremoniously. Sad but true: Someone you trusted might turn out to be the least reliable person of all. A flash of jealousy or possessiveness could lead to fireworks. Beware of anyone whose enthusiasm seems a little too zealous—and have a plan ready to throw any mutineers off the island!

The next day, Tuesday, August 4, driven Mars in your relationship house makes its first intense square with expansive Jupiter in your domestic and sensitive fourth house. Emotions could blow up as these two reactive planets butt heads. Demands for your attention could come from every direction. People may exaggerate or try to play on your emotions. You’ll need to manage expectations so you don’t snap!

Someone you’ve been in negotiations with might suddenly get a little aggressive or unwilling to compromise. It doesn’t necessarily mean the deal is off, just that one (or both) of you is feeling the effects of today’s cosmic clash. Firmly but gently stand your ground—and if you have to save this for another day, so be it.

Week 2: August 10-16

Bubbling up (and simmering down)
Watch out for a random appearance of the green-eyed monster or the resurfacing of old family dynamics. On Thursday, August 13, aggressive Mars in your relationship house trades jabs with vindictive Pluto in your family zone. Power struggles that date back decades could resurface, along with age-old resentments. Can you say mama drama? Anger at a female relative, possibly your mother, could surface unexpectedly—whether she’s a part of your life currently or not.

In fact, you might really have to rein yourself in to avoid projecting childhood issues onto someone who wasn’t party to the action. Silver lining? That “triggering” person may be holding up a mirror to facilitate your own inner work. Identify what valid need isn’t being met—then find a healthy (adult) way to get that satisfied.

For example, if your parents were always broke, there’s no sense in blaming them for your own financial foibles. Instead, recognize there’s a wound there and treat it by seeking a professional money manager or coach who can teach you the skills you never got at home.

Stabilizing your long-term finances (and your emotions) gets easier starting Saturday, August 15, when unpredictable Uranus begins its annual retrograde through your house of joint ventures, shared resources and intimacy. Erratic Uranus has made the highs and lows more pronounced. This slowed-down cycle, which will last until January 14, invites you to review your most important bonds and associations.
Coupled Libras can benefit from working with a therapist or energy healer during this transit. Business partnerships may need a thorough audit of how you spend your shared time and money. A tempting but disruptive ex could resurface during Uranus retrograde, or you might need to finally deal head-on with financial habits that push you into debt. Use this five-month period to pinpoint the ways your rebellious side actually sabotages your goals. Getting to the root cause will help you break these patterns for good.

Week 3: August 17-23

A boost—and a break
Searching for the perfect collaborators to bring your ideas to the public? Craving the company of a like-minded crew after too much quarantine isolation? The Leo new Moon on Tuesday, August 18, in your eleventh house of teamwork and ideals could usher in some kindred-spirit connections over the coming two weeks.
But don’t sit around waiting to be invited. That public-facing Leo energy encourages you to be proactive and unabashed about promoting your ideas. Seek out-of-the-box thinkers for a new group endeavor or join an existing organization that’s aligned with your mission.
Once you’ve made your pitch, plan to slow down on Saturday, August 22, when the Sun enters sensible Virgo and your twelfth house of rest and healing. Now’s your chance to tie up loose ends in preparation for Libra season (which begins September 22). Use the next four weeks for some behind-the-scenes work…or a well-deserved break!
Does the energy in your home need an extreme makeover? Dabble in some Feng Shui and space-clearing to reboot the vibes at Chateau Libra. Sage away that pandemic negativity and add some new accents or artwork to bring in a fresh attitude. Do a ritual for good measure! Use this quieter time to put closure on your past year—and resolve any lingering situations you don’t want to see hanging around after you blow out those birthday candles!

Week 4: August 24-31

Balancing head and heart
As August heads for the finish line, impatient Mars in your relationship house makes its final square, this time with structured Saturn in cautious Capricorn in your emotional fourth house. Speed-checking Saturn will put the kibosh on any rushed developments, especially in your personal life—like giving someone a set of keys or dropping the “L” word after a couple weeks of Zoom-dating.
With the stop-and-go jerkiness of a Mars-Saturn square, your anger—or an attraction—could heat up quickly, then cool down just as fast. Before you react impulsively, catch yourself for an emotional time-out and get centered. You don’t have to kill the buzz of excitement, but make sure you’re composed and clear before you make any declarations or leap into a situation that’s hard to reverse.
On the work front, you might come close to losing your cool in a rare moment of provocation. Try to check yourself before you reach the verge of losing composure. You know no one wins in that scenario—especially not you. If you’re tempted to go off on a coworker or employee, vent to a trusted friend instead.

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