Pisces Monthly Horoscope

March 2023 Pisces Overview Horoscope

This month is particularly profound for you, Pisces. Two of the slow-moving outer planets—Saturn and Pluto—will shift into new zodiac signs for the first time in years, and you’re the main focus of the first one! On March 7, structured Saturn starts a three-year visit to Pisces, where it hasn’t been since 1996. This will end a nearly 30-year chapter and initiate a new one as Saturn breaks ground and begins pouring concrete into a new personal foundation for you. 

This is all happening in the midst of Pisces season, and on the same day that the March 7 Virgo full moon brings your closest relationships into the spotlight. Cosmic coincidence? Yes, but a profound one. As Saturn prompts the question, “What do I and I alone want for my future?” the skies illuminate your inner circle, revealing where you feel the most and least supported. 

The prescription is NOT to be a victim and start cutting people off. Quite the opposite! It’s to ask yourself: How did this unhealthy or unfulfilling dynamic begin and how can I begin to shift it? That transformation will get support from Pluto as it temporarily exits Capricorn and your eleventh house of groups on March 23 and moves into Aquarius, plunging into the deepest realms of your soul and psyche. From areas where you’re stuck in a victim mentality to places where there’s real trauma to heal, Pluto’s visit (until June 11) can help you take inventory of your next growth phase. This is a glimpse at a much longer trend because Pluto will return to Aquarius from November 2024 to January 2044, shaping the next two decades!

Whew! It’s a lot to take in, and you can only handle so much at once. It’s okay—essential, really—to take breaks from self-improvement and soul-searching! Keep yourself busy with simple routines and new practices once Aries season begins on March 20. With the Sun in your second house of money and security, you’ve got stability on your mind. The March 21 Aries new moon, joined by clever Mercury and expansive Jupiter, could bring a new revenue-generating opportunity through the Pisces pipeline. It’s a celestially supportive time to start a spring fitness regimen or a practice like yoga or meditation—whatever keeps you anchored through all the changes ahead.

Has your home been a hive of nonstop activity and, at times, extra tension? For that you can blame energizer Mars, which has been on an extended tour of Gemini and your domestic zone since August 20, 2022. On March 25, Mars will wrap this visit and, like a noisy houseguest bidding adieu, calm will return to Chateau Pisces. Your relationship with a parent, child or a powerful woman may have been exciting and exhausting in equal doses. If you were moving, renovating or working on a property matter, that’s also taken up a lot of energy. Your own moods may have been a bit turbulent with prickly Mars in this thin-skinned and emotional sector.

From March 25 to May 20, Mars will visit fellow water sign Cancer, heating up your fifth house of passion, joy and creativity. That’s more like it! While you might be prone to some knee-jerk reactions under this outspoken transit, at least you won’t be holding things inside. The spring romantic outlook looks spicy with Mars in Cancer, and you could suddenly start turning heads without trying. Just keep the drama dialed down to a minimum if you can!

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It’s Pisces season until March 20

You're back! The Sun is in Pisces until March 20, meaning it's birthday season for you. Your annual solar return should rev up your energy and personal passions—and you'll be glad to have this extra fuel to get through such an action-packed month. This Pisces season, the Sun will be joined by structured Saturn (more on that shortly), which adds heft to your birthday wishes. You may realize that your plans need a new level of expertise, funding or strategy to pull them off properly. 

Take your time, Pisces—this year especially, anything worth doing is worth doing right. With Saturn in your sign, you’re playing the long game. Consider where you’d like to be in three to five years, not just in a couple weeks or months. Swallow your pride and identify where you have gaps or weaknesses then get to work on strengthening those areas.

The March 7 Virgo full moon propels partnerships

On March 7, a full moon in Virgo illuminates your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships. From colleagues to S.O.s to best friends, this is a perfect moment to take inventory of your most important ties and get back in sync with each other. A dynamic duo that's been heating up over the past six months could become official. Or, since full moons can also signify endings, you might decide to amicably part ways. 

Beware knee-jerk reactions here, Pisces. This full moon is trine Uranus, the planet of innovation and radical change, which is in your communication house. An authentic conversation can turn everything around. If you approach it with an open mind, you may see new possibilities in this alliance that you hadn’t even considered. While the terms may change to give you both more flexibility and freedom, many “problems” can become non-issues if you bring your highest level of communication to the table. Don’t let guilt or fear of hurting someone’s feelings stop you from unbottling what you’ve been keeping inside.

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7

Mark this moment! A profound planetary cycle begins this March 7, when heavyweight Saturn moves into Pisces for the first time this century, starting a three-year trek through your first house of identity and solo pursuits.

Hosting Saturn in your sign is a huge deal, and it only happens every 29.5 years. For context, Saturn was last in Pisces from May 21, 1993, to April 7, 1996. If you’re old enough to remember what was happening during that time, look back for clues of what might resurface now. (And if you were born then, welcome to your very first Saturn return

Saturn rules aging, and during this time, you may reckon with the issue. That could mean tackling your own fears of growing old, taking life planning more seriously (do you have a living will, Pisces?) or adding in preventive measures like supplements and workouts. Maybe you’ll take on the ageism that’s pervaded our world and inspire others to see the hidden gifts of having more birthdays under your belt.

Take special care of your bones, teeth and nutrient levels while Saturn’s in your sign. You can be more prone to restrictive injuries and accidents, so be sure to slow down and stay aware of your surroundings. With sober Saturn in your first house of appearances, you might dress in more muted colors and sophisticated silhouettes, or even crop your hair and let it go gray. We support your choices, but do watch a tendency to veer into the drab and stodgy while Saturn’s here. Your sparkly mermaid magic might be muted, but don’t do away with it entirely! Even if you get promoted to a leadership role or want to convey more authority, you can still do it with a creative edge.

While hosting Saturn isn’t always a cakewalk, you might prefer this phase to the Saturn in Aquarius phase that’s ending after three long years. Since March 21, 2020, the date that USA lockdowns began, Saturn’s been immersed in your twelfth house of endings, healing and retreat. You may have felt frozen in place, stuck in a weird holding pattern or gestating and getting ready for…something? It was a bit like a long sabbatical, a time of deep inner work. That it happened to coincide with the pandemic made it easier for some Pisces to endure (everyone else was stuck inside anyway), or it could have deepened the isolation. 

As Saturn exits Aquarius, you’re completing a nearly 30-year chapter of your life and being slowly reborn. It’s time to get back out there, Pisces, even if you do it in baby steps. And if you’re already in the spotlight, get ready for more serious roles and offers. Who might Pisceans such as Emily in Paris star Lily Collins or billionaire-working-mom Rihanna become between now and 2026? We’ll be watching.

Final Mars-Neptune square on March 14

Blurred boundary alert: This March 14, Mars and Neptune crash into the third of three challenging 90-degree squares (the other two were on October 12 and November 19, 2022). With intense Mars in Gemini and your domestic fourth house, you could feel pressure from family friction or a personal matter. While a part of you is fired up to handle it head-on, your ruler Neptune is also tugging you in another direction—away from getting involved. Neptune is in Pisces and your first house of self, reminding you to put your own metaphorical oxygen mask on first. While you can’t ignore this entirely, be careful not to let other people’s demands consume you. Better to point people in the direction of helpful resources than try to solve their problems, an exercise in futility. 

Aries season starts March 20 and Aries new moon is March 21

Ready to feel a bit more anchored amidst all of the changes? On March 20, the Sun begins its monthlong visit to Aries and your practical, security-seeking second house. Which one of those birthday wishes will you build into something tangible? This centering and sensual cycle helps you savor the "little things." By taking your goals one action step at a time, you'll enjoy a sense of inner peace, no matter how chaotic the cosmos may be!
The second house rules values, stability and money, making this a good time to refine your budget, finish a project or pitch a prospective client. What would you like the next chapter of your work life to look like, Pisces? The March 21 Aries new moon could bring a stellar career opportunity or a fresh outlook on your finances. Simplify and streamline, Pisces. With spring officially underway, you can tap into these stabilizing moonbeams to successfully start a new habit or routine. Consider what matters most to you as well as what you most enjoy doing on a day-to-day basis. Declutter your calendar and create some white space for your priorities.

Your efforts will get extra star power! Not only is lucky Jupiter also in Aries, but this is the first of a rare back-to-back duo of Aries new moons. Bring on the money mojo! Normally we only have one new moon per sign in a calendar year, but in 2023, there are two in Aries. The second, arriving April 20, will also be a potent solar eclipse.

Translation? Whatever you venture into now will be “part one” of the plot, with another wave of opportunity coming a month from now. Prosperity is on the menu this spring, Pisces! New moons have a six-month arc before they culminate in a corresponding full moon. Your daily devotion to a path or plan can pay off by the fall.

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23

The Pisces Posse has been going through a long, slow revolution since January 2008, when Pluto began its visit to Capricorn and your eleventh house of groups and friends. You’ve learned, possibly through some tough lessons, that who you associate with can be both a reflection and a projection. Sorting out what’s “yours” and what’s “theirs” has been an important piece of this lengthy learning phase.

This March 23, transformational Pluto will slip out of Capricorn and make its first foray into Aquarius since 1798, plunging into your twelfth house of spirituality, the unconscious and the imagination. This is a brief preview tour: Pluto stays until June 11 then returns to Capricorn and shuttles back and forth between the two until November 2024, when it settles into Aquarius for a 20-year run, staying through 2044.

As the twelfth and final sign, you’re the native ruler of the zodiac’s twelfth house, so this is familiar terrain. However, Pluto’s intense presence will sharpen your psychic radar and heighten your natural empathic abilities. You’ll be hyper-attuned to the energies around you, possibly even channeling spirits in your midst. It will be crucial to “shield your field” to avoid getting sucked into other people’s issues—a tendency you already have.

With Pluto in your twelfth house, the saying “as within, so without” will show up in large-print messaging. Your main job is to keep your own spiritual side of the street tidy. If you need to forgive someone for the sake of your own mental and emotional freedom, Pluto will guide you through the process. This is the planet of “shadow work,” so it won’t be a fast or easy process. But as you shed layers, you’ll realize how much weight you’ve been carrying. 

You have a choice: stay stuck in the lowlands of your own psyche and soul by holding onto anger, resentment, guilt and blame…or getting support to work through it and finding healthy management tools. You’ll gain power choosing the latter, freeing yourself to use your powerful artistic or healing gifts to transform others. Be extra discerning about who you let into your inner circle from here forward. Once they’re in, it will be hard to get ‘em out!

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