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07-06-2020 to 07-12-2020

If you’re too distracted to focus during the workweek, fear not. By the time Sunday rolls around, you'll actually WANT to make up for lost time. On Sunday, July 12, Mercury pivots out of a three-week retrograde and powers ahead through Cancer and your career zone until August 4. Roadblocks that plagued you since June 18 will disappear over the coming few weeks, while stalled missions may finally achieve liftoff. If you've been clashing with a coworker (perhaps someone in upper management or a newbie who resents your authority), the air will soon clear. Did you get behind on communications?
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Make a list of all the people you need to contact, the proposals and documents you need to send, and any power Zooms you need to schedule. Before Sunday, while Mercury lingers in retrograde, you might actually make some headway in doing outreach or filling out paperwork that’s been holding up progress. Use this forced slowdown for its most fruitful purpose: reconnecting to colleagues from the past. A successful sequel collaboration could fill your coffers this fall. While you’re in this “sharing is caring” mode, don’t rule out the idea of joining forces with a so-called competitor, even for a one-day project this week.
Just as Mercury gets ready to forward march, Chiron (the "wounded healer" comet) slips into its annual retrograde this Saturday, July 11. The backstroke, which lasts until December 15 and takes place in Aries and your seventh house of partnerships, could leave you examining the flow of your closest connections. Do you have enough space to express your individuality—or have you merged into a couple bubble that needs to be burst? And, how well are you communicating your needs and desires (not to mention your basic scheduling) to one another? No relationship is perfect, Libra, so if you've been romanticizing and idealizing how things "should" be, change your measuring stick. It's how you handle conflicts when they invariably arise that truly makes or breaks the bond. If assumptions and resentment have crept in, Chiron's retreat can help you finesse the way you express. But don't forget the other half of the communication equation: listening with compassion and respect. From business partnerships to romantic relationships, there will be a lot of negotiating to do between now and December 15. Dive in, Libra. This will go a long way towards reducing stress and creating space for self-care and success in the final quarter of the year.
On Sunday, don't put your intuition into a box—but don't be surprised, either, if a structure emerges for some of your dreamier notions. The Sun in heart-centric Cancer trines perceptive Neptune and gets the practical magic flowing. Whip out your journal or vision board supplies and let your subconscious guide your path. Listen closely to what people are saying, but read between the lines and tune in to body language. What's NOT being verbalized is even more telling!

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