Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope from November 28 to December 4

The cosmic configuration on Monday, November 28, is so powerful that it could make you feel tired and wired at the same time. On the “wired” side, fast-revving Mars is zipping through cerebral Gemini and your foundational fourth house while Saturn is waving the caution flag in Aquarius and your sleepy twelfth. Part of your being is eager to jump into action, and another side is more interested in reviewing the numbers and schedule and taking your sweet old time. This COULD be a perfect balancing approach—if you can align the two parts. But if it’s causing more frustration than anything else, take a peek beneath the surface and look at your deepest underlying motivation. Are you being totally realistic about your goals? How about your fears and insecurities? It’s perfectly normal to have doubts, Pisces. It’s how you DEAL with them that counts. So rather than take any kind of definitive action, step back and just observe what’s going on—outwardly and especially internally. And don’t have any preconceived notions of what may come up. You might be surprised at what’s kicking around in there. And if Mars is making you anxious, remind yourself that this is probably not the last—or only—such opportunity you'll get.

Mars locks horns with another planetary partner on Thursday—Venus, who’s sailing through Sagittarius and your professional tenth house. This clash of the love birds in your career and home-based houses can serve up an important reminder of how challenging it is to balance those different areas of your life, even if you have a supportive partner or family. But take a cue from feisty Mars, whose retrograde motion might be prodding you to act like everything is fine even when it’s anything BUT. You don’t need to post details of your personal life on social, but sharing your angst with a couple close people could not only relieve some of the pressure of holding it all in but might just reel in some helpful advice. The benchmark of a solid relationships isn’t being conflict-free but having a way of discussing the problem in a compassionate and mutually supportive way.
Clarity returns on Saturday—and not a moment too soon—as your celestial custodian Neptune ends a frustrating five-month retrograde in Pisces and resumes forward motion. Ever since the hazy planet shifted into reverse gear last June 28, you may have struggled to find your footing, especially on the path to your highest personal goals. But almost as soon as Neptune straightens out, it may feel like someone switched on the lights in a dark room. Now, all that behind-the-scenes work you’ve been toiling away on is ready for its public reveal. Quick! Put the finishing touches on it and then, pitch away. As your hopes and dreams come into sharper focus, you’ll gain more momentum yourself and score what might be the sweetest possible fringe benefit: Your story could be a true inspiration for others and might help them find the light at the end of their tunnel.
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