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Saturday, July 11, 2020 - Sunday, July 12, 2020 TODAY

Do you know how brilliant you are, Aquarius? Starting Saturday and lasting until December 15, "wounded healer" Chiron will be retrograde (backward)—a retreat that begins in your communication house. Old insecurities could flare up around expressing yourself. Maybe you find yourself tongue-tied at a meeting or flustered when someone wants to move past small talk. Perhaps you realize that way too many of your conversations are stuck at the superficial level or center around complaining. Whatever the case, this is an ideal cycle to practice speaking from the heart, even if your voice shakes a little when you do. Sunday brings a reminder of the importance of self-care as mindful Mercury pivots out of retrograde. Since June 18, the messenger planet has been napping in your sixth house of health and organization. If you’ve been feeling the effects of all that signal-scrambling in the form of stress-related meltdowns and fatigue, it’s time for a change. Reconfigure your schedule so you can spend more rejuvenating time in the sunshine between now and August 4!

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