Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope From February 26 To March 3

If ever there was a week to stay mindful of what tumbles out of your mouth, it’s this one, Pisces! There’s wisdom in the expression “loose lips sink ships,” and you should take those astute words to heart this Tuesday, February 27, when unfiltered Jupiter in your communication center clashes with firebrand Mars in your unconscious twelfth house. Before you overfill your cup and spill tea with the gossips, think twice—and maybe three or four times. Is it really worth getting ensnared in this mess? And if your venting session is overheard by precisely the wrong ears, good luck explaining that you were just innocently blowing off a little steam! If this is an important person in your world, it’s worth scheduling some one-on-one time to talk it out. Before you get defensive or recite a laundry list of complaints, reflect on how you may have participated in the meltdown—maybe by being too nice, when you should have set some boundaries!
On Wednesday, the radiant Sun and cautious Saturn meet up for their annual tete-a-tete—and this is the first year in nearly three decades that they’re doing so in YOUR sign! While tremendous growth is possible under this fleeting connection, this “Day of Challenges” could also leave you feeling repressed or stifled when you attempt to express yourself. You could fall into a funk, but a more productive use of this energy is to tap into Saturn's organizing abilities. How can you make your point in a mature and concise way? Focus on your message and WHY you want to put it out there. Saturn can help you eliminate anything extraneous, from unnecessary words to stuff in boxes in the attic. If it’s time for a clean-up mission, get to it! Comb through those boxes and piles of papers and, while you’re on a roll, update your professional and social media profiles, bio and resume so that you're representing like a pro. If you discover a gap between your current knowledge base and your desire for expertise, invest in sessions with an expert. There's nothing out there that you can't master if your heart is in it, Pisces.
Communication might continue to confound you into the weekend as eloquent Venus is at loggerheads with combustible Uranus. Even though you’re cool as an English cucumber 90 percent of the time, when your fuse is about to blow, conversations can get heated. Vent to a levelheaded outside party who can listen compassionately AND pull you back before you go off the rails. This weekend, make a point of dialing down the urge to dish out critiques—with friends, family and especially your S.O. It may be clear to YOU what areas need improvement, but stop and ask yourself: Would pointing them out actually do anything good for the relationship? You already know the answer, Fish. Far more likely is the possibly that you stir up insecurities and put your peeps on the defensive. So unless someone is doing something that’s out-and-out dangerous, lock that unsolicited feedback in the vault!

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