Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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Pisces Weekly Horoscope fromOctober 11 to October 17

Ready to go deep—like, even deeper than what you might be thinking? If anyone would be up for that, it’s you, Pisces. Your sensitive sign knows that love and intimacy aren’t always the easiest things to navigate—also that the juiciest fruit isn’t hanging on the lowest branches. You’ve been getting a PhD in this very course of study lately, learning to find the gifts and beauty even in (especially in) imperfection. And ever since Mercury turned retrograde in your emo eighth house on September 27, you’ve been discovering that some of your greatest breakthroughs come as a result of those scary moments of vulnerability. On Friday, October 15, you'll be ready to take this soul-baring trend a step further. That day marks one of the year’s two supportive trines between boundary-busting Jupiter in your introspective twelfth house and the Libra Sun in your eighth house of permabonding. This rare and uplifting angle helps you release the need for control and appreciate things for being exactly the way they are.
There are fringe benefits to this soulful sync-up! With the Sun in romantic Libra and your erotic, intimate eighth house, love and bonding are foremost on your mind. And the rare trine to amplifying Jupiter (your co-ruler) can give you the confidence to explore where your edges are—and not freak out at the prospect of pushing through them a little. This sensitizing transit can lead to a deepened connection—and some sultry exploration! Get yourself in the mood with some self-pampering before the evening rolls around, like an aromatherapy massage, a spa pedicure or flowy yoga class. You want to get into a relaxed, receptive headspace so that you can be fully present and open to whatever comes up. This willingness to drop your defenses can inspire the same compassionate response in your partner.
Of course, you can go through all the right moves and not get to a deep level of trust. And not everyone deserves yours! If you’re in a solid LTR, then it’s worth repeated efforts at establishing the kind of open and transparent (and vulnerable!) relationship you desire. But—and it’s always a tough lesson for your idealistic sign—there are people who haven't earned their loyalty points and may never reach that level with you. With them, you always need to safeguard your secrets, and that goes double this Sunday. With the Libra Sun still hunkered down in your “chamber of secrets” AND spinning into a challenging square with shadowy Pluto, being too trusting or naive could get you in over your head. With Pluto in the frame, people probably aren’t revealing their true colors, or what you’re falling for is smoke and mirrors. Enjoy the fun, flirting and flattery—just don't get sucked into someone’s con game. Don’t feel “sneaky” for running background checks. And of course, give it time. Sustained actions really do speak louder than words.

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