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06-01-2020 to 06-07-2020

It’s the things you don’t say that can trip you up most this week, so stay mindful, Gem! This Wednesday, June 3, the ego-directed Sun in your sign and first house of identity mashes up with Venus retrograde. The sweet side to this sync-up is that you’ll be in fine form, creatively speaking—able to come up with innovative ideas and approaches to problems that no one ever thought of! But with Venus in reverse gear, her characteristic diplomacy might be MIA. You’re quick on your feet, but under this disorienting conjunction, you might be a little TOO quick, and something inappropriate may slip out of your glossy lips. And while you may THINK you’re being clever, with your Gemini gift of gab out of whack, your sense of well-timed bon mots may land in your blind spot. Tread carefully when you talk to people. If you’re not loving what you’re hearing, apologize if necessary and then start over.

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Earlier, on Tuesday evening, off-course Venus collides with “fast and furious” Mars in your future-oriented tenth house. This COULD relate to a professional liaison—or your own personal love goals—or maybe a bit of both? Whatever your current relationship status, you’re already looking way down the road. If you’re in a solid union, you might be feeling pressure to make a big commitment or take an irreversible next step. Stop and ask yourself this: Is this absolutely necessary NOW? Can you stall until Venus straightens out on June 25? If you're looking to shake up the status quo, what does THAT look like? Nothing wrong with needing some breathing room. Just be honest about it. But don't start a fight to create emotional distance or turn bae into the “fall guy.” The clearer you are, the more manifesting mojo you'll have at your disposal. Single? Not sure why you haven’t met your match? Don’t wag any fingers of blame. This might be the perfect opportunity to do a little “recon” work on your own shadow side.
If you’re still equivocating—or worse—by Friday, prepare to go outside and howl at the moon. Or maybe stay IN and do a ritual? The year’s only full moon in your opposite sign of Sagittarius also happens to be a lunar eclipse, the first in a two-year eclipse series on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. And because it will activate your seventh house of committed relationships, this is going to become a very high priority over the next two weeks (peak manifesting time) and even in the coming six months. For couples, you’ll have the opportunity to talk candidly—yet lovingly—about an issue that’s been bugging both of you. Seeking a romantic or business partner or creative collaborator? These lunar high beams could be a beacon to attract that missing puzzle piece. If you're holding out for a soulmate, you’re going to have to do your work and be ready to show up fully. And if you’ve been in an “isolationship” for the past several months, this celestial spotlight could force one or both of you to finally go all in—or just quietly go away.

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