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May 2022 Pisces Overview Horoscope

Ready for your first taste of stability this year, Pisces? Since December 28, 2021, expansive and adventurous Jupiter has been galloping through your sign, bringing huge bouts of growth but leaving you with nary a dull moment! Your life, desires and path may be totally unrecognizable, but if not, your inner landscape certainly is. The person you were a year ago is not who you are now, and thanks to horizon-broadening Jupiter, you’ve embraced untold levels of autonomy and independence.

On May 10, Jupiter will depart your sign, coming back for one last visit from October 28 to December 20 this year. Until then, the red-spotted planet will be in Aries and your second house of work and money. One of those genius ideas could turn into a moneymaker between now and the fall. Jupiter will return for a second trip through Aries in late December, staying until May 16, 2023. Open up to new financial opportunities, everything from an inspired side hustle to taking a new job that involves travel or relocation.

No need to rush into any decision, though. That same day (May 10), communicator Mercury turns retrograde (backward), which could cross wires and stir up confusion until June 3. Key information could be obscured, making it hard to feel like you have all the facts needed to guide your process. Gather info instead of forcing an outcome.

Besides, we’re in the thick of eclipse season, when seismic changes happen without warning! Hang tight until the dust settles from the May 16 total lunar eclipse in Scorpio, which powers through your expansive ninth house and brings a plethora of new opportunities. You won’t want to be locked into anything too tightly when this happens, so stay open!

Taurus season activates your social sector 

Get out and mingle, Pisces! May is off to a social and vibrant start, and you are totally here for it. With the Sun in Taurus and your communicative third house until May 20, it's the perfect time to catch up with friends and make some new ones. You're buzzing with ideas and eager to sync with kindred spirits. In the wake of the April 30 Taurus solar eclipse, your creativity is percolating more than ever at the start of the month. 

Is it time for a new crew—or to freshen up your roster of local hangouts? On May 5, the Sun will make its once-a-year conjunction (meetup) with changemaker Uranus. As the two collide in Taurus, you could receive some curveball news or have an electrifying conversation that opens your eyes to an exciting new view. You might be inspired to shake things up in your ‘hood with the bold Sun and activist Uranus leading the charge. This Sun-Uranus disruption could spark some bigger changes to your social circle. Pull back a little from certain friendships this spring—or reconnect with long-lost members of your soul squad. 
Not loving where you live? This Sun-Uranus meetup could inspire you to start looking for a new locale that's more in sync with your interests. A short trip could totally refresh your perspective. You might spontaneously start shopping for a new set of wheels (whether a bike or a fuel-efficient car) or upgrade your tech devices. Be sure to recycle or donate the old ones!

Money moves! Jupiter enters Aries May 10

On May 10, Jupiter will march into Aries until October 28, amplifying matters pertaining to your second house of work, money and security. After hosting Jupiter in your sign on and off for nearly a year, it’s time to make your bold visions into something tangible. Get ready to shift into "builder" mode, where all of the exciting discoveries you made over the past 12 months will start to take shape. Yes, some may wind up on the cutting-room floor, but one or two winners might be worth making into something you can materialize and monetize. 

Jupiter will make two trips through Aries: This first lap is until October 28, then a second round happens from December 20, 2022, until May 16, 2023. Ask for the raise; throw your hat in the ring for a big position or project. Bonus: Lucky Jupiter will make one last visit to YOUR sign from October 28 to December 20 this year. Get busy building out the first round of your big idea over the spring and summer, then plan for a fun, creatively rejuvenating break before the holidays. 
With gambler Jupiter in this stabilizing house, it's all about taking measured risks. Put yourself out there and see: You could be tapped for a promotion or an exciting new gig that helps you grpw your nest egg. Your confidence also rises with vivacious Jupiter in your second house of self-worth. Others will be drawn to your centered and purposeful energy. In fact, this is a year that many people meet the person they marry or commit to long-term, since “secure attachments” appeal to you now. Jupiter was last in Aries on and off from June 2010 until June 2011, so look back to that time for clues of what could resurface.

Mercury turns retrograde May 10 to June 3 

Exciting as this Jupiter news is, you’ll still need to pace yourself. The same day that Jupiter enters Aries (May 10), communication planet Mercury will turn retrograde, a challenging cycle that can cause technology, interactions and travel to go awry. Back up your electronic files and devices, and use strong filters in your conversations. 

The “friends and family” zones of your chart are Mercury’s target this go-round. From May 10 to 22, Mercury will back through Gemini and your domestic zone, then it will reverse into Taurus and your social sector for the duration of the retrograde. Apply extreme patience with all the people around you this month, Pisces, because you could easily be misunderstood and triggered—and vice versa.

The May 16 Scorpio full moon and total lunar eclipse ignites inspiration

A visionary idea could take flight when the May 16 Scorpio total lunar eclipse and full blood moon illuminates your ninth house of inspiration, travel and expansion. Think bigger than big, Pisces! This no-limits lunation is ultra-rare, so use the momentum and make that leap of faith. Let these moonbeams buoy your confidence to take a risk: Book a bucket-list trip, incorporate that dream business or make a decisive step toward one of your big goals.

This is the first Scorpio eclipse in a two-year series rippling across the Taurus/Scorpio axis between November 2021 and October 2023. These eclipses are touching down in your communication sectors, helping you craft a powerful message and speak your truth.
Have you been biting your tongue instead of keeping it real? This outspoken full moon could bring a clarifying moment of honesty. While the truth could sting initially, you'll feel so free getting it off your chest. As long as you remain tactful, your courageous communication could pave the way for greater authenticity in the long run. 

Be mindful to “do no harm” with your words today as the full moon is hovering near the karmic south node in Scorpio. Avoid gossip, casting judgment and spreading rumors since that could come back around to bite you. With the eclipse in a tight square to tough Saturn in your twelfth house of healing conclusions, this is a powerful day to make amends, apologize and forgive.

Gemini season (May 20) and the May 30 Gemini new moon

Slip off the grid for some nesting and resting starting May 20, when the Sun enters Gemini and your domestic fourth house for a month. You've got license to relax and carve out time for self-care—a must for your empathic sign since you tend to soak up people's energy like a sponge. Shield your field and hunker down in your sanctuary. Putter around the house cooking, decorating and DIY-ing up a storm, letting your creativity have a field day. Arrange some fresh flowers or start a garden, whether it's in a bed of biodynamic soil or in an herb-filled windowsill box.
With the Sun in this anchoring zone of your chart, it's an essential time to fortify your foundation, which will give you a strong sense of security when you venture back out into the wider world. Look to the May 30 Gemini new moon to really power up your efforts. If you’re thinking of moving, renovating or maybe growing your family, this new moon sets off a favorable cycle. It could take until the Gemini full moon on December 7 for everything to completely unfold. But today is extremely powerful for taking the first steps.

Fireworks! Mars and Jupiter connect on May 29

Bold money moves are in the cosmic forecast when accelerator Mars and bountiful Jupiter unite in Aries and your financial zone on May 29—something that hasn't happened since 2011. This cosmic confab could open the floodgates for a moneymaking venture, so bring your A-game to every pitch, project meeting or interview at the end of the month. You could receive an exciting job or lucrative offer, or you might be tapped to lead a big project. 

Flattered and excited as you may be, get all the facts before you say yes. Not only is Mercury retrograde for a few more days, but the Mars-Jupiter conjunction can tempt you to rush in first and ask questions later. Whether or not it's the opportunity of a lifetime, you've got nothing to lose by proceeding with your due diligence.

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