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07-06-2020 to 07-12-2020

Keep your belt tightened and count your (crypto)coins, Gemini. Your galactic guardian Mercury is winding down its final week in retrograde, a signal-jamming backspin that began on June 18. Money has likely been a source of aggravation since then, whether work slowed down or you’ve been chasing after checks that should have been deposited weeks ago. Maybe there’s paperwork left to file in order to claim your well-deserved benefits. Whatever the case, this is the week to tie up all those loose ends because, on Sunday, July 12, Mercury will resume forward motion, a positive pivot that could get your bank balance back in the black. If you’ve had beef with a colleague, wait to air your grievances. The friction might just clear up on its own NEXT week, or you could devise a clear-eyed strategy for dealing with the troubling cohort. Note that Mercury will be forward-flowing through Cancer until August 4. If it’s time to raise your rates or collect on an IOU, you’ll be able to assert yourself and get what you need without alienating anyone in the process.
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One day before Mercury corrects course, Chiron—the comet "the wounded healer"—turns retrograde in Aries and your eleventh house of community until December 15. Have you fallen out of touch with a supportive group of friends or someone from your “woo crew” who used to call you for midnight tarot pulls or therapeutic conversations that soothed your inner child? Over the coming months, get back in the (virtual) huddle with folks like these and share all the resources that have been getting you through the intensity of 2020. Have you been pondering a massive un-friending spree? Banishing "toxic friends" is a nice first step, Gemini, but if you don't look within, you'll just attract the same personality types in different bodies. The REAL healing comes when you figure out why you're drawn to these kinds of people in the first place. Have you been placing too much weight on status, fame or some other ego-derived illusion? Do they remind you of a parent...and are you working out a childhood issue through this difficult dance? There's merit in digging below the surface while Chiron's in reverse—that's how you'll recognize the red flags BEFORE you get in too deep. No skipping steps—it's time to introspect.
On Sunday it'll be hard NOT to think about work—and not just because Mercury is ending its retrograde. That very same day, the Sun in Cancer and your money house fist-bumps visionary Neptune in your tenth house of professional prowess. So what if it's the weekend, Gemini? Your lightning-fast brain works at twice the speed of most people, and you know how to ride a cosmic tailwind. Reschedule the day's activities and do some imaginative brainstorming. Who can you partner up with? What kinds of future plans can you initiate? You're extra-sensitive to vibes this weekend, so when you do interact with people, place less importance on their words than their tone and body language, especially facial expressions, which speak volumes!

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