Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

July 2022 Pisces Love Horoscope

Feeling sensitive? Love planet Venus is in Gemini and your tender, emotional fourth house until June 17, stirring up all the feelings. It’s a great time to ramp up the self-care and get cozy with your favorite person. With beautifying Venus in your domestic zone, you might Feng Shui your bedroom or turn your home into a sanctuary that raises your spiritual vibration and attracts the kind of love you desire—whether with someone new or your current partner.

Need help speaking up for yourself, Pisces? You'll get a boost from in-your-face Mars, which is in Taurus and your communication house until August 20. In fact, once the floodgates open, it may be hard to stem the tide of truth serum. Just make sure you don't swing from meek to antagonistic. Aggressive Mars can make you argumentative. Remember, the goal of expressing yourself is to create a win-win scenario, not alienate people. With Venus making you a bit moody and thin-skinned, you might be a little too ready for a fight.

If you’ve been biting your tongue about your needs, don’t blame your partner or love interest for that. But DO start being more direct about what you want. With spicy Mars in this social, media-friendly sector, you could meet someone on the apps, through mutual friends or while hanging out at a casual event. RSVP “yes” to that poolside barbecue or rooftop drinks.

Moodiness, begone! July’s emo vibes will dissipate fast on July 17, the minute Venus strides into Cancer and your passionate fifth house. In fact, your love life could heat up to feverish levels. You won't have to wait around for Cupid to make a summer appearance; you'll be tuned in to his frequency right up until August 11. Make the most of these romantic vibes by personally turning up the flame on a budding attraction or dangling some exciting next steps in front of your partner. 

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