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07-06-2020 to 07-12-2020

Pushing yourself again, Aquarius? Maybe you should take a breather. Willpower will be in short order for most of the week, due to Mercury’s seemingly endless retrograde through your systematic sixth house for the past couple weeks. Finding your fitness mojo and professional momentum—or getting into any sort of lasting routine—has been like chasing a constantly moving target since June 18.
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But no need to hang up the boxing gloves yet, Aquarius. On Sunday, July 12, the mindful planet corrects course and powers ahead through Cancer until August 4. This will pour gallons of green fuel in your tanks, steering you back to a make-better mission. When the weekend rolls around, you can clean up your life and clear away brain fog in the process. Plow through those piles that accumulated over the past three weeks, then tackle the bramble of messages clogging up your inbox. Purge your fridge and cupboards of junk that only leaves you stuck in a spike-and-crash cycle. If you DID find an easy groove for yourself since June 18, relish it. But know that things might change again after Sunday, as the pace picks up at work.
You're no stranger to setting off fireworks with your wild stories, offbeat humor and radical POV. But starting this Saturday, July 11, you might send yourself on a temporary "silent meditation," as healer-feeler comet Chiron dips into retrograde until December 15. On April 17, 2018, the Wounded Healer began a nine-year journey through Aries and your third house of communication. Ever since, the power of your words has become quite evident. An "innocent little comment" could set off weeks of personal drama while your mic-drops could provoke a revolution. Maybe you were just sharing your feelings, Aquarius. Maybe you were simply firing off your gut reactions. The thing is, everything you vocalize will also have an impact on the person sitting across the table from you. With Chiron in reverse until December 15, you could be offered a do-over with someone you unwittingly steamrolled or misunderstood. This might be a sibling, coworker or another important peer. Instead of acting as the opinionated radical—which has its time and place—this Chiron cycle will develop you into a wise negotiator who creates win-wins. First lesson? Seeking to REALLY understand before racing to conclusions or writing people off. Relationships that were withering on the vine could suddenly start to flourish.
Just as Mercury spins out of retrograde on Sunday, the Cancer Sun will link up with sensitive Neptune and make it tough to concentrate on practical matters. Your heart will rule your head, so don't leave important left-brain tasks for now. Someone you care about may be going through a tough time—and even though they haven't said a word, you just KNOW. Trust your intuition, Aquarius, and meet for iced coffee and heart to hearts. Weekend chores could fall by the wayside as you offer a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on. Your presence has a calming effect, so stay centered. If you're the one who needs grounding, call a levelheaded friend while you go for a long nature walk. You might not be able to logic your way out of this situation, but if you can relax enough to let the feelings flow through (and ultimately out of) your body, you'll be back to your happy place in time for Sunday dinner.

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