Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope from March 8 to March 14

Befuddling confusion—or crystal clarity? You might get a dose of both this Wednesday, March 10. The Sun is shining its bright spotlight in your professional tenth house, positioning you for a major advancement (yay!), yet its beams are being refracted by Neptune’s foggy haze (wha?). From 2012 to 2026, their annual summit is being held in Pisces, and since this is your career sector, you might find yourself second-guessing everything! Questions can range from “What am I doing in this job?” to “Why aren’t I progressing faster?” to “Does anyone even care about what I’m doing?!” While some of those might be legit queries, there’s also a chance you’re so overly focused on your long-range ambitions that you’re missing some juicy growth opportunities that are right here, right now! Hit pause to return to the “now” and see how the status quo actually feels. And THEN formulate what you’d like to come next. Don’t try to get to the finish line when you’re still in the race. You want to conserve your energy and do the work at hand so you can slowly build momentum for the bigger tasks—AND forge stronger relationships with work allies.
The Sun illuminates the way forward while Neptune can reveal where you’re being passive, overly modest—or unrealistic. If you realize that you’re bored professionally, grab the reins and do something proactive.  Invent a challenging project for yourself or pitch an “intrapreneurial” idea to one of your supervisors. Management loves this self-starter brand of leadership, and you might open their eyes to your full potential. If you do win them over, pull out all the stops. Dazzle them with great visuals, but be sure you have the facts, figures and case studies to support your vision. Don't forget the most important component of all: your stimulating charm and personality.
Saturday’s skies feature the year’s only new moon in Pisces, which accelerates your ascent up the ladder of success. It’s time to wrap up lingering projects and get ready to blast into something new and exciting! That’s the promise of all new moons, but since this is 2021’s only one to send a jolt through your career corner, it bodes especially well, especially if you’ve been strategically networking and striving to land on the radar screen of industry insiders. While it may seem like a potent portal is magically swinging open, the truth is, you’ve done the necessary work and EARNED this. So don’t play small, Gemini—and no more waiting around to be discovered. A little well-timed and placed self-promotion is actually de rigueur in the digital age. Trust that you’re poised for greatness and take time out now to review your goals.
How would you like to grow professionally in 2021? The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on expands, which is why it’s important to write out your intentions or—with creative Venus and Neptune so close to this new moon—make a vision board. Then hire a coach or tap a savvy friend as an accountability buddy to keep you on track. Keep putting one foot in front of the other toward your intentions, and even if it takes till the corresponding Pisces full moon on September 20, steady progress will get you there!

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