Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Your February Aquarius Love Horoscope

The month is divided almost perfectly in two, with the relationship planets, Venus and Mars, splitting their time between Capricorn and Aquarius. In the first half of February, they’ll be in your twelfth house of reflection, imagination and healing (Mars until February 13, Venus until February 16). You could be unusually emotional and tender—sincerely caring about Valentine’s Day even if you typically don’t or getting teary-eyed over a special someone. 
For some Aquarians, this cathartic cycle will help you recover from a past betrayal or an old wound or heartbreak. Others might harbor a private crush or engage in a secret affair. Couples should introduce more fantasy and healthy escapism into their relationship. A sexy baecation—even if you can only steal away for one night—will rekindle sparks. 
If you become a bit needy or hypersensitive while Venus and Mars glide through Capricorn, surround yourself with supportive people so you don’t lean too hard on your S.O. or vent endlessly to a particular friend. If you’re spiraling over a troubling situation, consider reaching out to a healing professional like a psychotherapist. That’s what they’re there for. 
In the middle of the month, the cosmic copilots cruise into YOUR sign, infusing you with charm and confidence. Mars will saunter through Aquarius from February 13 to March 22, and Venus will grace you with her presence from February 16 to March 11. While you simultaneously play host to the planets that rule love and lust, your stock will be positively soaring, Water Bearer. “Magnetic” doesn’t begin to describe you!
To add fuel to the sizzling fire, Mars and Venus join forces with irresistible Pluto on February 14 and 16, respectively. Valentine’s Day (and week) should come with a warning label for everyone in your orbit because you’re oozing seductive charisma and will need to wield your superpowers wisely. You need only say the word, and your wish is their command. Be mindful of your outsized influence and take an inclusive approach, asking others what THEY want. If you manifest your desires through manipulation (a danger of this Venus-Mars-Pluto week), you stand to win the battle but lose the war.
Pluto’s presence on V-Day might be a bit extra, but luckily, a bonus round occurs on February 22 when Venus and Mars pair off in Aquarius (under the angel number 2-22 no less!). This galactic glow-up blesses you with pure allure as you’re lit from within. Do you know just how amazing you are? If the answer is anything shy of a firm yes, Venus and Mars are here to help you recognize what a catch you truly are.
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