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July 2020 Aquarius Overview Horoscope

Your health and wellness take center stage this July as the planets cluster in Cancer and Capricorn, activating the vitality zones of your chart. With the Sun in Cancer and your sixth house of wellbeing until July 22, you could get motivated to spark up a summer fitness plan. After weeks of quarantine and Zooming, so many people have lapsed into sedentary mode. If you’ve abandoned self-care, now’s the time to get back on the wagon. Put some fresh produce in your Instacart, get out for a bike ride and find ways to move on a daily basis.

Exciting news may be on its way to you—and it could impact the rest of 2020! Energizer Mars is making an extended six-month trip through Aries and your third house of communication, its first visit since early 2019. Between now and January 6, you might team up with a kindred spirit on a pioneering project, perhaps on a media or teaching venture or something to help your local community. The third house rules neighborhoods, and you could be fired up to bring progress and change to yours.

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Caution: Mars amplifies tension, and this cycle can bring majorly stressful moments. Watch out for multitasking mania as you try to juggle a zillion projects and social obligations. This is exacerbated by Mercury—the planet of technology, data and communication—spinning retrograde through Cancer and your orderly sixth house. Instead of wasting hours trying to DIY, delegate to capable assistants wherever possible. Time is money, Aquarius!


Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are also retrograde this month, and with so many planets in slow motion, your best bet is to NOT rush into anything without really thinking it through. Explore your options, research and try before you buy.


The headline news this month comes courtesy of three planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) in Capricorn, along with a lunar eclipse here too. Capricorn rules your twelfth house of healing, rest and release, and a lot of planetary activity here can leave you feeling sleepy or foggy. Dig deeper, Aquarius. With so many planets in the final zone of your chart, you may end one chapter and begin another or go through an important transition. As one door closes, another can open—but first you must release your struggles to the universe. 

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Assisting with your transformation are growth-driven Jupiter and alchemist Pluto, fresh off a June 30 meetup in Capricorn and traveling in close proximity all month. Ready or not, it’s time to peer into your “shadow side” and make peace with parts of your past that are unconsciously triggering you. From addictions to self-sabotaging patterns to ways that you project your own issues onto others…truth-teller Jupiter exposes what Pluto’s been hiding in the basement.


It may be massively uncomfortable to see this, but don’t look away! On July 4-5, a Capricorn lunar (full moon) eclipse shines its klieg light into this area, further revealing what’s been hidden from you. Potent emotions that you’ve suppressed—from grief to rage to resentment—could all come bubbling up like a dormant volcano. But this is crucial inner work, especially because this is the grand finale of an eclipse series that’s touched down on the Cancer/Capricorn axis since July 2018. You’ve got one more round of lessons about surrender versus control and order versus chaos.


The silver lining? This spiritual eclipse will also uncover superpowers you never knew you had. As you shed ideas about yourself that are no longer true or fitting, what emerges is a high-vibration new Self. A rebirth of YOU—the true you; the calm after the storm. This eclipse, which coincides with the July 4 holiday in the U.S., marks another kind of “independence day” as you’re liberated from inner turmoil that’s diminished your power.


Speaking of the holiday, make sure you’re surrounded by supportive people at the eclipse. The temptation to excessively indulge, especially with alcohol, isn’t a good idea with so many planets in your escapist twelfth house. A feel-good buzz that helps you relax is one thing, but a self-destructive binge is quite another. If you have emotions to release (and you probably do), find a healthier outlet.


In fact, you might want to implement structured support, like therapy or working with a healer or coach. Reckoning with your demons (and we all have ‘em) isn’t a solo mission—nor is it a simple one. On July 1, regimented Saturn leaves your sign after a short initial visit that began on March 21. Saturn’s presence in Aquarius, its first visit since 1991-94, was a wakeup call to start taking yourself and your dreams seriously. You may have stepped into a leadership role or taken on a post of maturity and responsibility.


Saturn will back into Capricorn for a final visit, staying until December 17. This is the last leg of its three-year tour of the Sea Goat’s sphere and your twelfth house—after that, it won’t return until 2047. While Saturn is retrograde (until September 29), you can make great strides by working with a mentor or healer to break through any final blocks in your psyche.


Midmonth, you could feel overwhelmed by your mundane duties when the Sun in Cancer and your orderly sixth house opposes over-the-top Jupiter (July 14) and shadowy Pluto (July 15). Battles around ego and control might flare. Someone, possibly you, could lapse into micromanaging while the other party resists and rebels. Being polarized into this parent-child dynamic will be incredibly exasperating, and if you don’t break out of it, some tempestuous fights can occur as well. Tame the turbulence within yourself before you react—and to the degree possible, avoid the button-pushing types. Channel your frustration into exercise or speak to someone who can talk you down from the tree.


The Sun-Jupiter and Sun-Pluto oppositions (which happen just once a year) shine the spotlight on your health. If you’ve been dealing with a medical issue, you could become aware of the mind-body link. You may get doctor’s orders to reduce stress, or you might just recognize the need to commit to healthy practices, from cleaning up your diet to meditating regularly.


The July 20 Cancer new moon, a rare second new moon in this sign, will light the way! This lunation will echo the June 21 Cancer solar eclipse, helping you put the mandate to “get your life on track” into practice. This new moon means business, too—an opposition from Saturn will make it impossible to cut corners or wriggle out of doing the tough but necessary work. Ask for help, reduce chaos and remember that less really is more.


Relationships take center stage starting July 22, when the Sun moves into Leo and your partnership zone for a month. A connection, either business or personal, could move toward official status. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to commit to something for the long haul, Leo season is a great time to review your options. With Mercury no longer retrograde as of July 12, you’ve got the all-clear to sign on the dotted line if it feels right to do so!

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