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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

The November 13 Scorpio new moon gives you a year-end career boost

Reach for your fullest potential, Aquarius. The November 13 Scorpio new moon is an ideal day to kick off an ambitious project or apply for a new job if you’re looking. With a fresh six-month cycle starting in your career zone, today’s power moves could yield a big professional victory, possibly before the year is over. With go-getter Mars in close connection to the new moon, talks could proceed into official offers fast.
Got your sights set on a leadership role or an equally big next step? New moons can take up to six months to fully unfold, so map out a trajectory. Speak to a mentor or supervisor about what you need to do (e.g., acquire new skills, get advanced training or professional certification) to position yourself for that.
Just watch out for a curveball from your personal life today because this new moon will sit exactly opposite Uranus (your ruler), which is in Taurus and your fourth house of home, family and emotions. Intense mood swings—yours or someone else’s—can throw everything off, turning a calm conversation into a heated argument. With the new moon in your tenth house of fathers, and Uranus in your fourth house of mother figures, family could be a source of chaos. Trying to figure out holiday plans? Save that for another day!
Knowing this, go out of your way to avoid pushing people’s buttons and don’t allow your own to be jabbed if you can help it. But since Uranian activity comes out of the blue, that could happen when your guard is down. Should you lose your temper or your cool, get back to center as fast as you can. You might experience a sudden change in your living situation or family structure, forcing you to factor this into whatever you’re plotting for your career.
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