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September 2020 Aquarius Overview Horoscope

September Snapshot

Privacy please! With the Sun in Virgo and your uber-private eighth house until Tuesday, September 22, you may spend the first three weeks of the month in your cocoon—and that’s okay. Take some time to turn inward, do research or immerse yourself in a couple of focused projects. Later in the month, you’ll emerge like a butterfly, ready to commune with your crew again.
Intensifying the introspective vibes, assertive Mars turns retrograde (backward) from Wednesday, September 9, until November 13. The red planet will reverse course in Aries, hitting the brakes in your third house of communication and community. Take a step back from any heated conversations or draining social obligations (just say no to that Zoom happy hour?). With election season upon us, there will be plenty of opportunities to get hooked into charged conversations. Pick your battles now.
During the first half of September, all five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are in powered-down retrograde, bringing some of your long-term goals to a gear-grinding halt. Four of these planets are backing through earth signs and impacting the more emotional realms of your chart. Before moving ahead with any plans, take the time to tune into your feelings and connect with people you trust. Have you been putting off some deep inner work? Get the support you need to do that deeper level of healing.

In the second half of the month, the action starts to pick up as Jupiter turns direct (forward) on September 12, followed by Saturn on September 29, then Pluto in early October. All three of these planets are in Capricorn and your twelfth house of closure, rest and hidden agendas. Information that’s been obscured from view could finally come to light. If your guides and guardian angels have been sleeping on the job, get ready to feel sweet serendipity and manifesting mojo once again. You could make progress with forgiveness or grief work that’s been too painful to address, attracting the right person to help you move past this stage.
You’ll emerge from hibernation starting Tuesday, September 22, when the Sun sails into Libra and your ninth house of expansion, risk-taking and adventure. It’s time to spread your wings and try a new direction. Travel is possible (within pandemic restrictions). Or you could find yourself consumed with learning, metaphysical study or a startup business idea. Look for ways to get your inspired ideas out on a wider scale. 

Week 1: September 1-6

Abundance time
Practical matters are calling! On Wednesday, September 2, the year’s only Pisces full moon blossoms in your second house of work and money. A promising endeavor you’ve been working on since as far back as the February 23 Pisces new moon might reach a turning point. Is it time to reap the rewards of your labor? You may be able to cash in today—or you could pivot in a new direction and pursue a fresh revenue stream.
Roll up your sleeves for a productive start to “back to school/work” season. The Pisces full moon helps you make a plan and start taking action (in other words, don’t just talk about it—do something!). You’ll feel a surge of confidence today, so if you’ve got a big ask to make, this is the week to go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Week 2: September 7-13

Talk less, listen more
Quiet on the set? On Wednesday, September 9, go-getter Mars begins its biennial retrograde backspin, reversing its commute through Aries until November 13. As the raucous red planet rears through your third house of communication and ideas, you may need to put a bookmark in some overly ambitious projects. Friendships that are veering into frenemy territory should also go on ice for a couple months. You don’t have time for the drama!
Watch your temper, though, as Mars retrograde can tempt you to stuff down anger, which later leads to an explosion. But if you can’t have a diplomatic dialogue with a certain someone, it’s better to hold off until cooler heads prevail. Find a neutral third party and vent to them (without damaging anyone’s reputation by revealing too much) or channel your frustration into a healthy outlet like exercise or an all-consuming hobby. There’s nothing wrong with a distraction if it keeps you out of trouble.
Your spiritual and creative pursuits pick up speed on Saturday, September 12, when expansive Jupiter turns direct (forward) in Capricorn and your mystical twelfth house, ending a retrograde that began on May 14. If you’ve struggled to follow your intuition, much less hear what it’s been trying to tell you, get ready for a clear channel to open up.
Have you been unsure whether to stay or go? Jupiter in your twelfth house of endings can give you the courage to either end a relationship for good or to close a painful chapter of it and start fresh with this person. You may need to let go of resentment and take a leap of faith, extending your trust to someone on credit. There are no guarantees that people won’t hurt you (or that you won’t hurt them).
While we’re not suggesting that you should be gullible or put yourself in harm’s way, sometimes you have to give people a chance to prove they’ve changed. If they’re worth it, give it another shot. Otherwise, cut your losses and leap into the wild and exciting unknown. Magical experiences could await! The key: You’ve got to surrender, let go and allow that enchantment to find you.
On Saturday, September 12, more-is-better Jupiter goes direct in practical Capricorn, ending its retrograde backspin that began on May 14. Now’s a good opportunity to resume those big-picture plans and take calculated risks—hopefully you had a chance to really think through the details instead of being impulsive

Week 3: September 14-20

Strengthen your bonds
Intensity ignites this week as the year’s only Virgo new moon beams into your eighth house of merging, joint ventures and investments on Thursday, September 17. This is the realm of the zodiac where “two become one,” and you may begin to explore partnerships with synergistic people. How can you blend your superpowers for mutual gain?
If you’re short on cash or looking to cut costs, consider the barter system or cooperative scenarios where you can share the cost or workload with people between now and the February 27, 2021, Virgo full moon. Get that fall “pandemic posse” organized, whether you’re co-schooling your kids or spending quality time together (on Zoom or IRL).
Craving a soulmate connection? A sizzling attraction could turn into a much deeper bond than you ever expected. For couples, this new moon presents a chance to solidify your union or perhaps renew your vows. To combat the relationships strain of the year’s lockdowns, commit to greater levels of vulnerability and transparency with each other.

Week 4: September 21-30

The action picks up
The intensity starts to lighten this week as the Sun sails into Libra and heats up your ninth house of travel, expansion and new opportunities for a month on Tuesday, September 22. Look beyond your current scene for where you can grow and take a chance. While you might not be able to plan a bucket-list vacation, a road trip beyond city limits can be the “refresh” button you need. Sign up for classes or look for platforms where you can share an inspiring message of your own.
On September 29, structured Saturn ends a five-month retrograde in Capricorn and your healing twelfth house. Since mid-May, the tough teacher has been serving up lessons about vulnerability and how much personal information to share. While many Aquarians never met a stranger, Saturn has been working overtime to show the value of healthy boundaries. It’s more than okay to make people earn your trust or to take time to think something over instead of just leaping in as an instant “yes.”
If a chapter of your life has come to a close, you may need to go through a necessary grieving process. Saturn’s direct turn helps you put in the support to truly close this door. But again, you don’t have to rush the process. This same day, Saturn will lock into a heated square with Mars, repeating a tense standoff that occurred on August 24. An aggressive person may need to firmly be told to back off. Confront them carefully but make your parameters clear.
If you feel pressured to give an answer or make a decision, insist on more time. You’ll make a MUCH better choice if you sleep on it. And unless it’s critically time-sensitive, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t get another 24 or 48 hours (at least) to make up your mind. If someone won’t grant you that, perhaps you should seriously consider whether this is someone you want to get more deeply involved with. Passing up the wrong opportunity will leave a free space open for the RIGHT one to flow in.

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