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December 2021 Pisces Love Horoscope

Just friends...or something more? From November 5 to March 6, magnetic Venus is paying an extended visit to Capricorn, your eleventh house of casual connections and liberation, and you’re in the mood to explore. Single Pisces could meet a sexy someone via a friend connection or while volunteering for a good cause. Since the eleventh house rules technology, luck will be on your side in an online search. This month, you could explore a “friends with benefits” scenario. One possible downside, of course, is that you can never look at this friend in the same way after getting down and dirty. Is the risk to your friendship worth it? 

That question could be swiftly answered by Venus’ retrograde turn from December 19 to January 29, an unceremonious interruption to your love life, or perhaps a pause that you use to your advantage. Both coupled and single Pisces will adopt an experimental approach to dating and mating. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, spend some quality time with other friends, indulging your independent streak. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder…plus, you’ll have better stories when you do meet up. Or perhaps you can jazz things up by hanging out in larger groups, where the “couple thing” isn’t the only show in town. This lighthearted approach can help you ease up on the commitment-obsessed focus. Having a shared purpose can also help bring some fresh air into your relationship. 

With lusty Mars in Scorpio and your adventurous ninth house until December 13, an attraction could spark with someone from a very different background or even a long-distance locale. But once Mars heads into Sagittarius and your goal-driven tenth house from December 13 to January 24, you could get a little to concerned with “where things are going,” an urge that will definitely be at odds with Venus retrograde’s agenda. Planning for the future while also dealing with the past is a juggling act that can get extra complicated if you let it. Pace yourself and take things one moment at a time.

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