Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope from December 5 to December 11

Bring it in, bring it in. Close connections are the ones you’ll be craving starting this Tuesday, December 6, when convivial Mercury downshifts into Capricorn and your fourth house of nesting until February 11—an extra-long cycle thanks to a three-week Mercury retrograde from December 29 to January 18. The mind might be willing, but the body may be challenged to find the energy to pull yourself out of that comfy chair over the coming ten weeks. Surrender to this restful cycle and pace yourself socially. Before Mercury spins retrograde on December 29, go out of your way to foster clear communication with relatives and inner circle friends.

Is the Libra Lounge feeling overcrowded with people and other precious treasures? Some downsizing could be in order in the name of helping you think. Group your artwork and photos into "collections" as if you were curating a museum exhibit. Pack some away and put others into rotating displays. Mercury's strategic powers may help you figure out savvier ways to arrange the furniture in a cramped area—or even rearrange the room configuration. The biggest area doesn't HAVE to be the bedroom; a cozier nook can be all the better to sleep in. While you’ll be fine with hosting, don’t let people overstay their welcome. Give any couchsurfers a pack-up-and-go date—and don’t be swayed by unnecessary guilt.
Wednesday's full moon in Gemini—the only one of 2022—illuminates your ninth house of travel, adventure and cross-cultural connections. The energy is electric and spontaneous, so be ready for anything! An opportunity to jump on a plane could come out of the blue over the next two weeks, which is tempting enough to explore. But with impulsive Mars retrograde astride la luna, make sure everything checks out (reputable accommodations, time off work). If so, pack your suitcase and go! Even if you're not lounging in a hammock on the Mayan Riviera, you can have some titillating escapades closer to home. A weekend getaway, even just a one-day road trip, will do wonders to revive your soul. Or maybe commit to your winter vacay by making a down payment on a retreat that's scheduled a few months from now.
Got a message to blast out to the world? Schedule it for Friday morning when your ruler, charm-agent Venus in your communication zone, gets a dynamic boost from lucky Jupiter in your work zone. But don’t post in haste! With these planets in a sticky square, every word counts. Make sure you’re sending people the correct link, dates and times. (And have a sharp-eyed person review before you hit send.) Make sure to spell out the benefits of whatever you’re offering so people know what’s in it for THEM.
Later on Friday, Venus nestles into grounded, traditional Capricorn and your domestic fourth house, nuzzling Mercury in Cap until January 2. Part of you will feel happiest being home alone in your softest PJs, but this is a great time for hosting intimate gatherings (especially one-on-ones!) with your people. Talks about cohabitation, home buying or other domestic intermingling will be juicy for the next few weeks, but go in with a lighter, dreamier touch. If you could create a space together, what would it look like? Already sharing an address? Pull out some favorite recipes or ones you’ve been dying to try, update your streaming queue and let “cozy and comfy” be your guiding principle. But keep your schedule open and flowy. Too many “have-to’s” will kill the chill vibes!
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