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April 2021 Pisces Overview Horoscope

Monthly Snapshot

One step at a time will get you to your goals. The month is off to a practical start as the Sun visits Aries until April 19, heating up your productive second house of work and money. After a busy birthday season last month, you may have had a million ideas for what you want to do next, once things start opening up again. Now, it’s time to take a few of those wishes and turn them into something tangible and potentially even profitable.
Where could you streamline and simplify your life, Pisces? Turn your attention to your budget, schedule and time management. Start some revitalizing new routines for springtime. Make space in your calendar by clearing away the lackluster commitments. Happiness and health first!
With energetic (and sometimes stressful) Mars in Gemini and your domestic fourth house until April 23, your household could be a hotbed of activity. On the plus side, you could be motivated to tackle a renovation project, shop for a new home or apartment or resolve some family friction. Caveat: Direct but diplomatic communication will be essential if you tackle any touchy topics.
You’ll have even more to say after April 19, when the Sun begins a monthlong trip through Taurus and your social, communicative third house. Step away from your workspace and mix it up with walks, coffee meetups and any masked mingling you can do. People are your pleasure, so reconnect with kindred spirits and friends who inspire you to laugh and lighten up!

Week 1: April 1-11
Fresh financial start

For the next week and a half, the energy builds toward the Aries new moon on Sunday, April 11. This fresh-start lunar lift is in your second house of work, money and daily routines. Ready for a spring reset to your budget? If you’re feeling uninspired about your job, you could start searching for a new gig at this new moon. Ready to kick a bad habit or upgrade your lifestyle to a new level of sophistication? Now’s your chance!
Whether it’s a wardrobe refresh, new decor or a fulfilling and prosperous new gig, this new moon is a perfect starting point. Give yourself time, Pisces. Any quest you embark on will unfold between now and the October 20 Aries full moon. Step by mindful step, you’ll get there.
Just watch for a moment of confusion on Friday, April 9, when a tense square erupts between Mars in your emotional fourth house and your ruler, hazy Neptune, which is in Pisces and your first house of personal initiatives. You may be pulled in multiple directions and susceptible to a guilt trip or two. Stay grounded in what you want—and if you’re feeling unclear about what that is, do a little meditation or self-reflection to get in touch with your desires.

Week 2: April 12-18
Sustainable steps

Keep plugging away at those goals step by step, one action item at a time. A productive week arrives in the wake of the Aries new moon, so capitalize on your newfound clarity. All those small moves can add up to a big win. If you’ve kicked off a healthy new routine, this week’s energy helps you find your footing and adjust to the lifestyle change. Put in reinforcements (and rewards) s you can turn this into a sustainable habit.
On Saturday, April 17, two planetary alignments bring potent energy into the mix, which can help you plot your course with more confidence. You may need to take a hard look at something you’ve been ignoring, but your courage will pay off.
The first is the semiannual square between the Aries Sun and shadowy Pluto in Capricorn, which rules your sector of groups and friends. Are the people in your life supporting your stability—or undermining it? You may need to take a hard look at the ways the drama queens in your circle throw you off your game. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to set healthy boundaries with them. Suggested reading: Terri Cole’s new book Boundary Boss, (https://amzn.to/3lZNPml) which will help you “talk true” to the people in your life whose energy often eclipses yours.
A Sun-Pluto square can bring power struggles and ego battles, but it can also shatter limiting beliefs and lead to breakthroughs. If you’ve been hiding behind others instead of shining your light, this is a day to come out of the shadows! Chances are good, Pisces, that the people you worried would be jealous or undermining could be the ones cheering the loudest. All the more reason to challenge those unconscious fears with a solid reality check.
Family dynamics, ancestral patterns and even stagnant energy in your home could factor into events—and some of the behaviors you decide to change this week. On Saturday, action planet Mars and risk taker Jupiter unite in a fast-moving trine, activating two of the most emotional zones of your chart.
Mars is in Gemini and your family sector, indicating that you may need to assert yourself with a relative or roommate (your mom or an important woman is particularly in the spotlight). As Mars connects to outspoken Jupiter, be more upfront about your needs rather than using guilt, indirect communication or vague signals in the hopes that others will get it. Even if you “feel bad,” straight talk will be required if you want to get this relationship onto equal footing. 

Week 3: April 19-25
Spread your wings 

Finally! It’s time to get back out into the world and have some (safe) fun! On Monday, April 19, the Sun enters Taurus and your social, expressive third house. After a hardworking Aries season that emphasized productivity and money, it’s time to step away from the grind and add some variety. Mask up and go explore what’s opening up in your area, like outdoor dining and flea markets or spaces that allow people to mingle while still observing pandemic precautions.
Got a passion project or a beloved cause that could use attention? If you feel like you’ve been shouting your mantra from the rooftops but getting very little response, that could change now. Narrow your material down to the ONE thing you want to convey, then deliver it with confidence and clarity.
Spring fever could strike this Friday, April 23, when lusty Mars leaves your domestic zone and heads into tender Cancer, heating up your fifth house of passion and creativity. A romantic spark could blaze into a boudoir bonfire, either with someone new or a current partner. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel confident and charismatic—and others start noticing!
Your happiness will be irresistible, so give yourself over to joy again, Pisces. Don’t be afraid to leave the heaviness behind and indulge in flirty, playful exchanges. You’ll have a glamorous glow about you, and one of your talents could earn you some welcome props. Hand your inner rock star the mic, play to the camera and give your adoring fans what they want!

Week 4: April 26-30
Macro view

Widen your viewfinder this week, Pisces. On Monday, April 26, the Scorpio full moon beams into your ninth house of growth, travel and adventure. While it might not be possible to hop on a plane until conditions are safer, you could still book a vacation for later this year or find ways to expand your horizons through study, a creative project or an entrepreneurial endeavor.

The full moon will form a looser T-square with disruptor Uranus and structured Saturn, a three-way tug o’ war which could leave you torn between whether to make a huge change to your life or to stick with what you’ve already got. You could find yourself in a state of “analysis paralysis,” overthinking many parts of your life. Should you stay or go? Lean in or tap out? Don’t make any binding decisions this week, but do take an unflinching look at all your options in the light of the full moon.
Think carefully about who you invite onto Team Pisces starting Tuesday, April 27, when calculating Pluto begins its annual five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your eleventh house of groups and technology. You might need to take a digital detox or two this summer, or distance yourself from draining acquaintances. Reconnect with folks who lift you up and inspire you—all the better if they share your metaphysical and spiritual ideals. Between now and October 6, think about the people you’d like to attract into your inner circle.
Your communication center gets a jolt on Friday, April 30, when the bold Sun and shock jock Uranus connect in Taurus and your expressive third house. You could get surprising news or have a game-changing conversation that shifts the course of events. Have you been biting your tongue? No more! Between Monday’s full moon in your outspoken ninth house and today’s uber-authentic mashup, April will end on a candid note. It feels good to get things off your chest—just make sure to deliver your truth serum with plenty of tact, too.

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