Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope from January 17 to January 23

St. Valentine is in the house! Yes, Pisces, we know it’s only January, but with the 2022’s first full moon in Cancer activating your zone of true love this Monday the 17th, you could get an early call from Cupid. An attraction that’s been simmering for the past few months could start feeling like more than a situationship. Single Fish could meet someone with more than just a glimmer of promise and potential. Pisces in relationships could have some next level news to share with friends over the coming two weeks. But before you tease your friends with suggestive ‘grams, know this: The full moon will be locking horns with “all or nothing” Pluto in your idealistic eleventh house. Do you know what you’re getting yourself into here? Romantic as it feels to rush in, negotiate the terms of your engagement before committing to the next step. On the flip side are Pisces who are feeling resentful from making too many sacrifices. While you want to be seen as the helpful, giving, compassionate companion, you need a break! Drop the mask and ask for what you need. For much of the week that request might simply be “free time to roam without obligation to anyone.” Conversely, if you’ve been leaning heavily on others, you may feel guilty. Send flowers or a thank you card; make a gift by hand—you don’t have to spend a lifetime settling the score though!
Whether you know it or not, Pisces, you have a message to share with the world. And your words could catch on like wildfire starting this Tuesday, January 18, as the moon’s North Node shifts into Taurus and your articulate third house until July 17, 2023. This 18-month cycle, which hasn’t happened in your communication center for 19 years, can do wonders for how you think and express yourself. As the zodiac’s enchanting visionary, when you get fully behind something, you make it hard to resist. You might be elected to promote a brand or be the spokesperson for a meaningful movement. Whether this is Pisces LLC or a larger organization, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to showcase your skills and take them to the next level, either on a national platform or something of your own, like a podcast. Bear in mind that the other side of the “coin” to the North Node is the South Node, which is entering Scorpio and can spark karmic connections with people around the world—as well as an exciting entrepreneurial venture of your own. And here’s the most exciting part. Even when you’re a fish out of water, you’ll feel right at home splashing around in those unfamiliar seas.
The local scene starts buzzing on Tuesday, too, as community organizer Uranus wakes up from a five-month retrograde that began last August 19. Neighborhood venues that you’ve passed without a second glance could suddenly lure you in with their offerings: a monthly special at the aerial yoga studio, volunteer shifts at the food co-op, a board position opening in the block or building association. With the “disruptor” planet helming this operative, you’ll enjoy shaking things up with your presence. This is your Jupiter year, after all, with the red-spotted planet in Pisces calling forth your visionary leadership. Wherever you go, you’ll bring the spirit of authenticity AND expansion—how lucky for any organization that’s been stuck in a rut!
On Wednesday, let the healing begin! The Sun moves into Aquarius and your twelfth house of closure until February 18. Your social life could slow down during this solitary solar spell—but you'll be happy to have more time to lounge in the tub. This breather also gives you a chance to tie up any loose ends from the past year of life. What projects didn't quite make it to the finish line? You've got four weeks until Pisces season begins, so use them to literally and figuratively clear out some space. Declutter the hell out of your closets and un-match from the Tinder fails. Along the way, get your body back in balance with yoga, healthy food and lots of water.

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