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May 2022 Gemini Overview Horoscope

What lies beneath, Gemini? This month prompts you to look below the surface at those funny things called feelings—yours and other people’s—and to forge more heartfelt connections. With the Sun in Taurus and your healing twelfth house until May 20, it’s a time for grace, forgiveness and transitions. In the midst of spring eclipse season, those will serve you well, particularly if the Scorpio lunar eclipse on May 16 uproots some of your routines and daily structures. 

A focus on Team Gemini could certainly pay off in the next year, especially once lucky Jupiter moves into Aries on May 10, making its first of two trips through your eleventh house of groups, technology and networking between now and May 2023. Your inner circle is where the gold is, so start building and strengthening that power posse! That same day, your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde—in Gemini, no less—making a rock-solid case for leaning on other people instead of being overly self-reliant. 

But first, prepare for a potentially lucrative career coup on May 3 as Jupiter in Pisces (and your tenth house of success) pings potent Pluto in your wealth sector. A joint venture or investment could boost your status. Ready to play mentor? Maybe you’ll be the one passing a torch to an up-and-coming person who wants to carry on your legacy as you move on to something even better. The May 30 Gemini new moon arrives to help you start writing that new chapter.

Rest and go with the flow during Taurus season until May 20 

Pace yourself for the first three weeks of the month, Gemini. The Sun, which replenishes your cosmic battery pack, is in Taurus and your restful twelfth house until May 20. After that, Gemini season begins, and you’ll want to be fully charged. Rushing into any escapades during Taurus time could lead to burnout. 

The solution? Sleep on it—even literally! Indulge in twelfth-house activities like meditation, journaling or tuning in to your subconscious. Your dreams can be richly prophetic, so pay attention to any nighttime (or naptime) messages. Make sure your intuition has given you a strong, clear gut feeling before you take the next step, whatever that may be. As these helpful rays illuminate your soul-stirring twelfth house, center yourself with breathwork or book a session with a healer. Simply slowing down and being silent for a few minutes a day can also work wonders.

Is it time to let a troubling situation go? Since the twelfth house rules endings and transitions, one part of your life may be winding down to make way for a new chapter. This is especially likely because on April 30, the skies served up a Taurus solar (new moon) eclipse. You may have received a burst of divine inspiration or intuitive guidance at the end of last month. While you might not know where it’s all leading you, the feelings are undeniable.

Get ready for another jolt on May 5, when the Sun makes its annual conjunction (meetup) with mad-scientist Uranus on April 22 and you could have some wild visions and vivid dreams. This day can open a powerful psychic portal. You might also get a jarringly direct download about an important change you need to make in your life. The twelfth house rules hidden agendas and intuition, so if you have a nagging feeling about a certain person, investigate. Someone could show their true colors in a shocking way, or you get a strong urge to cut ties with a situation that's draining your energy.
While you don't want to do anything rash or irreversible, if you're fed up, this Sun-Uranus meetup could give you the guts to say "enough!" Speak your truth, Gemini. Sometimes simply voicing your concern about a toxic situation could be THE thing that helps you create a new opportunity. Don't write a relationship off completely until you have a heart-to-heart. Chances are, there are things neither of you ever realized were an issue. Maybe this is just a fork in the road and not the end of it.

Your social network takes flight when Jupiter enters Aries May 10

Get back out among your people, Gemini! On May 10, Jupiter will move into Aries and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology for the first time in more than a decade. The red-spotted planet will spark fruitful collaborations and bring colorful new characters into your world. After a hardworking year, your social life will become a vibrant scene, and you could join forces with fellow trailblazers and thought leaders. There’s opportunity in numbers (something #twinning Geminis naturally understand), so combine your superpowers for a shared win.

Jupiter will make two trips through Aries: The first lap is until October 28, then a second round happens from December 20, 2022, until May 16, 2023. Prepare to expand your reach through networking, group projects and social media. A digital venture, a TV show or a project that betters society might become your new platform. With worldly Jupiter in this innovative sector, you could soon be on the cutting edge of bringing some much-needed change through technology or politics. You’re about to take on "changemaker" status, in whatever corner of the world you want. 

Mercury turns retrograde May 10 to June 3 

Ease into that reinvention tour, Gemini. On May 10—the same day of Jupiter’s transit—your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde (, muddling communication, technology and travel. Even the best-laid plans can be foiled by the disruption. And this phase is even dicier since Mercury will reverse through Gemini until May 22, which can leave you feeling wildly misunderstood or cause your messaging to fall flat. After that, Mercury will dip further back into Taurus and your foggy twelfth house, scrambling signals even more. Your best bet? Wait until the quicksilver planet turns direct (forward) on June 3 before you start spreading the news or making any grand pitches. 

Health in the spotlight at the May 16 Scorpio full moon and total lunar eclipse

Is it time to change up the way you organize and run your life, Gemini? On May 16, a Scorpio lunar (full moon) eclipse beams into your sixth house of health, fitness and organization, sounding the call for seismic change. Under this transformational eclipse, you could get a blast of motivation to start spring training—or spring cleaning. If you've been ignoring a nagging ache or pain or putting off your routine checkups, get some appointments on the calendar. Feeling good is the top priority.

The sixth house rules helpful people, and you may decide to upgrade Team Gemini with a few capable hands—or bid adieu to the slackers. Under a fast-moving eclipse, some members of your support squad might make a sudden exit. If that happens, “bless and release” them with the knowledge that the eclipse has cleared the way for a better fit. Is it time to add some volunteer or service work into your schedule? This eclipse could spark a desire to do something more meaningful, especially since the karmic south node is hovering nearby.

Pets are also ruled by the sixth house, making this a great time to adopt a furbaby or to get some extra cuddles in. A critter companion might enter your life through unexpected circumstances (a friend is moving to a no-pets building and needs someone to house her dog and well…you know the rest). With an eclipse, anything can happen! 

Just make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew in your quest to be helpful. The moon will be locked into a challenging 90-degree square to tough Saturn in Aquarius and your ninth house of growth and expansion. Make sure you actually have room in your calendar for whatever you take on—saying “yes” to this means you’ll be saying “no” to something else. Does it light you up enough for that to be worth the sacrifice?

Gemini season (May 20) and the May 30 Gemini new moon

On May 20, the Sun moves into Gemini, kicking off a four-week birthday celebration. Between now and June 21, el Sol will activate your first house of self and personal passions. As the dust settles from eclipse season, you’ll get more clarity about the direction you want to take. But keep mulling things over and don’t rush, Gemini. Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde until June 3, and more information could come to light next month.

That will get even clearer once your personal new year arrives on May 30 at the year’s only Gemini new moon. This turning-point moment will set your course for the rest of 2022, culminating at the December 7 Gemini full moon. Take a bold step toward one of your personal dreams today as la luna supercharges your intentions.

Mars and Jupiter connect on May 29

Lead the charge! Assertive Mars and inspiring Jupiter team up in Aries and your groups sector this May 29, giving you the clout and charisma to sway the crowds. You're a fireball online too, so blast off that viral post—but be nice! You'll catch more followers with kindness than with snark, a warning some Geminis can’t hear often enough. Although you may be feeling quite sure of yourself, open up to input from a few wise friends and colleagues. Working on a team project? Careful not to overtake the whole agenda and accidentally steamroll your cohorts in your enthusiasm. Make sure everyone gets to give their input and feel included in the process. If you have something big to debut, today could be favorable. But consider a “soft launch” since your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde for a few more days.

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