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Libra Monthly Horoscope

The November 13 Scorpio new moon reboots your revenue

Fresh financial starts are favored on November 13, when the annual Scorpio new moon kicks off a six-month chapter for productivity and prosperity. If you’re starting something new or circulating your resume, these galvanizing moonbeams will boost your efforts. Keep your ears perked for new work opportunities, clients or projects that can build your professional profile. Need to get your finances back on track? A course of action you begin today could return your balance sheet to good standing in the coming six months. With motivator Mars nearby, you’ll be pumped to take action.
Just keep a watchful eye on your spending as this new moon will oppose unpredictable Uranus in your eighth house of mergers, lump sums and intimate ties. A person you’re entangled with, financially or romantically, could be a disruptive factor in today’s events. Perhaps you’re starting a new gig, job-hunting or trying to forge a healthy habit. There could be a curveball to dodge as you attempt to simplify and stabilize your life. Try not to let any surprises throw you off, Libra. Stay true to your values and focus on your priorities, no matter what.
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