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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope from November 23 to November 29

No one can prevent a motivated Aquarius from working 24/7, especially when you're feeling passionate and purposeful about a project. And with creative, abundant Venus powering through your achievement zone all week, your #CantStopWontStop fervor may spill over into your personal time. There may even be a humanitarian motive behind this mission, especially on Thursday when the Sun in your communal eleventh house dances with benevolent comet Chiron. Breaking for festive meals or movie nights almost seems like an imposition, but still… Requests from your inner circle are growing louder, verging on demanding. Time to bring back the balance, Aquarius!
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On Friday, Venus in your career corner faces off with your ruler, renegade Uranus in your domestic fourth, shining yet another light on your need for a healthier flow. Key unions can and will suffer if you don't (occasionally) step away and “unplug”—giving your people the undivided attention they need and deserve. Consider it a hidden blessing and set aside some non-negotiable blocks in your schedule where you power down all work devices and give your loved ones ALL of you. (And if you're gathering with family, definitely make sure you do more than simply show up when the dinner bell rings, ok?) Water Bearers who are grasping at straws about "what's next" for your life could have an epiphany near Friday. Maybe you have SO many interests that it's impossible to choose just one. Take the pressure off of yourself to find THE ultimate mission that will keep you enthralled for eternity. While Uranus rules the future, sensual Venus reminds you of the power of now. Think in smaller bytes. What might hold your interest for a few months…or years? Remember: You grow as you go, Aquarius. Find a suitable starting block and dive in, trusting that you'll be guided down many fascinating tributaries along the way.
Your finances fall into a happier groove on Saturday, when hazy Neptune snaps out of a five-month retrograde in Pisces and your money corner. No, that doesn't mean you should go on a retail therapy binge this weekend. But you MIGHT be able to swing a few more doorbuster deals than you anticipated. Since June 23, you may have had to deal with a number of unexpected expenses, and your hard-earned cash might have slipped through your fingers. With Neptune powering forward this Saturday, you’ll have an easier time adhering to a budget. While some belt-tightening is probably still in order, the sacrifices will add up quickly and you’ll be motivated to keep up the austerity measures. This might mean downshifting on an ambitious project or even tabling it for a while until you can fund it without setting yourself back. Co-workers have been ambiguous with their instructions, making it hard to stay on your logical track. This has been an “interesting” learning curve, but now you’re ready to create a real plan that will help you be more efficient at the office—AND have more time for play.

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