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09-21-2020 to 09-27-2020

All those dreams and schemes you cooked up over the past month can finally be put through the reality filter starting this Tuesday, September 22, as the Sun exits Virgo and your imaginative twelfth house and sets up shop in Libra and your first house of self, identity and manifesting. Clear the decks of anything (and anyone) who’s keeping you stuck. You need to be free to enjoy YOUR annual high season wherever it may take you! From now until October 22, work on shedding old baggage and getting prepared to leap like a gazelle into any exciting opportunities that come your way this fall. If you’re ready to start writing a new chapter in the Book of Libra, turn the page, sharpen some metaphorical pencils and let the action begin! But do you know what your heart is yearning for most? Because that’s where the manifesting begins, whether you’re seeking a soul mate, new work situation or living circumstances… Resolutely set your mind to it and watch things start to materialize over the coming month. But give it time to fully come to life—and screen out the doubters! Their negativity is a reflection of THEIR beliefs and has nothing to do with you. When the background chatter gets too loud, excuse yourself and take some time on your own. Clearing out the distracting noise will help you focus better and ground you in these lofty goals.
Starting on Sunday, your finances come into the spotlight as analytical Mercury wings in to Scorpio and your second house of money and security. For the past few weeks, you’ve been hosting the mindful planet in your sign, which probably sparked some intriguing self-inquiry and brainstorms. Now that Mercury is tooling through your practical and savvy “financial district”—for two months instead of its normal three weeks (thanks to a retrograde)—you can put some of these notions to the test. How doable are the best of ‘em? How affordable…and potentially profitable? Start thinking of ways you can fund and produce them, whether alone or with a partner or silent investor. Do your R-n-D now, but pace yourself. Mercury will be here until December 1 (except for a brief retreat into your sign from October 27 to November 10) AND it’ll be in reverse from October 13 to November 3. Build in extra time because this backspin can throw unexpected wrenches at things. Plan to review and revise throughout the whole process, but remember that’s a GOOD thing. With enough versions under the bridge, you’ll know you’re taking the smartest course when you DO blast ahead after November 3. If things come to an absolute standstill while Mercury is retrograde, use that time to reconnect with old friends and colleagues for fun and perhaps as collaborators.

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