Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope from July 4 to July 10

Set your status to “Away” this Tuesday, July 5—and maybe throw up a few “Do Not Disturb” signs while you’re at it. For the first time since May 24, firebrand Mars leaves Aries and your communal eleventh house, giving you a break from the beeping alerts of breaking news, friend requests, comments and likes. Now, the feisty red planet shifts gears into Taurus, doing its level best to luxuriate in your twelfth house of introspection, closure and transitions until August 20. Even a gregarious Gemini needs a breather from intense social demands every now and again. This seven-week period will bring more than you may even care for. But there’s “boring” alone time and then there’s quality downtime, where you get to prioritize your activities and throw yourself into anything that floats your boat. Make the most of this energetic slowdown by setting a few personal goals, like catching up on your sleep, cooking healthy meals, starting or deepening a daily meditation practice or whatever you’ve been waiting for time to dive into. This is also a perfect moment to kick a bad habit, end a toxic relationship or shed a few limiting beliefs. Mars in Taurus gives you the courage to make these necessary changes AND endure whatever comes as a result. Before the red planet blazes into your sign on August 20—and stays for a wildly extended period of seven MONTHS—be sure you’re focusing on your inner work and holding space for someone who deserves all the love and gifts you have to offer.
Have you got your systems organized, locked and loaded? When it comes to work, you won’t get such a break, Gemini; in fact, be ready to hustle starting Tuesday, too! As your ruling planet, analytical Mercury, cruises into Cancer, it fires up your industrious second house until July 19. No task will be too small and no goal too grand under this “get ‘er done” transit. You’ll be eager to charge out of the gate at the starting bell, but pace yourself! “Slow and steady” is the best insurance that you’ll get things right the first time and not have to make return trips to the drawing board. The second house also rules money and security, so financial matters will take precedence over more trivial ones—although if you clear the right hurdles, there should be funds for a little summer splurge. But you need to shift out of cruise control and become more conscious of your relationship with money. How you feel about it reveals a lot about your sense of self-worth. Do you spend it as soon as you get it—or BEFORE you get it—and never seem able to save? This could indicate a deep-seated belief that you’re unworthy of financial success. Or if you save every nickel and never treat yourself, you might believe you don’t “deserve” nice things. This is a good time to work with a coach or healer to get to the root of those entrenched patterns that keep repeating.
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