Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

March 2023 Libra Love Horoscope

Cast a wider net, Libra. The love planets, romantic Venus (in Aries until March 16) and spicy Mars (in Gemini through March 25), are activating your most expansive and optimistic houses of your chart in the first half of the month. This is a great time to deepen a relationship or to look beyond your usual type or venue for prospects. 

Your ruler, romantic Venus, is in your committed relationship house, adding sweetness to a current bond or inviting long-term prospects into your sphere. Couples can talk through any tough topics diplomatically and restore harmony to your dynamic. Even more amazing? This March 2, Venus will connect to expansive and open-hearted Jupiter (visible in the sky), a powerful opportunity to make things official or get closer to your “person.”
How about a change of scene to spark some excitement? Lusty Mars is wrapping up its long cycle through Gemini and your globetrotting ninth house that began back in August 2022. With Mars departing for new vistas on March 25, see if you can pull off a last-minute getaway for two. Single Libras could meet someone while traveling, or you could be drawn to a person from a wildly different background than yours. Single Libras could meet someone through while making witty banter at a friend's party or attending a workshop or lecture. 

Just know that Mars in this expansive zone could make you feel a bit claustrophobic if anyone tries to fence you in or push you into a commitment. Libras don't respond well to that pressure even on an ordinary day!
On March 16, Venus moves into earthy Taurus and your intense eighth house (until May 20), and your romantic life takes a turn for the deeper. When Venus unites with spontaneous Uranus on March 30, they could set off potent and unexpected sexual chemistry. Out with the casual canoodling; in with the permabonding! 

That only gets heightened on March 25, when Mars moves into Cancer and your tenth house of long-term goals until May 20. This next phase may be a serious time when you’re driven to commit and lock things in. While you're motivated and passionate, you could also feel a bit raw and vulnerable—definitely not in the mood to be with someone who can't (or won’t) go the distance. But don't let this pressure you into shapeshifting to fit someone else's timeline. A good way to turn Libras OFF is to make them feel rushed!

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