Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope from March 20 to March 26

As a Twin, you innately understand why two heads can be better than one, but when things get stressful, you sometimes forget that old chestnut and try to muscle through solo. You should get a reprieve from the “no one can help me” false belief starting this Monday, March 20, when the Sun spins into Aries and your collaborative eleventh house. From now until April 20, make a point of tapping Team Gemini to recruit as many capable hands, feet, minds and eyeballs as possible to lighten your load. Simply by reaching out, you could spark some serendipitous meetings with captivating—and well-connected—people in your field and with similar interests.

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Dream Team in place? Hit the accelerator! But first make sure you have everything—and everyone—in place to ace the mission. The right people will be self-motivated and EAGER to contribute. With the Sun jetting through your eleventh house, geek is chic. Strengthen your social media presence with inspiring and provocative posts. If you're due for an upgrade with your software or devices, start researching the best ways to invest in your advancement. And that’s not all! One day later (Tuesday), there’s a new moon in Aries—the first in a rare back-to-back pair that sequels with the April 20 solar eclipse. Talk about added incentive to network like it was your second job!
Step into the light this Thursday, Gemini, as a long, shadowy period is finally coming to an end. While it won’t deeply kick in until November 2024, you’ll get a three-month sneak preview of what this will feel like starting this week. From March 23 to June 11, transformational Pluto will dip into Aquarius and your expansive ninth house. This is Pluto’s first foray out of Capricorn and your intense, intimate eighth house since 2008. The eighth house is home to deep and classified matters—its dominion includes shadow work, sex, death, financial windfalls, reproduction, marriage and divorce, secrets and scandals. Not exactly light fare, and you’ve gotten through it, Gemini. That’s why we’re thrilled to report that the next chapter of your life, which will open the floodgates of optimism and a vision for a hopeful future, looks SO much brighter and, frankly, easier. When Pluto settles into Aquarius for a 20-year stretch from November 19, 2024, until January 19, 2044, it’s time to stop trafficking among low-vibe and energy-draining people and step into your calling as a lightworker. The planet is sorely in need of new narratives and possibilities for its own survival. Will you be the person to bring humanity together, Gemini? Pluto will certainly extend you the opportunity to step into a powerful role. 
The financial forecast for the next eight weeks? Rain, rain, and more (as in “make it”) rain! After seven LONG months in your outgoing sign (including a rough retrograde), accelerator Mars blasts into Cancer, powering up your second house of income and security for the first time in two years. From this weekend until May 20, you’ll have the focus and drive to actualize some of those big ideas that came through while the excitable planet was in Gemini (since August 20, 2022). But resist the temptation to set too much in motion at once. Prioritize two things that you’re either most stoked about or that have the best chance of actually sticking. On a personal note, pay attention to where your money is going. Not only could you hit a savings goal, but you may shift your very way of handling your cash flow!
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