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February 2021 Gemini Overview Horoscope

Monthly Snapshot

Ready to spread your wings, Gemini? In February, the urge to expand your horizons may be impossible to resist, even if you have to work around restrictions. With between four and six planets in Aquarius and your visionary ninth house, this is the month to go big. Rather than focus on getting things done, explore new avenues you could take.
Publishing, entrepreneurship and long-distance connections fall within the ninth house’s domain. Even if you can’t literally travel, you can explore possibilities outside of your current comfort zone.
Besides, with your ruling planet, Mercury, retrograde from January 30 to February 20, some of your lofty plans may need to be adapted before they can fully take flight. This is a great month to “beta-test” anything you THINK has the potential to scale into something grander, or to revise and road-test before launching.
Mid-month, you’ll experience the first of 2021’s three Saturn-Uranus squares, a stressful tug of war that will pull you in dueling directions. Structured Saturn in Aquarius pushes for growth while destabilizing Uranus in your twelfth house of rest, closure and transitions could disrupt your big goals with unfinished business from your past. Brace yourself for cosmic curveballs!
Save the big strategy sessions for February 18 onward, when the Sun moves into Pisces and your tenth house of success and career. You’ll have a much easier time making long-term plans that you can implement and stick with, especially once Mercury turns direct on February 20.

Week 1: February 1-7
Getting inspired

This week, your excitement can’t be contained as planets begin gathering momentum in Aquarius and your visionary, expansive ninth house. If you’ve set your sights on a major life change, such as relocating, publishing your work or launching a business, you could make serious headway on those plans.

But don’t rush to translate these grand concepts into reality just yet. Hold off on your implementation until your ruler, Mercury, ends its retrograde on February 20, and research your options instead. Prepare to navigate a few speed bumps—or energy crashes—caused by intense Mars in Taurus and your twelfth house of rest, unfinished business and hidden agendas. Pace yourself to avoid burnout!

Week 2: February 8-14
Where in the world do you want to grow?

After a long and frustrating 2020, a year that often felt like limitations outweighed possibilities, you’re making a comeback! February serves up a promising combo platter of wide horizons, fresh opportunities and a deeper connection to your highest self, Gemini. About time!
A rare, special alignment comes together on Thursday, February 11, as the new moon in Aquarius and your global, philosophical ninth house is joined by FIVE heavenly bodies in the futuristic, egalitarian sign of the Water Bearer. Along with that intuitive moon, the bold Sun, harmonizer Venus, expansive Jupiter, communicator Mercury (retrograde through February 20) AND structured Saturn will all push you to think beyond the horizon of your comfort zone.
Look for powerful insights and inspirations about the future. What’s the vital role you can play as a student, wisdom-bearer or teacher? Feel free to scale those musings to a global level. With this cosmic coterie in your ninth house of entrepreneurship, publishing and world affairs, you could come up with a business idea or manifesto that shifts perceptions everywhere.
the “great benefics,” helpful Venus and positive Jupiter, are exactly conjunct (united) at the new moon—which means we all get to savor a moment of optimism, hope and freedom. Love could arrive in an unexpected way, perhaps with a long-distance connection or someone from a wildly different background than yours.
Also in Aquarius is the asteroid Pallas Athena, named for the goddess of war and victory. Are you eager to activate your bold visions and new directions—but unsure how to pull it off with a minefield of pandemic restrictions? A tip from the asteroid belt: Skilled warriors don’t just rush in and attack—they study the situation and try to create a win-win.
Athena’s presence reminds us that we need to be brave yet wise. Have you been entertaining ideas about relocation, perhaps even to a foreign country? While you may not be able to make the move yet, now would be an awesome time to sign up for language classes and learn as much as you can about your dream destination. Since Athena’s foresight is doubly prophetic in Aquarius, be bold about envisioning your future—and set milestones that you can manifest at 2021’s TWO Aquarius full moons, which arrive on July 23 and August 22.
It’s one heck of a week to connect with your deepest ideals and like-minded people around the globe. Aquarian energy always encourages us to look beyond our own needs to the greater good. How can your big visions help others?
Every new moon presents an opportunity for a fresh start—but with your ruler, Mercury, retrograde, you’re reminded to also revisit the past for clues on how to move forward in an original way. And with structured Saturn chiming in, you’ll want to make sure you build a sustainable structure for the long haul, one that will sustain your initial excitement.
But wait…there’s more! The annual Aquarius new moon always coincides with Lunar New Year’s Eve, and February 11 kicks off the Year of the Metal Ox. For the next year, the steadfast Ox will help you build a solid infrastructure that gives your big dreams authority and longevity. The astrological workhorse reminds you to stay strong and tenacious and to put in the sweat equity that will plant your dreams on terra firma.
The week wraps up with Valentine’s Day on Sunday, February 14, and this year, Cupid’s shooting arrows are tipped with friendly fire. The moon in Aries and your eleventh house of friendship is set against a backdrop of freedom-loving Aquarian energy. Bask in the unconditional love of your crew and bring the spirit of possibility to your romantic celebrations. Start planning a destination getaway for when travel restrictions lift, perhaps even making a shared vision board for it. Got a vacation goal involving Brazil, Bali or Bucharest? Re-create the ambience with food, films and any fun parts of the culture as your international V-Day celebration.

Week 3: February 15-21
Look before leaping

Overdoing it a tad, Gemini? This week, a momentous transit reminds you that yes, you are a mere mortal who must obey speed limits. Whether you’ve been pushing yourself way too hard with work, speaking off the cuff instead of gaining the requisite expertise or biting off more than you can chew, the stars stage an intervention.
This week brings the first of 2021’s three intense Saturn-Uranus face-offs. On Wednesday, February 17, then again on June 14 and December 24, rules-obsessed Saturn and rule-breaker Uranus will challenge each other, crashing into a trio of 90-degree squares.
While this potent mashup CAN spark a deep desire to change your life at a fundamental level (moving to another country! Quitting your job and enrolling in school again!), wait until this shakeup ends before overturning the structures of your life. Your intuitive powers are dialed up high, but listening to your gut and obeying it are two completely different things.
With cautious Saturn in your ninth house of growth and risk-taking, your desire to “go big” could meet a few barriers that you may have underestimated. As shock jock Uranus sideswipes Saturn from your foggy twelfth house, an offer that sounds too good to be true could prove to be just that. Pump the brakes on any fast-moving or speculative plans.
Gemini, it’s wonderful to be open to new perspectives—especially during these challenging times. But be careful not to fall under the spell of a charismatic guru. As destabilizing as this first Saturn-Uranus square will be, you’re vulnerable to persuasive tactics. Reach out to a steady and trusted source of support rather than latching onto someone you don’t know well. Do a large amount of researching AND soul-searching before reaching any conclusions.

Good news: When the Sun moves into Pisces and your structured, ambitious tenth house on February 18, you’ll have a solid month ahead to really map out your ideas with schedule, budgets and long-term milestones. Consider working with a mentor or coach to really add some impact.

Week 4: February 22-28
Nurture yourself, reconnect to your intuition

Healing breakthroughs: incoming! On Wednesday, February 24, driven Mars and transformational Pluto unite in a fast-moving trine. Both planets are in manifesting earth signs (Mars is in Taurus and Pluto is in Capricorn), activating the most spiritual and emotionally transformative parts of your chart.
Your powers of perception are dialed up to maximum levels this week, and you could have a near-psychic vision around one of your most important goals. Want to kick your mission into high gear? Be open to support! This week, you’ll find the most power by opening up the channels of receiving, whether that’s divine guidance through meditation or the supportive camaraderie of a loved one or employee.
Make sure you also “shield your field” this week, especially if you proffer a shoulder to cry on. With your empathic abilities on maximum, you’re also a psychic sponge. A supportive conversation could leave you feeling drained or burdened with someone’s offloaded emotional pain. Steer them toward professional resources if you’re tempted to play amateur therapist.
Home and family have a moment on Saturday, February 27, when the year’s only Virgo full moon beams into your domestic fourth house. Get everything sorted out with your loved ones, particularly your mom or a mother figure. Craving quality family time this weekend? Book it! Need some downtime and self-care? Add some lavender oil and Epsom salt to your warm bath, curl up with a book or empty your Netflix queue.
Have you been contemplating a relocation? Stalled plans could pick up speed. You may hear news about the sale of a home or get inspired to start a renovation or decorating project. (Check out our Feng Shui course, Home Reset, for guidance.) A powerful woman or female-identified person could play a key role in events today.

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