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Pisces Weekly Horoscope from February 22 to February 28

People are your not-so-secret weapon on Wednesday, February 24! That day, impassioned Mars forms a supportive trine with powerhouse Pluto in your social networking zones. You might be invited to join an elite crew or become part of a collaboration that’s doing the kind of work you’ve been dreaming about. With these two sectors lit up by this rare Mars-Pluto confab, there’s no limit to the possibilities that could pop up.
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But here’s the thing, Pisces: You may have to come out of hiding and meet people halfway—or perhaps more than that. Sometimes just letting people know what you’re seeking, or have to offer, can be like an energetic opening. Make a point of reaching out to fascinating folks who are doing the kind of things you’re yearning to do, both online and in real life. Pay attention to everyone who pops up in your world and on social media feeds—the more “random” or “coincidental” the better! And be more expressive about YOUR ideas when in a group setting. As you reveal more about your hopes and desires—and offerings—the more likely you’ll be to attract people who mirror those hidden talents of yours. And as these new connections take root, give them time and don’t stress if things don’t materialize overnight. Just keep nurturing the bond and trust that the right things will happen in perfect divine time!
On Thursday, radiant Venus shimmies into Pisces for her annual upleveling session. For the next four weeks, you’ll be channeling the love planet’s charm, tact and animal magnetism, and you want to squeeze out every last drop! Make the most of this chic and creative cycle by turning on the charm. Do so on an as-needed basis, making the boldest of asks on your own behalf (or for anyone lucky enough to be under your aegis now). When you blend your natural warmth and wit with a sincere interest in others, people won't be able say no to you. Admirers could come crawling out of the polished woodwork, and if you’re looking for a boo—or just a decent second date—give ‘em a chance. For the next four weeks, be sure to carve out plenty of time for uninterrupted pleasure. Just remember, before you willingly let yourself fall down any rabbit holes, that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.
Dating, deep-diving and fortifying one special bond will become a top priority starting this Saturday as the full moon in Virgo lights up your seventh house of committed partnerships. If you’ve been flying solo, you may suddenly find yourself with a new co-pilot—or in that seat yourself. Single, newly dating—or recently wooing a client or business collaborator? Things could approach official or exclusive within the next few weeks near Saturday! Single or searching for a worthy “co-conspirator”? A raft of fresh options could float down your stream in the coming weeks or months. And with the discerning energy this Virgo full moon brings, you’ll have the clarity to give your passion the green light you want.

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