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December 2021 Aquarius Love Horoscope

Time to let go of something you’re holding onto past its prime? Love planet Venus is paying an extra-long visit to Capricorn, from November 5 to March 6, spotlighting your twelfth house of closure, fantasy and escape. While some Aquarians will enjoy a surrendered and sensual time, Venus in this subconscious zone can also poke old wounds.

On December 19, Venus turns retrograde (backward) in Capricorn, your twelfth house of closure and endings, where it will remain until January 29. During this time, old baggage could come up for review, forcing you to face the reality of your feelings. If a past hurt is preventing you from finding true happiness, this is your chance to finally deal and heal. A toxic ex might even come slithering back around, and the temptation could be hard to resist. Be careful not to be pulled into a clandestine affair or a dangerous dynamic that could overturn your stability. Since the twelfth house also rules blurred boundaries, you might realize that you need to slog it out through some codependent-based behaviors, a delusion or having to be there heavily for a partner in need.  

Whatever the case, Aquarius, Venus retrograde is the perfect time to briefly revisit the past so that you can shut the door behind you. Consider this: if you were cheated on in 2017 by someone who was brazen in their disrespect for you, is that something that needs to come seeping into your present day relationships? Absolutely not. Clear away those irrational obstacles keeping you stuck in the past. All the ways you’ve imprisoned yourself are up for review, and this includes a torch you might still be holding. For years, one of our Aquarian friends considered her high school boyfriend as the most solid relationship she’d ever had, and even though she didn’t want him back, that “gold standard” was messing with her current love life. It’s time to move on and allow a new kind of relationship into your life. Rather than looking to replicate what you had, keep an open mind—something that need not be hard for your imaginative sign!
Meanwhile, Mars splits its time between Scorpio and your status-driven tenth house (until December 13) then Sagittarius and your friendship zone (from December 13 to January 24). During the first half of the month, you’re in power-couple mode, or else you’re just too damn consumed with work to have time for love! After December 13, sparks could fly with a friend or someone you meet through mutual connections, perhaps at a New Year’s Eve party.

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