Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope from January 24 to January 30

Seduction, sizzling vibes and secrets are this week’s buzzwords as three different planetary transits occur in Capricorn and your eighth house of intimacy, eroticism and mysteries. The first comes on Monday, January 24, as impassioned Mars slides into a menage a trois with provocateur Pluto and amorous Venus, who’ve been saving him a seat. Between now and March 6, it’ll be easy work to stoke the lust engine, plus you’ll enjoy refreshing your lingerie drawer and getting experimental with bae or your amour du jour. Don’t be surprised if you discover a little Catch-22 going on, however. With impassioned Mars revving up your eighth house, you’ll attract potential partners like moths to a flame, yet a deeper part of you is craving more soulful bonding. If you’re hiding something important—or suspect that your love interest isn’t 100 percent on the up and up—you might need to initiate an unpleasant conversation (and you may or may not be satisfied by their answer). Tread gingerly because aggro Mars can spark fights. But if you’re serious about a relationship, getting to the truth is essential. Be aware that strong emotions, like rage and jealousy, can erupt unexpectedly, but if you can stay connected to your highest values, this will only strengthen the bond. And of course, the hot makeup sex alone is worth the price of admission.
Has an emotional gulf between you and someone been widening ever since Mercury (your ruler) turned retrograde on January 14? If so, it’s not necessarily cause for alarm—but you don’t want to ignore it either. You’ll have a chance to bring back the love starting this Tuesday, as the winged messenger planet returns to your zone of intimacy for the last nine days of the retrograde (and for 11 more days after that, in forward motion). Here’s a beautiful opportunity for reconnection. But you’ll need to focus on the positive aspects and what you’re eager to revive, NOT what anyone did “wrong.” If you want to get back in sync—and possibly improve things while you’re at it—be prepared to listen to some uncomfortable information from the other people. Give it time to organically come back together and be 100 percent honest about your needs going forward.
Definitely give it till Saturday, when some of the intensity in your love life lightens as Venus ends a confounding retrograde that began on December 19. While the love planet reversed through Capricorn and your eighth house of strong emotions and secrets, one particular union might have gotten confusing or fraught with tension. Perhaps you were getting—or maybe you were sending?—mixed messages regarding your interest levels. Whatever the drama was, it was surely draining, and you’ll be relieved to get things back on a straightforward track. With any luck, things will be stronger and more authentic than ever! And for single Geminis, your magnetic mojo will be back with a vengeance as Venus powers ahead in forward motion. Need a kickstart? Get moving! Anything that gets your chi flowing will put you back in touch with your essence, from exercise to yoga to dancing around the living room.

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