Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope from March 27 to April 2

This week’s stars can drive home the difference between a want and a need, which sounds obvious, yet if you really think about it, you might be forced to admit you sometimes blur the line between them. You may get a big clue on Tuesday, March 28, when impulsive Mercury joins forces with hedonistic Jupiter in your second house of possessions. You work hard for your money and value it, and yet when staring down a browser tab full of gorgeous things, you might suddenly feel like you HAVE to have those aerodynamic sneakers or that tiny, beaded bag. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself—and you do have fabulous taste—but if you’re trying to save up for a new ride or trip later in the year, you may have to work a little harder at the self-discipline thing. Don’t make it about deprivation (then you’ll just rebel and buy more). Focus on your highest goals and how wonderful it will be to afford those big-ticket items without having to rack up debt!
On Thursday, speed demon Mars in Cancer and your artistic, romantic fifth house forms a flowing alignment with deliberate Saturn in Pisces. Because these planets aren’t naturally in sync, this odd-couple mashup can leave you feeling tired and wired at the same time. Since you can't hit the gas (Mars) and the brakes (Saturn) at the same time, you'll need to learn to work the gears separately—and pace yourself! While it might feel a little awkward at first, it's worth the effort as these planets' combined energies can help you put some valuable checks and balances into place. For instance, if you’re tempted to sprint ahead on a personal mission, Saturn will encourage you to stop and envision what you're trying to accomplish. Are you SURE this is the route you want to follow? If it is, ask yourself these questions: What will it look like, what will you do AFTER you get there? And are you willing to assume the responsibilities that come with this victory? Only then you can lean into Mars’ go-go energy and pull out all the stops!
Regardless of all this pontificating, come out of that cocoon and interact with others this Thursday. Helpful people are all around you, thanks to a galvanizing mashup of people-loving Venus and revolutionary Uranus in your third house of local activity and communication. Break the ice by reaching out to some close friends and sharing from the heart. And don’t stand on ceremony. If you feel “safe,” say yes to a few of the fun invites that are sure to come your way. Whether your opinion's been solicited or not, jump right into the conversations. People may be so thrilled (and stunned) that they wouldn’t dream of interrupting! This kind of raw emotionality can deepen existing bonds AND pave the way to new friendships. In fact, if there are any tiny caveats with this transit, it’s that you may not be able to honor any “vows of silence.” Focus on the message you want to transmit and how you might say it more impactfully—without preaching!
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