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Gemini Weekly Horoscope from November 30 to December 6

It’s your moment to shine, so get ready to step into the spotlight! On Monday, November 30, the year’s only full moon in your sign brightens the skies and boosts you into a far more prominent position. Not only is la luna is at her most resplendent, but this is also a lunar eclipse—the first one to land in Gemini sign since 2012! While your people-oriented air sign tends to look to others for validation, these powerful moonbeams are flashing the message that you are inimitable, Gemini, and no one else can EVER tell you otherwise. The support and praise of folks you respect is a wonderful thing, but you don’t “need” it to continue. And on the other side of the coin, others’ criticism or negative feedback might not even be on-point if they aren’t operating on your level. Part of the lesson here is putting YOUR opinion at the top of the heap, and, once you know in your heart that you’re on the right path, then and only then should you ask qualified souls to weigh in. You may have to break from your team or crew in the process, but that will only serve to strengthen and anchor your resolve, which is priceless. This is true for face-to-face conversations and social media posts alike. Even the most supportive (seeming) people may have an agenda, and for all you know, someone might be jealous of your work or trying to undermine you—all the more reason to trust that wise voice inside your OWN head over the coming weeks and even well in 2021!
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You can get a key relationship back on track—or deepen it—with authentic conversation starting on Tuesday, when your galactic guardian, articulate Mercury, catches up with the expressive Sun in outspoken Sagittarius and your dynamic-duos realm. Between then and December 20, you might not be able to resist speaking your truth. And if you’ve been stuffing something down or have been on tenterhooks wondering where the other person stands, you might actually blurt something out without ANY self-restraint. As uncomfortable as that might leave you, at least pressing the issue is more likely to get an accurate read on the situation. If you’re “mostly happy” in a certain union but one thing keeps sticking in your craw, this is your opportunity to find a gentle way to share your feelings. But don’t make a complaint; delicately approach the issue from the perspective of it being something that’s affecting YOU, and seeing if your S.O. is open to making changes for the sake of the partnership. Single Gems should definitely tap your natural gift of gab and boldly make the first move, whether that’s the first text through a dating app or approaching a sweet-faced masked stranger in line at the coffee shop.

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