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June 2020 Gemini Overview Horoscope

This is a Gemini season unlike most others—and not just because you, as one of the most social signs, have endured an unprecedented roadblock to being your ebullient self. For starters, there are TWO game-changing eclipses this June, which can bring seismic shifts to your partnerships and work. And you’re ready for it!
As the Sun cruises through your sign until June 20, you’ll begin your next year with the lunar north node—the collective destiny point—in Gemini. Talk about a cosmic coming-out party, if not a full-on reinvention tour! In addition, harmonizer Venus is retrograde (backward) in Gemini from May 13 to June 25, demanding that you voice your truth in your most important relationships. Of course, you’ll want to do so diplomatically as peacekeeper Venus’ reversal can disrupt your closest bonds.
And the love planet ain’t the only one spinning backward. Since the spring, Jupiter, Pluto AND Saturn all did their own about-faces. In the second half of this month, Mercury and Neptune will also turn retrograde, which could make for some strange pacing. On the one hand, the eclipses are revealing a bold new future—and they want it sooner rather than later. But the retrogrades will ride the brake, slowing things down precisely at a time when we want to step on the gas. Stay alert so you don’t get whiplash, Gemini.
Your main assignment for June will be getting solid with the people in your life, which will help you stabilize your relationships AND finances. It all begins with the June 5 lunar (full moon) eclipse in Sagittarius, which beams into your seventh house of committed partnerships. Lunar eclipses bring turning points and transitions. Is this the end…or the start of a more empowered new chapter? The eclipse will bring everything into the open to help you figure that out. With Venus retrograde, coupled Geminis won’t be able to sweep anything under the rug now. In business matters, you may sign on the dotted line—or walk away entirely. Expect the unexpected now because change-agent eclipses are known for major surprises.
This is the first eclipse in a series that will touch down on the Gemini/Sagittarius continuum between now and December 2021, completely remapping the balance between “me” and “we.” Your solo projects could take flight while key relationships also undergo shifts—perhaps to accommodate your rising star power. Over the next year and a half, some alliances could fall away, and powerful new partners might step in to take their place. You can revamp your image, which includes everything from making over your appearance to rebranding a business or launching into a whole new field.
The second half of the month brings your career and finances to the forefront. The Sun will move into Cancer and your second house of work and money for a month on June 20. But that’s not all. Mercury, the planet of communication and technology (and your celestial ruler) will turn retrograde here from June 18 to July 12. And on June 21, the first of two rare back-to-back Cancer new moons arrives in the form of a groundbreaking solar eclipse. In the best scenario, an old employer could resurface, or unexpected new revenue streams may begin to flow in. Which direction should you go? While it could be a tough decision, it’s a “good problem” to have, especially during these turbulent economic times.
Let’s start with Mercury retrograde, which is known to bring back people from your past, especially former clients and coworkers. On the challenging side of this equation, Mercury’s backspin can sow chaos with your budget, earnings and financial plans. If you’ve been struggling to keep up with your workload or bills due to COVID-19, use this transit to renegotiate terms or set up payment plans. Try your best to stay calm and level-headed, even if talks get tense.
Keep your eye on what’s next, Gemini. The June 21 Cancer solar eclipse could ignite a fresh career path, one you’ve been working toward for the past couple years. When a second Cancer new moon arrives on July 20, events sparked today can reach another turning point. This is the grand finale of a Cancer/Capricorn eclipse series that’s been rippling across your financial axis since July 2018. The ways you earn, spend, invest and share your resources have undergone massive transformation since then. Your line of work may be completely different than it was before these eclipses. If it’s time to walk your path, Gemini, there’s no more delaying that crucial first step!
But just because you make a decisive move doesn’t mean you’ll be given the entire map for your route. On June 22, foggy Neptune begins its annual five-month retrograde, reversing through Pisces and your tenth house of long-term goals and career until November 28. You might need to pick up work with an old employer to supplement your earnings or even briefly return to a former line of work. Dust off those skills for the moment, but be careful about making too many sacrifices and burning out. You don’t have to say yes to every offer that comes your way. Unsure about where you’re ultimately headed? That’s okay, Gemini. As J.R.R. Tolkien said, “Not all who wander are lost.” Some things just won’t become clear until you explore the options.
Need a little guidance—or the wisdom of a sounding board? Turn to your crew! On June 27, motivator Mars starts an extended journey through Aries and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. You could assemble an incredible group of out-of-the-box thinkers to move a project forward. A collaboration could heat up, moving quickly. But don’t let yourself be pressured into decisions, especially with Mercury and Neptune retrograde in career sectors. You simply can’t afford to make a costly miscalculation—and rushing increases the odds of that. When in doubt, wait (and think) it out!
The month ends with a dramatic flourish as expansive Jupiter and potent Pluto make their second of three conjunctions (meetups) on June 30. This rare alignment takes place in Capricorn and your eighth house of intimacy, shared wealth and control. Power moves—and power struggles—could all be on the agenda. Look back to April 4, the first occurrence of this trio, for clues of what can surface now.
Secrets may be revealed, and a simmering sexual attraction could reach full-tilt. If you’ve been an open book, this Jupiter-Pluto meetup might call for greater public discretion. Does the world really need, much less deserve, to know all your business? It’s not that you have anything to be ashamed of, Gemini. Rather, people don’t always know how to handle information and will process it through their own filters and biases. You don’t need to pay an unfair “toll” for that. Since both planets are retrograde today, that’s all the more reason to keep a low profile. Let things marinate until the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 12, when all of these developments—which could get intense—will start to make sense.

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