Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Your June Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to a more low-key Gemini season than you’re probably used to—which might be a relief this year. Between Mercury retrograde, two eclipses and an intense grand cross (four-way standoff) between Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and the lunar nodes, the last couple months have served up major intensity. It’s been a lot to digest, even for you!
Ease your way through this solar-powered reset while the Sun moves through Gemini until June 21. With Jupiter in Taurus and your healing, fluid twelfth house until next May 25, taking things at a slow and surrendered pace is the only way. Although that’s not the typical style for your clever and cerebral sign, following the universe’s plan instead of trying to control the agenda can deliver some miracles you won’t want to miss. The key will be quieting (or outright ignoring) all those chattering voices in your head telling you to do this, go here, act now! 
If you don’t have a meditation or mindfulness practice—and even if you do—this is a great month to begin one in earnest. The June 18 Gemini new moon offers an ideal window for renewal as this once-a-year event helps you make a celestially supported fresh start. Although the new moon falls on (American) Father’s Day, you’ll still want to carve out some “me time” to reflect on your own plans and priorities.
Retrograde high season begins in the second half of June as Saturn (June 17) and Neptune (June 30) join Pluto in reverse gear for the next few months. On June 11, Pluto backs out of Aquarius and into Capricorn until early next year. Since March 23, you’ve gotten a snack-sized serving of Pluto’s transformational powers from its short trip through your visionary ninth house, a 20-year cycle that begins in earnest November 2024. 
Once Cancer season kicks off on June 21, you’ll be able to get back into a more productive groove. One of your birthday wishes could begin to materialize, and life could start to take a bit more of a definitive direction. Until then, enjoy going with the flow and seeing what unexpected delights come your way. 
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