Pisces Daily Horoscope

Today's Pisces Horoscope for April 13, 2024 - April 14, 2024

Enjoy a lazy start to your weekend as the moon lingers in Gemini and your comfy fourth house. If you aren't feeling energized after your morning coffee, kick up your feet, dive into a YouTube wormhole and let yourself recharge. By the time the moon lands in Cancer and your expressive, creative fifth house at 1:45 PM EDT on Saturday, you'll be in a far more passionate mood. A rocky romantic situation could smooth itself out, or you'll have a more balanced POV about next steps with your S.O. Your magnetic mojo is in prime form this Sunday as the moon hovers in your passionate fifth house and sambas into a sweet angle with lusty Mars in Pisces. Take full advantage of this irresistible energy! Turn on your seductive charms to impress your fan base—or maybe just one sexy superfan. Hoping to win someone over? Dial UP your enthusiasm. Hook ‘em with your excitement and then blow them away with your creativity. That’s a one-two punch that could spell success.

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