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March 2023 Aquarius Overview Horoscope

What a time to be a Water Bearer! You’re the star of 2023’s biggest celestial show, a two-part act debuting this March. Not only are two of the major, slow-moving outer planets—Saturn and Pluto—returning to zodiac signs they haven’t visited since 1996 and 1798, respectively, but one (Saturn) is exiting Aquarius and the other (Pluto) is moving INTO your sign two weeks later. You’ll be the recipient of a historical torch-passing and the carrier of powerhouse Pluto as we move into the Aquarian Age.

So, what does it all mean? Well, since March 21, 2020, when the pandemic lockdowns first began in the United States, structured Saturn has been in Aquarius. Your mettle’s been tested and you’ve had many opportunities to step into a leadership role, earning your authority through hard work. If you rose to the occasion, you’ll get a parting gift when Saturn leaves your sign this March 7—its path lit by the Virgo full moon—and moves into Pisces. For the next three years, you’ll learn important lessons about security, money and daily routines. Aligning your paycheck with your priorities will be crucial as Saturn treks through your zone of value and values.

This Saturn switcheroo happens while the Sun is in Pisces, but Aries season hosts its own epic transits. On March 20, the Sun moves into the sign of the Ram for a month, joined the next day by the new moon, Jupiter and Mercury all in Aries. This is a fun and social season, where kindred spirits will rally behind your ideas. Take breaks from all your hard work to mingle, brainstorm and take in some culture. Your mind is hungry for new ideas!

On March 23, transformational Pluto will move into your sign, a brief first piece of a longer visit that will start up November 2024. Until June 11, you’ll host the planet of the unconscious, power and alchemy, and you’ll feel the shifts stirring deep within you. After that, Pluto will return to Capricorn, where it’s been since January 2008, before returning for a 20-year residency in Aquarius from November 2024 until January 2044!

The other cosmic shift happens March 25, when action planet Mars wraps an extended seven-month visit to Gemini and your fifth house of passion, creativity and self-expression. Since August 2020, your love life may have been a heat zone, but it was possibly also riddled with drama. Your own moods and reactions have veered to the volatile at moments during this full-on transit, as though everything you’ve been bottling up for the past three years suddenly had to come rushing out. 

If you’re ready for a little more stability, you’ll welcome Mars moving into Cancer and your healthy, systematic sixth house until May 20. Just in time for spring, you can get green, clean and organized. Mars will fuel you to tackle any messy or vague parts of your life and bring clarity back to the Aquarian court. 

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It’s Pisces season until March 20

Back to basics! Until March 20, the Sun is roving through Pisces, your stabilizing second house of security, money and daily habits. Slow down, streamline and prioritize. This is a productive time to deal with brass tacks and establish new routines, including getting your finances and budget in order. With serious Saturn moving into Pisces on March 7, look for new systems and structures to help you manage your money.

Are funds a little tight? Sit down and look at your income versus your spending. If you’re out of touch with your budget, start to get your fiscal situation back into shape. Prioritizing will go a long way. This isn’t a time to get extravagant or even distracted (which is how your spontaneous sign can fritter away your funds). Keep your eyes on the monetary prize. Show up to work with renewed drive and focus. Be a team player; meet your deadlines and don’t forget to take stock of what you’re actually worth. If you need to make more, summon the courage to ask! Even if you don’t get it right away, you can at least get the conversation started.

Merge your superpowers at the March 7 Virgo full moon 

This month’s full moon arrives March 7, and it's an intense one because it falls in Virgo and your eighth house of intimacy, shared finances and deep inner transformation. This penetrating and private full moon could bring an outpouring of pent-up feelings—a volcanic eruption that takes even you by surprise. Let it out, Aquarius, but be careful where you direct all that raw energy! A simmering sexual attraction could reach full tilt while coupled Water Bearers could decide to make things official. As serious Saturn departs your sign, you can finally trust that you’re ready for the real deal!
You're a fiercely autonomous sign, but this merger-minded full moon could inspire you to join forces for mutual gain. If you've been working on a joint business plan or thinking of making a relationship permanent, the Virgo full moon could inspire some serious dynamic-duo moves. This cosmic catalyst could spark anything from an engagement, a pregnancy or breakup to a financial windfall or real estate opportunity. How can you channel YOUR resources—time, energy, money—for a powerful win-win?

Developments at this full moon could also impact your living situation. La luna will form a fast-acting trine to changemaker Uranus, which is in Taurus and your domestic zone. It could be a sudden property purchase or sale, a move or an unplanned renovation. You may also receive some financial support from a family member. Perhaps they become an angel investor in your savvy business idea or give an unexpected gift that helps you get ahead. 

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7 (and finally leaves Aquarius!)

Sweet relief! This March 7, heavyweight Saturn finally releases you from its grip, ushering a strong, smart and sophisticated Aquarius back into the world. The last three years have been quite a challenge to your identity, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? And that’s what happens when Saturn comes to your sign. Every 29 years or so, we must all pay a hefty cosmic tuition to get through rigorous Saturn’s finishing school.  

It all began on March 21, 2020, the day of the initial pandemic lockdowns in the USA. That day, Saturn began its first visit to your sign since 1991, putting you in his personal boot camp. No longer was it an option to to be carefree, nomadic and noncommital. Many of our favorite Aquarians slipped off the radar and endured serious life lessons about setting boundaries and stepping into a leadership role.

This March 7, you can emerge with hard-earned resilience intact. Saturn’s graduating class of Water Bearers has experience to share, and we’re ready for your leadership! 

One shining, summa cum laude example is “triple Aquarius” media mogul Bozoma Saint John (aka @badassboz), whose new book, The Urgent Life: My Story of Love, Loss, and Survival, debuts March 4, 2023. In her book, the former Netflix and Apple Music CMO shares about the death of her husband and her life as one of the top Black women in entertainment’s C-suites. Saturn wisdom: received. 

And Saint John isn’t the only Aquarian who will be releasing a memoir as Saturn departs. Heiress Paris Hilton’s tome hits shelves on March 14. Hilton, a new mom, has been revealing here Saturnine strength for the past three years, shedding her self-described “dumb blonde” image and debuting her real voice, rather than the ditzy drawl she made famous. In her documentary This Is Paris, Hilton shared about the sexual abuse and mistreatment she endured as a young person in the entertainment business. Nobody expected that her privileged life would spawn an activist—perhaps not even Paris herself!

Now, it’s time to put your money where your morals are. This March 7, as the Virgo full moon beams into your eighth house of wealth and influence, Saturn will move into Pisces for the first time this century. Until February 13, 2026, the ringed taskmaster will add structure and sobriety to your work, money and self-worth. 

You know who you are—at least, you feel like you do. On slightly wobbly legs, you’ll step into Saturn’s next personal growth seminar, which will challenge you to build your daily life around your principles and personal mission. How you earn a living, spend your time and move through day-to-day life will all become central. Slacking (unless it’s on the email-replacement app) is not an option!

Saturn was last in Pisces from May 21, 1993, to April 7, 1996. If you’re old enough to remember what was happening during that time, look back for clues of what might resurface now. (And if you were born then, welcome to your very first Saturn return

With restrictive Saturn in your financial district, funds may be tighter at times. The bigger lesson? You’re being asked to make grownup choices with your money, saving for that rainy day (or even a sunny one) instead of being wasteful. Slow and steady progress is in order, Aquarius. Saturn rules experts, and you might want to work with a coach or financial advisor to help you break patterns and change any self-defeating habits for good. 

Final Mars-Neptune square on March 14

Temptation abounds, but keep your spending in check, Aquarius.  This March 14, stressful Mars and no-limits Neptune will crash into their third of three challenging 90-degree squares. (The last two were on October 12 and November 19, 2022.) With Mars in Gemini and your indulgent, passionate fifth house, you’ve got a lot of energy to burn—and you’ll be looking for somewhere to channel it. But slippery Neptune in your chart’s financial district could make it hard to keep money in your wallet. You could be tempted to divert your frustrations into retail therapy or a pricey purchase. 

Alas, you can’t shop yourself out of whatever you might be avoiding here. In fact, you’ll drive yourself deeper into stress (and debt) by pulling out the plastic—despite the allure of those “four easy, installment-free payments.” Better to speak from the heart or find a creative project to help you unleash that pent-up energy. Avoid the drama queens and outsized egos that seem to be everywhere today—and don’t even think of matching them with your own peacocking.

Aries season starts March 20 and Aries new moon is March 21

Even more lightness returns after March 20, when the Sun kicks off a monthlong tour of Aries and your communicative third house. Between the long Saturn cycle and Pisces season, you've had your nose (mostly) to the grindstone. Now it's time to reconnect with your people. Over the next four weeks, set up coffee dates, pitch meetings and social outings. Use this intellectually awakened time to brainstorm big projects or revive an abandoned hobby. Kindred spirits pop up everywhere, so watch your friends list and followers multiply as you share your colorful ideas. Ah, this is more like it!
Got a message to share? You could be handed the mic as early as March 21, when the Aries new moon beams into your interpersonal third house. With outspoken Jupiter and clever Mercury also in Aries, your ideas could travel far. Capture those flashes of genius and brilliant dialogue bits. You could have the makings of an Emmy-worthy screenplay or a winning marketing campaign. (Or maybe just an amazing joke that you laugh about for years to come!) 

The Aries new moon can inspire a meeting of the minds. Craving more collaboration? Test your synergy with a potential creative partner by teaming up on a small project. If things go well, this might just turn into an official dynamic duo over the coming six months.

Even better? This is the first of a rare back-to-back pair of Aries new moons, so you’ll have a second chance a month from now to get your message across. Most years, we only have one new moon per sign in a calendar year, but in 2023, there are two in Aries. The next one, arriving April 20, will also be a potent solar eclipse. Craft your ideas, tweak and polish them, and you could have a surprise invitation to share your genius near the eclipse.

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23

Thought you were out of the hotseat? Not so fast! Two weeks after Saturn finally departs your sign, powerhouse Pluto picks up the baton, moving into Aquarius from March 23 until June 11. This is a sneak peek at a 20-year cycle that will span from November 2024 until January 2044. 

Until then, you’ll get a three-month taste of what that will look like before Pluto weaves back into Capricorn and your twelfth house of healing, spirituality and surrender, completing a cycle that began back in January 2008.

Pluto was last in Aquarius from 1778 to 1798, a time of revolution and innovation, and no doubt the next two decades will give us the 21st-century version. But more importantly, who will YOU be in this next phase of civilization? Not everyone will experience Pluto in their zodiac sign, since it takes about 250 years to return to each sign. Your soul chose to be born at a time when you’d experience Pluto’s power firsthand. 

What revolutions will be happening for YOU? Slowly but indelibly, Pluto will set off a deep, inside-out transformation. You may change your appearance, the way you speak and dress—maybe even your name! Hosting Pluto in your first house of identity and selfhood could inspire a big change in the way others see you, and how you want to be seen.

Although this cycle will be intense, you’ll probably be glad to have Pluto out of your secretive, clandestine twelfth house. Hosting Pluto here for the past 15 years has had its share of plot twists, 

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