Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

Pisces Love Horoscope April 2024

Feel the heat! Until April 30, sexy Mars is blazing through Pisces, giving you a burst of confidence and charisma. Spring fever’s got nothing on you, and with minimal effort, you could turn heads wherever you go. And for the first four days of the month, romantic Venus is also in Pisces, making you nobody’s April fool. 
With feisty Mars in your independent first house, however, you’re not really looking to get locked into anything too confining. But the other love planet, Venus, has a different agenda. From April 5 to 29, vixen Venus is in Aries and your security-seeking, sensual second house. You could be pulled in dueling directions this month, wanting both consistency and the excitement of new experiences. 
A healthy mix of novelty and stability might be your secret formula. And luckily, a total solar eclipse in Aries this April 8 might demonstrate how commitment can actually set you free. Sound like a paradox? Well, it kind of is. But if you think about it, when you say “yes” to something, it frees up all the mental space that waffling and indecision consume. So you actually gain MORE space to create something special with a person worthy of your time and partnership. Who knows what magic you can make when you merge your superpowers, Fish?
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