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June 2020 Aquarius Overview Horoscope

It’s your galaxy, Aquarius—and the rest of us are just living in it. We’re also learning what #AquariusLife is all about because your co-ruler, master teacher Saturn, is starting to get traction on its first visit to your sign since 1994. From March 21 to July 1, the cosmic Lord of the Rings is spinning through Aquarius, bringing themes of science, society and community to the forefront. And for you specifically, structured Saturn is visiting your first house of identity, reshaping your personal plans and goals—if not outright reinventing life as you know it.
In June, there will also be two game-changing eclipses that shake up everything from your work and daily routines to your social circles and collaborations. As Saturn lays down the mandate to “know thyself,” the eclipses prompt you to question everything.
A little confusing? Well, yeah! Luckily, your sign can handle this kind of complexity and contradiction. So let’s add another layer to the cosmic cake: Four planets are in powered-down retrograde as June begins, and two more (Mercury and Neptune) are set to join the retrograde brigade in the second half of the month. With Saturn, expansive Jupiter, transformational Pluto AND affectionate Venus in reverse for most, if not all, of June, achieving your lofty goals could be a bit of an obstacle course!
But even under these chaotic skies, you’re feeling passionate and playful—ready for any challenge! For that, you can thank the Sun, which is making its annual trek through Gemini and your fifth house of lusty life-force energy until June 20. If quarantine cut into your spring-fling prospects, you could make up for lost time, even if it still happens with Zoom dates or steamy video chats instead of “hands-on” activities. With love planet Venus retrograde in Gemini until June 25, there could be delays—along with the return of an ex or the flare-up of old dramas. (Consider yourself notified.)
As Saturn in Aquarius helps you polish your presentation and be a leader in the world, you should also take stock of the players on Team Aquarius. Are they up to snuff, or is it time to uplevel? On June 5, a Sagittarius lunar (full moon) eclipse beams into your eleventh house of groups and technology. Who are you surrounding yourself with—both in real time AND online?
Eclipses can bring turning points and transitions, and lunar eclipses often mark the end of a chapter, clearing the way for a new one. You may abruptly end your association with a certain crew or step into a prominent new role. Politics or activism could call your name, or you might launch something noteworthy in the digi-verse. Your idealistic sign can become the voice of a cause, championing the rights of an underserved population.
This is the inaugural eclipse in a series that will fall on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis between now and December 2021. Over the next 18 months, prepare for changes in your love life AND friendships. Exciting collaborations can arise, and you could team up with true visionaries. But don’t get lost in the crowd: These eclipses will also nudge you firmly into the spotlight, urging you to share your talents with the world. A pregnancy or thrilling love affair(s) could be on the agenda, too.
A little order returns to the Aquarian court on June 20, when the Sun shifts into Cancer and your sixth house of wellness, organization and systems for a month. As the solstice officially kicks off summer in the northern hemisphere, you’re ready to feel energized and active again—and the stars (mostly) support you. If you’ve spent the last couple months self-soothing your way through a shutdown, like so many people have, feel no guilt or shame. Cancer season will spur you to review your habits, reset your priorities and get back on the clean-living wagon.
The fly in the ointment is that Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, will be retrograde in Cancer from June 18 to July 12. Areas of your life that have gotten messy could demand a major cleanup now, from your workspace to your diet to other habits. If you’re ready to shake off the quarantine heaviness, a space-clearing with all the KonMari bells and whistles might be the thing to renew your sense of serenity and productivity at Chateau Aquarius.
But don’t rush back out into the world unprotected. Social Mercury is associated with talking, touching and moving about—and well, all of those things can spread viruses. So make sure to wash your hands with extra vigilance and keep a mask handy, even if it’s not required where you live. When in doubt, space out and keep a healthy distance from anyone who has a whiff of sickness, even if it’s a common cold or sniffle.
Mercury retrograde can also mess with data and devices, so back up your electronics well in advance of June 18. Solidify any travel plans, even if it’s a short road trip to see family, before this date, since Mercury’s mischief could muck up a much-needed getaway. At work, make sure everyone is clear on instructions. Because the sixth house governs employees and service providers, take inventory of Team Water Bearer and get everyone aligned. Before you press “send” or “post” on any emails or social media, triple-check what you’ve written. Make sure you’re sending the message that you intend—to the people you mean to! This is NOT the time to speak off the cuff!
On June 21, a Cancer solar (new moon) eclipse will sweep through this regimented sector, bringing a powerful desire for health and renewal. Ready to get your life back on terra firma? This eclipse will light the way. And you’ll have added support a month later, on July 20, when a rare SECOND Cancer new moon arrives to give your self-improvement endeavors a bonus boost.
This is the grand finale in an eclipse series that’s been activating the Cancer/Capricorn axis since July 2018, putting your wellness and spirituality in the spotlight. Over the past two years, you’ve learned to “accept the things you cannot change” while also being more alert and proactive about the things you can. In fact, you’ve learned powerful lessons about control versus surrender. Through these eclipses, you’ve honed your radar about when to lean in and when to let go.
Finances come into focus when Neptune embarks on its annual five-month retrograde from June 23 to November 28. The hazy planet will reverse through Pisces and your second house of work and money, helping you get clear about your budget and bottom line. Where are the “leaks” in your pipeline, whether that’s income, revenue or expenses? Cut back on unnecessary costs and check that anyone you’re paying is performing up to par. Either review their work or upgrade to someone whose skills and results match your needs.
Just make sure you express that with kindness, not aggression. Your communication style could grow a bit harsh after June 27, when uber-direct Mars blazes into Aries and your expressive third house for an extended tour. The warrior planet will be here until January 6, an incredible time for coming up with winning ideas and collaborating with kindred spirits on a fast-paced, exciting project. Just watch a tendency to be argumentative or play devil’s advocate (which many Aquarians do naturally). Slow down and let others speak before you rush in!
Mars in this social sector could heat up action in your neighborhood, tempting you to loosen up the social distancing and play host to small gatherings of friends. As long as you keep things safe, you could be the hub of some lively reunions—and who knows what kinds of plans you’ll cook up together once the synergistic sparks start flying.
The month ends on a powerfully introspective and transformational note. On June 30, expansive Jupiter and alchemical Pluto make their second of 2020’s three rare unions, meeting in Capricorn and your twelfth house of closure, healing and release. Look back to their first meetup on April 4 for clues. Do you have amends to make, forgiveness work to do, a creative project worth revisiting? This go-round, both planets are retrograde, making this a time to look back and reflect on things you truly want to let go of now. Maybe there’s an addictive pattern or some self-sabotaging habit you’re finally done with. Perhaps there’s a loss you haven’t fully grieved, one that you keep repeating or reliving because of that. Put in the necessary support structures this summer and do the work to heal. By the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 12, you could be ready to finally declare freedom from the grips of this unconscious or unhealthy force field.

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