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Libra Weekly Horoscope from November 23 to November 29

You're ripe for a windfall this week, Libra, as value-adder Venus cruises through your financial zone. Having this convivial planet as your cosmic custodian is a lucky thing indeed. Abundance seems to find you, whether hustled and earned, or attracted through the support of people who adore you. As the Sun and "key master" comet Chiron sync up this Thursday, November 26, you might find fortune in your own family tree or with a friend who is on a similar path. Balancing the flow of give and take is a must! Make sure there's an equitable exchange. If one of you is fronting the cash, for example, the other should offer an "in kind" service. Figure out what feels best for you both to keep key relationships on an even keel.
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Taming the urge to splurge requires willpower this Black Friday, when Venus gets into a dynamic dance with game-changing Uranus in your investments zone. Money has a way of burning a hole in your silk-lined pocket, Libra, especially when luxe items are more than 20 percent off. Before you go wildly adding to cart, how much could you sock away in your savings? What can be funneled into a high-interest yielding investment portfolio? This is what David Bach (author of The Automatic Millionaire) meant when he advised people to "pay yourself first." (A book worth reading this week.) Delayed gratification is not the same as deprivation! Romantically, the Venus-Uranus dust up could reveal a need for greater security in your love life. Coupled Libras may need to make some clear agreements around money—especially since this friction-inducing opposition can raise tempers. A shared bank account is not for every couple, especially if you have different fiscal habits. But again, whatever agreement you arrive at needs to feel fair and square.
On Saturday, unstructured Neptune wakes up from a five-month retrograde in Pisces and your sixth house of wellbeing. This somewhat de-motivating backspin has made it hard to get into a proper body-loving routine and do the things you know are best for you. But as Neptune U-turns back into direct motion, you’ll be singing the praises of Zoom yoga, winter sports and vegan dishes. As a partnership-oriented sign, you may find that having an accountability buddy helps you stay strong and dedicated. Reach out to a pal who is on a similar mission and see about weekly (or daily) check-ins. This forward spin clears up some sketchy situations at work, too. Neptune makes it hard to get to the truth of an issue, and over the past five months, a colleague or client may have been less than forthcoming—or may owe you a beyond–past-due chunk of change. The truth could come to light in the days ahead. Do your best to clear up a murky situation, but if you can’t, cut your losses and chalk it up as a lesson learned to only work with reputable people who have integrity.

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