Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope from January 17 to January 23

Keeping up with the “popular kids” is like running on a treadmill, Aquarius. You're constantly expending energy but never getting anywhere. This Monday, January 17 marks the year’s first full moon—in Cancer and your discerning sixth house—and it shines a bright light on your perfectionistic tendencies. With the full moon opposing hardcore Pluto, you’ll see where you've raised the bar to SUCH an agonizing height that you can't even enjoy yourself anymore. And (glug), let’s not even talk about the painful expectations you might place on others when you’re judging yourself through this harsh lens. Give your routines and rituals a review. If you're cramming too many activities into too short a window of time, something's gotta give. If you need to quit an activity, forget guilt: Your true friends will understand your need for more breathing room! This full moon charges up your house of healthy living. If you're going to add anything into your calendar, let it land in the self-care category like evening yoga and a monthly massage.
The past couple years of social distancing notwithstanding, you’re about to get even better at making your home your sanctuary, Aquarius. On Tuesday, January 18, the kismet-kissed lunar North Node settles into Taurus and your domestic fourth house. This significant astrological event hasn’t visited this chart sector in almost 19 years, and during this 18-month cycle, you'll have plenty of opportunities to make key changes to your living situation. Whether that means moving to a new space or making upgrades to the one you’re in, no need to rush. You’ve got until July 17, 2023, to pull this off. A wise approach would be to create a vision, set specific intentions and come up with a timeline for the whole project. Whatever your dream—a different (or no) roommate, to live with your love, to buy land with your BFFs—start envisioning it as if it’s already taking place. Get really clear about what this new situation looks, feels, even smells, like. The more time you spend “in” that reality, the closer you get to manifesting it. On the other side of your chart, the lunar South Node is shifting into Scorpio and your career corner. Over the coming year and a half, get ready for your professional path to alter course—bearing in mind that you’re also co-creating this!
Even while you’re sourcing Italian marble or hearting cactus silk throw pillows on Etsy, all will not be quiet on the Aquarian homefront. On Tuesday, your ruler, erratic Uranus, wakes up from its five-month retrograde, which began last August 19. If you’ve been ignoring family friction or hoping that little drip in the faucet would fix itself, bye-bye denial. Brace yourself, because Uranus’ U-turn can stir up all sorts of emotions in you, and not the pretty kind. Get lots of exercise (and go for a long drive to screeeeeam) to burn off the annoyance and frustration that’s sure to bubble up. After you process those emotions, hand the wheel to your rational brain to craft talking points for a heart-to-heart. Or, to source a great plumber for that damn sink!
On Wednesday, put those bubbles on ice. Aquarius Season officially begins as the Sun moves into your sign until February 18. For the past month, you’ve been on an emo rollercoaster—and it's time to hop off. This refreshing solar cycle renews your positive perspective. All those stumbling blocks and dead-end streets were golden lessons, guiding you away from things that weren't good for you. Now, you’re ready to take on new challenges. Set your personal goals but make sure you don’t overbook yourself now. You don’t want to miss the best part of your birthday season: spontaneity!

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