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February 2023 Gemini Overview Horoscope

Finally! After several months of traffic jams that had “Gemini” written all over them, the cosmic gods have made you their favorite child this February. (Well, one of them.) Since Halloween, your horoscope has been challenging. Energizer Mars, which helps give drive and direction, was retrograde in Gemini from October 30 to January 12. Adding insult to injury, your ruler, Mercury, decided to join the retrograde brigade from December 29 to January 18. 

Good news! There are ZERO retrograde planets this February, and the skies are clear for takeoff. With the Sun sailing through Aquarius and your visionary ninth house until February 18, followed by a stint in Pisces and your tenth house of achievements, success is scripted in the stars. Keep showing up, and things will start clicking into place.

If you’re still shaking off some planetary PTSD, we understand. Luckily, Geminis are more the short-term-memory type, and you’ve had a couple weeks to recover. We hope you’ve been hearing good news. (One Gemini friend of ours, who weathered job struggles during Mars retrograde, just got a huge promotion.) This is a great month for learning new skills and freshening up your certifications.

Feed your need for adventure while things are calm on the cosmic front. In March, two major planets, Saturn and Pluto, will make moves that they haven’t done in decades—or centuries, when it comes to Pluto. These changes will have a strong impact on your career path or mission, bringing opportunities that might still be beyond the scope of your imagination. 

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It’s Aquarius season until February 18

Better late than never! February finds you eager to make lofty plans that inspire you. With the Sun taking its annual spin through Aquarius and your ninth house of travel, study and entrepreneurship until February 18, adventure calls (and you're definitely not ignoring it, are you?). While others are dreaming about Valentine's Day, you're more interested in falling in love with your LIFE again. 

Got a message to spread or wise words to share with the world? El Sol in this multicultural, media-friendly sector offers you a platform to connect with a global audience and allies. Rally around a unifying mission that expands people's minds and builds bridges, not walls. This visionary cycle is your time to step up and inspire!

The February 5 Leo full moon hands you the mic

Get your message out there, Gemini! On February 5, the year’s only Leo full moon beams into your social and expressive third house. If you’ve been pondering the idea of joining forces, this lunar lift could present the perfect opportunity to test your chemistry in real time. Have you been waiting for a project to get green-lighted or an answer to a proposal? This full moon could be the day you finally hear back!

The third house rules communication, which could prompt you to speak up and clear the air around an issue that’s been brewing. But can this person actually hear where you’re coming from, Gemini? If you’re speaking in riddles or purposely being contrarian, then obviously not. But even when you’re being totally direct, your words might not land on the first try. This year’s Leo full moon will square off with unpredictable Uranus in your twelfth house of hidden agendas. A person who insists “you can tell me anything!” could turn around and retaliate with a passive-aggressive backlash when you do. Set clear conversational boundaries—choose a safe word if you must—and call a timeout if you sense things are getting tense.

Valentine’s Day is surprisingly traditional 

Should you ignore the petal-pink elephant in the room on February 14? Not this year, Gemini! To your own surprise, you might feel like doing something romantic instead of cynically eye-rolling about this "Hallmark holiday." With the moon in Sagittarius and your seventh house of companionship, you're in the mood for quality time with a special plus-one. 

Your celebration can be anything BUT the cheesy cliche, of course. Or you might want to double down and totally indulge in all those trappings. With romantic Venus and enchanting Neptune in close connection this February, a full-on celebration could be especially fun. Keep yourself in the equation here, and don't get consumed with people-pleasing or making over-the-top plans. If reservations are booked at all the high-ticket places, veer off the beaten path and put your signature stamp on V-Day this year.

Make sure you have everything handled on the work front before you go overboard with plans. You might feel dueling demands from work and a love interest—for example, a career-related social engagement could spill into the evening thanks to the Venus-Neptune mashup in your ambitious tenth house. 

The annual Sun-Saturn conjunction February 16 

Feeling uninspired or a little bit lost? Figuring out your purpose could be a source of anxiety on February 16 as the Sun syncs up with weighty Saturn. This once-a-year meetup can be a sobering day, and you’ll feel Saturn’s gloom cast a cloud over the Sun. It’s also a reality check—your prompt to clean up areas of your life that are weak or messy. Stay out of pessimism and pity parties, and you’ll see a prime opportunity to grow.

The question to ask yourself: What is most important to you these days, Geminin? Perhaps you’ve felt pulled in too many directions and you’re struggling to settle on one meaningful path. Could a workshop or a training program help you find your focus? Ask someone who is living a life that you admire for tips on how to best pursue your passion. On the other hand, maybe YOU have felt like you could offer valuable guidance to aspiring dreamers in your field. Look into teaching or mentorship opportunities or create your own curriculum to share through appropriate channels.

Pisces season starts February 18 and Pisces new moon February 20

On February 18, the Sun swings into Pisces, your tenth house of career advancement. After an adventurous three weeks, you’re finally in the mood to roll up your sleeves and enact a plan that will make your high-flying dreams a reality. For the next four weeks, due diligence will pay off. You might even get a spike of competitive pleasure from working long days toward a triumphant goal. The finish line is in sight, so don’t get distracted!

February 20 will deliver a big professional opening, courtesy of the Pisces new moon. Changes could be coming to your career, Gemini! If you're job hunting, consider a more traditional path or apply to an established company, even if it’s in a creative role. Set your sights on a clear goal and pursue it. 

Just remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. In a couple weeks (on March 7 to be exact), heavyweight Saturn is heading into Pisces for the first time since the mid-1990s. You’ll have a couple years to ascend, and you won’t be allowed to cut corners or skip steps under Saturn’s watchful eye. Your reward could be a rock-solid status at the end of Saturn’s journey. But we’ll save that for next month…for now, the coast is clear for you to try something new.

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