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July 2020 Pisces Overview Horoscope

In July, your priority is finding a sense of security—in ALL your relationships and with your finances. Do your friendships feel like an equal give-and-take? Are you getting enough romance and pleasure in your life amid all the pandemic restrictions? Do you feel on top of your cash flow, or is money stressing you out? There’s a LOT going on, both in the stars and here on earth as the planets cluster in three of the four cardinal signs, Cancer, Capricorn and Aries. With a game-changing eclipse and five planets in slowed-down retrograde, July gives you a lot to think about—and do!


Luckily, a little summer loving could be on the agenda as the Sun makes its annual sashay through Cancer and your passionate, creative fifth house through July 22. Glam up, even if your outfits and style are mostly admired on Instagram instead of at sultry summer gatherings. The point is to have fun and express yourself, for which you’ll find many opportunities this month. If a pandemic romance has been heating up virtually, you might decide to meet up. Or if your longtime love has been flatlining under quarantine, find ways to revive the magic.


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Mercury, the planet of travel, technology and communication, happens to be retrograde in Cancer from June 18 until July 12. Retrogrades bring back unfinished parts of our past. An ex could emerge, or a spark that you thought fizzled can reignite. But since Mercury is the cosmic messenger, this might not necessarily mean that you should “go there.” Perhaps this person is surfacing to remind you of parts of yourself that you could resurrect, like your fun-loving nature or your need to feel admired and complimented. For couples, traveling to an old favorite spot could remind you how much you adore each other. Just pack a spare tire and an emergency kit if you hit the road since Mercury retrograde is notorious for messing with transportation.


Meantime, revved-up Mars is in Aries for an extra-long visit (six whole months!), heating up your work and finance sector until January 6. For the rest of the year, money will be a heat zone. There’s an opportunity to make a pile of it, economic turbulence be damned—but you’ll have to be bold and pioneering. Mars can ramp up stress, so you may have to deal with short deadlines and long hours. But putting in that hustle can pay off. Choose projects that have the potential to do so! Watch your temper with clients and colleagues since your patience will be short.


The saying “it’s about who you know” will ring true this July. Is the company you keep a reflection of your highest self? Your inner circle is majorly up for re-examination as expansive Jupiter, structured Saturn, powermonger Pluto AND a lunar (full moon) eclipse all sweep through Capricorn and your eleventh house of groups, teams and technology.


The eleventh house also rules the future, both your own and the world’s, and this progressive influence could fire up your inner activist. That could be marching or protesting, but what matters is that YOU find the right path to make a difference in the world. Commune with a band of kindred spirits and launch your trailblazing endeavor!

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With supersizer Jupiter and transformational Pluto traveling arm-in-arm all month, your friends could act as funhouse mirrors, revealing things that YOU need to shift in yourself, and possibly in extreme or exaggerated ways. Don’t push away people who point out where you may be suffering or self-sabotaging. Even if it’s technically NOT their business (you didn’t ask ‘em!), they could be delivering an important PSA. If they come in peace, hear them out. At worst, you’ll clear up a misunderstanding. At best, you could have a long-awaited breakthrough.


If you’ve surrounded yourself with people who just tell you what you want to hear, ask yourself: Are those your true friends? On July 4-5, a Capricorn lunar (full moon) eclipse will reveal who’s on Team Pisces when the chips are down and who’s just there to enjoy the spoils and bounty. Is it time to cut a few energy vampires off their supply before they suck you dry? Quite possibly.


The eclipse could illuminate who’s a keeper and who you need to let go. This happens to be the grand finale of a two-year eclipse cycle on the Cancer/Capricorn axis that’s revolutionized love, friendships and confidence since July 2018. You may have overcome shyness and stepped into the spotlight, or perhaps you learned a few important lessons about playing well with others. This last eclipse could serve up a revolutionary team project out of the blue, one that lets you flex your new collaborative muscles while allowing your talents to shine.


And you might link up with some serious heavy hitters because status-driven Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, is backing into Capricorn for one final visit from July 1 to December 17. The company you keep will truly reflect on you—and it can even be a make-or-break issue. There’s the idea, floated by businessman Jim Rohm, that your net worth is determined by the five people you spend the most time with. Consider its merit and inspect your inner circle.


If “social distancing” has been less of a struggle and more of a welcome retreat for you, that’s because Saturn’s been in Aquarius and your somber, solitary twelfth house since March 21. Many Pisces have actually savored the monastic lifestyle, opting to stay in your cocoon even as restrictions were rolled back. With Saturn back in Capricorn and your networking sector, you’ll be ready to gather (selectively) with friends and slowly reboot your social life. After December 17, Saturn will move into Aquarius again until March 2023, slowing down the pace. Make a point to get out and reconnect before you return to hermit mode for the holidays!


Midmonth, the stars serve up an important lesson on drama versus detachment. As the Sun in Cancer and your expressive fifth house opposes outspoken Jupiter (July 14) and then power-hungry Pluto (July 15), supersized egos could tip the scales. Your buttons will be easily pushed, so make a point of NOT reacting…or walking away if you’re triggered. A romantic entanglement might have gotten overly complicated or rocky during this time.


Love is in the spotlight at the July 20 Cancer new moon, a rare second new moon in this sign that will echo the Cancer solar eclipse of June 21. Summer romance, anyone? A spark that lit a month ago could fully ignite, and chemistry could sizzle. Perhaps you’ll be ready to meet in person after flirting online for a while. Coupled Pisces can turn up the heat in your love life by adding more fun and spontaneity—starting NOW.


On July 22, you’ll be ready to bring order back to the Pisces court as the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Leo and your sixth house of health and organization. Whether you kick off a dedicated summer fitness program or do a major declutter of your home workspace, you’ll be eager to get streamlined and systematized. Just don’t forget to keep having your much-deserved fun!


Lean into the group-centric energy of July and go for regular walks or jogs with your crew. Start a mastermind to stay encouraged and accountable with your goals. A touch of “woo” will go far, whether that means attending a full moon circle on Zoom or pulling a daily angel card with friends. Festivals and concerts may be canceled this summer, but you can still find ways to get out in nature and spend time with the people you enjoy most.

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