Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

April 2023 Pisces Love Horoscope

With lusty Mars revving its engines in Cancer and your fifth house of passion all month (until May 20), your desires are blasting louder than the speakers at an outdoor music festival. If you’re unattached, sample freely from life’s sensual smorgasbord, nibbling here and there without feeling pressured to commit to any one dish. And under this magnetic transit, those "small plates" will find YOU, Pisces. 

If you’re in a newish relationship, your attention may stray, but if you want to give a special connection a fighting chance, resist. Same advice goes for solid couples: Channel that yearning toward your beloved. Novelty, both inside the boudoir and out, will add the missing dash of spice. It’s also a highly fertile time, which is good news for those with bambinos on the brain. The April 6 Libra full moon, which beams into your erotic eight house, is a great time to start practicing.

For the first week of the month, Venus is buzzing around as she wraps up her annual tour of Taurus and your outgoing third house. Your flirting skills will be in fine form, which is a steamy combo with Mars’ assertive energy.

On April 11, Venus comes in for a landing in Gemini and your domestic fourth house, making you less inclined to go out and paint the town even a shade of light pink. Indulge your homebody side, but remember this doesn’t mean you need to nuzzle up alone! The rest of the month is a tender and sentimental period for private moments in the Fish tank. Couples will enjoy playing house and getting domestic, sprucing up your shared place and entertaining. Newer duos might meet each other's families or BFFs for the first time.

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