Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope

March 2023 Aquarius Love Horoscope

With amorous Venus and lusty Mars orbiting your most outgoing, passionate chart sectors, your love life—and maybe your entire life—will be packed with lighthearted fun, flirtation and limitless options for the first half of the month. Social Venus is in Aries and your everyday-people sector until March 16, which could send sparks flying with a neighbor, colleague or friend-of-a-friend. 

When Venus and adventurous Jupiter make a rare meetup here on March 2 (visible in the night sky!), a flirtation could turn into a no-strings fling. Don’t delete those apps just yet! Chemistry could unexpectedly ignite with a friend or an online match. You’ll be looking at the whole world in a new light under this expansive alignment, so keep an open mind and see where things go

With red-hot Mars in Gemini and your lusty fifth house until May 25, an attraction could progress quickly. In fact, that might be well underway since Mars has been here since August 20, 2022. Make the most of your early-spring fever before Mars moves into Cancer and your analytical, healthy sixth house (until May 20)—a boon for your brain and body, but not the same sexy sparks you’ve gotten used to for the past seven months!

For couples, the first half of March is a great time to hang out with your common crews or host a party together—and of course, to put a few glamorous date nights on the books. But warning: With your naturally flirtatious side turned up to max, jealousy and drama could spike. While nobody puts YOU in a corner (or on a leash), be sensitive to your partner and make sure no lines are crossed.

If you’re looking for something real, don’t let the distractions take you “off-task.” It’ll be easy to lose yourself in the whirlwind of attention, but you can channel that intense energy into getting to know one certain someone deeply. 

But just when you're really warming up, you could switch into a totally different groove during the second half of May when Venus plunges into Taurus and your sentimental fourth house from March 16 to April 11. Decisions seem to carry more gravitas, and you’re less willing to rush in and let the chips fall just anywhere. Top priorities will be nesting and finding the right person to hunker down with—for more than just one memorable night. Surprise: You could meet them out of the blue when Venus unites with changemaker Uranus on March 30. Couples might get unexpected pregnancy news or decide to move in together.

Mars in your persnickety sixth house can make you analytical and critical—about them AND you. Watch for body image issues and perfectionism. You’re a lot more than a dress or pant size, Aquarius! Unrealistic standards, both external and internal, will need to be put in check for all.

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