Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope From September 25 To October 1

Ready to make it rain? Your income streams could go from drizzle to downpour this Friday, September 29 as the year’s only full moon in Aries shines into your second house of financial security. Abundance lies ahead, thanks to this full moon—the lunar phase that’s known for bringing efforts to fruition or a turning point. If you’ve been thinking of ways to generate new revenue, all that brainstorming and research could put you in good stead now. Rather than passively waiting, you might do some outreach and wind up landing a plum job offer or be tapped for a freelance gig that eventually leads to a steady one. Put in the sweat equity so you can meet Lady Luck at least halfway. And be ready to think on your feet and pivot, in case she shows up in an unexpected form.
Although your telepathic antenna has the ability to pick up on all the signals in the air, it’s not necessarily good for you to leave yourself wide open to receiving them. That goes double this week as people-pleasing Venus gets into a skirmish with erratic Uranus. Under these dramatic skies, even a routine request sounds more like an emergency alarm. And by the time these two planets square off exactly on Friday, shielding your field is an act of self-preservation. Thicken your skin and do what you can to stay calm, cool and collected.
To make matters more intense, Venus is paying her dues in Leo and your sixth house of selfless service, while Uranus is barreling through Taurus and your communicative third house. And under this combustible pairing, rash behavior can do plenty of damage. It may require every ounce of strength you have to NOT rush in for the save, but distance will be a lifesaver, as it’s the key to regaining some perspective.
Are you already getting sucked into the riptide? Grab a lifeline, pronto! Drowning yourself to “rescue” someone else is no way to nurture a relationship. Come to your senses, Fish, and “save” yourself. If that means feeling a little (or a lot) selfish and taking some personal space, so be it. While disruptive Uranus is coloring your communication, any attempt to bring others to their senses could backfire and trigger aggro overreactions. You’ll wind up on opposing sides with no room for honest dialogue. You’re better off taking some time apart and perhaps gathering information so you can have an informed discussion at a later date. When you’ve both cleared your heads, you can find your way back to the middle ground.
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