Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Your February Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Freedom is calling, Gemini! As the Sun soars through fellow air sign Aquarius until February 18, your ninth house of adventure, growth and travel is ablaze. This is your time to think outside the box (hardly an issue for you) and stretch way beyond the familiar. Let your visionary side take the helm. 
You’ve been ready for this burst of energy for a LONG time, Gemini. Since May 2023, you’ve been slogging through the fog, thanks to Jupiter in your twelfth house of endings and healing. Optimism might have been in short supply—until now. Although your head may still be a bit in the clouds, you might spot a rainbow while you’re up there. 
This is an especially potent Aquarius season because for the first time in your life, transformational Pluto is in Aquarius at the same time as the Sun. With el Sol’s confident rays illuminating Plutos’ shadowy depths, you could have a major spiritual awakening, channeling huge insights about the world or connecting dots that others don’t see. If you’ve been intrigued by plant medicine or hypnotherapy, this metaphysical month could inspire you to look further into it. Your intuition could draw you to books, classes and experiences that have divine messages. Your only job: remain open to receiving these hits from the universe and seeing where they take you.
And oh, the places you’ll soon go! On February 9, the Aquarius new moon, also a potent supermoon, plants the seeds for a visionary six-month phase. It lands in your ninth house of travel, entrepreneurship and expansion, and you could be inspired to teach, launch a startup or connect to a far-flung place in the coming half-year. The seeds planted today will be the catalyst. Listen for the big opportunity instead of playing small or thinking of all the reasons it won’t work. 
Just beware a curveball 90-degree square from unpredictable Uranus, which will disrupt this full moon flow. Uranus is in Taurus and your twelfth house of illusions and hidden agendas. Shadowy old specters of limiting beliefs, self-doubt and fear could creep in from your subconscious. Or they could arrive in the form of a well-meaning loved one who says some version of “Oh sweetie, that’s too big of a goal. Maybe you should play it safe.” Their efforts to protect you could pop your blissful balloon. 
Whatever the case, expect an unexpected source to interrupt your dreams and challenge your faith, right when you need it most. Your job: to shake it off and refuse to give up! On your end, make sure your side of the street is clean. If you owe someone money, for example, arrange to pay them back. Clear the karma banks and keep your integrity as pristine as possible.
The February 9 new moon also ushers in Lunar New Year’s Eve. We’ll bid adieu to the timid Water Rabbit and welcome the fierce Wood Dragon, who will breathe fire through the skies until January 29, 2025. This powerful Dragon year is also about building. As we exit two flowy, water-ruled years, we’ll begin a pair of growth-oriented years that are ruled by the wood element. Whatever you plant in 2024 and 2025 will spread into a forest. All the more reason to follow the Golden Rule now!
Planning and prioritizing gets easier starting February 18. The proud Sun’s arrival in Pisces and your determined, professional tenth house dials up your ambition for a month. To make the most of this annual solar cycle, come up with a short list of goals you want to achieve in the four weeks that follow. Try to keep it to three important aims so you can give them everything you’ve got.
At work, you could move onto the fast track to a promotion or step into a leadership role. And although there might be some hoops to jump through along the way, they’ll be worth your time as long as they’re stepping stones on an upward trajectory. On a personal level, the tenth house rules fathers and men. Your relationship with your dad or an important guy could be a big theme of this Pisces season. 
All the more reason to take a little break and touch down at base. On February 24, the skies serve up a full moon in Virgo and your domestic, heart-centered fourth house. It’s an ideal day to connect with your loved ones and dial up the self-care. If you’re considering a move or making a change to your living situation, your efforts will get extra lunar support now. 
Need a mental health recharge? Get thee to the spa...or snuggle under the duvet to rest and rejuvenate. Your mother or another female relative could figure prominently into events at the Virgo full moon. This is a day when you can’t possibly have too much nurturing. Surround yourself with caring, supportive people who have your back.
Then…it’s back in action! You won’t want to hunker down on February 27 when go-getter Mars in Aquarius and your exploratory ninth house locks horns with expansive Jupiter in Taurus and your reflective twelfth house. Should you branch out or delve deeper? You’re too restless to stay put thanks to antsy Mars, but Jupiter wants you to contemplate the matter at hand in peace. This tense square can cause you to come down with an acute case of FOMO. As much as you’d like to race off to potentially greener pastures, there’s still more to be learned right where you are, Gemini.
Another indicator that you should ease up on the throttle? The egocentric Sun bumps into stern Saturn on February 28 as these two hold their yearly summit, which is known as the Day of Challenges. Even if the glass suddenly appears half-empty, this temporary pessimism is meant to prevent you from racing off a cliff in hot pursuit of your goals. Press pause and examine your long-range objectives. Where do you want to be a year from now?
Your ruler, mindful Mercury, is also involved in this cosmic conference, enabling you to mull over your options carefully before you come to any conclusions. To get more clarity, try writing down a list of pros and cons, doing some more research or consulting a mentor for their advice.
Do your best to keep perspective, Gemini, because you have so much to look forward to. When lucky Jupiter goes into YOUR sign this May 25, a year of waiting and soul-searching will end. You’ll graduate from spiritual boot camp and realize that the inner work you did was worth it as you start a fresh and thrilling 12-year chapter of your life. So do your best to be patient with this process! You’re almost there.
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