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06-01-2020 to 06-07-2020

Swallow your pride, ignore your fear, screw up your courage and lean into your inimitable Aquarius style on Wednesday, June 3. Big things await if you can stop sweating bullets over the petty stuff! The radiant Sun mashes up with irresistible Venus, who’s retrograde in your fifth house of creativity, romance and fame. If you’ve felt like you’re on the verge of making something happen, don’t stop five minutes before the miracle happens. You might not have wide enough vision to see that you’re just inches away from your own thrilling tipping point! This could be the moment you’ve been waiting—praying!—for in a new or budding relationship, or a passion project might catch the attention of someone in a position to take your vision to the next (mega) level. When you tap into your true, unwavering confidence, Water Bearer, you’ll never have to fake it till you make it!

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But heads-up: Your derring-do may first dip the night before, as creatrix Venus forms a tense 90-degree clash with unruly Mars in your house of security. You might use money (or lack thereof) as an excuse to not give your all, or self-doubt might undo your recent efforts. On top of this harsh angle, Venus is retrograde, which can make you question your own talent or “worthiness.” Part of you might secretly relish your rogue ideas, but with Mars parked in your traditional second house, you could get cold feet at the thought of “playing with fire.” On the other side of the spectrum, you may be feeling a bit suffocated by a restrictive relationship or just underappreciated. While that’s not carte blanche to act out, you shouldn’t have to endure chronic dissatisfaction. Single? Don’t be wheedled by Mars’ rash instincts. Things aren’t as “urgent” as they may feel, so do a proper background check before you get involved.
As a social Aquarius, you've always valued the help and cooperation of friends, co-workers and even casual acquaintances who brighten your day. But your heart will be positively brimming this Friday as 2020's only Sagittarius full moon—also a lunar eclipse, the first in a two-year eclipse series on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis—illuminates your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to give a shout-out to your squad and everyone who's lent their support in the past six months, this is as good a time as any. If somebody in particular went beyond the call of duty for you, do something for THEM to show how much it means to you. At the same time…if a certain clique is starting to feel suffocating, pull back and slowly disconnect. This lunar lift is auspicious for online ventures (including dating efforts), so over the coming two weeks, get ready to launch that digital project or unveil your new and improved profile!

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