Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

November 2022 Libra Love Horoscope

Until November 16, Venus will glide through Scorpio and your sophisticated, stability-seeking second house. Indulge your desire for upscale date nights, dressing up and establishing more of a steady arrangement. If you're in a relationship, start shopping for a memorable holiday gift for bae—and drop some not-so-subtle hints about the present you're eyeing.

A more casual phase kicks off on November 16 as Venus shifts gears into Sagittarius and your outgoing third house. Socializing as a duo can keep you connecting more than any material item this month. Make the rounds of holiday parties with your S.O. Single? Allow friends to introduce you to their eligible peeps and even set you up in a no-pressure way, like having you both attend a casual group gathering. You could meet someone online or even just bopping around the neighborhood since the third house rules local affairs.

The downside to this month’s otherwise positive love forecast is that Mars, the red-hot planet of both passion and confrontation, is now retrograde (from October 30 to January 12). Mars is back-spinning through Gemini and your outspoken ninth house. You could be a little snarky, argumentative or something of a know-it-all. Do you need a little space, Libra? Try to be direct about that instead of pushing bae away. 

Mars retrograde could give you a case of grass-is-greener syndrome. If you start feeling claustrophobic or limited by your current relationship, it’s worth reflecting on—but don’t be overly quick to react. Even the most fascinating people can get on our nerves if we spend too much time together. 

Take a little solo getaway or go out of town for a couple nights with friends. Do something different together. Novelty makes the heart grow fonder…but that novel experience doesn’t have to mean pulling the plug on a solid situation you’ve already got. Chances are, this restless feeling is something inside of YOU, Libra—and may have nothing to do with them. Isn’t that always the case, if you think about it? 

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