Libra Monthly Horoscope

Your March Libra Money Horoscope

Who says your creativity can’t bring in cash? With go-getter Mars in Aquarius and your passionate, performance-loving fifth house, the spotlight could be fervently seeking you. Tap into your talents until March 22 and give you fans an unforgettable show! With your ruler, aesthetic Venus, also here until March 11 on, it’s the perfect time to refresh your public profiles with some glamorous or artistic new portraits. Make them as striking as you dare.
Meantime, it’s a great month to get things in order behind the scenes. Are you ready to systematize and streamline your operations? With the Sun in Pisces until March 19, along with a March 10 new moon, your orderly sixth house is a bustling place. Look into new software, service providers and specialists to ease your workload and add more efficiency. 
When the Sun moves into Aries on March 19, your partnership house heats up—an ideal time to team up with a complementary force to create some win-wins. But take your time to make it official: Mercury turns retrograde from April 1 to 25, a time when it’s easy to miss key details.
The March 25 Libra lunar eclipse is your moment to shine! You only get a full moon in your sign once a year—but much rarer is an eclipse. Take full advantage and show the world what you’re really about under these revealing moonbeams. Don’t be surprised if the spotlight finds YOU. A huge opportunity that’s been brewing since the October 14 Libra solar (new moon) eclipse could come full-circle now. Be ready for anything!

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