Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope fromOctober 11 to October 17

Filters off! (Like you need any encouragement in that department, Aquarius!) Actually, ever since cosmic communicator Mercury turned retrograde in your truth-telling ninth house on September 27, you may have been feeling a bit restrained—or like your message isn’t getting across the way you intend. And that’s beyond frustrating for your expressive air sign. But good news arrives this Friday, October 15, when candid Jupiter (in Aquarius!) aligns with the authentic and expressive Sun, which is also in your open and honest ninth house. Consider this a planetary PSA to keep on doing you and not worrying about how it’s received. People aren’t fans or friends because you toe the party line, Water Bearer (uh, not even close). It’s your quirky, irreverent-but-big-hearted self they’re drawn to. So take a moment on Friday to get good and centered in being YOU then go speak your truth and walk your talk without inhibition!
Your ninth house also rules global affairs, and you can take “affair” any way you like! Single? Under this harmonious hookup (and you can do the same with THAT word), sparks could fly with someone you meet from a different background or culture, stirring an instant attraction. Amour is in the air, so dress accordingly. Attached? Is it time to take—or at least start seriously planning—a romantic getaway a deux? By widening your horizons together, you’ll have new experiences that will become shared memories. Get yourselves psyched and start building momentum this weekend by narrowing down your list and creating a Pinterest board, saving deals and links so you can make your official reservations once both Mercury and Jupiter turn direct next Monday, October 18.
Squeeze your cards a little closer to your chest on Sunday, however! The Sun is still lighting things up in your expansive ninth house and inspiring you to stretch, but it slams into a tense square with manipulative Pluto in your shadowy twelfth house now, so people and situations may not be as they seem. This can also dredge up some buried emotions and leave you unsure how to proceed. Check your heart (and psyche) before engaging too deeply with others. And whatever you do, don’t feel pressured to do anything that’s not 100 percent comfortable for you. As the team player of the zodiac, you instinctively look out for everyone else's happiness. But if people-pleasing is restricting YOUR happiness—or your growth—either take a deeper look at the WHY behind the behavior…or just cut it out and do your own thing. Of course, if you catch yourself going to pains to sidestep commitment, well, that may be due cause for little self-reflection.

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