Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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Pisces Weekly Horoscope from May 10 to May 16

Socializing in 2021…what does that even mean? Your moment of redefinition arrives this Tuesday, May 11, when the new moon in Taurus activates your cooperative, communicative third house. Kindred spirits could come out of the (virtual and non-virtual) woodworks, possibly emerging from everyday ranks. That neighbor you wave to on your walk to work, the coworker who just got moved to your team's Slack thread—suddenly there are synergies that go beyond the superficial. And that's right on time for you, Pisces, since this soul-searching is leading you to deeper realms of self-exploration. Whether you're becoming a mom or a medium—or exploring your relationship with your mother through an artistic medium—this lunar lift cues you to find others who are on a similar journey. Solitary, you may be, but you're not alone!
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Locally, things will be popping, so throw on your most colorful mask and take a walk around the neighborhood. Where can you get involved? Sure, you can support the local economy by socializing at outdoor venues, but your compassionate sign likes to lend a hand. A community volunteering opportunity could bring major fulfillment to your free time, and who knows? If you're searching for employment, this might evolve into a meaningful way to support yourself by the time the corresponding lunar eclipse arrives on November 19.
That said—don't fill up every pixel of whitespace on your calendar! It's gonna be all Pisces, all the time, starting Thursday, May 13, when the celestial highlight of the decade comes beaming your way! Your co-ruling planet—expansive, auspicious, abundant Jupiter—launches into your sign for the first of three missions! (The others stints will be from December 28, 2021, to May 10, 2022, and October 28 to December 20, 2022.) Talk about a fresh start! This is the red-spotted planet's first visit to your sign in over a decade. Life themes from January 2010-January 2011 could recur, perhaps playing at a higher octave this time around.
Either way, you are officially on notice that dreams can no longer be deferred, and anything and everything you've been hoping to accomplish in your life is now on the table. Personal growth? Bucket-list travel experiences? Fame and fortune? Bring it! This rare transit is not something you want to ignore. Between now and July 28, you are invited—make that required—to shake up your life, shuck off any limitations or self-doubt and start taking steps toward becoming the person you want to be and creating the life you crave.
Bear in mind that Jupiter offers the possibility and holds the door open, but you've got to meet the planet halfway, Pisces—and also take the gamble to walk through that portal when the gifts arrive instead of endlessly (and suspiciously) deliberating. While Jupiter transits certainly bring chances and connections and inspiration, you need to face your fears, take some risks and put yourself out there. Artists, musicians and performers should literally take the stage and show the world your stuff. Poets: Pick up that metaphoric pen and scribe away. No matter what your craft or superpower, this is the moment to own it and pursue your bliss.
No more shape-shifting or making too many sacrifices for other people. There's a new Pisces in town—and possibly several other ports of call that you've been dying to visit (or live in for a month here and there). Unleash your nomadic nature and give your passions top billing. Jupiter's energy is generous, though, so even as you're advancing your own mission, you'll realize it's not a zero-sum game and that the more you help and give to others—not out of a sense of obligation but love—the more you gain in return.

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