Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

June 2022 Libra Love Horoscope

The urge to merge reaches scorching summer temperatures as impassioned Mars roars through hot-blooded Aries and your partnership realm all month. This hasn't happened in two years, and while the red planet is here until July 5, you may be bursting at the seams with strong emotions and thoughts about commitment. For couples, spicy Mars can reignite your attraction to each other and spark a sensual renaissance.

Great as it all sounds, there’s a catch. Mars drives up your motivation—but at the same time it can spark competition, jealousy and anger. The trick to riding that bronco is not being too quick to react. Under this transit, your normally patient sign will have trigger-finger reflexes and even a few angry outbursts. Make a point to be diplomatically direct and to address any upsets as soon as they happen so bad feelings don’t fester.

Or maybe you settle them in the boudoir? Amorous Venus is making its annual visit to Taurus and your erotic eighth house until June 22, cranking up your sex appeal. If you've got a consenting partner, the world might not see much of you since you may barely venture outside of the bedroom. Single Libras could become engaged in a Olympics-worthy flirt-fest, which is fine and good as long as you're clear about your intentions.
On June 22, Venus will exit the canoodling cocoon and bound into Sagittarius, activating your adventurous ninth house until July 17. Under this frisky and optimistic influence, you'll be attracted to people from different walks of life—possibly hailing from another country or culture. Traveling will keep the flames hot for couples, even if you can only swing a weekend getaway or a sexy staycation.

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