Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope from September 13 to September 19

Work and love compete for your attention on Tuesday, September 14, thanks to a foggy face-off between the bold Sun in your domestic quarters and sacrificial Neptune in your professional tenth house. You're bubbling over with big ideas and enthusiasm, but your focus may be scattered. What feels most important—or time-sensitive—right now? Direct your efforts there. You may need to toggle between career demands and loved ones’ needs, but make sure you’re not ignoring either. Narrow your focus again on Thursday, when the Sun gets in a supportive sync-up with intimate Pluto. You can’t please everyone, but make sure your top-tier people know they are loved and appreciated.
You're in it to win it, as passionate Mars blazes into Libra and your fifth house of fame and romance on Tuesday. Let your competitive side out to play! Not that you'll be able to rein in that spirit if you tried. For the next six and a half weeks, it's your job to ensure that people see the best you have to offer—and in a very public way. Swagger is optional but belief in yourself is not. Be generous with your gifts and talents while showing people what's in it for THEM, too. Impulsive Mars can make you aware that the clock is ticking, but don't stress about an overnight launch. You have until October 30 to capitalize on this energy. Start off on the right note and don't skimp on quality. From fonts to photos to the way you frame the Gemini "brand," represent with a pro-level flair. Romantic situations could advance at a vertigo-inducing clip. Be careful not to rush into something unvetted or pressure your boo to move at a supersonic pace. Follow the laws of divine timing and you'll know just what to do!
Note that you might get some pushback on your new initiatives before the weekend—from yourself! Beautifying (yet comfort-loving) Venus is also in your health zone, sending you mixed messages like “go do cardio” and “let’s order pizza”—simultaneously! Complicating things further? On Friday, Venus swings into a discombobulating square with disciplined Saturn in your no-limits ninth house. This could cause you to take two giant lunges backward for every step you take forward. So rather than shoot for “perfection,” aim for the 80-20 rule, where you follow your set intentions 80 percent of the time and allow yourself to “slip” the rest. And be sure to enjoy those indulgences 100 percent! Once you start to see and feel results (more energy, muscle tone), your motivation will strengthen!

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