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06-01-2020 to 06-07-2020

Go big or go…oh sorry, let’s try that another way. This is NOT the week to play small, Libra, so give yourself a pep talk and put your most visionary ideas out there! This Wednesday, June 3, the luminous Sun aligns with your ruler, magnetic Venus (who’s retrograde), and your talents and unique skill set may be precisely what’s needed. As a consummate team player, you never lead with your ego, knowing that a strong manager can balance the needs of a group with just enough inspiration to keep them moving forward. If you’re thinking of positioning yourself as an “expert” on a particular subject, bone up and make sure you can walk that big talk. While you don’t have to have ALL the answers, you should anticipate all the questions they’ll lob at you so you can be as prepared as possible. As for things that catch you off-guard, be your charming Libra best and tell them candidly that you’ll research that and get back to them asap!

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Pause for a reality check earlier on Wednesday (Tuesday evening, to be exact), as that same optimistic Venus reverses smack into motivated Mars, who’s been going full KonMari in your sixth house of systems and organization. You’re loving all the piles of “stuff” Mars has created to give away or throw away, but this tense energy with Venus can cause an inner tug of war. Part of you is too busy saving the world or sharing your global message to worry about which socks you should keep and roll into a tidy ball…yet the red planet persists. This could lead to some anxiety about how your time is best spent—and with Venus off-course in your outspoken ninth house, you might be tempted to unleash a rant to exactly the wrong person. Slow down and remind yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a 24-hour news cycle. Give yourself permission to NOT make any hard and fast decisions midweek since your opinions may change hourly. On another note, since these two are the cosmic lovebirds, really watch your tongue and your temper around bae. You are many things to each other, but "coach" or “therapist” should not be on that list!
Hopes, wishes and even fairy tales can come true if you learn to really work the Law of Attraction! And Friday’s full moon in Sagittarius—also a lunar eclipse, the first in a two-year eclipse series on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis—will help you mentally clarify your goals and then broadcast them to the universe. These lunar high beams light up your third house of communication and social interaction, especially of a local nature, so as (or IF) you venture out, keep your eyes peeled for kindred spirits, who could pop up in surprising places. Because the third house is associated with creative collaborations, you might start talking more seriously with a potential partner. IRL and in your online dealings, you can start to share your message or ideas with a select audience. But only dangle carrots—don’t give away the whole garden! If you’re part of a larger group effort, make a point of listening way more than you speak. You already know what YOU know! See what’s simmering on other people’s burners.

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