Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope from March 27 to April 2

Make it a doppia! You’ll be ready, willing and definitely able to partner up under the simpatico sync-up of unstoppable Jupiter and cooperative Mercury in your partnership realm on Tuesday, March 28. This merger can make you a superfan of any charming soul who steps your way, so careful, because you may not be at your rational best. That sense of connection could be visceral, which is wonderful for developing synergies. But pace yourself to make sure this goes beyond physical chemistry. This planetary pairing is more about impulse and flirtation than it is about deep emotion. For that reason, this is a good time to get clear about the differences between like, love and lust. Before you Tweet about your abiding devotion, spend time apart to gauge how strongly you’re feeling that. This liberating alignment could be a make-or-break moment for weaker dynamic duos. While it’s usually sad to part ways with people, your idealistic sign won’t be happy with anything lukewarm for the long haul.
Duty calls on Thursday as an odd-couple mashup of impatient Mars in Cancer and methodical Saturn delivers stop-start energy to your career. You’ll be eager to dive into something, but you may not be the one calling the shots (grrr), which could force you to sit tight. And that might not be the easiest trick to pull off since unbridled Mars is dying to charge ahead. You’ve got a clear vision of what you want to accomplish—and the confidence to pull it off—and yet, you have to wait for a green light from on high or someone else to officially get on board. This frustrating situation will be history by next week, but until then, it’s on you to find a way to productively distract and redirect yourself. See if there’s a little more data you can uncover or any additional background-checking or research-gathering that can be done so that when the checkered flag is finally waved, you won’t have to even tap the brakes. Or, since Saturn is tugging on the reins from your wellness zone, perhaps you can use this slowdown as an excuse to book a massage or some other healing or beauty appointment you haven’t had time for lately. Afternoon spa day: Why not?
On top of the Mars-Saturn trine, situations could get even more intense on Thursday, when your ruler, ardent Venus, holds its once-a-year reunion with wild child Uranus in your eighth house of intimacy and eroticism. Resolve to not judge yourself, especially if you’re feeling things that you might not deem “appropriate,” like being more “in lust” than “in love.” If you’re unattached, there’s nothing wrong with exploring these edges of your desire and personality. You may pride yourself on being a decorous Libra, but you’ve got your earthy, sexual and even shadowy sides! That said, if you’ve made a commitment to someone, you should resist temptation on the assumption that it could blow over as quickly as it set in by tomorrow. And the last thing you want to be left with is regrets! However, if you’ve been unhappy or unfulfilled for a while, this rare Venus-Uranus mashup could be the very “wrench” that needs to get hurled. Take the mature course and have an honest convo with your S.O. There are ways to correct structural flaws in your relationship foundation without tearing it all down and starting over!
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