Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Your February Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Take a pause, Pisces. The first half of February is a demanding time that may feel like an upstream swim at moments. As much as you want to take over the world, your energy needs to be regulated now. Forcing an agenda will only find you “working harder, not smarter,” as the saying goes. 
With the Sun in Aquarius until February 18, your twelfth house of rest and healing is energized. As the natural ruler of this zodiac zone, you know a thing or two about self-care. Practice those principles and pamper yourself, honoring your limits. Tap into your intuition and revive some rituals. By connecting with those deeper parts of yourself, you’ll get all the divine guidance you need!
Don’t be surprised if you get some seriously psychic downloads too. For the first time in your life, transformational Pluto is in Aquarius at the same time as the Sun. The illuminating rays will bring transformational healing to some parts of yourself that have been hidden in the depths. You may find yourself doing “shadow work,” whether you planned to or not. 
Has a person in your life been a draining or negative force? This month, you may see them for who they are, Pisces. But rather than choosing to be a victim of their shenanigans, get proactive and reclaim your power. You may never get them to change, but that doesn’t mean you have to enable or participate in the negativity. You deserve to feel supported by the people around you, just as you support them. 
Endings and beginnings overlap on February 9, when the annual Aquarius new moon, a vibrant supermoon, beams into your spiritual twelfth house. You may be inspired to release something you’ve been resisting in order to free yourself and turn a fresh page. 
But careful how you let that genie out of the bottle. The new moon will be jammed into a tense 90-degree square with volatile Uranus in your communication sector. Your comments could come out abruptly and with a harsher edge than you intend. Slow down and really think about the words you choose.
February 9 is also Lunar New Year’s Eve and the start of the Year of the Wood Dragon. Buckle up, Pisces, because this fierce and action-driven energy is gonna be a LOT different than what you’ve gotten used to since January 2023. We’re exiting the Year of the Water Rabbit, the lunar zodiac sign that’s associated with the Western sign of Pisces. You’ve been in your intuitive prime for the past 12 months, and the Dragon’s arrival is like going from a gentle country drive on cruise control to a Formula One speedway. 
Not only will the pace be fast, but we’re moving from two flowy water years to 2024 and 2025 being growth-oriented wood years. Whatever you plant now will grow in abundance. Make sure it’s a crop you actually want to harvest before you go sowing those seeds, Pisces.
After an intense Valentine’s Day (more on that below, in the Love section of this forecast), it’s time for the world to wish you a happy birthday! This February 18, the Sun launches its annual monthlong tour of Pisces, guiding you out of the fog you’ve been in so you can celebrate your season in style. This solar surge fills you with vitality and radiance and generates a burst of renewed joie de vivre. What passion project would benefit from this full head of steam? Get on it!
While you’re happily enjoying your solo efforts, a moment for passionate partnerships arrives on February 24. That day brings the annual full moon in Virgo and your seventh house of committed relationships. An alliance could reach official status, or you could meet someone with major synergy and dynamic-duo potential. If you’ve been unsure whether to move forward in a business or romantic partnership, these clarifying moonbeams will show you the way.
Overthinking much? Pump the brakes on February 27, when impulsive Mars in your subliminal twelfth house does battle with excessive Jupiter in your cognitive, communicative third house. You might jump to the wrong conclusion or speak out of turn if you don’t slow your roll. Your logical left brain and intuitive right brain are at odds, and you won’t have an easy time aligning them—so don’t try. To avert trouble, bide your time.
You’ll have a lot to wrap your head around on February 28 as the focalizing Sun aligns with serious Saturn for their annual meetup. Since it takes place in Pisces, you’re called to take a hard look in the mirror to confront your flaws and struggles. Saturn tends to dole out tough love, and while his reality checks are notoriously challenging, they can be lifesavers if you embrace their lessons. 
With cerebral Mercury in the mix this time around, you should be able to think your way through this self-reckoning instead of wallowing in emotions. Be honest about your shortcomings, but also try to have compassion for them. Facing the music is scary and hard. Give yourself some credit and don’t hesitate to seek support if you need it. This leap year is really about taking a leap of faith—and betting on yourself. You’re worth it!
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