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October 2020 Pisces Overview Horoscope

October Snapshot

Buckle up for an intense ride, Pisces! With a doubleheader of full moons bookending the month AND Mercury turning retrograde, there will a few twists, turns and speed bumps to navigate along the way.
Keep your eyes on the road and stay focused on what matters most while the Sun’s in Libra and your intimate eighth house until October 22. Choose a handful of close people and projects to work on and tune out the rest as best you can. A sizzling connection could heat up under these merger-minded skies. Does this person have soulmate potential? If you think so, explore. For couples, it’s a good time to reconnect on a deeper emotional level.
Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and travel—will be retrograde from October 13 to November 3, first in Scorpio and your outspoken, exploratory ninth house. Watch your words and keep inflammatory comments to yourself! On October 27, the winged messenger backs into Libra and your intense and private eighth house. This marks a time when secrets can slip out if you’re not careful. Election season rumors and scandals will be rampant, so don’t add any of your own to the mix!
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Has your social distancing gotten a bit TOO distant? On October 4, shadowy Pluto emerges from the depths of a five-month retrograde in your eleventh house of groups and friends. If you’ve been following a haphazard pandemic plan, you might decide on a masks-on policy and go meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a while.
When Scorpio season arrives on October 22, cabin fever could strike hard as the Sun heats up your adventurous, outgoing ninth house. Even though lockdowns are likely to resume in many parts of the world, find ways to venture into new terrain—even if it’s virtual (i.e., intellectual or metaphysical).
Do trips further than the grocery store still give you pause? Plan some stimulating explorations with The Smithsonian’s “virtual travel” or even back through time with a “vacation” through ancient Egypt from the Mystic Travel magazine.
Halloween brings a second full moon, this time in hospitable Taurus and your social third house. When two full moons fall in a single month, it’s called a “blue moon”, and to have this rare event fall on the holiday just adds to the bewitching vibes. With liberated Uranus conjunct this full moon, your inner rebel (and culture vulture) could be ready for a bold coming-out party. Decorate and dress up as creatively as you want. Set out an extra generous candy bowl at a safe six-foot distance. If you’ve got a powerful message to deliver, the October 31 full moon will hand you the mic!

Week 1: October 1-11

October starts off with a bang as the only Aries full moon of the year activates your work and financial zone. Potent Pluto adds even more power to the mix as it finally turns forward in Capricorn after a long retrograde reversal that started on April 25.
Look back to the March 24 Aries NEW moon for clues. Did you launch a cash-generating venture or start a new job six months ago? Now’s your moment to bring things to fruition. It’s also a great day for pitches and meetings. Dress to impress (at least from the waist up if Zooming) and prepare to explain your point-by-point plan or to woo a prospective client. If you find yourself with a sudden influx of cash, do a responsible budget review or supercharge your savings strategy. Ready for a new gig? This October 1 full moon sets up two auspicious weeks for interviews.
Who are the people on Team Pisces—and are they trustworthy? While shadowy Pluto was retrograde in your eleventh house of groups and technology, you may have seen people’s motives, such as greed or hidden agendas. A person you trusted could have shown up in a most unflattering light.
On October 4, the tiny powerhouse returns to direct (forward) motion, blazing ahead alongside expansive Jupiter and structured Saturn in Capricorn until nearly the end of 2020. With this trio in tandem, teamwork gets back on track. But there’s a catch: Pluto’s newly direct energy may unearth buried emotions or grievances. Clear them up delicately if it’s appropriate, or find a clever way to turn a frenemy into an ally, perhaps by teaming up on a joint project around a common agenda. Pay close attention to “who’s who” in any hierarchy you encounter. You don’t want to unwittingly step on any shiny shoes, so observe the existing dynamics before charging in with your own agenda.

On Friday, October 9, avoid pushing buttons (and getting yours pushed) as manipulator Pluto locks horns with willful Mars in your finance zone. This is the second of 2020’s two intense squares between these volatile planets. As they knock each other off balance, you could feel tensions rising to the boiling point—especially on a team project. Be careful about lending money to friends or working with a close person, and don’t let yourself get pressured into doing anything that doesn’t align with your values. You know how to slip away, Pisces. Do it now if you have to.

Week 2: October 12-18

Blurt alert
Strengthen those filters! On Tuesday, October 13, Mercury—the planet of communication, travel and technology—will turn retrograde until November 3. For the first two weeks of its backspin (until October 27), the quicksilver planet will reverse through Scorpio and your outspoken ninth house.
This retrograde will make it oh-so-tempting for a passionate Piscean like you to share everything on your mind, especially your biggest, most far-reaching ideas. But can you put a pin in it for now? Mercury is likely to make your message, no matter how urgent it feels, about as murky as a neglected fish tank.
It’s not just direct communication that will be affected. Travel plans, important announcements, publications and tech upgrades could all be subject to Mercury’s meddlesome mischief. This October, you may want to voluntarily postpone these things, or take extra care if you can’t. Just know that you’ll risk watching your carefully planned communications turn to word salad on the receiving end, so triple-check every sentence!
Are you ready for a fresh start with your closest connections or for a new source of financial flow? The Libra new moon on Friday, October 16, heralds a fresh chapter as it beams into your eighth house of joint ventures, intimacy and long-term finances. Endeavors started today could develop into something much grander by the Libra full moon on March 28, 2021. Explore synergies but don’t rush in.
Since the eighth house rules both money (especially shared resources) and sex (the more intimate side), look for developments in either or both of these arenas. What do you want to manifest? If it’s a financial boost, invite partners to collaborate or even invest. If you’re seeking more passion or stronger emotional bonds, see how you can add more sensuality into your everyday life. Be willing to get vulnerable yourself, leading the way for others to be transparent with you.

Week 3: October 19-25

Frenemy struggles, Scorpio season begins
On Monday, October 19, two of the most impatient and impulsive planets, Mars and Jupiter, will get embroiled in a stressful square (90-degree angle). With aggro Mars in Aries and your money zone facing off against blowhard Jupiter in your group activity house, people may not deliver on what they promise. Is someone on Team Pisces acting all cocky or combative? You may need to (delicately) splash cold water on their unproductive posing.
This is the second time this year these two planets lock horns; the first was on August 4. Look back to that date for clues as Mars and Jupiter were heating up the same zones of your chart. If there’s mutiny on your social bounty, you may need to step in to settle the friction. But be careful about doing that today since you could easily get roped into the conflict or swayed into taking sides. Before you know it, YOU could be having the diva meltdown! Get everyone focused on the big-picture common mission again.
It will be much easier to see that grand vision starting October 22, when the Sun soars into Scorpio and heats up your ninth house of travel, adventure and wisdom until November 21. While you may not be able to book that dream vacation or holiday getaway, that doesn’t mean you have to be a total shut-in or that you can’t make plans for the future.
Having something to look forward to expands your horizons mentally and metaphysically—and you’ll be hungry for new knowledge now. Sign up for a class, teach what you know or dive into a visionary project that inspires you. If you’ve lost perspective, lift your eyes up! Get out of the tunnel vision mode you’ve been in all month, and you’ll see opportunities where you previously saw limitations.

Week 4: October 26-31

Laser focus and a vibrant Halloween
Intensity reigns on Tuesday, October 27, when retrograde Mercury backs into Libra and your eagle-eyed eighth house, sharpening your focus. Mercury will stay here for the duration of the retrograde, until November 3, then it will remain in Libra until November 10. Use this time to double down on research and comb through any projects where you might have missed a few key details. And don’t be shocked if you hear from an ex-lover or a former business partner. Retrogrades can energetically call in people from our past.
When beautifying Venus sweeps into Libra on October 27, you may want to bring a little sexy back for Halloween? You’ve got one big night a year to be anything or anyone you can imagine, and since going out may not be on the agenda, see if you can enlist a special someone (who’s good at staying in character) to play along.
You’ll certainly be in the mood for entertainment on October 31 because Halloween serves up the month’s second full moon, this one in sensual Taurus and your social, expressive third house. You’ll be feeling wildly creative and festive. While you may not take off your mask (the costume or the N-95), this full-bodied energy in your local action zone could have you craving the company of friends and neighbors. A socially distanced trick-or-treat fiesta is not out of the question if you can find a way to set up a dance party on the streets or a costume contest that keeps everyone six feet apart.
With shock jock Uranus teamed up with the full moon, you may utter some words that leave jaws on the floor. Make a statement on social media if you’ve got something bold to say.  
There’s no hiding your opinions, but you don’t need to dish them out in huge helpings either. Exciting news could also arrive out of the blue today, so keep your devices fully charged!

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