Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope from December 5 to December 11

You’ll take life with an extra dollop of intensity starting this Tuesday, December 6, when your ruling planet, expressive Mercury, dives into your erotic eighth house until February 11. You might want to make a mental note of where the fire extinguishers are, since your style of yuletide cheer may get downright X-rated. A simmering attraction could go from tepid to boiling in the blink of a mink eyelash. Single Geminis could make a meaningful connection while strategically loitering under the mistletoe.

Lucky for you, you get a few bonus weeks with Mercury in this cozy position, but it comes with a caveat. The cosmic messenger spins retrograde from December 29 to January 18, which could throw a few curveballs into your seduction plans. It's on you to ascertain that the object of your desire is actually available—something that Mercury's retrograde can conceal. (PS: Absence of a ring does not a free agent make.) Attached? What does your heart desire? Mercury makes it easier to express that to your beloved—perhaps in the form of pillow talk. Be mindful of the green-eyed monster during this phase. Jealousy can bubble up, justified or not. But remember that envy can also be a great guide. Instead of coveting thy neighbor, take stock of what they’ve got, then remix with your own, original spin. You could create a true masterpiece while working behind the scenes!

Amidst the couple-y energy, reserve Wednesday, December 7 for strictly “me, myself and I” as 2022's only full moon in Gemini puts your personal passions in the spotlight. This is your time to shine each year—and break away from situations that are clipping your wings. But before you accuse anyone of making you feel like a caged bird, know that restless Mars—which is retrograde in Gemini and your indie-spirited first house until January 12—could be making you particularly feisty. Rather than pinpointing the source of your supposed angst, shift the lens to activities that light your fire. A prestigious opportunity could vault you up the ladder of success in the two weeks that follow this lunar lift. Polish up your presentation materials so you're ready to promote—or perform—at a moment's notice!
A carefree wave of energy sweeps through early Friday when “live for the moment” Venus in Sagittarius spins into a dynamic square with nebulous Neptune in your future-oriented tenth house. You may find yourself going with the flow, even if you’re not 100 percent sure the odds of the plan are in your favor. But that fluid energy won’t last too long. Later Friday, Venus heads into Capricorn, joining Mercury in that same erotically charged eighth house until January 2. A potent attraction could heat up, making you feel drunk in love. And while Mars in Gemini could bring some exciting nights on the town, this Venus cycle promises more smoldering activity behind closed doors. A non-negotiable requirement is that you and the object of your affections have a connection that thrills you on every level: mind, body and soul. Coupled Geminis may feel ready to bond in more permanent ways, whether your trading keys or trying on engagement rings. If it feels like the embers are fading in a long-term relationship, don't give up hope. Instead, address your dwindling feelings and see if you can identify the source of the issue. Conversations like these are tough, but ultimately liberating. The truth can be a turn-on now, Gemini—and the pathway to spicier pillow talk. While the lure of a "challenge" will be tempting, you might get sucked into a distracting vortex of pain. Be careful not to get too codependent with your S.O. either. You can’t fix other people’s bad moods, so know when to pull back and give ‘em some space!
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