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09-21-2020 to 09-27-2020

The sky’s the limit this week, Aquarius, so aim high! On Tuesday, September 22, the audacious Sun blazes into Libra and your ninth house of global expansion for a month. This can fan the flames of your natural desire to grow, learn and become a citizen of the world. As a true seeker, you’ll never stop yearning for more of…everything, particularly intellectual, philosophical and metaphysical stimulation. Meeting fascinating people ranks among your top passions, and Libra season is your annual invitation to pull out all the stops and leap into the measureless beyond (not that you need much coaxing). But if you take advantage of what’s on tap until October 22, you might surprise yourself. This is the realm of higher education, so add to the mix taking workshops, enrolling in an online degree or certification program or creating your own master class! If it’s stirring your heart, you’re on the right path! The ninth house is the domain of actual real-life travel (remember that?), so if you’re not stuck at home by choice or restrictions, do some research for a “practically pandemic-proof trip,” even if it’s just a road trip by yourself. New vistas and venues will spark up your engine. Don’t set any expectations; just have the best possible getaway and keep a very open mind (and heart, and journal).
Are you ready to lunge into a leadership position? No? Then clear the decks of anything superficial or that smacks of “busywork” and prepare yourself for an onward-and-upward leap up the ladder. Starting this Sunday, September 27, communicator Mercury will be the artist (or just boss) in residence for the next two months as it enjoys an extended tour through Scorpio until December 1. But it’s not full-steam-ahead progress. The mental planet will be retrograde from October 13 to November 3, which includes a brief retreat into Libra from October 27 to November 10). With your tenth house of professional ambition activated for nearly two months, you’ll have plenty of time and opportunities to present yourself the way you want to be seen. If you work in the corporate (or corporate-lite) world, you may need to “play the game” by dressing for “that” kind of success to show the powers that be that you may be eclectic, but you’re no loose cannon! Find creative ways to use social media to position yourself as an expert, and be generous sharing your skills to help others shine. And since Mercury oversees your social activities, consider joining an elite club or signing up for strategic memberships that will put you in the right ballpark. Consider every interaction a potential business deal, and don’t hesitate to explore potential synergies when your Spidey senses get a whiff of one.

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