Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope from November 28 to December 4

Divergent energies mash up on Monday, November 28, which could rev you up while simultaneously depleting you. Go-getter Mars (retrograde in Gemini and your house of amour and creativity) forms a harmonious trine with your co-ruler, deliberate Saturn, in your sign. As Mars is spurring you to “go, go, go!” Saturn is urging you to tap the brake—at the same time! The trick is finding the sweet spot between forward motion and caution, then learning to pace yourself. This will take a little getting used to, but it's worth the effort because together, these planets can help you put some valuable checks and balances into place. Where you might be tempted to race ahead on an initiative (Mars), Saturn will slow your roll and get you to stop and refocus what you're trying to accomplish. Unless you are 100 percent sure of the goal—and the pathway to get you there—it’s smart to stop and reassess until you are. And then the million-dollar question is, what will life look like AFTER you get there?

On Thursday, passionate Mars swings into an alignment of a very different nature, opposing Venus in your house of platonic pals. This clash could dredge up some intense feelings, seemingly out of the blue. You might surprise yourself with the lusty desires you suddenly have for someone you never thought of “that” way before. (Or they might confess something along those very lines to YOU.) Mars is also the firestarter of the zodiac, plus it’s competitive, so if you’re not feeling secure in your skin, you could pick a fight in a misbegotten hope of connecting or stirring up some sexy sparks. It might sound innocent, but once you start playing with fire this way, it’s easy to get carried away, and someone could get burned. An important reminder here is that long-lasting, real-deal relationships aren’t built on drama. Instead of trying to “fix” a low energy union (or play life coach to your S.O.) focus on making your own life more exciting. Reconnecting to YOU is what’ll get the passion percolating all over again!
Your finances get a major boost on Saturday as confusing Neptune wraps up its annual five-month retrograde—in Pisces and your second house of money and security. Whether you increase your income, curb needless spending or are the lucky recipient of an unexpected windfall, the bottom line is the same: Circumstances are poised to change for the better! You may suddenly have a better grasp of your earnings and expenditures, or you might finally pay off a large bill, which could feel like a giant raise. Once evasive Neptune powers forward, it’ll feel easier to stick to a budget—and for some Aquarians, it might be a welcome relief to have “rules” to adhere to. Don’t balk at belt-tightening if that seems necessary for a little while. Even small sacrifices will add up to noticeable savings, which can keep you motivated to continue the “austerity” measures. Start with the most obvious cuts first, like all those micro subscriptions that you don’t use (or even know you’ve signed up for) and forgoing overpriced lunches and fancy coffee beverages. But when it comes to those luxury splurges that make life worth living, well, you gotta have your priorities!
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