Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope From September 25 To October 1

If you’ve been on the fence (who, you?) in a relationship and don’t know which side to land on, Friday’s full moon in decisive Aries and your committed seventh house could force your hand. With instinctual Aries energy pushing all your buttons, you won’t fall prey to the Libra habit of overthinking. Following your impulses can take a spicy situation from simmer to boil. This is one of those weeks where you can give yourself permission to fully enjoy the moment. That’s a novel concept that this full moon can get behind!
In a situationship? If the other party can’t quite go all in, this lunation could catalyze a tipping point. Make one more heartfelt attempt, and if you still don’t get the response you’re after, tap into the brave assertiveness of the Aries full moon (not to mention its impatience) and move on.
Platonic collabs are also blessed by this full moon. If, for example, business chemistry is brewing, tap into these assertive moonbeams to pitch a joint venture. You don’t have to have all the details worked out, just a rough idea of the advantages you see from combining your powers. With this high-voltage full moon at the helm, your sheer excitement will be enough to get the other party intrigued—and then some!
Later on Friday, you could have a hard time maintaining the balance and peace that you long for, Libra. When your galactic guardian, agreeable Venus, dances into a dustup with unruly Uranus, you might swerve from playful to provocative in a heartbeat. Since June 5, the love planet has been keeping her cool in your friendly, open-minded eleventh house. You might be the one who’s suggested adding a benefits package to a platonic connection or introduced “experimentation” into a relationship that had gotten a little predictable. Or maybe you grew weary of waiting for some fantasy dreamboat to sweep you off your feet, and now you’re ready to do the sweeping yourself. All bets are off on Friday! The Venus-Uranus square sends high-voltage energy to your erotic eighth house, daring you to unleash your sexiest self. Whether you create a profile on an NSFW app or put a pole in your boudoir, this bewitching genie is NOT going back in the bottle!
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