Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope From March 4 To March 10

For the past few weeks, you've been uber-productive as savvy Mercury trekked through your orderly, industrious sixth house. But you may find it hard to fend off distractions this week as the messenger planet floats into dreamy Neptune’s field. As the two planets inch toward their exact conjunction this Friday, notice where you’ve fallen prey to perfectionism. While you don’t want to undo any hard-won progress, a few of your standards could have elevated to an impossible altitude. There’s something beautiful about a wabi-sabi or gathered aesthetic. And your so-called rough edges can actually give people something to connect to. So as a rule of thumb for the workweek, keep your hands on the wheel—but loosen your grip.
Whatever your status, relationships float to the top of the priority pile starting Saturday night. The reason? Social Mercury wings into bold Aries and your seventh house of dynamic duos and books an extended stay, until May 15. Suddenly your favorite activity is “anything that involves a plus-one.” Bear in mind that Mercury will be retrograde from April 1 to 25 which can up the probably of lovers’ quarrels. That’s good reason to get ahead of the curve and use March to fill your love tanks with premium fuel. For many Libras that looks like long, lingering conversations, fancy dinners, weekend getaways to see your favorite artist perform and penning hand-written cards. If you’ve been feeling like old marrieds, anything new and a little physically engaging will get the blood pumping. (That pickleball court awaits!) Any sort of partner activity will be abuzz with excitement for the next two months, so pair up to write a song or screenplay, plan a fundraiser party or whatever else your creative minds cook up together.
On Saturday, the skies host an incendiary meetup of two of the most activating planets, lusty Mars and alchemical Uranus. Passion is pinging you—are you prepared to accept the call? While part of you is eager to get to know someone better and go all in (or mostly all in), there’s another part of you that’s playing it a little safe as you decide just how vulnerable to get. This is a great day and NIGHT to mingle, flirt, smile and seduce to your heart’s content. But stop short of misleading someone who’s clearly more interested than you are. If you’re casually or newly dating, watch the emotions that come up on Saturday, especially around trust, control and jealousy. You might get triggered without knowing why. (“Uranus” is why!) It’s not a day to put anyone to a loyalty test or play ANY kind of game, because it could come back to haunt you. Solid couples might be caught off-guard by an emo speed bump, especially if your balance of give and take has gotten out of balance and one of you is harboring resentment. Pro tip: DON’T try to clear the air on Saturday! Just pay attention to what you’re feeling, even as you try to keep yourself in check and not lash out—or overreact. Handle this well and today could be an epic day for the union.
Your aesthetic sign thrives when everything is in visual balance. But you could take that to a higher octave on Sunday as the Pisces new supermoon shifts you into organizing and self-nurturing overdrive. If you’ve somehow managed to overlook the clutter and chaos, you won’t be able to any longer. And when you open the fridge and pantry and encounter indisputably unhealthy food products, your inner nutritionist will be instantly summoned forth. This lunar lift might be what finally gets you back into daily workouts or inspires you to back off of sugar, gluten or alcohol. But since it’s the gentle Fish at the helm, you’ll be happier dancing, doing aqua aerobics or a flowy, mat-based movement—especially since this new moon arrives at a close degree to healing Neptune. Take this opportunity to deal with those nagging aches and pains. Ask friends for recommendations for a good naturopath or acupuncturist who’ll treat you like the whole person you are—not just a list of symptoms. This new moon could bring an exciting work opportunity that unfolds magically over the next six months. Best of all, you'll get to apply your imagination and creativity to the mission!

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