Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope From April 8 To April 14

If you’ve been wondering where everybody went, you’ll only have to wait till Monday, April 8, to find out. That day features a rare and super-charged total solar eclipse in Aries and your third house of communication and socializing, and it's sure to activate these areas of your life in dramatic fashion! Whether you’re itching to start writing a new chapter in your personal life or to get closer to someone in the “casual acquaintance” category, things are sure to shift over the coming two weeks. In fact, solar eclipses can sweep away what’s no longer working for you and reveal new pathways toward your goals. Be a little bold, Water Bearer. Don’t wait to be invited; take the lead, suggest a get-together and watch things catch like wildfire. Focus less on the ultimate result and enjoy exploring your synergies and shared interests. And resist the Aquarian tendency to cast judgment. For all you know, one casual, low-stakes dinner could lead to a successful collaboration or a side business together. If you've been on the outs with a friend, neighbor or sibling, be prepared to bury the hatchet and start rebuilding on more solid, and soul-connected, ground.
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