Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope from January 17 to January 23

Goals, goals, goals! It's time to make those 2022 career resolutions as 2022’s first full moon arrives in Cancer, setting its agenda in your ambitious tenth house. But as you map out your missions, get real with yourself: Do your personal and family relationships support your professional ascent? And have you created a strong foundation to help you rise through the ranks? As inspiring as this full moon may be, it also forces you to face some difficult contradictions. A challenging opposition to transformational Pluto exposes the out-of-alignment aspects of your life—and this may cause temporary turmoil for the week! Instead of freaking out, seize the opportunity to get your universe back in sync. You need your inner circle to champion you, but that might mean letting them call you out, too. Sunny, superficial conversations may be masking some messes behind the scenes that you actually need to clean up. It's not just about looking good on the outside, Libra, but also being able to lift the curtain and reveal a well-oiled machine.
Let’s get metaphysical! On Tuesday, January 18, Libras embark on an esoteric voyage as the lunar North Node leaves your philosophical ninth house and relocates to Taurus and your emotionally intense eighth house. From now through July 17, 2023, this potent period can dish up some karmically-tinged interactions that deepen interpersonal connections and spiritual pursuits and facilitate personal transformation. But, as you’ve probably learned a few times over, there are no skipping steps! If you truly want to get closer to someone, you have to lay your own desires bare. The kind of bonding you crave requires vulnerability, especially if this is (or could potentially be) a sexual relationship. Trust is key, and if you’re not sure about your chosen person, test the potential with a few soulful revelations. Little by little, you could (both) gain the confidence to drop your guard and embrace the kind of intimacy that leads to sultry AND spiritual interactions. Already in a relationship? Deeper intimacy beckons, but is your partner a match for your desires? You may have some big decisions to make. Take your time and don’t rush to conclusions. Across your chart, the equally impactful South Node darts into Scorpio, where it will activate your money zone. The next 20 months are your time to re-stabilize things financially so you can build a secure relationship from a grounded place.
Also on Tuesday, disruptor Uranus wakes up from a retrograde that began in your eighth house of merging this past August 19. Fairness means everything to a Libra, but how are you interpreting that? Uranus is anything BUT literal, so if you’ve been keeping score and splitting it all down the middle, consider a fresh approach. Maybe there’s a new way to divvy up the “currency” in certain relationships. And if you’re constantly fighting about who will do certain dirty work, maybe it’s time to save up (or barter) for some outside support.
On Wednesday, St. Valentine could make an early arrival as the sun floats into Aquarius and your fifth house of romance through February 18. The sequins and bubbly of the holidays (and, uh, yeah, post holidays) might be in the rearview, but that doesn’t mean the celebrations are over. This week calls for some major life-affirming mojo, which, Libra, you’re in charge of inviting in. If any of your extracurriculars aren’t "sparking joy," swipe left and leave your calendar open for activities that lift you up and make life feel playful, fun and romantic again!

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