Today's Aquarius Horoscope for January 23, 2021 - January 24, 2021 TODAY

Get serious about a personal passion this Saturday as the can-do Sun syncs up with structured Saturn in your sign for the first time in 28 years! If you wrote up a 2021 wish list, pick the most inspiring item on it and tackle it with gusto. Since Saturn likes lists and project plans, imagine yourself at the finish line, then work backward, mapping out milestones you’d need to achieve along the way. This dream could be far more achievable than you imagined! Don’t let Sunday’s moon-Neptune square send you off on a flight of fancy. The distractions that lure you away from your goals might be a subtle form of self-sabotage. It can be overwhelming to realize just how powerful you are, Aquarius. Yes, there’s a lot of responsibility involved in owning your strength, but remember that you still get to set boundaries with people and maintain your much-needed freedom!

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