Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope from March 20 to March 26

As an articulate air sign, you seldom struggle with “cat got your tongue” syndrome. Friends count on you for providing the perfect rejoinder—or mic drop—and you’re happy to oblige. Now your gift of gab and communicative skills get a cosmic upgrade: On Monday, March 20, the Sun joins messenger Mercury and supersizer Jupiter in Aries in your expressive third house. El Sol will continue to illuminate the exchange of ideas and local activity until April 20. The thing worth remembering during this lively social spell is that communication is a two-way street. Beyond being informed and entertained, people want to be heard and acknowledged. So when you’re dialoguing with someone, focus on what they’re saying and don’t rush to formulate your response. To really connect, repeat back what they said to make sure you got it right.

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Looking to expand your circle or fanbase? With your third house lit up, you shouldn't have to venture far. Research new and unfamiliar bistros, watering holes, music venues and anything else that sounds appealing. And chat up other patrons and the folks who work there. You never know where your interests and passions may dovetail. And that’s not all: The very next day (Tuesday), there’s a new moon in Aries—the first in a rare back-to-back pair that sequels with the April 20 solar eclipse. Talk about some extra fuel in your locally sourced tanks!
Thought you were out of the astrological hot seat? Not so fast! Two weeks after Saturn finally departed your sign, powerhouse Pluto picks up the baton, moving into Aquarius from March 23 until June 11 as a sneak peek of the entire 20-year cycle (resuming without further interruption from November 2024 until January 2044). For the past 15 years, Pluto has been in Capricorn and your twelfth house of healing, spirituality and surrender, and this is the “grand finale” of a cycle that began in January 2008. Not everyone will experience “the great transformer” in their zodiac sign since it takes about 250 years to return to each sign. Your soul chose to be born at a time when you’d experience this power firsthand. What revolutions will be happening for YOU? Slowly but indelibly, Pluto will set off a deep, inside-out metamorphosis. You may change your appearance, the way you speak and dress—maybe even your name! Hosting Pluto in your first house of identity and selfhood could inspire a big change in the way others see you­—AND how you want to be seen. Hosting Pluto here for the past 15 years has certainly offered its share of plot twists, but now it’s time to take all that BTS magic you’ve been cooking up and alchemize the world in a public way! 
And if that weren’t enough, on Saturday, energizing Mars dives into Cancer, charging up your sixth house of healthy routines and sparking a wellness renewal. Laces up your trainers, pull the Peloton away from the corner and get ready to get moving again. Wherever you are in your fitness regimen, adopt a beginner’s mind (i.e., be humble) and treat this like your first day back to school. Start slow, be smart and make sure to warm up and cool down properly—and stay hydrated. Mars will refuel your motivation tanks, but it’s YOUR job to stay mindful of what you put into your body and how you move it. Ultimately, you can’t separate body from mind, so embrace a holistic approach for your uber-complex human individuality!
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