Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope from July 4 to July 10

Prep your “going out” gear and log back into social media. If the last six weeks have felt steadier but slower than your preferred pace, you can blame it on Mars. Since May 24, the red planet was hunkered down in Aries, firing up your lather-rinse-repeat second house. While this gave you the momentum for a “paper chase,” you’re ready to find some buddies to make every mission twice as exciting. Good news! On Tuesday, July 5, Mars leaves your financial sector, chomping at the bit, and blazes into grounded Taurus and your third house of communication and local action until August 20. Suddenly your introverted sign is happy to share your big ideas with anyone who might be interested in collaborating. These next seven weeks are perfect for putting those brainstorms into a plan and making it happen. This is also a great time to reach out to close people you’ve lost touch with—to reconnect but also to see if there’s potential synergy. Stay open to surprising connections, some that might arrive as unexpected serendipities. But note that Mars can dial up not just passion and enthusiasm, but also the intensity. You might come off as pushier than you realize, so choose your words carefully.
Of course, we’re not suggesting you censor yourself, Pisces. Perish the thought! Later this Tuesday, expressive Mercury commences its annual parade through Cancer and your fifth house of glamour, amour and fame. Good luck trying to suppress your style and flair between now and July 19—and why would you want to? While your boundlessly compassionate sign knows that beauty is only skin-deep, you’re also keenly aware of the fact that people do draw conclusions based on appearances. (On top of that, fashion to you is just an extension of the aesthetic flair you bring to all your endeavors!) But think beyond fashion statements and expand this sensibility to everything that represents you, from your profile photos to your feed graphics. Whether you’re trying to make a good impression on a potential client or romantic interest, Pisces, it’s important to put your best fin forward. And with the cosmic messenger revving up this realm for the next few weeks, you will definitely be noticed! Mercury will push you to be more assertive in the game of love. Make the first move, initiate vacation plans, suggest a “meet the parents” moment. And since the fifth house rules all things creative, steal time away from your adoring fans to follow your own muse—in private, the way you prefer it!
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