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October 2021 Pisces Overview Horoscope

Paging Pisces—is anyone home? October’s stars pull you into your cocoon, where you could be obsessively working away on an all-consuming project or processing your deepest emotions. The Sun is in Libra and your eighth house of intimacy, shared finances and research—an all-or-nothing zodiac zone that intensifies everything! You’re certainly feeling the extremes of this annual solar cycle.
Brace yourself because as an emotional and empathic sign, this can be a bit of a roller coaster for you, Pisces. And there could be even sharper peaks and dips this year! Until October 30, energizer Mars will make its biennial blaze through Libra, joining the Sun in this transformational zone. The red planet will activate potent powers: money magnetism, sexual allure, psychic abilities. It can also radically amplify jealousy, fixating and stress. You’ll need to remain aware of your reactions, which can fire off at will.
It doesn’t help that Mars is in “detriment” in Libra, a weakened position in which the warrior planet feels out of sorts in the sign of peace and harmony. But if you direct all this “yang” energy from the Sun and Mars into pursuits that provide mutual gain, you can multiply your reach and make serious strides in a partnership. 
But pace yourself because Mercury, ruler of communication, travel and technology, is retrograde (https://astrostyle.com/mercury-retrograde) in Libra until October 18. Protect your finances and your private information, especially online, whether you’re swiping for prospective love interests or paying a bill. These efforts could pay off on October 20, when an Aries full moon boosts your confidence AND your bottom line as it beams into your money house.

Since mid-August, all five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) have been retrograde. Now they start to turn direct: Pluto on October 6, Saturn on October 10, Mercury and Jupiter on October 18. Those “shut-in” feelings won’t entirely go away until the very end of 2021, but you’ll feel better about emerging from your cocoon and interacting with supportive friends and like-minded creatives. The Sun’s move into Scorpio on October 22 will energize your inspired and expansive ninth house, flooding you with much-needed optimism, along with opportunities to travel or expand your horizons in deeply fulfilling ways. 

The Sun is in Libra until October 22

Dive into those mermaidy depths, Pisces. October always starts out as an intense and introspective time for you as the Sun makes its annual rounds through Libra and your private eighth house until October 22. You're not exactly eager to be in the limelight now, especially with energy planet Mars also in Libra until October 30. Swim under the radar as often as you can. This is an excellent time for behind-the-scenes work, intensive research and focused tasks you can do without distraction.
The eighth house rules merging, and this solar cycle can strengthen your bonds with the innermost members of Team Pisces. You don't have to isolate yourself or struggle alone—in fact, please DON'T do that. If you're grappling with something complex and confounding, reach out for support from trusted people, whether friends or a professional, such as a therapist or energy worker. Real estate, long-term finances and other assets also fall under the eighth-house domain, so use this month to assess your plans and make sure you're properly set up for the future.
From investments and shared finances to engagements and pregnancies, the Sun in this perma-linking zone has you evaluating all your closest alliances—and how far you want to go together. Libra season could spark a strong mind-body-spirit attraction to someone, so keep your antennae up for a sexy soulmate or, if you're in a relationship, for ways to deepen your intimacy. 

Since Mercury is retrograde, that special someone might be from your past—an old friend you never thought of “that” way before or an ex-flame you now connect with after enough time and personal growth has occurred. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to wait until Mercury turns direct (forward) on October 18 to make a full-on commitment to that former flame. Give yourself the chance to conduct due diligence. The same rules apply to potential business partners. Inspect to protect, even if you’re “sure” you can trust them.

The October 6 Libra new moon spotlights intimate ties

A mind-body-soul connection could turn into a sizzling fall romance, especially near the October 6 Libra new moon, which sends fresh-start signals into your intimate eighth house. The eighth house rules permanent bonds, from marriage to cohabitation to any way you might join your life with another person’s. And with energizing Mars aligned with the new moon, you’re ready to make it happen, stat. Between now and the corresponding April 2022 Libra full moon, an alliance could get extremely serious! 

The eighth house rules shared finances and investments, making this a great time to explore ways you can multiply your moolah. The new moon could serve up an opportunity to join forces with a fellow power player. Could you merge your superpowers for mutual gain? Take your time, though: New moons can take up to six months to fully yield their harvest, and with Mercury retrograde, you could miscalculate the ROI or misread someone’s intentions. Explore synergies and follow your extra-sharp instincts now, but be sure to do all the proper research before you make anything official. With all this permabonding energy, you're playing for keeps. Better to be sure you're fully committed before diving in! 

Pluto also turns direct on October 6

Another reason not to rush into any entanglements, especially with friends? On October 6, karmic powerhouse Pluto wakes up from a five-month retrograde nap, powering forward in your eleventh house of groups and teams. A stalled collaboration could pick up speed and you may find group dynamics improving (hooray!), especially if tension has been simmering beneath the surface. Associating with a more mature and ambitious crowd is paying off for you, and Pluto’s course correction could turn a few of those folks into powerful allies who can open doors.

Saturn retrograde ends on October 10
On October 10, structured Saturn wakes up from a four-month retrograde nap in Aquarius and your twelfth house of closure and healing. Saturn's in the middle of a long tour of Aquarius—from March 2020 until March 2023. You've done a lot of important inner work during this time, Pisces, and you've probably gone deeper into emotional, spiritual and vulnerable places than ever before. Whew!
While there may have been some painful moments since this retrograde began on May 23, 2021, you can also take stock of the resilience you've developed! Is there someone you have yet to forgive, a resentment that's poisoning you by carrying it around? Saturn helps you do the brave work. For artists and healers, this is a powerful time to establish yourself as an expert or to work with a mentor to gain mastery through a disciplined practice.

Jupiter and Mercury retrograde both end on October 18

On October 18, both expansive Jupiter and expressive Mercury end their retrograde slowdowns. Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, has been retrograde in Libra and your eighth house of intimacy since September 27. Things could have gotten intense with a special someone in your life, and if you were dividing up shared property, the fight may have gotten uglier than expected. As Mercury corrects course, any obsessing over the past and clinging to control will start to level off.

Soul mates and entanglements become even more of a front-burner topic as expansive Jupiter powers forward (direct) after a four-month retrograde (https://www.astrostyle.com/retrogrades) in Aquarius that began June 20. Jupiter is moving through your twelfth house of healing, closure and illusions until December 28, 2021, a once-every-12-years visit that brings major growth. With Jupiter in your “final” twelfth house, you're taking inventory of everything that's happened in your life since late 2010 and wrapping up a cycle that began then.
On December 28, Jupiter will resume its visit to Pisces, enlivening your solo ventures until May 2021. If you've been feeling more "dark nights of the soul" or just dealing with a LOT of emotions you've swept aside over the years, know that this beacon awaits. But until then, don't shy away from your emotions or from doing the work of truly understanding your deepest motives. Addictive patterns, avoidance, codependence—aka the "ugly truths" of being human—must be faced now. When you surrender (which is SO much harder than it sounds!) instead of swimming upstream or trying to control the outcome, miracles flood in. The next four months are here to give you a taste of that.
If you're an artist or healer of any kind, lucky Jupiter in this mystical zone could be a boon for your visibility. With action planet Mars making an energetic trine (https://astrostyle.com/aspects/trine) to Jupiter, don’t be surprised if the muse comes bursting through the door! But you could just as happily slip into the "studio" or disappear into your creative bubble and do some of your finest work. Exploring the subconscious or even plant-based therapies might appeal to you. Got some forgiveness work to do? Working with a therapist or skilled pro could bring major breakthroughs before the end of the year. You've got huge opportunities ahead, Pisces. Why drag any unnecessary baggage into it?

The Aries full moon on October 20 brings a money moment

The year’s only Aries full moon lands in your second house of work, money and daily routines this October 20, bringing out your sensual and productive side. The key message: Be here now! Take a moment to get grounded in your everyday life or to finish up a lingering project. Roll up your sleeves and plan to hustle. You’ll feel so glad once you’re done! Reward yourself with a long massage and a decadent meal for all that effort.
With the full moon’s fiscal emphasis, you could receive a raise, promotion or new job offer. If you’ve been wooing a client, you should hear a definite yes or no after today. (P.S.: Ask for a little more than you think you can get!) If your budget’s gone awry—or you’re thinking, “What budget?”—these moonbeams will support better money management. Have you gone as far as you can in a professional position? Since full moons can mark endings and transitions, you might decide to give notice soon after this date. Look back to Aries new moon on April 11 for clues about what could manifest now.

Mars-Pluto square on October 22

Watch your temper on October 22, when a volatile square (https://www.astrostyle.com/aspects/square) forms between Mars and powermonger Pluto, which is in Capricorn and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Jealousy could break out between friends, or a simmering rivalry might reach a meltdown point. Do your best to stay out of the controversy. Attempts to mediate may backfire, so let the drama queens and divas settle their own issues without you! If you have to protect any legal rights or intellectual property, that’s a different story. (You’ll still need to stay out of the low-vibe conflict, though.) Call an attorney and handle your strategy on the downlow instead of getting sucked into any interpersonal scuffles. This square could also crank up some sexy tension with a friend or coworker. Think VERY carefully before crossing that line.

Scorpio season starts October 22

Your perspective widens on October 22, when the Sun shifts into Scorpio and your ninth house of adventure, travel and expanded horizons. All that deep reflection of the past month will yield a refreshing wider-angle view of the world.

You could also adopt a traveler's mindset closer to home, looking at your current situation in a completely new and exploratory light. Perhaps you'll sign up for a mind-expanding workshop or teach one yourself. Or maybe you'll master that foreign language you've only flirted with thus far, either in a class or with an app like Duolingo. The actions you take are less important than your mindset: When it comes to realizing your wildest dreams, think big, Pisces. Got an idea for a business you could launch? When go-getter Mars joins the Sun in Scorpio from October 30 to December 13, you’ll be extra pumped to explore your entrepreneurial side.

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